Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Letter to a 15 year old

I read this letter on TUIB's blog, a letter to a 15 year old you, by a preset you.. found it super interesting.. and therefore attempting it. 

Dear 15 year old Sexy,
Or hitler!
Isn't that what they call you in school?! Considering you are more chummy with the boys and go about 'hitting them'all the time!

It is the board year and I know that you are stressed! But don't be... you end up doing very well for yourself!
I know mom is being paranoid, but don't hold it against her, she is always competitive about you being better than the rest! ;)

What you really need to make up your mind about is, what do you want to do with your life, as a career choice. If you stick to your ground then you will have no issues at all in life!
But in case you are wondering, don't, you are gonna be a classic example of 'all is well that ends well'
Your inner desires will prevail over your dumb dreams! Just try not being overshadowed by the books you are reading!

Arushi will eventually grow up to be your best friend! And you will fight for her!

Since, what is writ can't be changed, if you can, then dont change your school!
That is something you will regret for the rest of your life!

You are going to find again the friendship that you had lost thanks to stupid teenage mentality! And this time to last beyond the teenage dramas!

Girl, be confident of your choices and about yourself! Opinions are important but they are just that, please learn to listen to your heart and voice your thoughts accordingly!

Just be strong, okay?
There are gonna be losses beyond your wildest dreams, just be strong through the low tides of life, trust me you will gain much more than what you will lose!

Lastly, this is gonna be THE best best year of your life, just enjoy it with your heart and soul!

Yours forever,
25 something!

PS: Waxing is painful! Just don't get bogged down coz of extra hair on your arms and please- DONT use hair removal cream on your under arms!

Monday, February 27, 2012


I actually wanted to write about this book that I am reading, but realised, that I would rather write about it, when I am done with both the parts rather than writing about the first one.

I really don't think that I am PMSing, or for that matter, I don't know if I am or not... but I am sorta feeling absolutely low.
The only thing that makes me happy is when I am working in office with my boss. Even if we are bummed down with work.. the least that we do is have a conversation about an absolute useless thing.. like dog ticks and home remedies to get them off.. I miss having a conversation that is nothing more than, just a useless banter with nothing more to it.

Everyone is getting married, or is deciding to get married.
Which is very nice. Congrats.

I am being snubbed alot these days, be at home or be it by the bf.
The feel good factor about life outside work is gone.

As a matter of fact, I think that I am becoming a useless idiot as far as socializing is concerned.

Rest all, life is usual and calm.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


How do you define a favour?
Like really?
What is it?
Going out of your way to do something for some one? right?

But, who would you do that favour to?
To any random person on the road?

To the person who you know will only come to you, when he or she is in a genuine need! Right?

My father has never turned down a person who comes to him for free advice, and neither have I turned down any one who comes to me for help themselves, or ask us to do a 'favour' mind you, to give advice to their next of kin.. or next of next of kin.
That is really a problem you see, being a lawyer or a doctor (I am sure TUIB's will agree with me on this one) is that, when they get to know who you are, they start discussing their problems, be it legal or be it medical.
If I start generating bills for this, I would have been a crorepati by now.
And, when you approach them, for something, you know, something as meagre as getting bookings done at a certain place, because, only the officials in that particular organization can get the bookings done in that complex, it becomes a professional favour that they would have to seek.. from whom, their parents.

Unfortunately, sarkari afsar to hain nahin.. aur na hi crorepati hain.. and where I thought a so called friend would be helpful, it became a professional favour too hard to ask.

I know, Shayon disagrees to every word that I have written here.. but sometimes, one has to go out of the way, to save precious money, to save up for something bigger.

Unfortunately for me, this is one area, where, I know, most of you disagree, but then so be it.
Just don't expect any more free advice anymore! you my Love!

The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you.. not knowing how blind that was...
Lovers don't finally meet somewhere.They are in each other all along!

I saw this as Su's, FB update, and I could not help sighing on it.. and then she told me to dedicate it.. but better than FB, I thought, that I would dedicate this to You.. my love, right here... and tell you that I love you..Loads!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ek Main aur Ek Tu

Snippets of too many English movies rolled into one.
Absolutely passable.
But, it does have it's moments. Well, actually at a lot of places it reminded me, of me, and in not such a pleasant way.
The only only thing that I loved about the movie, was it's song 'Kar Chalna shuru tu'
Leaving you all with it, hope you like it too :)

PS: My sister in law also has a lil cameo in it *Look out for the girl in the grocery store who asks for the 50 cents ;)*

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The year of the 'Itch'

It is still hard to believe the years that have gone by.. It could have been yesterday that I was back from Bangalore and my heart giving me weird signals about a guy, who was a little more than friendly. 
The one who bought me flowers, despite the fact that we were in two different cities and we really did not even have a relationship..
Just an ease, of being with each other despite the distance. The hunger, to just tell the other person, about how the day was. A sense of emptiness and a pang in case of the day went by, without talking to each other. 
And just the weird habit of smsing each other total 'mush' songs! 
That was when we were just friends. 

