Monday, December 31, 2012

The official round up of the YEAR 2012: Part II

So this year was about Change.

Change in the relationship status.
Change of the city.
Change of the office space and that of the bosses.

Above all I think there was major overhaul in the way how I had perceived life, and what it really came down to be.
Not that I have been any less cranky, but, yes, I too have finally learnt to mask my emotions, control my rage and change my ever snobbish attitude to the one of "adjust mani". Though the Husband would disagree, I still believe that I have changed. A lot.

And it is not only me, the entire year, with the people around me the trend has that been of change.
My father became a slight bit cooler about letting me party and letting my hairdown, and rest of the world started treating me on a different level. I don't know if it is the "Grown up" level as yet or not.

The Husband's changed too.
There is a major attitude shift. I think I am going to reserve my judgment about whether the same is good or bad.

The world in general, was striving to change. Or maybe that is what I thought.

 I think I have become a different person altogether, and I am yet to find out if I like the "New Me" better. (In some corner of my heart, I still wish that I remain as I was, and Life goes on!!)

Change they say is the only Constant in life. So be it!

Friday, December 28, 2012

To friends and friendships!

I realized that I have not written a poem in ages.. so, while I was remembering the good ol' times with friends , I penned down a few lines.. here they are..

A voice of a stranger
triggers the memories,
making me smile;

Then a song plays
and reminds me of the
times spent laughing
and carefree;

Finally there are the
memories of days,
hours and minutes spent
galvanting, chatting and
just being friends;

Making my eyes tear 
and my heart tear apart,
far apart, 
but distance is no bound
for friends missing each other,
loving and being with each other..

How I wish,
if only time had wings
I could turn back the clock.. 
to live in the carefree times
the friends who are for

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The official round up of the YEAR 2012: Part I

And we are back to the end of a very eventful year.
It is unbelievable that 2012 is coming to an end. Do I want this year to end?
I don't think so.
As a matter of fact, if given a chance, I would like to rewind the year, and just stop time right say, in January. But like they say, time waits for none, the year has passed and a new one awaits.

This year was about... Weddings

Photo credit (
Trust me, it was just about Weddings (yes in plural). I got married. One of the best friend got married. The other best friend, P, has finally broken her silence at home and told her parents about her intentions to get married to her long time boyfriend.
There were 5 others apart from me in office (Delhi office) and at least two to three others (in Mumbai office) who got married this year.
There were other acquaintances and mostly 50 odd percent of my facebook friend list that got married.
So, if I say that this year was about weddings, it sure was.

Starting January itself, when we (as in the family) had come to attend a cousin's wedding and fix mine up, all we talked about the entire year till I got married (which was the fag end of the year) was clothes, jewelry, decorations, dances and food. Not only for my wedding but also discussed about same for the cousins and the friends weddings.
I have never looked at so many clothes in my entire life. Each dress, saree, suit was looked at with a critical eye, and it was wondered if at all the same could be replicated to suit our needs.
Each weekend was a shopping trip to one market or the other, and if not shopping, then dance practices, and if not either, then there were the trips to tailor or P that were scheduled.

Looking back, I am cherishing each and every day of the preparations and fights and the arguments. I think one of the best lessons that I learnt in all of the hoo hopla was that;

However hard you try, however much time you have in your hands, you are always running around at the last minute trying put the details together.  

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I am back !!!

The sabbatical has been a little too long it seems.
But, life has changed.

There is this HUGE wedding post that is still due, and trust me I am working on it. And, I shall put it up soon.
I am in Mumbai and I have rejoined work. From the awkwardness of the first day to four days later, things are easing out a little at work. And, we are in midst of shifting houses. There is just too much happening and most of it, is a first for me, including the whole "being married".

The "Rings" (A lil teaser for you all ;))
And, the trend that the hubby and I follow, means that there was no "honeymoon period", even though there was a "Honeymoon". We are already having the arguments about the attitude adjustments and things to be done, how to be done.. etc. The good part being, that, we both are also following the rule of "Not going to bed angry" . 
Whilst we are taking each day at a time, I think, I have come realize that there is nobody else in this world who can make me feel more secure about me being me, and in the middle of the night, every night, I have woken up to find myself cuddled and in case I ain't, I take the initiative and go cuddle :).

Things do go awry, and we both are drawing strength from being with each other. Even though we argue like crazy, there is nothing in this world that can take away the feeling of getting up each morning in his arms.

I really hope that the festive month is treating you all fine and that spirit of Christmas is getting you all in the groove of welcoming the new year.
I am going to do the round up of the entire year and lessons that I have learnt.. and things that I want share with you.
Till, then- Merry Christmas, and please welcome me back :D 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Sweet November..

Sweetness, yet to come.
Sweetest, when I start the newest journey, with You..

November is here. So are the nerves. Soon, life shall change.
Of course, I will keep you all posted.. but after a nice long break.

See you on the other side of being married! 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The dark side of me...

I have never really been an introvert. Actually, the fact of the matter is that I am outspoken, like to go yap yap and yap, and don't realise when to shut up.
I have not learnt the art of "Shutting up". 

Fiance and my parents have been trying forever. Dadi keeps on saying that, I need to learn to JUST SHUT UP. 
But amongst all the traits that I have, I also have the trait of not listening to people around me. 
There is something known as constructive criticism that people normally take in their stride. But, I am me and I can never really take constructive critique without feeling a hit to my own ego. It can't get worse than this, can it? 

I have a new friend. And the way he put it for me, absolutely on my face, for some very weird reason, it hit me really hard. 

I really thought high about myself, and wow, was I wrong, or was I wrong.. so here is a low down on my self, that I never knew that I would be making:

1. I am an attention seeker: I always knew that I wanted to be special to someone. And, even though I am, I the attention it seems is not enough. I am always seeking for more (especially, since Fiance doesn't have the time and that spoils the fun.)

2. I am possessive: And by possessive I mean, I am possessive about my relationships. All of them. 

3. Everything is NOT about me: If someone laughs and I am around, then they are laughing at me. If someone is whispering and I am around, then it is about me. And worse of all, if someone is upset at any goddamn thing in the world then the reason is me. 

4. People have other things apart from me: People have other friends. They have families and above all they have their own lives and they are not answerable to me. 

5. I really need to think and speak: The world doesn't come to an end, if I don't express an opinion or if I can do away with not talking at all. The whole saying "Ek chup sau sukh"   ought to be reiterated and embedded in me. I really should shut up. 

6. Everyone has their own story and their own ups and downs, I have my own and I should not fuck up other people's lives because I "perceive" something out of their behaviour. Even after being with a person for so many years and talking to him/her for hours, one can't really tell about what one is thinking and what is going through one's head. Imagine, and on basis of absolute random conversations in bad moods. 

7. I Judge: I was proud of the fact that I was never the judgmental type, till this absolute stranger at a party last week said, that "You are very judgmental"; and I was thrown off. Of course, it was a come and a go comment, that I brushed off. Yesterday, it came back.

8. I was proud of the fact that I always "maintained" a relationship, without realizing that, a relationship, any for that matter requires space and freedom to breathe. I am so scared of losing a friend (even a foe) that I choke. Always looking for a reassurance.

9. Insecurity: Of self and about the others. Mostly, straddling others with mine.

10. I am no mother teresa: And I really should accept that. I can't keep making sure that others are happy, and that I made "Difference" in their lives. No one has given me that right. I shouldn't expect that too.

