Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back To School!

Through the mirror,
of time,
I look.. and the I see..
Slowly I reach out..
And I can almost feel...

I close my eyes,
and I am transported,
back into a time,
when everything was- Grand!

The friendships,
over the gossips in class,
the leg pulling, which often,
went too far!

The washrooms,
that were more like,
the rooms to exchange,
notes on boys and on change,
in fashion, Mind You!

The crushes, 
that went by..
not even giving you,
a second glance,
and the friends,
who made sure that,
they embarrass you,
till you blush.. and get red,
like a cherry tart!

From the Uniform, 
to disregarding it,
from the exams to,
the annual days..
from competing to be the best,
to flunking in your favourite subject..

School days,
have that charm.. that,
even after years, 
when you pass by that gate,
You wish you could go inside,
and stay on.. and live that life,
over again.. 
for once! 
PS: I met a couple of my school teachers recently, and then, all of a sudden, the whole back to school feeling and nostalgia is getting me! So this is for my lovely schools.. I am gonna be a lil biased, I love AFBBS more than Modern.. Because, I always value my foundations that were laid in AFBBS... Modern just added one more brand.
But never the less, both were my schools, and I Miss my School! 

Monday, August 30, 2010

A Simple Wish!

Its my birthday in a week!
Not expensive gifts,
nor anything extravagant..

On the day when I can ask for a gift,
I want to reclaim...
My dreams.
My desires!
Happiness with soul in it!
Love, which is left me.
My life.. which is not ready,
to come back to me!

I hoped,
I lost.
I re-hoped, 
and I was slapped!
But, I am holding on,
to the thread of faith..
Blindly yes- But nevertheless,
it is there!

For faith I learned,
is the the Dark night,
each of us know nothing,
about the next minute of our life,
yet we live on, with all our might!
That every moment in life,
is Nothing- But an act of faith!

And for my birthday-
I vow to restore it! 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


In desert, where for far,
the only thing that you can see,
is a mirage!
Even an oasis,
you would pass by,
thinking that it just another,
trick by the nature on the passer by!

I too am standing,
at such cross roads,
where even though you are real,
I don't want to touch,
and make you disappear!

It would be like,
been woken up from,
a dream that was as,
real as reality itself,
only to realise,
that the dream was,
where your perfect world is!

Its not perfection that I seek,
nor the wisdom from all the seers,
neither am I searching for that life changing truth,
I am just hanging on, trying to learn..
the truth about what I really want,
of the little world inside my heart,
and of a truth that my soul wants,
to talk about!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Do you believe in Omens? Things that make you believe.. in a supernatural power of the nature and how all of a sudden, things tend to be better all of a sudden?
I know I am not making any sense here! But let me try and explain-

Like on some days, you get up feeling good, you know about yourself and about your life in general, and you go sit in your car, turn on the radio and voilĂ , the radio is playing your favourite songs and you get all the signals green and you actually have a good day! *These little little signs, that make you wonder about the little mysteries in life! They are Omens!* And, yeah for the detail analysis on them, you can go read The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo *It is my Bible by the way*.

So, like I was saying that sometimes, out of now where, you get signs and things just have to happen.. nothing big maybe, but they do happen.
And, I really believe in these signs- and believe in the power that they have.
So, today, rather a couple of minutes back, I was cleaning my purse, actually shifting my purse *Yeah FINALLY! I have a new Louis Vuitton Wallet and a Tribbeca Bag to carry!* And I was also loosing a lot of old bills and papers when I stumbled across this fortune. This little piece of paper came from a fortune cookie that I must have had at a Chinese Restaurant, and for some weird reason it came in my hand! And after reading it, I smiled and realised, that this may really happen in the near future! *Sorry, can't reveal what it said, but it is a GOOD fortune* and as I was smiling thinking about this, I stumbled across another piece of paper, this time is was a 'Letter to an Editor' of some magazine, and for some weird reason I had cut that little note out and kept it... on re reading it I realised why- *That I am going to share with you* and you will also understand why I had kept it for so long, and I never looked at it twice for almost 2-3 years and today, I read it all over again.. this is what it said- *This was in reply to an Article titled "Odd Couples"*

In the arithmetic of a truly living and loving life, one plus one equals everything, and two minus one equals nothing. Find the person who loves you because of your eccentricities, prejudices and differences and not in spite of them and you have found a lover for life. After all, the ultimate test of a relationship is not to disagree but to hold hands. When men and women are able to deal with their individual eccentricities, then love has a chance to blossom. If you decide to love a person with his or her faults, that's not a chance. That's a choice. The joy of married life lies not in finding the perfect person. It is in finding the imperfect person and sharing the perfect dream. We all stumble, each one of us. That is why it is good to go hand in hand.
                                                                                                                 - Surinder Marwah, Delhi