And finally, on the most cliched day of the year, seven years back, he decided that he had had enough of counselling me about the a guy who doesn't care, and I decided that I have had enough, of the flirting around. And we got ourselves in to a relationship- A 'boyfriend- girlfriend' relationship with each other, where at the most we had seen each other once over the web cam, maybe for a few minutes.

Seven years of facing the down more than the ups.. of fighting over EVERYTHING under the sun, but still fiercely protecting our love from the world. Yes, we have faltered, YES we have had the 'I Quit' emotions. But we have still held on. 

Yes, I still live my fairy tale romance, and I still believe that Love conquers it all. Call me an optimist or call me and Idiot, but yup- I love the idea of being in love.
And this year is very special, because, together we discovered the comfort of being in a relationship, of knowing that we are there, without the words. 

And as I come to terms with the fact that this is our 7th Love Anniversary, I just pray that the itch doesn't really trouble us, and that this year, we discover more to our relationship and more to our Love.. 

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart! 
I love you..!!

The song for this year is from Backstreet Boys 'All I have to Give'
The chorus is what makes it so special to me.. and here it is for you...

"But my love is all I have to give
Without you I don't think I can live
I wish I could give the world to you, but
Love is all I have to give"


To all of you.. 
Valentine's is also about spreading the love.. so I wish you all, all the love in the world and hope that love makes your world a very Happy Place!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Defining Justice

For the last couple of days, our Judicial system has been the center of the storm.
Getting the ire of the media and the big corporate houses with respect to the judgment on the 2G scam, wherein the Supreme Court has been told that they have over reached the powers that are granted to them.
Then there is the Maria Susairaj case where again the judicial system was condemned, for releasing that girl for being an accomplice to the murder.
Then, there is the ever impending matter about Ajmal Kasab being the guest of the country.
The latest in the list being the reduction of a sentence of a low class laborer who sodomized a 10 month old girl. I came across the controversy on Bikrams' Blog.
I read the article in the Indian Express and finally, through my own research found the judgment that was pronounced by the Mumbai High Court.

This blog post specifically answers certain averments that have been put on the lawyer (s) who fought the case for the accused, and some of the general gyaan that the general junta should know about how the criminal justice works in our country.

The Judgment, the text of which you can read online, simply states, that they have upheld the conviction of the Accused. The only thing being that, they have reduced the sentence from 10 years to 7 years, RI. RI meaning rigorous imprisonment.
And, just so that you all know, a judgment, unless there is no settled law or previous judgment do not give in to the bald arguments of a lawyer.
If you see the judgment, there is a previous judgment that is relied upon by the court to lower the sentence. Further, the reason was because of the 'perversity and deprivation' of the mind, and not because he was 'lonely' as alleged by the newspaper.
There is a difference between a submission that is recorded in the judgment and what the judgment really states. I am appalled that newspapers misquote like anything.
Further, it is imperative to note that the judgment records the fact that, the trial court was aware that the accused had a family back in Uttar Pradesh and that by no means it meant that it should have been the reason for a lenient sentence. But, it was important that a proper perspective be given while passing any judgments/ orders.
And he agreed with the position of law as explained in the case that was cited.

There is no where, where he has said that, what the accused did was right. Just because he set off the sentence with the amount of punishment that the accused had already under gone does not make this judgment wrong.

Of course, if the family is not happy, they can always go in appeal. But just so that you know, that poor baby was 10 months when this happened to her. She would now reasonably be almost 7 years. Through the entire proceedings, she must have been traumatised, considering she wouldn't have really remembered what happened to her then. So just remember you are not fighting for a 10 month old baby.

Here is the thing about our Criminal Judicial system:
1. It is largely based on the principles of Natural Justice, wherein, a Criminal is not considered is always considered to be a non criminal till proven otherwise.
2. The reason why the laws are so strict about the criminal justice system are, so that, an innocent is not put behind bars *YES, there are n number of cases wherein, an innocent is behind the bars*
3. And, there is the reformative aspect of the criminal justice system that we have adopted in India, wherein, if it is the first offence, the punishment should be such that it does not end up hardening the criminal, but instead makes him realise that he has done wrong and that he has to reform. *I hope you all remember that Tihar is one of the major models for this system*

And lastly, whenever we are wronged in any way, we cry ourselves hoarse preaching about the fundamental rights.
The same fundamental rights guarantee that, each and every accused has the right to be represented through a lawyer. And in case he cannot afford a lawyer or doesn't know of any, then it is the duty of the State to provide a lawyer for that person to ensure a fair trial.