11. Control thy fire: I can be really nasty with the way I say certain things. It can be my dislike or my unhappiness, but the way I say is super nasty.

12. The child needs to grow up. I owe up to my mistakes. But, I need to really stop giving explanations about my mistakes. To err definitely is human, but really, I can't always err and then cite the fact that I am human. I need to be more responsible about my actions.

13. Living in expectations: And then suffering the heart break, and then reacting in the MOST inappropriate manner possible. Life is too short to expect from ANYONE. I should accept that, and move on.

14. Clingy: I can't be clingy. Period. It sucks.

15. I am always angry at the world. Because rest of the world is better off than my own little world. Reality check. Grass is fucking not always greener on the other side. Life sucks. That is the way it is. Period.

I do want make a difference by being a part of people's lives. But now that I have been told bluntly, I agree, I just have to be there, not cling, not push. I have to open my mind and make sure that, I am able to pick up the thread of the story my friendships, without the maintenance bit.
I have been told not to change.
I am just wondering which part do the people refer to, considering most of the others find my overtly, sweet, cute and helpful nature a little too fake in this big bad world.
This baby needs to stop constantly hoping to be babied.. Time to grow up. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

For the Fiance

I love this song.. the lyrics are beautiful. Essentially, this song elaborates on the theory of "Love is always Enough".

There is this line in the song that says..
"Pyaar ke sikkon se..mahine kharcha chale..."

You know, I loved this movie too. It was a love story. I had to love it. But, more so, I connected with it. I too yearn us to be one of those couples who die in each other's arms. I think, that would be a life well lived. One with no regrets.
I am not shy of saying, that even though we have been dating well over 7 years, I have just grown to love you more. Never less. Somehow it is hard to imagine the last so many years without you being a part of it. I wonder where I would have been. But then, I stop, because, that is worthless exercise. Life without you is nothing short of incomplete.

So, as we move into the last phase before the biggest day of our lives, I want to dedicate this song to you.. hoping that within the realms of reality of running a married life, we don't forget the innocence of the True Love that we carried within us this far...

I love you!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Anxiety Struck

Here is a tip (which I have repeated often) and I am repeating again... 
It is mostly fun to plan other people's wedding and when it is time for your own, be smart, take the easy route. Court Marriage. 

Every morning I get up with a confident smile, and repeat the fact, that everything will take shape in due course of time. 
BUT- Every little thing, unnerves me. A phone call about the cards going awry.. or that there are still things that need to be worked out, and are not being worked out.. for any or every reason whatsoever, and wham- I am unnerved. I am anxiety struck. 

It is just amazing. How every little thing- magnifies, because it is related to the wedding. 
Poor Fiance , he is at the receiving end of all my rants and in the end, we have a fight over something stupid. 

The not getting adequate sleep obviously adds fuel to fire. 

Basically- I have no idea why this post is up.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Somewhere in the 60's

Whilst the 90's were carefree, 80's bought in the panic that I really did not realise would come, considering we had (or so we thought) ample amount of time to get things organized.

And during the 70's, or some part of those days, bf .. oops fiance was here in Delhi. So we had a week full of dinners, and lunches, and loads loads and loads of shopping! In the last so many years, he and I have never shopped in the quantum that we shopped for during the week that he was here.

The clothes seem to be a never ending process. The moment you think that you have things under control, something new manages to pop up. I am still amazed at the fact that I am going to pack up my entire life or the 26 years of it in three bags (large, medium and small) and start a new.

And now that we are in the 60's , I am anxiety ridden. All of a sudden, I feel that we have wasted so much time in making the lists and nothing really has been done.  Obviously, the world, including the Fiance thinks otherwise.
To add to my panic, I have one of the other best friend getting married, and his engagement is happening like in 10 days and I am getting his dance performances prepared, so in between trying to organizing everything for my wedding to helping him out, I think that I have the right to be super stressed.

The office has become an escape. Especially on days when I have no time to breathe at all. There are new girls in office, similar age as mine, and who are amongst other things not fake and are genuine warm souls. One of them is still in her first year of marriage, and trust her to give me all the tips. About everything that matters. From what to talk, to how to behave.. it is very interesting to know about how you change after marriage. Oh, I need to name her.. "MAG". So MAG one day told me, that do whatever, when you come back home the next morning for the "Pag Feras", you will be a grown up. Just like that.
That obviously scares the shit out of me. But, then, eventually, that was to happen.
Any ways, with the amount of "Tips & Tricks" that I have been getting for the wedding and the life thereafter, I can write a book about it. I will definitely blog about it, when I get the time to!

I have to apologise for my intermittent presence on the blogosphere. I really am lacking time. The mandatory birthday post also couldn't be put up.
So I'll just put it here.. Fiance was here for the Birthday. Fiance, BFF, the other Best Friend, Cousins and sister gave me a midnight surprise.. followed by breakfast with the best friend and the cousin; lunch was with the Fiance and dinner with the family. The most memorable part of the birthday was Fiance being around me "officially" :)

So here I am. 26 years. Getting married in 2 months and absolutely lost about the ways of the world.

PS: A 12 year old poet is on blogospehere.. his blog is called SirRhymesAlot. Go have a dekko and leave the budding poet a word or two of encouragement :)

Miss me.. till I post next :D 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On the 99th Day

I want to thank all of you for the wishes.. this day bought with it the experience of being away from the current family.
There was a "Family Kitty", which randomly resumed after 5 odd years.. just like that. So, since in the last 5 years there have additions to the "khandaan", that was- This was supposed to be a huge kitty.. we had the newly wed couple, and the little 6 month old niece of my cousin... and I decided to stay back.

To see, the pangs that I would eventually get, because I know I wont be a part of "All" family events that will happen. Surprisingly, I just had pizza for comforting myself, and kept my thoughts positive. I got to know that the newly weds were there and so was the 6 month old niece.. and normally my parents would.. but no one told me.. that the family was asking about me ... sort of disheartening.. made me wonder, if they did not ask about me, or my parents forgot to mention that it to me.

It is such a confusing time for a girl, to feel excited about the new life, and at the same time, realizing each day that her time with her family and parents is shortened.
Taking each day as it comes.. deciphering the feelings.. that pull me apart.. questions my sanity.. but also teaches me perseverance.. each day. 

As we go from 100 to 99...

Have you ever count down to something that you have been looking forward to?
Have you EVER anticipated the time that elapses.. about how much of that thing.. that day will change your life? And, how!

I wanted to write a long elaborate post... but really, all I have to say is that...
Shayon & I are getting married.
In November. This year.

And, life has been enough of a roller coaster, and in 100 more days, my entire entity of my being will change, and while I look forward to the marriage in the wedding... I am also trying to hold on to each moment with my parents... my family...

Shayon and I need all the blessings that we can to start the newest phase of our lives..

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy Friendship's Day!

I think this describes the bond between the "Blog Friends" most appropriately!
We just write, without thinking twice about what the world to say, for some strangers to read, who sometimes sympathize, at times empathize, and sometimes, just read and say a prayer for you. And from those strangers, they become friends!

To all my friends, wishing you all a VERY HAPPY FRIENDSHIP'S DAY!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

More apologies

Office has been a mad mad mad house. Not a single minute to myself! :(
This week, I will catch up! Pucca!

Pardon me! Please! 