Such a big thing to say, to understand, put so simply for all of us to read and to think. You all know that, boyfriend and I have been going through a rough patch. And, now that he is on his way here, we both are having our share of apprehensions all over again... but when I read this little thing, I re believed in US! In the fact that we are going to try really hard to share that perfect dream with each other!
It is really easy to believe in love, to get broken in love- But it is very difficult to re-believe in what once has been broken, love especially! But, today, I re-believe, I reach out, to touch, to feel, and to have faith, in My love all over again!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Devil's Advocate

There is always a flip side!
To every situation that is there, there are two sides. And if there are no two sides to a situation, then well, I feel it is nothing but a fact. Straight forward fact.

And even though I had vowed that I would stay away from the controversy because I am a little biased, and I have been called as Kalmadi lover and what not, and I think I have a twitter friend who hates me because I am being a Devil's Advocate!
Yeah, I am talking about the Common Wealth Games!!
Which have nothing common left in them.. and which have probably enraged not only the citizens of Delhi but all over India.
I do not say that the end defines the means. As a matter of fact, I think that Kalmadi and all the corrupt politicians should be punished and should be made answerable for all the misery that they have caused to the aam junta of the country.

But, right now, I also say, that since the games are on our head, and CWG is NOT only a Delhi exclusive event, it in a way represents what our country truly is to the entire world, we should reign in our horses a little bit.. and should peacefully and with all the baahvnaa of "Atithi Devo Bhava" open our arms to the world and welcome them!
Just imagine the embarrassment that not only Delhi, but our entire nation will face, if the games are not held here. Delhi after all is gearing up for the games only? Right?
I mean, just imagine, that right now, thanks to the Games, we have the Metro, that is running, there are flyovers that have come into existence and there is a overhaul to the entire thing. The best part being, that these projects HAVE to be completed before the games.. thus, they will be completed and done with FOR once!
And, now in a situation when games are not being held, thanks to a million inquires, the work will be stalled and Delhi will forever be dug up and will be in a mess.
And, I seriously believe, that  Sheila Dixit did see some potential in our city and thus she worked so hard to get the games here. Unfortunately, the colour of money makes so may people blind. And, I wobt be surprised if all this hoopla may be cheap tricks of the opposition. What they forget is, that when they opine on something that has international importance then they should think of nation as a whole and not just a city!

I know, I am being overtly optimistic, but, like I always say, that our country run on the million Gods that we worship- Positivism may just help us sail through the fourteen days of games too!
PS: Yup, three posts are off. No explanations.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Countdown:Tuesday

On the way back from office,
I got stuck in the rain,
but trust me,
the time spent was not in vain.

The rain today brought me back,
the memory of us wading thru,
and you walking all the way back,

Thank God,
I realized,
that the day was busy,
anything other than that,
it would have been silly!

A little space of time here
and there,
and your homecoming crawls,
in my head,
out of nowhere!

As the tuesday come almost,
to an end,
I can hardly contain,
all the happiness,
as another day goes,
and you come

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Countdown:Monday

The sun filtered through my window,
making me sit up right,
and as the alarm went off,
it was another dawn...
and just another daylight?

No, I smiled,
I wont be blue,
yes, it is a Monday, but so what-
it is one day less to see you!

But the MAD MAD day
lingered on, and on,
The Judge in the court,
was also being a patient man..

I tapped my foot,
played with my finger,
and saw the clock, every few moments,
to just see the day go by..

And finally, its the long night,
the interlude between now,
and tomorrow,
another day less,
another hour closer-
To be with you...!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Come into my Arms- Now!

My stomach has started knotting,
the adrenaline just keeps flowing,
the nights are becoming longer,
Oh, Sweetheart, Hurry up,
this wait is not going to make me stronger!

Going weak in my knees,
every time I see my calender,
just to realise, that its getting closer,
to be able to see you,
to be able to look..
and believe- That finally,
You are here!

My heart is singing,
songs that I don't know,
are from where. and guess what?
the weather too is Cooperating!

Rains are making me melt,
into the romance that makes me,
smile to no end...
the butterflies are back in my tummy,
the ones that came when you first touched me!

I can't wait to be in your arms,
the wait my love is getting too long,
but patience is a virtue,
and I have to do the countdown,
making the days..tick by like,
they are on a crawl...!

