Friday, June 22, 2007

Finally- A post from my co contributor....

The previous post has been written by my co contributor of the page... Shayon. Darling- Thank you so much for the post. And my dear dear readers.... his writings are a pleasure to the eyes and to the brains. He has inspired one and many into the sphere of blogging, me included in that. And as a self confession- I used to write only for him intially, but thank the devil that my imagination is seeing the horizon...and that I am writing from my heart for the world.

Thank you Santa...!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

It’s just been a few days that I got a new mobile phone that’s got a FM radio as well. Since then, I guess apart from the 6 hours that I sleep, my poor companion has been over-worked for the rest 18 hours, every damned day :-P. Well, yesterday, just while I was leaving office, the RJ on Big FM (92.3MHz) was discussing the various pet names couples use to call each other in private (Ahem!). There were Tullus, Taklus, Dholus and numerous Jaans. People were just asked to call up the radio station and come out with all the “love names” and if they think urs is mushy enuff, u get to win Bingo! supply for one whole year. Trust me, it wasn’t Bingo that caught my fancy. Suddenly, I just turned all romantic and full of love for my gf. I felt I too should participate and tell them something that we (me n my gf, u idiot!) too use to call each other, weneva we r in da best of moods (I ain’t talking of the condom brand, matey).

Well, just as life has it, after trying for almost 45 minutes, I just happened to get thru the line. Yet, there were huge disturbances on the other side and despite trying furiously for whole 50 seconds, to hear the other party, all went in vain and it got disconnected! I was frustrated but not yet down. Within 15 minutes, I got thru again, but to my amazement and furore, at the same time, my phone said the call lasted for 5 seconds and I cudn’t hear a single word! Now, if u think I kept trying on again, u r grossly mistaken, friend! That was the height of my patience and just flicked the station *LoLz*.

Now that I look back to it, what all people do for the sake of, what they call, Love!

P.S. – Just thought of posting this ‘coz of Sakshi and her younger sis’s relentless campaigning for The TajMahal, which is considered to be the epitome of love!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom.....

A movie which has Amitabh Bachchan singing a song and not having a dialogue in the entire length of the movie....???

Interesting huh... I just came back after watching JBJ... and trsut me if you are planning to just freak out and are not interested in serious movies..its a must watch. The story begins when two strangers i.e- Ricky(AB's Baby) and Al(Priety) are forced to wait for 2 hours on the station waiting for a train to arrive. And guess what- Both are waiting for their Fiances... and that is where the twists and turn begin. A light hearted movie inter woven with loads of song and dance sequences. The title number is the most amazing and rocking of em all. Be it the Amitabh version or the Disco version. There is also an amazing romantic number...

The coustumes...or rather the clothes- were amazing. The scene creation was also very good. Though not Shaad Ali's best, but movie has great one liners, and lots of old songs in the background to create effect.

Now as for acting- All the characters- Ricky, Al , Aniada(Lara Dutta) and Steve(Bobby Deol) have done a great job. Special mention here about Bobby... he has done amazing bit of acting for his small role..and the same goes for Lara...she is very convincing in her character.

I really liked it... I hope that you too..have fun.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Touch your elder's feet when you meet em....!!!

My examination start in less than a week.

Today I had to collect my roll number from college. Yesterday, I had gone to college for the same purpose, but I could only get the clearance and had to go again today. It so happened that Delhi woke up to a lovely Saturday morning which had oads of rain and amazing weather in store. Thanks to the down pour mom, dad, Arushi n I went to collect my roll number. Towards my college there are numerous malls and ma n pa were wanting to see those. So after giving them the tour of the mall and having lunch in the food court, as we were leaving... I bumped into a very good friend of mine from college. He too was just coming from college after collecting his roll number. He saw me with my parents- and right in the middle of the mall when I was introducing them... he bent down and touched their feet...saying namaste to them. Though the incident was a lil embarrassing at that time.... but now that I think about it... it was rather cute. He btw is a junior in college and absolutely an adoirable person.... and that action of his made me remember incidents that changed my life almost three years back... weird na... how lil things provoke memories of the past....???

Sunday, June 3, 2007

VOTE FOR TAJ.....!!!

This year is highly significant...and on the 7th of July 2007 , The NEW Seven Wonders of the world are going to be announced.

And since Democracy and voting are the order of the day, Apart from the panel of specialist that have shortlisted the candidates, the final decision has been put in our hands. The common people decide the elite Seven Wonders.

Unfortunately- The biggest democracy in the world is not realising this. We are voting for all the candidates in all the talent hunts that are happening, but then we are not voting for what actually requires voting.

Taj Mahal- The eternal monument of Love, is India's entry to the race of being one of the seven wonders. And it needs the support of the people who swear by the love of Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan.

You can follow this link- Vote for Taj or use that phone of yours- type TAJ and send the sms to 4567.

Hurry- Lets get our Taj its place back.....!!!