Friday, July 13, 2012

July Update: with apologies

I knew that July was gonna be a mad mad month, but this mad.. I never thought!
I haven't had 10 minutes to myself.. I have been working weekends and there are always plans that are clashing with each other.

I have loads to catch up, I am hoping that things ease at work- Soon!
Pardon my absence and miss me :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The one who survives in the end is the one who accepts changes and moves on life.
The one who learns the lessons from the mistakes and makes sure that those very mistakes are not repeated.

But how many times, have you found yourself on the "Crossroads" of life and other times at a shopping mall, wondering which store to hit first!
It may be the smallest of decision in case of a shopping event or the life changing decision about moving out of the city or getting married and sometimes leaving a cushioned job to start a venture completely that has nothing to do with your profession.
Whenever I read the success stories of people who have made the life altering decisions, I wonder, what is it that made them take such a huge step, of leaving their own comfort zone to test out something that is absolutely new and different and maybe unsuccessful or futile at first.
People in this category too should be given a a bravery award too.

At these junctures of times it becomes so difficult to make that choice, to choose THAT path which is right for you. Again the perspective of right & wrong differ so much person to person that often making the biggest decisions by yourself, means giving justification to the people who are closest to you, people who do not understand your perspective.
In case of my dear bf, I am the "non understanding" entity, and poor him has to give me explanations to justify his decision.

I too am gonna soon be standing at the crossroads of a major change. One decision has been taken, consequent to that decision the other decision is yet to be taken.
The consequent decision is giving me a headache and a heartache too!

I wonder what strategy do you guys take, when you make your life altering decisions? 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The game of life & death

Just when you think that life is finally getting on track and that things are falling into place, you hear about things which happen to your friends and people you know, and all that happiness goes.

It is one thing to be happy about your own accomplishments and wanting your friends to share that with you, but it is just a different thing when you hear about friends, whose lives were just going fine catapult into something that makes your heart go numb and then you are forced to think about how indifferent life really is.

It doesn't care if there is something that you are looking forward to, doesn't give a fuck, about anything, but about turning even the best laid plans haywire.

A lovely couple friend of ours gave birth to a really cute baby girl *God bless her*, where on the other hand an extremely close friend lost his father to a sudden heart attack.
And this is where I wonder, when a doctor give the pregnancy due date, 99% of the time, the baby decides it's own birth- date. And similarly when death comes, how death comes, no one knows.

We have all heard of lives merely months old losing the battle to death..

We are all a part of this BIG game of dance between Life & Death.. whilst they play their games, we like pawns, worry, about whether we have will live or die in the next second.
We are worried about jinxing our happy times, but like they say "Karma is a bitch"

I don't know about- anything- I just know, that every time through a bad patch, I give up hope. I wish to change that. I want to love each day with a promise of being happy and of being optimistic.. and I wish that you all also do that same.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The person you are trying to call is 'Busy' on another call!

Chintan wrote this very interesting post about how women should leave their men alone and not go the emotional mile with them, especially, when he is 'busy' at work.
I agree to some extent, but disagree to the most part of it. *Sorry Chintan, the disagreement comes from being in the category of the girls who call up their beaus a lot*

I do call him. As a habit/ritual.. in the morning for exactly 3 minutes, when I am walking from my car towards the office. And I used to, at the end of the day while walking back from my office to my car. Now I don't.
Then I usually call him, when I am going to bed.
We don't stay in the same city, let alone the same house. I normally know what he is upto thanks to his facebook updates, and his rhetorical questions to the world about buying an 'X' gadget or an air conditioner. He doesn't call me.

I am never the first thing in his mind when he wakes up. I don't think that I am the last thing in his mind when he goes to sleep either.

He is always working. Being on a Social media platform- he is always online, and available to the world 24x7. But to me.

Where does a girl got at the end of the day? In a 7 year old relationship, I should not be insecure.. the problem is, that I was not insecure about my relationship, 7 months into it. The problem is, that, when you have time for the world, for the friends who drop in, for the friends who call up after ages, I am thrown off the priority list, not that I was ever priority number one. The "Khota Sikka" cocept works the best for us.
He is all mine, when he is in the city.. he wants to just blabber on about everything, when HE has to talk.. what happens to me, who wants to talk to him at the end of a shor/long, tiring/not so tiring day? Oh, yes, I don't have work 24x7.
And, I don't exactly have a hobby of 'Silai, khadai' that I can do, whilst remembering him, and sighing about our memories of the short dates that we have had.
He is always agitated about the fact, that whenever I meet him, I am always on a time limit. I am bound to be. I am not the 'party till late' kind of girl.

I won't normally even complaint. I am happy that he is busy. But, how fair is it on me?
The calls that come are only for work. "Did you do this?" "Did you talk to xyz?" I don't remember any call in the last couple days/weeks/months, where he calls up to tell me, "Baby, I called you just like that" "That I was missing you"
I of course seem to be missing from his life. He never bothers to wonder, "Oh, no call at 10 am today.. I hope all is okay".. or "aaj sara din phone nahin aaya.. pata nahin kahan hai?"
His funda is of course "No news is good news"

At the end of the day, each day, I give in to my heart over my self respect, and my mind, as I dial his number to talk to him, only to hear ..
"The person you are trying to call is busy on the other line, please wait or call later" *8 out of 10 times, he does not call back.*

"Hi.. what were you doing...
He: I was just gonna have dinner...
Should I wait? or sleep?
He: You should sleep" *Yup, no call back*

"Hi, kya ho raha hai..
He: Kuch nahin kaam, aur kya
Okay, then, I am hitting the sack..
He: Yeah, sure, good night"

"Hey.. wassup?
He: Nothing, XYZ has just come over/ Oh, ABC has skype called me...
Oh, okay, Good night then
He: Yeah, good night"

In none of the cases above, he ever calls back.. obviously he doesn't want to ruin my beauty sleep. But, honestly I wish he would.
There is nothing in this world that makes a girl happier than an unexpected text/e-mail/phone call from that special someone telling her that she is special.
Yup, I know I sound like a love sick puppy.. but trust me.. the feeling of being taken for granted in a relationship kills you.
Of course, this post will change nothing, he is too busy to read my posts.
But at least I have ranted out how I feel. A girl needs someplace to rant/ rave express herself.. considering the pair of ears she hopes would listen are "Busy gossiping with a friend right now"

PS: Somehow, I know people who do make time for the ones they love..  

Friday, June 15, 2012

June Update

I know I promised a long post, and that is in the making :P
Life in bullet points:

- Office is fine. My boss is out for her annual vacation, therefore 15 days of less frantic times.
- Btw- My boss handed me down 4 pair of her shoes, which are lovely.
- Office too in general is fine.

- Dad was very unwell for a really long time. Doctors scare the shit out of you. Despite all his heart related tests coming fine, they tried to pursue my dad to get an angiography done. He refused. So, it turned out to be spondilitis. He is wearing a neck band and undergoing physiotherapy, and looks so much better. *touch wood*

- I have finally started exercising :) . BFF comes every morning and we walk and then do Yoga. :D People are telling me that I have lost weight, I am yet to really believe so :)

- Bf is more than busy. He has absolutely no time for me. For everyone else, I am sure that he does! :X

Life is going at a very very slow pace, seems like the summer has slowed everything up. I have started to re-notice my colony again. Grabbing the memories of each detail so that I can conjure up the ability to transport myself to my childhood by just closing my eyes.