Eyes waiting to see you,
and to see that smile...
the lips waiting to touch yours,
my body, eager to melt in your arms,
and my hands, wanting to hold you on,
Today, tomorrow- Forever- In my life,
and Beyond!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yehi woh Jagah Hai

I was staring at the blank page for like, God knows how long. First I started writing a poem, then, it just was not coming.. and then I thought that I will share a song with you all, but I forgot the lyrics  and then google helped me figure out the song and gave me the lyrics... check out the video/music that am posting here..this song has something that haunts you and goose bumps rise all over you.
Of course since it is Asha Tai herself singing it for you, it is a super delight..

PS: I had to write more.. but well, will do later. Enjoy the song :)

Friday, August 13, 2010


Sometimes there are days that make you feel like there is actually hope for being happy. That there is hope that things will, and things would tun around for the better. That there is actually a great power at work that makes the sure that you do move on in life.

Today I feel humbled by that great power which has made sure that I do smile and feel good about the life that is taking shape in front of me.
Day before yesterday I sent my very first invoice. And on that day, I felt a jolt of realization that, I have grown up. That, I have actually taken a step forward in my career, even if it is for something as small as drafting of an agreement. *actually it is not such a small deal, in big law firms you don't get to draft half a line, here I did the whole thing on my own, and I am proud of myself*.
And, today, I got my first cheque as a lawyer!
And, I felt so good about it. I felt like, finally the five years are bearing the fruit, its small now, but I am sure that it will ripen it into a great big fruit.
*Analogy not happening, I am totally teary right now *

There is of course Shayon moving to Delhi.

Life is slowly setting into pace. And, I am just thanking God that after the entire turmoil of the past couple of months, whereby I thought that I am doomed.. I think, this year may not be as bad as it has been to me for the last couple of months... !! And, I say *Touchwood* that life is finally moving on, step by step...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


"Tum ho kamal,
tum bemisaal,
tum laajawab ho Aisha!!"

Yeah! I went and watched Aisha! And no it is not as bad as everyone is saying it to be. Yes, there is no scope of any acting per se, because all of them are playing the part of what they really are, super rich and super spoilt to the core. So, well, they are just being natural.

But it was a refreshing change to watch nice, wearable glamorous wardrobe and lovely make up. It was fun to see Aisha drive her beetle *THAT IS LIKE THE CAR*, most of all the movie in itself was very easy going. The subject was not intense, it was just another love story with loads of love connections going wrongs and feelings being read all wrong.
It is inspired from 'Emma', the English Movie was much better, but yeah you can see the shades of inspiration in the whole movie. It is the way the movie has been done.
Aisha is a story of each of us in some ay or the other, I mean of course we do not have the money that she had, but we all have tried and failed miserably in match making and reading all the signals wrong. It is about having the fights with your friends because of your attitude problem and then making up again, or just about anything random that we have all experienced in our lives atleast once.
I know I have!

Sonam Kapoor as Self indulgent Aisha is good. She is fashionable but her acting is becoming sorta monotonous.
Abhay Deol as Arjun is awesome. He is an Investment banker and plays the part of the guy next door madly in love but will ignore her till she realises really well! *I am a HUGE fan*
Cyrus Sahukar as Randhir Gambhir is great. He as a matter of fact has out performed the protagonists in the movie. I really loved the way he did his part.
Ira Dubey as Pinky Bose has the MOST hilarious one liners. She is perfect for the role of Aisha's best friend, who is single ready to mingle, opinionated.. and lost in the world.
Amrita Puri as Shefali from Bahadurgarh, is acting real time with panache. She has brought out the character of this small town girl who is ready for the marriage market and wants a hi-fi dulha so well, that it is surprising.
Her comment on Jodhpurs *the pants you wear to play polo* "Yeh kaisi se pant pehni hai,iski toh fitting hi itni khraab hai"
Lisa Haydon as Aarti the New York return friend of Arjun. She looks like Angeline Jolie. Has an accent like her.. yeah so if you look at her you mistake her for Ms. Jolie. I know I did.

The music of the movie is nice and peppy and has that new age feeling to it. My favourite song in the movie is 'Mithi Mthi Bol', there is a Bachata *Its a latin american dance form* number in it, and it has been choreographed by none other than my dance class people and they are in the video too.. so, I sat and pointed out as many as I could.

The movie has so many brands advertising themselves, that you would feel at times that you are watching well shot ads, but please keep your eyes open, coz some of the things are really great. Especially her wardrobe!
So go and have fun..

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I am an Ostrich

No, this was not my past life character as per the numerous surveys of  Facebook world. Neither is this any new type of astrology.. or for that matter of fact this is nothing but a plain simple observation by me of me.

