Sunday, April 26, 2009

Exams... TV, Dance Classes....bad weather and health...

I know, I know, I am supposed to be studying... I am going to do just that, in about 10 more minutes. I have been aching to put an update on the blog. And this is nothing but just that.

The news that sucks is- That even though one paper that is clashing with the elections got postponed- There is no change in my exam schedule, its just that instead of finishing on the 21st, they are gonna strech on till 27th. 

Dance classes are so much of fun. (Obsession alert...) I just can't hvae enough of em and just can't stop gushing about them. The dance classes make me feel so so human... and so energetic that I have decided to workout everyday with the dance routine workouts. (Roop better be proud of me) 

Television of late has started getting on my nerves. I just can't seem to tolerate the stupid election campaign jingles... and the soaps, that are based in the villages of India... wherein, 21st century will reach god knows when... can't these be banned ?? almost all the decent english ones are banned coz of their content... and instead of having soaps, that talk about forward moving sciety and how the society is supposed to be dynamic and not static... they show absurdities that make me wanna go kill em. (Touchy subject- will expand on this after exams..)

Btw- I too was unwell for almost a week... therefore even though I was reading blogs constantly.. the comment processing was not happening... so guys- I am alive...!!! 
The weather here sucks... and I wish to just keep on drinking cool drinks and not eat anything... (BAD idea- you all will fall ill like this... I already did)

And before I sign off- I am very soon going to have maid crisis. That means... my 24x7 maid is going back to her gaon... and I am absolutely not in a mood to spend my month of june getting up early to serve tea... and to do the bartans. So if any of you have any maid reccos... you are most welcome. (My mom is already going hyper... )
No we are not bad ppl, just pampered... !!! 

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Btw- These are the earings that I bought for Shayon's Mom.

My semester got over in like 4 classes...
This is called FAST FORWARD.

A three month sem, and I attend only 4 classes... wow...!!! I am feeling very guilty about it.. but then, I guess, crying over spilled milk will not really help...
My exams have been announced... the datesheet has also been given... but then, the same is not on the website... (No clue... about the true and false... )
But- My pre-university are next week.
I have no clue about anything... because- I have NOT started studying.
God Bless me...!!!

So, I am going to try and not keep on reading- Twilight series... and hibernate for a month... (UGH)
Please Pray... For both Kashvi and Me...!!! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I am on a HIGH...

Twilight series is very addicting...
and so are my dance classes...
(ofcourse- IT DOESNT help, when I have fallen head over heals with the Instructor...!!! )

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tagged- You are it...!!!

Moo was a darling to have me tagged onto this. Though this is a tough one, I am going to try and complete the tag... and hope fully not relate everything to my relationship and boyfriend...!!! :) 

All you have to do, is write down something significant about yourself next to each number one to ten.

1 is number of year left for me to finish my studies. Also is the number of year left for my parents 25th wedding anniversary.
2 is the number of times I am supposed to have milk everyday. (And yeah- its COMPULSORY- House rules still apply to you when you are with parents...
3 is the number of internships that I have done till date. Also I stood third in the previous semester.
4 is number of years that Shayon and I have been together.
5 is the date on which my birthday falls. 
6 is the minimum number of times that I have read each of the Nancy Drew novels that I have.
7 is the number of semesters that I have cleared, also is the date on which Shayon's birthday falls.
8 was the number of months after which Shayon and I met for the first time after we had started dating... (Online dating has its demerits too....
9 is the month of my birthday... (I know I am totally obsessed with myself....) and also the number of shelves that I posses in my room... including the wardrobe and the study almirah.
10 is the number of semesters that are needed to be cleared for me to be the Lawyer... (I am in my 8th Semester...) and if it counts- 2010- Is THE year that I am waiting for.

Nothing TOOOOOOOOO impressive... but yeah... I did think and then write. 
So now, time for Ms. Footloose, Niceguy 251, Rahul, Ashish, Roop, Delphian Oracle, Dreamcatcher, Elliez to sit and think and do the tag... and ofcourse- Anyone else who I missed out... is most welcome to do this Tag.

Friday, April 10, 2009

This is what You mean??

So this is what you mean

And this is how you feel

So this is how you see

And this is how you breathe

I know


I go down deep


So this is what you mean

And this is how you feel

So this how you see

And this is how you breathe


I know


I go down deep


Beneath the deep blue sea

Touching every breath

All a slight off hand

For everything you left


I know


I go down deep



I give myself away


I know down deep...

- Deep by Binocular

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thank God...

No, Really...
It was an awesome day... life is BEAutiful day.