Each day I pray for peace.

I hope that you all are having a great time yourselves. This is the Father's Day weekend, so don't forget to tell your dads, how much you mean to them.
My daddy sure is the STRONGEST!


Friday, June 8, 2012

The Aston Martin

The big boss in office bought an Aston Martin.
It is a 3-4 crore car.

That has made me think about my aspirations in life yet again.

And because I am in the thinking mode- I'll word out the thoughts in the next post.

Trust me, you want to wait for that post.  

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Politics of the Falling Rupee!

I am absolutely not talking about the end of the world literally.
It can't happen. Not now any ways, there is too much happening otherwise, for the world to physically collapse. Economically, well, that is questionable.

In the light of recent events, I think that one way or the other the great Indian Middle Class is going be squeezed to the hilt. It is we who are going to take a hit, unless the black money lodged in the swiss banks comes home and fills the coffers of the Indian Treasury.
Honest to God, that is the ONLY way that the present UPA Government can survive the economic slowdown. Because knowing the politics of my Country, I know for sure that any concrete steps that may be taken by the government are going to come back on their face by the opposition and allies alike.

What we as the people have to do is via our actions prove to the politicos that we can take some hard hitting steps but we would really like to still believe in the 'Great Indian Dream', where for the last 10 odd years despite everything, India as a whole was doing much better than rest of the world.

My sister explained this to me and my mum when we were cribbing about the price rise, I thought that I would share it with you too:

- The Oil cos lose about 8 Rs/litre on petrol with the current price of the crude and the various taxes that the poor companies have to pay to the government.

- Therefore to cut out on the losses, the petrol prices are hiked. But because petrol price hike means rise in commodities, the government pays subsidies, meaning they pay out of their own pockets so that the price hike does not effect the common man that much. But because they pay out of their own pockets, they lose the tax money that they have collected for development.

- If they take loan from the foreign entities like World Bank or IMF, their foreign deficit increases and like it is with any other loans, they have to start getting more money in their coffers to develop on the various schemes that they run for the poor.

-Thus to fill their coffers, they either cut the subsidies and therefore the hit comes to the common man or they increase the taxes, again making sure that the burden comes to the US. The poor common man.

Then what to do?
The decisions of a price hike hit us like a ton of bricks. And so does the taxes. Like I said before, all of us should shut our eyes from the fact that the swiss banks have the Black money and encourage the politicians to bring back that money into our country.
I have heard it and read on FB that the amount of money that is in the swiss banks if it comes back, will make us all free of the tax burden for the next 50 years. JUST IMAGINE!
No more taxes.
Actually, I don't mind paying minimal taxes so that the money keeps getting replenished, but helloo?? Dear Poliricians, if AT ALL any of you feel the need to compete with the US of A and move forward and become the rulers of the world- I think that you should give a thought to bringing back the money that is rightfully ours.

Further, as a part of the austerity measures that the Government proposes to put- First should be that all the politicians should pay their electricity & water bills. My GOD, more than half of the electricity dues that are unpaid are the government dues. We all pay for our usage, they should all too pay.

The Parliament Sessions are the bonus sessions where all the policies are decided. The politicians attending these sessions should be paid on daily basis as in only those who attend the sessions shall be paid during the months that the sessions are on and ANYBODY who disrupts and/or breaks the furniture of the Parliament house and stages a walk out- should be penalized, by obviously not being paid that days wage.
*NEVER have I seen a proper discussion and weighing of pros and cons properly of a matter that really matters... which sort puts the country in a tailspin and lets not even talk about the mockery that we make of ourselves in front of the rest of the world.*

Oh, considering that we are burdened with the petrol prices, all the politicians should also pay for the petrol that goes in the cars that are allotted to them, and in addition they should also be paying the salary of the household help/drivers/maalis that they keep.

And last but not the least, the ticket of the ministers may be borne by the state but that of the family.. extended family should NOT be borne by the state and the ministers/ family who is travelling should pay for it.

The politicians are nothing but Government SERVANTS and they should be made to realise just that. The reason that they are in a position to make policies is  because the entire nation can't come together and make them. They are OUR representatives and NOTHING more. The day we realise that politicians are humans too and nothing more, is the day they will also come down to our pedestal and maybe start working, on the things that really make a difference.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The 500 mark!

This is the 503 rd post! Which means, that I have officially crossed the 500 milestone.
I don't even know if this is a milestone at all, because, my blogger profile tells me that I have been blogging almost 6 years and that averages to about less than a 100 posts a year.
Again I don't know if this is a milestone or not, but one fact that is absolutely sound and clear to me is that I can't believe that I have wrote so much.
And looking back to the last two years, I can't believe that I actually wrote some posts that made sense, sense enough to have discussions about.
I have ranted. I have shared my dilemmas, my observations, have blabbered absolute nonsense but now I that I have done that for about 6 odd years, I have a repository of what I thought and what I was thinking, of the past that was then, a future which is the present!

But first, I have to thank THE person who pushed me in to blogging (not literally) and then got me hooked!
*Obviously, he is the one person who I don't think even reads what I write any more, comments therefore obviously are a scarce commodity by him*.
So, yes, the bf introduced me to the world of blogs.
His writings for obvious reasons caught my fancy, and trust me, if he writes about things other than technology, his emotions still capture your heart.
I used to read, his writings.

But then I started writing on my own. Mainly quotations, and stuff that I read and reproduced the same on my blog (which was at Yahoo 360 that time), but then I realised that I actually had a lot to say and finally after much coaxing from the bf, I shifted to blogger.

I am not a prolific writer, but I think, I did impress a couple of people here and there because today those very people are the greatest friends that I have. They are a couple who blogged as pseudonymous but gave out their true identities to me, because we became friends.
You know the best pat about becoming buddies through blogs is, that, when you start to blog you are not a 4 year old (the 4 year old now may have the capacity and the intelligence, I as a 4 year old din even have a computer, forget internet!) who is all innocence, as we have grown older, we all made a conscious decision to befriend people revealing limited information and slowly building it up. As fellow bloggers, we first read your thoughts before we judged and the innocence of a 4 year old returned.

I just want to thank all my blog friends who are still virtual friends, and blog friends who are friends with me out side the virtual world, fellow bloggers, readers and anonymous readers for all the love and support that I have been showered with!

And, a HUGE thanks to the bf, because had I not decided to impress him further, I would have never blogged and reached this mark!

Happy Blogging & Happy Reading! 

Friday, May 25, 2012


I have done absolutely nothing productive since morning. I even missed out on the exercises that I have been doing now a days!
I am in office. Bored stiff.
The AC is too cold, and honestly despite the fact that there a drafting that needs to get over and get settled within the coming week, I JUST don’t feel like working. Somehow the application of mind is not happening.
The world around is becoming a happening place, the best friend is ready to launch her own label and that probably gives me immense happiness, because it was something that I always dreamnt for her.
As for me, I think I am the most confused person EVER. I want so much from life, that in the end nothing really falls into place. Passion dwindles on and off.. and I am left wondering if this is what I was meant to do.. at all? But nonetheless I do get excited on certain days when I have so much to do and at the end of the day I sleep a satisfied person.
I have started cycling. Early in the morning, followed by some yoga. And I have noticed that I am in a happier place on the days when I make it a point to get up and exercise.
There is so much to say. The words just seem to disappear.
So, I am gonna just cut the randomness here and wish you all have a great great weekend!

