Saturday, October 1, 2022

How am I special?

I thought that I was special, 

the best friend, the girl who is just, 

always there, 

the girlfriend, and the wife. 

But I am just another person, 

just "a friend", and just someone, 

who exists, because, they just do. 

If I was special, you would have cared, 

about meeting me more than the wedding,

that you are invited to, 

after all you are meeting me after 4 months. 

Or is it not too much time? 

If I was special, you would do something, 


If nothing, then at least you won't, 

categorise me with everyone else, 

or, anyone else.

I thought, that I held, 

a piece of your heart and imagination, 

but, it seems, that all you hold of me is, 

the person that I am trying to be, 

despite and inspite what the circumstances hold. 

I am not even special, to my own self, 

I don't have a central role, in my own, 

life story, 

I see life pass by, as is. 

The progress, not very great, 

prognosis, even worse. 

I silently, accept, my place, 

in your lives, and in mine, 

in the background, behind the cupboard, 

buried, with old things. 

to be taken out, and dusted off, 

at everyone's will and convenience. 

to be left as a wallflower, behind closed doors.