Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I wish for...

Last post of this year. I am feeling pretty, wow... yeah quite a contrast from the last post. Shalini in her comment to my last post told me to start looking at the glass as half full. And trust me I am going to do just that.

Almost everyone that I know has their wishlist ready for the coming year...apart from the fact that the year is just changing, 2010 also marks an end to an entire decade of the new millennium. For all the skeptics - The world did not end when the 1900's gave away to 2000... the century leaped and bound and thus came the last ten years that have gone away in a jiffy. I know I know, time has its way, it just moves wayyyy toooo fast.
I was hardly a teenager when the year 2000 rolled in, and ten years later, I am almost ready to take on to the world head on.

Ohkay, here are my tiny miny wish list for the coming year... I hope that it all comes true.
For Shayon: I totally wish that his great run at his career continues and all that he desires including me happen for him.

For Moo: True love happens to all of us. And I totally wish that it happens to you as well, and that you realize that it is true love. I also wish that this coming year makes sure that your boss starts loving you more and making you slog your ass lesser.

For Kashvi: I know how much you want to get into that masters' course. And I totally believe that you will get in there.

For D.O. : You lost a lot this year, but then you got into a really great college for your M.Phil. I hope that love happens to you and that you are mostly high on that.

For Ki: I am looking forward to your wedding the most. I pray that you are with him...really really really soon.

For Shalini : I really pray that you clear your entrances and get into the college that your parents have been looking forward to. May your dreams be a true reality.

For Mr.Yadu Rajiv : Yeah, I mentioned you here. You are total sweetheart. I really pray that 2010 changes your fortune in a way that always keeps your spirits high.

For G@K: You are looking for a job. I wish that the coming year brings you soo many opportunities that you totally dance in joy.

For Uncle J : I wish health, happiness, peace and prosperity... more of it.

For My Parents- (even though they will not see it ) I wish that the coming year brings to you more love, more joy, prosperity and loads of good health.

As far as I go-
Before this year ends, I really want to thank all my readers, new and old.. who have changed my life in a way that I can't even imagine. You have given me my own space and not written me off as a mad person. The presence of each one of you in my life has made this year special for me thank you.

I am stepping into the unknown, I wish that I am a better person.... I have a great job, I wish to come clean with my parents about Shayon and that, this happens without too much of friction.
Oh, and yeah- I am in my final two semesters, God please be gracious and let me get my degree minus hiccups.
Yeah, that is about it.
I am ending this post with a poem I wrote-

For each year that ends,
starts a new one;
Making the world -
wait with baited breath,
of new hopes and new dreams;
The goals- to be set in different parameters,
of taking a step closer to them;
Living your life for lil moments,
loving each moment that you live your life;
as each year comes to a close,
it makes me realize just that...

Happy New Year!!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Welcome 2010, or...

Year ends are a confusing time for me. I look back at all the ups and downs that I have been through that year, and want to go back in time to do, and re-do a lot of things... without really liking the thought of stepping into the new year.

Yeah, I am the 'Panic' attack person when it comes to things changing wayyyyyy more faster than what I like to. But, like they say, that time does not stop for any one.

In another three odd days this year will be past tense. Gone. Bye- Bye. Tata.
And, I will be welcoming it with my studies. No Good to have paper on the very first day of the year.
And trust me I am really scared for stepping into the new decade... the Goddamn new year is going to take me out of my comfort zone, into the unknown. There is gonna be a whole new future about which I have no IDEA...

Here is hoping and praying that the New Year brings each one of you loads of reasons to Cheer and spread the happiness about.
Love you all!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

In my house, almost all of us were born on some significant day or the other!!! But my mother is our Santa Claus...
Very personal and very close to all of our hearts. This is one of the biggest reasons that we celebrate Christmas and make sure that the festivity is in the air, come what may.

Last year on her birthday I was in Mumbai, feeling sad about missing the festivities, but then, she had a great great day, with surprises galore!!! And on this birthday of hers, all I wish and pray is that- she gets whatever she wishes for...!!!