PS: I had to remove the previous post because it was office related and din want any bad blood even by accidental chance. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

"Great Moments"

"Great moments often catch us unaware-beautifully wrapped in what others may consider a small one"

I have been meaning to actually write about a lot of things, but unfortunately after the whole day of typing and staring into the computer- often for no reason at all.. sort of discourages me to get on the computer again and start typing. 
The main reason behind this super duper laziness is that, my right arm starts hurting after the whole day of typing and all and then, there is my Blackberry, that keeps going "PING" the whole day and keeps me updated :P 

But nevertheless, I have been going over posts, and commenting where ever I can :) 

The good thing out of the whole thing is that I have re- started reading. 
I am reading the most talked about "Hunger Games"  the review will come after I read the entire trilogy, but I have finally started to read at my own pace..
Not for finishing the book, but for, actually enjoying the book!

The office took us to Goa for the annual retreat, and for the first time in my life, I attended the "HR Sessions", which all the hot shots MNC's have. 
I had fun. 
I actually made it a point to have fun, to talk to people but not put my heart out on my sleeve :) 
Clicked loads of pictures (That I am yet to segregate). 

And, well, bf has been traveling far and wide himself, and I can't stop wishing that I could have been with him! 

Rest all is great.. gonna try and update more often :)
Cheers and Happy Summers!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Plain Truth!

I am not a huge fan of Amir Khan.
I seriously think that he is a very pompous mean guy.. (Yup, I am true blood SRK fan camp girl);
But Satyamev Jayate bowled me over.

It was honest to God, plain truth, put extremely plainly to us. The people who matter, the people, who ignore the every day truth that is reported in the newspapers not as "Breaking Stories", but in the corner somewhere, and not as a part of a statistics or a survey that randomly comes out, but about he people who have actually suffered.
There were tears, but, I am glad, that none of the women who came on the show broke down emotionally to get the TRP's high.. or stating controversial statements with a background score that makes the controversy larger than what it really is.

Of course, this particular episode touched a chord somewhere, because, after hearing what people had to say about having a girl child, I truly thanked my stars that I exist.

It is the sad truth that people as educated as doctors or professors or teachers believe in the whole "Beta khandaan ka chirag hai" funda.
No offense boys, but seriously, girls are prettier, they are like the cutest babies and above all they too are human, they have exactly two hands, two legs, one face with two eyes a nose and two years.. the only difference is that they have a vagina and a pair of breasts.

It is the woman who bears the children, imagine, if there is no woman, how are you going to have children? The so called "Khandaan" will only not be there.
And, if a male acts dumb in the family, the women of the family are not expected to encourage the practice of miscarrying because the pregnant lady is carrying a female child!

The truth really did hit the heart.
It was amazing to know that the literate act like the illiterates and rural and the poor act like intelligent human beings.

The Doctors should learn their lesson and clean up their acts, the giver of life, the ones equated to Gods, should not encourage let alone indulge in such practices!

If there is one thing that I am sure Amir Khan will be able to achieve is to hit the heart.. now I only hope that he is also able to stir the conscience of the people and actually help root out the evils that hold our society back!

Kudos to Satyamev Jayate!    

Thursday, April 26, 2012


It is a very normal practice in various MNC's, where the forms are given out and self as well as senior appraisals and team appraisals and what not happens.
31st March, is THE deadly day.

I remember in school, it was THE day, when the final report card use to come and we used to hope that, we wouldn't be butchered alive by the time we reach home after the Parent Teacher Meets.

The fact of life is, that, 31st March still remains THE day in the life of all of us professionals, who work in a 'naukrai', that too private for a living. Unfortunately, life butchers you every year on this day and parents, spouses *girlfriends*, wherever applicable, just support you and encourage you to "Perform Better" *If I may use this term*

In a law practice, increment is heard of, but appraisals, well, you really don't have that sort of a thing here, not in litigation offices where there is no thikaana of the fees that will come.
How in the world can a lawyer then appraise, increase the salary- of his court clerk and his junior *if he has one*.

But thanks to the advent of the era of Law Firms, where there is no deen duniya imaan of the already not so likable profession of lawyers- Now the lawyers also have appraisals.
*Of course, considering, the new found breed of "Corporate Lawyers", actually work like they would work in a corporate- you know sending out updates, making presentations, putting the papers in order etc*, it has become highly commercial.
Hell, we have proper 'HR Firms', who deal with the Law Firms and putting their system together, but mind you, we ares till not 'Employees' but just "retainers".

So, I had my first EVER appraisal.
To be honest, I was more confused than ever, because in terms of everything, I am better than my contemporaries, but because, I came to the firm 8 months later than them, I am suffering a huge loss as far as the salary bit is concerned.
Rest, my partner in-charge is VERY happy with me *touch all the wood around me*  and that for me is a huge incentive over the other contemporaries that I have in the firm.
Our team follows the motto of 'Chota parivar, sukhi parivar' and trust me, we are happier like that. We are just 3, 4 if we include our secy, but we are politics free, and that is the way boss likes it.

I feel bad about being paid less than the rest, but the Bf and the dear Daddy and my Mommy are VERY happy about it, so I am burying the hatched right there.

Of course there are the unhappy around me, but then, I going to be absolute Zen about it, and not bother.

And, it seems that every in office is getting married, Ms. PK's was the biggest shocker, especially since the news/invite came right after we were given the much awaited envelopes! *Talk about timing, I tell you!*

So I have been appraised, the gossips have happened- and now its back to the 'gadhagiri' of being a lawyer!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vicky Donor

First, kudos to the film-makers for taking up such a sensitive topic and then setting the same in a conservative, Hippocratic Delhi ka Lajpat Nagar, where the people mind more of other's business than their own.
Second, kudos to the audiences who have accepted the movie. As it is. No big names, no big sets and no  item numbers, I think, I like this movie the most amongst the ones that have released this year.

The story is as simple as it can get, an infertility specialist *who runs his clinic out of the very shady Darya Ganj*, a south delhi da punjabi munda bought up by a widow mother and grandmother, who is 25 and doesn't give a care *Doesn't want to join his tayaji's business, but knows the ins and outs of how to do the beauty treatment at his mother's parlour* and the beautiful banker babe, who is an independent working bengali girl.

The doctor needs a donor to save his clinic and Vicky's *sadde dilli da punjabi munda* great grandfather bore 19 children, the last one at the age of 78.
And, wham, starts the journey of the doctor to convince Vicky, that sperm donation is completely legal, and pays really well, both in "cash and kind".
After days and days of stalking, pestering and convincing sadda Vicky agrees to become a sperm donor, and that is when his life changes. From cash to kind, Vicky is now an earning member of the family.

While Vicky is donating his sperms, he is also wooooing the Girl of his dreams, Ashima Roy, a bengali babe who is a divorcee and does finally gives way to the charms of sadda Vicky. And in the background there are the expert comments via the dialogues exchanged between the super modern Beeji and typical punjabi mother *A atypical saas bahu, who drink their whiskey at the end of a long day*

The story is about how, the wife who could not get pregnant copes with the fact that her husband has fathered so many children. The movie was about accepting that and forging new mentalities and stronger relationships.

The apprehension of the sperm donation being a 'ganda dhanda' and the non society looking down at it... has been dealt with so much maturity, that it is hard to believe that this movie has been conceived by an Indian, and most of all, has been made into a commercial movie.