Ofcourse, if end defines the means... then it was the Most fruitful day in maybe the past three months that have gone by.
The day started with me going over to Shayon's place.. and doing the last minute set up for his mom. 
But there was loads of confusion... first about the station on which the train is coming... then there was my result which the University decided to declare today... btw- am third in my class.... That cause quite a racket.. beacuse... phone calls were being made... Shayon and I were trying to reach the Old Delhi Railway Station... 
Finally in between the chaos... we managed to reach the station.. in good time. I was scared to death... I mean, Shayon's Mom din't even know that I was coming. (All the Girls- I wore a Patyaala Salwaar, chickenkari white suit with a blue dupatta... ). I had cold feet... I was COLD and sweaty at the same time... 
But- Guys- Shayon's mom was really great. There was no touch the feet thingy happening... she simply gave me a HUGE HUGGY.... and that was really cute... I got a great gift from her.. its a salwaar kameez set... in mustard yellow and mehroon. (Now- I have to buy her a nice gift.. suggestions...please...)

And yeah guys- I started with my dancing lessons too...!!! Detail of that will come later... but right now... Just Thanking God.. for all his graces...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

DAMAGE CONTROL...!!!! No ways... dudes you are way off...

Being a teenager- That too a girl... wow MIND BOGGLING experience.
oh Yeah- Being in India/Delhi is worse.
 Welcome to the world of my Khaandaan...

My poor sister is finally realising that life sucks... and that too beyond control. Especially, now that her boards are over and all she wants to do is freak out. But unfortunately for her privileged life.. she is in THE age.. .. from where, there is nothing much other than frustration.
Loads of my previous posts talk about that very frustrations... where my parents being all so cool otherwise start acting like super orthodox when it comes down to The social Life.

In my Case- There was no social life earlier... now that I have one... its becoming tough for them to accept that their demented 'non-fitting' daughter can have a social life too... but in case of my younger sister- 'The Star' , life was all rosy till she met with with lots and lots of no's from my parents...
Though I shouldn't be saying this, the fault bearing party is as much as my parents as my younger sister... She has always been given permission or rather there was no system of permission ... it was always- 'I have to do this, I am sure you all are ok with this... thus I am doing it'. Today, rather about an hour back... she was refused to go for an outing with her school friend... and boom she comes to me and tells me ' That why shouldn't have a sour face'. This sour face has been on... from the past week... because... none of the plans that she had made as per her schedule seem to work out....
Someone, should please tell her that- When you have to depend on other people for work... then you have to be flexible.. unless.. you have planned out everything to the last detail well in advance...
And anything that goes out of her control as far her schedules are concerned... she becomes the sourest person known on earth... and trust me that... her temperament is something that I CANT DEAL with anymore...
 Jesus- The world around me has gone mad...and as if this was NOT enough.. I still have to face the Monster oops- Shayon's Mom Tomorrow...!!!!!!!!!!

Like I say- Gods, Please Be Kind...!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Being Fair...Or Unfair??

Its often said that parents live their dreams through their children. I am sure all of you who have seen Kabhi Alvida Na kehna, remember SRK trying to make his son a football player when all he wanted to do was to learn music... I myself have been made the brunt of the maternal expectations... what with the 'learn the classical dance... my father did not let me do it...' or 'why shouldn't you be studying here... or studying that much...'

Well, things changed.. when my younger sister was born...times had changed... and till date I do not see any pressures on her... she like all of em say, has a mind of her own.
She is seven years younger to me.
Even though, I hate her guts.. and still do... I love her alot.
And off late I have been noticing a tendency of me being.. more like the parent to her... I have been pushing her to do things that I missed when I was her age... 

I know what I am doing is not fair... and I need to pull my act together... 
How can I live my good ol teenage through my sister....??? 

Saturday, April 4, 2009


at thei blank screen for quite some time. Need some sort of an inspiration to write a post...but its not coming...
This is going to be a freaking random post... 
Somethings leave you numb. Sometimes, it may be a song, it maybe a dance...and sometimes its a comment made by someone who matters. 
There are other things that make you smile. You know, I recently dicovered I love it when Shayon runs his fingers through my hair... he did that alot, the last date we had... and I loved it.
I think, that, me is a awful girl... went house shopping with Shayon... Got bored in 15 mins flat... and whenever I am out grocery shopping with parents, all I am day dreaming off is, Oh, someday, Shayon n I would be doing just that... 
Shayon's Mom is Coming next week... I am FREAKED OUT... any suggestion to give the Right first impressions.... 
Its a bad idea to talk to your Ex-Crush/Bf, and flirting with him...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This one is for Kashvi...!!

Darling... sometimes... Love is crazy... and more so its weird... because you don't know what to do...!!! Read the poem below... I found solace in this when I was feeling like the way you are feeling now...