Love you mum and Happy Birthday!!!
To all my lovely fellow bloggers-
May Santa bring you all that you desire!!! :)
Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This Holiday Season, lets pledge some charity...

Santa Claus is coming to town. With the holiday season just around the corner, I have been thinking a lot about making my list to post to Santa.
I am still not old enough to not to believe in him. As a matter of fact I don't think that, I will ever not believe in Santa.
Anyways- So this holiday season, I thought that I will promote some charity.
Its called The Fresh Air fund, its a charity that makes sure that children have some fun. There are a lot of children who do not get the oppurtunity to have a decent education, forget pursuing their hobbies and having vacations. This organization works in getting these children, what the children really like to do... have fun.
I know how much I looked forward to my holidays when I was in school and how much the little breaks meant to me.
How about this season, become Santa to these kids and contribute in the charity- It can simply be by passing on the message of the Fund.

Happy Holidays!!!
Cheers!!! :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Whenever a new year starts, the very first month is always the most exciting because of its newness and because with every year that ends, an New one brings in Hope.
Be it with the resolutions or with a much awaited event that has been slated for that year already.

I know that I was very excited when 2009 began. It began on a great note on the very personal front and professionally also, it has been a nice viable year.
But somehow, amidst all the good things that happened to me- there was a aura of darkness that surrounded the year.
And, it started with my neighbour staying opposite to me falling in the very first week of January and slipping into coma for 5 months before she expired. Yes, she was old. But, I am sure she could have seen a few more happy years.
Starting with that, started a cycle, wherein, I have been hearing about so many deaths. Yes, the death of old people who were ill... but death nevertheless.
Two of my friends also lost their father- due to severe illness, and the latest being my maid's bua dying of cancer in her village.
Even though I know, that I could not have done anything to prevent any of it, because death is the inevitable and it is also said that, the day you are born, your last day has also been inscribed in your fate by God Almighty.
But, really, enough pain. Enough sadness.
This year, should have ended on a high note- but alas- I think that is not going to happen.
My exams start on the 29th Dec and end on 7th January. I also have a paper on the 1st of January. Where have you heard that...
I can't complain. I have had a very happy year otherwise. But shrouded by sad and bad news, true happiness doesn't really sink in also.

I just want this year to end, and I really really pray that, the coming year truly brings Happiness and Peace- Not only to me, but to the world and to the people around me.
I know that the Goa Vacation posts are still due. They will come after my exams. Promise.
Love you all.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Its gonna take some time to catch up...

Remember me?
Well, thanks for not missing me so much.

I had gone to Goa and Mumbai for a vacation and to attend a family wedding. Both of which have been successfully completed. And now I am back. And, its gonna take sometime to get back into reading all the great posts that I have missed, so please bear with me.

Will update ASAP.

Love you all.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Hey there Sweeties...
Okay, I know that I have not been commenting on lots of posts and I am really sorry. I just have had no time to breathe easy. And, I have been totally wishing that there were a few more hours in the day.
There are cousins over, and there are weddings, and there is college, and tragedies. So, all in all, with the complete caste for a new soap opera, me to me time has been very very limited. So much so, that, I have not been replying to smses also with the promptness that I would like.

So much so, Shayon and have hardly talked in like three days. We both have been so caught up with the whole schedules of our lives that- UGH!!!

Well, I am off to a sabbatical for a week. Will be back next Sunday, thus no updates for a week for sure. But after that, there are going to be some nice posts that will be coming up. So, please, do come back to say a hi.

Its Ki's birthday on the 13th. I am going to dedicate a post to her, but it may just come a day or two late coz of my travel plans-
So sweetheart- I know that you stars have just talked and that your birthday gift is well on its way- I really hope that you have a STAR birthday, just the way you like it. With lots of good wishes and lots of love, hugs and kisses from the loved ones.
Happy Birthday To YOU!!
Love you girl.


See you all in a bit. Please miss me.