Each character was portrayed with an amazing amazing maturity, that is hard to believe...
Annu Kapoor as Dr. Baldev Chaddha;
Ayushman Khurana as Vicky the donor;
Yaami Gupta as Ashima Roy, the bengali babe;
Dolly ji as Vicky's Mom and;
Vicky's Beeji...
Each one of them makes you a part of a movie experience that makes you smile, cry and bring back home great memories of a movie that is well made!

Vicky to his Beeji, "Poori Delhi mein sirf do hi toh cheezein modern hain, ek Delhi ki metro aur doosri meri beeji"

PS: The favorite moments for me and my mum in the entire movie were when the Panju-Bengali wedding was taking place :P We just LOVED it :)

And, btw, my Mom thinks that this movie is totally oscar material, therefore in case you were planning to give the movie a miss, think again, go see it :)


Monday, April 16, 2012


I have not logged in to blogger for like a whole week, which is not a nice thing!
All okay here, except that the work pressure is mounting and I have several deadlines to meet.

I promise to be back ASAP.
Till then- Miss ME! 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Blackberry babe..

And Bf surprised me!
Honestly, now I feel, that I would rather not pester him about giving me gifts, considering, that when he decides to gifts me, he makes it large.
Remember the 'Unofficial' engagement ring? And the proposal?

This time he decided that it is high time that I change my phone.
That I needed an upgrade, and thus, he gifted me the new blackberry curve, nd not only that, he managed to keep it a surprise.
And, what more, he got a proxy gift also, you know to build the excitement.. it was all so cute :)

So, now, I have upgraded to a BB and a BB messenger, which basically means, that I am connected 24x7 to the world and the world is connected to me 24x7.
I am yet to get the office mail configured in the phone.. the day that happens, which will be day after, it will be a nightmare!
Just imagine having the office stalk me all the time :P

But never the less, I am just excited and more importantly, I am super touched by his gesture.. so just wanna say that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Telly story..

I have never really written about television and the little that I have written is about how much I hate the Hindi serials, which if nothing else have become bloody serial killers with over dramatic mother in laws and scheming sisters, sister in laws and in general the hate quotient.
Of course, then there is a stereotype that has been cast. There is absolutely no gray areas at all. The protagonist is the miss goody two shoes.. always and the rest can be evil and good at their own convenience.
Absolute nonsense they have made of the conscience that most of their moral lectures state!

So, the reasons that I do not watch watch the hindi serials, but yeah, I do follow them, I still don't own a television and parents and grandmother have the televisions at their disposal, so the most that I get is to watch a movie or two in ENGLISH once in a blue moon. * Do you have any idea, the faces that my mom makes at the kissing scenes.. I mean I was asked  ordered to not to go and watch the Dirty Picture because it has explicit content*  And I thought that I was 25. *Somehow this argument ALWAYS fails*

I mean everything is not that bad. As a matter of fact, by some stroke of luck, about two odd years back, 'Castle' was launched, and boom, I was thrown into the world of the English series that had sizzling chemistries and awesome mysteries!
That is where I learned the concept of 'Seasons', that meant that they give you a break from the series, after couple of weeks instead of making them jump 20 years hence. And mind you, they leave you with more questions than answers!
Since I have been hooked, I have been following a lot more than 'Castle'.. there is 'White Collar' and 'Warehouse 13' and 'Las Vegas' and 'How I met your Mother', amongst a few..
But the one that I have been lately following was 'Pretty Little Liars' and Kashvi will agree, they have actually closed season 2 with a disappointing end.
And, now that, Pretty Little Liars is over and so is White Collar and Castle will come to a close soon, I am feeling sorta depressed, you know, considering that I just love these three series and they were something that I looked forward to.. every week!
Now, I cant wait for Season 3 to start, which will be in June.
So till then, barring catching up with 7 seasons of 'Sex in the City', which I find is soft porn, there is nothing that I can watch.. so does anyone here have any suggestions as to what series should I start following??

PS: This song from Lady Antebellum was playing in the background in one of the scenes in the Season finale of Pretty Little Liars, fell in love with it totally :)

PPS: Will catch up on all the blogs through this weekend! 

Friday, March 16, 2012

I sorta hate March

No nothing personal.
See, now that Sachin has made his 100th 100 and all and I don't have any exams during this month, it doesn't seem that bad.. but NOW I have something worse that I have to agonize over the whole of March- 'Appraisals and Budgets'

The Cousin's wedding went well. I was a little detached, apart from the dancing bit, but somehow, I did not feel the need to be there. Obviously a million people asked about Sister and Me (We were dancing away to glory). The part about the wedding that I loved the most was- That mum actually pushed us to get our hair done, including hers for two occasions a thing that we normally don't indulge in.
And for both the occasions all three of us looked lovely :)

The thing that I abhorred about the wedding was the absolute vulgar display of lena-dena. My cousin's parents actually gave her the usual gamut of TV, Fridge..etc. My question here being, that she is marrying the only son of the house.. so wouldn't he already have a refrigerator, TV, Washing machine etc. Honestly, waste of money. And not only that, cousin's family gave almost everyone in the boys family clothes and cash.. and my chachi made sure that all of it is captured in camera. 
The bride was glowing and was super happy.. her outfits, unfortunately did not impress me much. Her taste is too much of blingy bling for me!

But like they say, a girl's wedding once over, over properly without a hitch is a blessing in itself. And that happened. My chacha chachi left no stone unturned for making this one big massive Indian wedding. There was the revolving stage and automatic flower showers and what not!
I wish my cousin a VERY HAPPY and a Blissful life ahead.


Last couple of days have been really disturbing. The world it seems is pushing itself to an end, that may or may not happen.
It has become a free for all.
The recent incidents of Rape in Gurgaon and subsequent reactions to the same by the Gurgaon administrations have left me, fuming.
The attitude seems to be, that instead of setting a precedent of punishing the rapists, and attacking the mentality itself, you are curbing the women and the rest of the people who enjoy the after hours.
If you know that there are vulnerable areas in your city that require more attention, then deploy more force, give more protection, increase the lighting and install CCTV cameras.
But the fact that the administration issued statements that include giving deadlines to Pubs etc, and especially the statement about women not working after 8pm. *Considering that there is no guarantee that there wont be any rapes between 8 am to 8pm*

The Governments and especially the administration should be extremely ashamed of themselves for brushing off the responsibility.

The first thing that needs to change is the attitude of 'Women invite rapes'  NO woman in her righ mind wants herself to be assaulted and insulted. So, if a woman wears low hanging tops and short skirts, is because she likes to dress up like that and not because she wants men to hit upon her. There has to be a way to give a smack to anyone who leches! The solution is NOT having the women wear burqua, but somehow educating the males that the women that they are lusting about has a family too.

The next thing that my boss suggested was about 'Female Bonding' that how we women are our biggest enemies. We gossip about other women, and never trust another female, thus making us vulnerable. Women, should stop being judgmental and help out if needed. Core support groups need to be formed!

But, most of all, we women need to get our heads right. Honestly, I am not pointing fingers, but mothers who are abused at home have to teach their children that what is being done to her is wrong, and that women are to be respected, and they HAVE to start standing up.
Educating your boys more than the girls will really help.
Another thing that I have noticed is, that most of the rapes, happen in the lower strata of the society, therefore, it is imperative that, that part of the society breaks free from their vicious circles!