I know being a lawyer *Now I am an ENROLLED lawyer not just a law graduate* my deduction skills have to be sharp. Yeah, so being in the court, you have to be observant, and you have strain your ears to understand what the judge is saying. *Its a freaking FISH market inside the court room* and like I have already said in one of my earlier post, being a trainee you are not allowed to carry your cellphone, thus, my phone is switched off and inside the purse. And, so, I sit and I observe. I observe the advocates around me, who run from one court to the other trying to make it in time from one case to the other, I observe the security guards posted outside each court room... *Some of them are really nice, others extremely rude* , I observe the judges inside, who are old and so many times, so cranky that they would actually tell a designated senior advocate *An advocate who is been practising for like ages and who charges minimum a lakh of rupees for an appearance is a designated senior advocate* to shut up and leave the profession if they try to act smart.

But most of all, I observe the poor litigants. Yeah, some of them might not be literally poor, but yeah, they surely are the MOST harassed lot... and I truly feel sorry for them. There are widows who have been fighting for the right of her children with her in laws, then there are old men and women, who are fighting to get that pension, or to get their own house back from their children. I see them, patiently come to the court at 10 am sharp, stand in the line to get their pass made and then go and sit. Sit for the turn of their case to come. Sometimes, if they are lucky, the case would come and something substantial would happen. But then, if you are not lucky, then, you have to wait the whole day, your lawyer gets stuck at another court, you take a pass over *When you ask the judge to hear your case after he has heard all the cases in the list* and by the time your turn comes up again your whole day is gone, finished. And you may or you may not have gotten the relief that you had come for. And then, when you are leaving, you talk to your advocate and talk to him like he is God *I have actually seen clients folding their hands and bowing their heads*... and this is where I lose it.

For the last one month that I have been going to the court, I have been trying really hard to like litigation, to like running from one court to the other, putting your point across to the judge... but I just cannot like it. I cannot like it because, I shudder at the very thought to telling my client that the matter did not come up because of whatever reasons... or that he has been given the next date because the other party did not show up. It is this stark reality of my profession that I cannot take, or understand. And, that is the very reason that I shy away from litigation. I see the litigants, trying so hard to battle for their rights and nothing happening, and it it breaks my heart.
No, I do not hate my profession, I love law. It has been given to me as my birth right, but I can't go into the court and fight. I can draft, I can give opinions... and I can do everything sitting in the office, as long as I don't have to face the judge. Not because I am scared of him, but I am scared of me shouting at him telling him, that he should hurry up and give a decision and not just make the damn thing go on forever and then get kicked out of the court room for contempt.
I know, most of you will think that this is stupid, but then that is the way I am. I am trying to shy away from the very basis of the legal profession... and expect people to understand.
Like I said I am an OSTRICH
*When an ostrich sees danger, instead of running away she would bury her head inside the earth thinking that since she can't see trouble, trouble can't see it either.*
I picked up this really cool idea from Banu's blog. But instead of doing a whole series of 7 days of positivity, I am going to twist it a little bit, and add one positive thing (More than one if the day is such) at the end of each blog post, so that everytime I navigate away from my blog page, even after I have written a sad post- I would go away thinking positive. I hope that you too navigate away thinking nice things whenever you go away from my page.
Positive of the Day:
I had this wonderful conversation with this guy today, who made me realise that there are nice people in this world. And today, he filled my lil world with a lil hope.

*Mr. Shayon Pal, the co-contributor of this blog page and the love of my life, is moving back to the city i.e Delhi! And he is going to join Mint, its a sister concern of WSJ. The thoughts from the Horses' mouth are here. Please wish him luck in his newest career move. And my lovely readers who stay in this city, he needs a house to stay, so please please help us out finding us a decent place for him to stay. Thanks a ton*

Sunday, August 1, 2010

To Friends!!

Last one year has been a journey. A journey of love and betrayals.. but nevertheless, a journey that has made me happy and content for a long long time to come.
Mainly because, even though there was sadness, there were disappointments.. there were frustrations, there were always you all.

I have never really felt more comfortable to open my feelings onto the world of www!!! Not because there is a big bad world out there, but also because I knew that out there, there is comfort waiting for me in form of advise, empathy and if nothing else, just a small hug.. making its presence felt.
I have met so many of you in real life, and trust me, it is a DELIGHT beyond what these seven alphabets can portray to know you - to call you up at the whim of second and to see you make time for me in the busiest of days and in the cruellest of schedules.
I am honoured,
to have read and shared the world of thoughts that has connected us from far beyond the borders of the states and of the country. It is like sharing slice of our lives with each other, every day.. Just because we want to.

This little post is my Thank you of all those little gestures that my dear fellow bloggers and my readers who do not leave their comments but think of me *or so I hope*that you have done to make me feel a special part of your lives...!!!
I am not taking any names, because- each one of you is a Gem of a person who has influenced my life in loads of ways beyond what words can say...!!!

Happy Friendship's Day...!!! :)