To answer you, Bikram, if you read the judgment from the top, you will see that the lawyer for the appellant was appointed.
And, when we get ourselves enrolled as Lawyers, we are governed by the 'Advocates Act' wherein it is our duty to do any and every case that comes to us. We are NOT allowed to say NO to it unless there is a conflict of interest. *By conflict of interest it means that, if you have appeared for the other side before, you can't appear against them.*

Just like it is the duty of the doctor to save lives, irrespective of the fact that the person on his table is a serial killer, similarly, a lawyer irrespective of the moral turpitude that may go inside him, he has to do his duty. And mind you, we cannot sabotage the case of our Clients. That goes against our ethics.
Believe it or not, all lawyers in their lives defend criminals and fight against them too. You cannot take a case based on your emotional assessment, it has  to be assessed based on the facts of the case. Whether, morally you approve of it or not.

We lawyers are called by various names, including being called as crooks, but just like everyone else, who sit on their desks and type codes, attend meetings.. we do our duty bound by more rules and regulations than what you can imagine.
We ADVOCATE, we put forth what a person has to say based on the laws of the land.

And as far as a judge is concerned.. they are highly educated and people with more experience in the field of law than what you cant even imagine. They too cannot go beyond the certain jurisdictional restrictions and above all the restrictions placed on them by the laws itself.

The Courts of our Country our bound to serve the society, but there are the laws of the land that have to be followed, because no one in our country is above law, not even the PM. And, these courts are also the custodians and protectors of the Constitution, that helps running the Country. It is the bible on which the laws are made, and a place to look when you require interpretation on ANY law.

Saying what I have said, that does not mean that I endorse what the accused has done. I think that the quantum of punishment for such offenders should be very severe, but that does not mean that a trial be done with biased heads and punishment be awarded without weighing the pros and cons and putting the entire thing in perspective.

It is even more appalling, that, we Indians, have no faith in any system. At least have faith in the Judicial System of our Country, wherein the Courts, ONLY think about the benefit of the society at large.

And you know, why this judicial system is clogged, because, of certain strata of the society who keep appealing every order that comes against them.

Justice never only means punishing the accused. There is a lot more involved in it.

In the end, I would like to iterate what I have said before, that, if the parents are not happy with the order of the Mumbai High Court, then they can go for a appeal to a larger bench and then to the Supreme Court. And, you all should remember that, that 10 month old baby is a 7 year old girl, and thanks to all the hue and cry, even if she is over the incident considering that she is was just an infant then, she will be forced to live through a hell that she never knew. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Rose Day!

Buy me a rose for the rose day? She asked on phone from miles away. He bought her bunch, and gave em to his mum. Surprising her and her!

7 yrs later she still giggles and blushes, while he pleads ignorance. Forget buying a rose, he forgets even to wish!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I am back to dancing!

It feels so so good!
No, I have not rejoined TDX, but another dance studio that two friends from Tdx have started!
I remember the first class that I had gone to in Tdx.. where I was so conscious of the way my body moved, whether I looked like an idiot while dancing! And there over the two- three years, I learnt how to zone myself out and completely focus on me and not to what anyone would think of me!
And, all of it just came back to me in the dance class! I was just doing my dancing and not looking at the other dancers!
And because these classes are by the ex-Tdx people, there is the familiarity in the things.. be it the work out and even couple of dance steps in the routine, which makes it fun. Especially, since there are just six of us in the class including the two instructors!

Feeling good, emotionally, yes, but physically, trust me, my body is in spasms. I can hardly move without my muscles protesting in pain!
I am gonna take a pain killer to sleep tonight, but starting tomorrow, I am gonna exercise, even if it is just walking for 30-40 minutes, so that the muscles get used to the exercising bit once again!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Kashvi!

To my darling Kashvi-
A very Happy Birthday :)

She has become a big girl in the true sense, from her last birthday to this- From a college student to w working professional.. I wish her all the best in everything that she desires!
I pray that she becomes this phenomenal journalist with loads of fame and one day snubs her boss for all the attitude that he gives her!

It is just simply a pleasure to have a friend, who doesn't judge you but still manages to pull your socks up! :) A friend who is there, ALWAYS!
Thanks for being the wonderful being that you are!
I love you!

PS: I really appreciate the concern that all of you all have for me. But there is a reason why I close comments on certain posts. There are times, when I have to JUST speak without  giving a justification. A lot of people know and respect that, I would really like all of the readers on this blog to respect this.