The mood obviously became more somber, when I heard about Baby Falak's death. The poor baby, who tried surviving the world that was so cruel to her is finally resting in some peace. The thing that this little 2 year old did, could not have ever been done, thanks to her and the support that she commanded, that the police were put into action and they were able to unearth a dirty racket of human trafficking!

The budget further made sure that eating out becomes lesser of an option for us, thanks to the increase in the Service tax and excise, so now, we shall have to have more house parties!

The brightest of the day was Sachin's 100th Ton again the Bangladeshis and that sorta lifted the spirits!

The month is still half left, and then there is the salary that needs to be regulated.

Life is tough!
And I HATE March.

Friday, March 9, 2012


This cousin of mine is getting married this weekend and I am dead sure that I will not be able to blog and/or catch up on the lovely blogs ye all have written.

So will catch up next week for sure!
Have a Happy Weekend folks!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Kill Me...

Because 99% of the world around me thinks that me being the 'Goody two shoes' is being a big show off and that I am fake.

Because, I lose my temper very often, and end up crying, and therefore it means that whatever I say makes absolutely no sense AT all and that I am always wrong.

Because I happen to have a great boss who doesn't like working late, therefore doesn't expect me to be in office till 1 am to show the fact that I work hard- and that seems like an indulgence to certain people and they feel that I don't work 'hard enough', they forget the fact that- more often than not- I work from till late night and that does not even count as working late and therefore I don't even get the benefit of coming late the night after I have worked till wee hours.

Because I love to talk. Just generally chat up. And add to the woes, the fact that I can't let people be judgmental about the people that I am with therefore I am open to a select few and those select few don't normally have time for my 'idle chat'

Because I live in a fantasy world and believe in Happy Endings but end up being a overtly negative person.. again my arguments about where when and why are thrown outta the window!

Because I am always wrong. My reasons of doing an act are always always wrong.

Because I do not feel appreciated by the people, who I would love to hear and who I would tell me that they are proud of me.

Because it feels super yuck to not to feel loved!

But then, I guess there will always be people who will tell me down.. I just hope that those people don't include my own loved ones.
I know how hard it is to get one 'Good girl, proud of you' kind of a comment out from my parents.. All I am is a bunch of qualities which people think are a waste and that I am double faced and double standard...
But I am me.
Love me,
hate me.. as hard as I try to be the person who everyone wants to be- in the end it is ME, who should matter to you, if you love me- even with , my odd silly attitude! 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Song in my head

Call me super lame.. but finally after a million years I have managed to see the movie 'Notting Hill' starring two of my super favorite actors- Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.
I think that this movies has some of the best songs ever :)
One of my favorite songs from the movie is 'When you say nothing at all by Ronan Keating' and being a love song that it is, I think I will dedicate this song to my dear darling.. and tell him how much I love him ..

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Letter to a 15 year old

I read this letter on TUIB's blog, a letter to a 15 year old you, by a preset you.. found it super interesting.. and therefore attempting it. 

Dear 15 year old Sexy,
Or hitler!
Isn't that what they call you in school?! Considering you are more chummy with the boys and go about 'hitting them'all the time!

It is the board year and I know that you are stressed! But don't be... you end up doing very well for yourself!
I know mom is being paranoid, but don't hold it against her, she is always competitive about you being better than the rest! ;)

What you really need to make up your mind about is, what do you want to do with your life, as a career choice. If you stick to your ground then you will have no issues at all in life!
But in case you are wondering, don't, you are gonna be a classic example of 'all is well that ends well'
Your inner desires will prevail over your dumb dreams! Just try not being overshadowed by the books you are reading!

Arushi will eventually grow up to be your best friend! And you will fight for her!

Since, what is writ can't be changed, if you can, then dont change your school!
That is something you will regret for the rest of your life!

You are going to find again the friendship that you had lost thanks to stupid teenage mentality! And this time to last beyond the teenage dramas!

Girl, be confident of your choices and about yourself! Opinions are important but they are just that, please learn to listen to your heart and voice your thoughts accordingly!

Just be strong, okay?
There are gonna be losses beyond your wildest dreams, just be strong through the low tides of life, trust me you will gain much more than what you will lose!

Lastly, this is gonna be THE best best year of your life, just enjoy it with your heart and soul!

Yours forever,
25 something!

PS: Waxing is painful! Just don't get bogged down coz of extra hair on your arms and please- DONT use hair removal cream on your under arms!

Monday, February 27, 2012


I actually wanted to write about this book that I am reading, but realised, that I would rather write about it, when I am done with both the parts rather than writing about the first one.

I really don't think that I am PMSing, or for that matter, I don't know if I am or not... but I am sorta feeling absolutely low.
The only thing that makes me happy is when I am working in office with my boss. Even if we are bummed down with work.. the least that we do is have a conversation about an absolute useless thing.. like dog ticks and home remedies to get them off.. I miss having a conversation that is nothing more than, just a useless banter with nothing more to it.

Everyone is getting married, or is deciding to get married.
Which is very nice. Congrats.

I am being snubbed alot these days, be at home or be it by the bf.
The feel good factor about life outside work is gone.

As a matter of fact, I think that I am becoming a useless idiot as far as socializing is concerned.

Rest all, life is usual and calm.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


How do you define a favour?
Like really?
What is it?
Going out of your way to do something for some one? right?

But, who would you do that favour to?
To any random person on the road?

To the person who you know will only come to you, when he or she is in a genuine need! Right?

My father has never turned down a person who comes to him for free advice, and neither have I turned down any one who comes to me for help themselves, or ask us to do a 'favour' mind you, to give advice to their next of kin.. or next of next of kin.
That is really a problem you see, being a lawyer or a doctor (I am sure TUIB's will agree with me on this one) is that, when they get to know who you are, they start discussing their problems, be it legal or be it medical.
If I start generating bills for this, I would have been a crorepati by now.
And, when you approach them, for something, you know, something as meagre as getting bookings done at a certain place, because, only the officials in that particular organization can get the bookings done in that complex, it becomes a professional favour that they would have to seek.. from whom, their parents.

Unfortunately, sarkari afsar to hain nahin.. aur na hi crorepati hain.. and where I thought a so called friend would be helpful, it became a professional favour too hard to ask.

I know, Shayon disagrees to every word that I have written here.. but sometimes, one has to go out of the way, to save precious money, to save up for something bigger.

Unfortunately for me, this is one area, where, I know, most of you disagree, but then so be it.
Just don't expect any more free advice anymore! you my Love!

The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you.. not knowing how blind that was...
Lovers don't finally meet somewhere.They are in each other all along!

I saw this as Su's, FB update, and I could not help sighing on it.. and then she told me to dedicate it.. but better than FB, I thought, that I would dedicate this to You.. my love, right here... and tell you that I love you..Loads!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ek Main aur Ek Tu

Snippets of too many English movies rolled into one.
Absolutely passable.
But, it does have it's moments. Well, actually at a lot of places it reminded me, of me, and in not such a pleasant way.
The only only thing that I loved about the movie, was it's song 'Kar Chalna shuru tu'
Leaving you all with it, hope you like it too :)

PS: My sister in law also has a lil cameo in it *Look out for the girl in the grocery store who asks for the 50 cents ;)*

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The year of the 'Itch'

It is still hard to believe the years that have gone by.. It could have been yesterday that I was back from Bangalore and my heart giving me weird signals about a guy, who was a little more than friendly. 
The one who bought me flowers, despite the fact that we were in two different cities and we really did not even have a relationship..
Just an ease, of being with each other despite the distance. The hunger, to just tell the other person, about how the day was. A sense of emptiness and a pang in case of the day went by, without talking to each other. 
And just the weird habit of smsing each other total 'mush' songs! 
That was when we were just friends. 

