Friday, February 14, 2014

For the 9 years of love .. and 99 more to come :D

So today is the day. 9 years back on this day, at this instant as I type this, I was in conflict with my own emotions and I was wondering, and over and over again that if I will ever find that love, if I would ever be lucky in love and above all, if my feelings for this boy are true or just a natural reaction to all the attention that I have been getting from him.

Today, we are married and even more confused. He tries his best most of the time to make sure that I am happy dappy, and I act like a prick always getting mad at him. He of course has his moments, when I am left speechless. Sometimes in a pleasant way and other times at his being so ridiculous and careless.

But mostly, we find that common ground that we have been holding on to for the last 9 long years, where we can feel the love and be the teenagers that we were, when we fell in love with each other. We have had and are still facing the troubles that there are in our daily lives. On certain days, I feel like I have bitten more than I can chew and on the other times I feel that, my appetite is still not full.  

Whatever the troubles for me, for us in the world, at least for me, the moment, I am in his arms, the solutions seem at an arms length. The impossible may not be totally possible, but then I at least try.

In the last nine years, if nothing else, I know that I have learnt to speak out. I have learnt to take chances (even if they are very few) and I have started taking responsibility for my actions.

Last 9 years, have been a like a non stop roller coaster ride, where He and I have seen so much, where he and I have lived through so much, but we still feel that there is more to live , love and be together. More fights. More kisses and more challenges.

Today, as I type this from my office, I can’t stop thinking about you. I would give anything to be with you right now, but I am sure that you will make it up for me J

I Love you!!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lets' reminensce the Past..

I just got to see the video that Facebook has been making for all its members, capturing the moments on the social media  site.

It said that I joined Facebook back in June 2007, and thereafter it proceeds to pick up snapshots of the last 7 years that I have shared with the world. The joys, the lows, the festivals and my life in general.

As that video progressed, and now that I am writing this post.. it just all hits me. How I usually say that such and such thing was say in 2011, without realizing that 2011 was like 3 years back. Or for that matter, being in school, it is going to be 10 years since the high school has finished. But there are moments that are etched in memories.

It is going to be 9 years. NINE YEARS, since the husband and I have been together (first dating and then being married).. seems like a life time has just gone by and then there are those moments that you want to relive, over and over again.

I can’t help but remember the times when computers were nothing but luxury and the best part of the day used to be going out and playing with the friends. Today, we are enslaved to technology , we have to join the gyms in order to stay fit.

There are many many more milestones that are yet to be achieved, but while we look in the future, revel in the present, let us not forget the past, which has made us into what we are.