Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I have been meaning to write a meaningful post about things that are going on with me and in my mind. But then I stop myself because I am not anonymous and that my life is too muich of an open secret.

In any case, it has been about two weeks in my new job, and it is in a law firm. It is a hard core corporate role so hopefully I will be able to learn something out of this.
I'll just assign the accronyms then.. TTL (is the place that I work in) and guess what my reporting PA here is again a woman (NW) (She is the MOST normal of the bosses that I have had. She is married, has a daughter and and I believe has a life outside office.) My other senior here is SR (he is BONG), I am a bong magnet!
The rest of the crowd is the typical "Delhi" wala crowd, which I had totally forgotton about. Cussing is a part of their vocabulary and no one (we are just 4 girls in the office) seems to really care or mind. Most belong to the DPS's / Modern's or other schools that Delhi is quite known for. The big boss's (who is the owner/founder of the firm) son has his own cabin too (and he is junior to me by a year! . He is that rich (he is friendly, so don't know if I can call him a brat as yet, but he has the money and the cuss words) son who well got the head start that these people get.
Sometimes (okay most of the times) I wonder what if I had the live of the privledged class with no dirth of money or facilities being in that 1% of the population...?! Sometimes I wish that I had that kind of a life. But then I guess we all come with our own karma and our destiny. Often we fight it, and mostly we give in.

So yeah, I am in the new office and it is different from TLP by leaps and bounds. Delhi office of TLP was still better (in terms of peace and a great boss), the office in Bombay was a nightmare, with a boss who had been running a "law firm" for the last 10 years and could not figure out a growth chart for the lawyers who have been with her since the inception of the firm. I also came to realise that sometimes you have to make tough decisions (like telling you 91+ year old Mom to not interfere in the matters like celeberating a lawyers'/ staffs' birthday in the office with a cake and some minor goodies AND not micro managing your home using the damn office resources).

Whether small or big, old or new, organizations have to realise the pace at which the times are changing and change your thinking according to that.
One has to be logical about things. For example TLP had the 4th Saturdays' off, and whenever the new yearly holiday list was taken out, because of certain factors like Delhi not having ganpati holiday or the gudi padwa holiday, the Delhi office had the freedom to accordingly adjust those holidays. This time round after much negotiations in the Bombay office, two extra holidays were agreed to by the management. Even in the first instance, the Delhi office had adjusted the holidays in such a way that all long weekends were accounted for. But in Bombay, even when the two extra holidays were announced, the people could not sway the management to give them the long weekend because, how can the office remain close for 4 straight days? In a week when even the courts and the banks are closed and the firm is a Litigation Firm. On the contrary the TTL Holiday list has all the Second Saturday's (our off Saturdays) adjusted against the long weekends! How cool is that! (Not as cool as having all the Saturday's off, but then you win some and you lose some).

Over all, things are fine here, till now. The people are nice. Despite being the typical Delhi crowd. But most importantly, this time round I really want it to click. All fingers crossed :D

And in other news: Gurgaon is going to be renamed as Gurugram. How aweful is that? 

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