And finally, on the most cliched day of the year, seven years back, he decided that he had had enough of counselling me about the a guy who doesn't care, and I decided that I have had enough, of the flirting around. And we got ourselves in to a relationship- A 'boyfriend- girlfriend' relationship with each other, where at the most we had seen each other once over the web cam, maybe for a few minutes.

Seven years of facing the down more than the ups.. of fighting over EVERYTHING under the sun, but still fiercely protecting our love from the world. Yes, we have faltered, YES we have had the 'I Quit' emotions. But we have still held on. 

Yes, I still live my fairy tale romance, and I still believe that Love conquers it all. Call me an optimist or call me and Idiot, but yup- I love the idea of being in love.
And this year is very special, because, together we discovered the comfort of being in a relationship, of knowing that we are there, without the words. 

And as I come to terms with the fact that this is our 7th Love Anniversary, I just pray that the itch doesn't really trouble us, and that this year, we discover more to our relationship and more to our Love.. 

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart! 
I love you..!!

The song for this year is from Backstreet Boys 'All I have to Give'
The chorus is what makes it so special to me.. and here it is for you...

"But my love is all I have to give
Without you I don't think I can live
I wish I could give the world to you, but
Love is all I have to give"


To all of you.. 
Valentine's is also about spreading the love.. so I wish you all, all the love in the world and hope that love makes your world a very Happy Place!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Defining Justice

For the last couple of days, our Judicial system has been the center of the storm.
Getting the ire of the media and the big corporate houses with respect to the judgment on the 2G scam, wherein the Supreme Court has been told that they have over reached the powers that are granted to them.
Then there is the Maria Susairaj case where again the judicial system was condemned, for releasing that girl for being an accomplice to the murder.
Then, there is the ever impending matter about Ajmal Kasab being the guest of the country.
The latest in the list being the reduction of a sentence of a low class laborer who sodomized a 10 month old girl. I came across the controversy on Bikrams' Blog.
I read the article in the Indian Express and finally, through my own research found the judgment that was pronounced by the Mumbai High Court.

This blog post specifically answers certain averments that have been put on the lawyer (s) who fought the case for the accused, and some of the general gyaan that the general junta should know about how the criminal justice works in our country.

The Judgment, the text of which you can read online, simply states, that they have upheld the conviction of the Accused. The only thing being that, they have reduced the sentence from 10 years to 7 years, RI. RI meaning rigorous imprisonment.
And, just so that you all know, a judgment, unless there is no settled law or previous judgment do not give in to the bald arguments of a lawyer.
If you see the judgment, there is a previous judgment that is relied upon by the court to lower the sentence. Further, the reason was because of the 'perversity and deprivation' of the mind, and not because he was 'lonely' as alleged by the newspaper.
There is a difference between a submission that is recorded in the judgment and what the judgment really states. I am appalled that newspapers misquote like anything.
Further, it is imperative to note that the judgment records the fact that, the trial court was aware that the accused had a family back in Uttar Pradesh and that by no means it meant that it should have been the reason for a lenient sentence. But, it was important that a proper perspective be given while passing any judgments/ orders.
And he agreed with the position of law as explained in the case that was cited.

There is no where, where he has said that, what the accused did was right. Just because he set off the sentence with the amount of punishment that the accused had already under gone does not make this judgment wrong.

Of course, if the family is not happy, they can always go in appeal. But just so that you know, that poor baby was 10 months when this happened to her. She would now reasonably be almost 7 years. Through the entire proceedings, she must have been traumatised, considering she wouldn't have really remembered what happened to her then. So just remember you are not fighting for a 10 month old baby.

Here is the thing about our Criminal Judicial system:
1. It is largely based on the principles of Natural Justice, wherein, a Criminal is not considered is always considered to be a non criminal till proven otherwise.
2. The reason why the laws are so strict about the criminal justice system are, so that, an innocent is not put behind bars *YES, there are n number of cases wherein, an innocent is behind the bars*
3. And, there is the reformative aspect of the criminal justice system that we have adopted in India, wherein, if it is the first offence, the punishment should be such that it does not end up hardening the criminal, but instead makes him realise that he has done wrong and that he has to reform. *I hope you all remember that Tihar is one of the major models for this system*

And lastly, whenever we are wronged in any way, we cry ourselves hoarse preaching about the fundamental rights.
The same fundamental rights guarantee that, each and every accused has the right to be represented through a lawyer. And in case he cannot afford a lawyer or doesn't know of any, then it is the duty of the State to provide a lawyer for that person to ensure a fair trial.

To answer you, Bikram, if you read the judgment from the top, you will see that the lawyer for the appellant was appointed.
And, when we get ourselves enrolled as Lawyers, we are governed by the 'Advocates Act' wherein it is our duty to do any and every case that comes to us. We are NOT allowed to say NO to it unless there is a conflict of interest. *By conflict of interest it means that, if you have appeared for the other side before, you can't appear against them.*

Just like it is the duty of the doctor to save lives, irrespective of the fact that the person on his table is a serial killer, similarly, a lawyer irrespective of the moral turpitude that may go inside him, he has to do his duty. And mind you, we cannot sabotage the case of our Clients. That goes against our ethics.
Believe it or not, all lawyers in their lives defend criminals and fight against them too. You cannot take a case based on your emotional assessment, it has  to be assessed based on the facts of the case. Whether, morally you approve of it or not.

We lawyers are called by various names, including being called as crooks, but just like everyone else, who sit on their desks and type codes, attend meetings.. we do our duty bound by more rules and regulations than what you can imagine.
We ADVOCATE, we put forth what a person has to say based on the laws of the land.

And as far as a judge is concerned.. they are highly educated and people with more experience in the field of law than what you cant even imagine. They too cannot go beyond the certain jurisdictional restrictions and above all the restrictions placed on them by the laws itself.

The Courts of our Country our bound to serve the society, but there are the laws of the land that have to be followed, because no one in our country is above law, not even the PM. And, these courts are also the custodians and protectors of the Constitution, that helps running the Country. It is the bible on which the laws are made, and a place to look when you require interpretation on ANY law.

Saying what I have said, that does not mean that I endorse what the accused has done. I think that the quantum of punishment for such offenders should be very severe, but that does not mean that a trial be done with biased heads and punishment be awarded without weighing the pros and cons and putting the entire thing in perspective.

It is even more appalling, that, we Indians, have no faith in any system. At least have faith in the Judicial System of our Country, wherein the Courts, ONLY think about the benefit of the society at large.

And you know, why this judicial system is clogged, because, of certain strata of the society who keep appealing every order that comes against them.

Justice never only means punishing the accused. There is a lot more involved in it.

In the end, I would like to iterate what I have said before, that, if the parents are not happy with the order of the Mumbai High Court, then they can go for a appeal to a larger bench and then to the Supreme Court. And, you all should remember that, that 10 month old baby is a 7 year old girl, and thanks to all the hue and cry, even if she is over the incident considering that she is was just an infant then, she will be forced to live through a hell that she never knew.