Friday, March 31, 2017

Adulting 101

It is March 31 today. And I hope that all the adults who fall in the tax bracket have already made their last minute tax savings and have also decided, what to do, and what not to do in the coming year. I did mine like in the beginning of this week, and I feel thouroughly accomplaished. It was pretty last minute too, but atleast, it was not like running with a cheque like a lost chicken on 31st itself. I consider that to be adulting. Or at least a part of it.

A recent research says that millenials (like me), have a median age of 30, and they start considering themselves as adults only when they turn 30. Which is mighty interesting. Because, while I remember being 25 and carefree, I also remember turning 30 and all of a sudden, panicking becuase it felt (and still feels like) that time is slipping and now you are on the other side of time (if there is anything like that). All of a sudden you see friends (some even younger then you), who have become parents and are responsible for another human life, and you delay taking your dog to the clinic by 1 whole week, even wehn she is in pain. You see, how people are buying new cars, going for the fancy holidays, and how you can't even maintain a proper grocery list, and forget savings, you don't even know how to budget your household properly. You see people and how their life is together, and you still struggle, in keeping yourself and your sanity together.
There are of course exception to these friends. But, if I have to be honest, I know that all of them would be struggling with something or the other, but, they have that one thing that is sorted in their life. Be it their career or be it their personal life. They have something, to hold on to. Unlike, me right now, where each day is like an exam in adulting.

But what I have come to realise esapecially in the last couple of months, that there are somethings that have to become a deliberate practice for all this adulting to happen, and it does not include throwing dinner parties like an adult! Here is a tentaive list from my tiny experience, in case you are looking for one that is.

1. Expectations: None. Nil. Nada. It is very important to train yourself, that you cannot expect anything from anyone, and on some days, even from your ownself. But that is the truth of it all. And the mantra for a relationship like marriage and all the ancilliary realtionships that come along with that. You have to be your own lover, and your own person. Your married BFF will always be too involved, and if she has a child, then the tables are turned, and you have more expectations to fulfill. Your partner will probably give you a shoulder to cry, but, when life happens, love goes. You can either make your ends meet or make your expectations of romance meet.

2. Only superheroes are in Movies: In real life, you have to just save your own world, and the rest will have to wait today. Life becomes an endless loop of to-do lists, whether it is office assignments or getting things done for home.

3. Accept: The game of tell me why got over with your childhood. Somethings have to be accepted. Like the fact that despite all your persuation, you will have to attend parties on your own, and family functions by yourself. The flaws become imminent, and that is when your relationships are tested. You are some times not only supposed to take the blame for yourself and your actions, often the actions of the partner are also put on your head. Accepting that as a part of your life and moving on helps. It also helps to accept the fact that, when they say that women always assert themselves in a man-woman relationship and call the shots, it is wrong, and you as your own person, cannot judge your relationship based on that myth.

4. Choices: You have to bear the brunt of your own choices. Even if that means, choosing to put your career on the backfoot for family or your relationship. But that does not in any way mean that you have to feel bad about it. Yes, you would like to be appreciated about that fact, but that does not happen. The process to learn that your choices and the repercussions will always come to bite you of not today, but tomorrow should always weigh on your mind.

5. Letting Go: My introductory paragraphs talk about how I have measured myself against the standards and expectations with the yardstick of the society, and feel miserable about it. But the biggest process in the whole adulting scam is to let go. To just measure yourself againt your own self. I have deleted the facebook app on my phone. And that has helped immensely, and slowly I have come to realise that I need to focus on myself and just me too, and can't keep on looking at people and measuring my life. Notions have to be let go.

6. Sleep: While you want to party, and do so many things- you have to give up your sleep, and those lessons come in handy, when one has a baby.

7. Stress and worry: With Murphy working overtime to ensure that things just go wrong all the time, you are bombarded with stress- about work, career, life, relationships, money and everything under the sun. Adulting is like working under constant worry of why things go wrong because all of them go wrong, one way or the other.

Life as we know it, changes, as soon as we realise that one has to be a "responsible" adult. And while you let go of expectations, a whole load of them is put on you- always. My first tiny steps to adulting, and I wonder, what is it that they teach you in school in any case!!!  

Thursday, March 9, 2017

I am Me : A woman's day special!

Like a tiny doll,
when I am born,
pampered and spoilt,
by father, mother, and brother alike.

From tales of princesses, and
the prince charming,
I am given barbies, and
kitchen sets to grow up with.

I am educated,
in the best of schools,
and there it is when I learn,
that a girl is more than,
the princess, and the vanity case,
given as gifts.

I learn about the gutsy women,
who dared to dream,
of women who fought battles,
discovered radium,
and touched the skies in their airplanes,
about a queen, who still rules,
and about a female PM,
who ran the largest democracy.

I learn to dream, and
I learn, about that little part,
in my heart, that wants to dare,
to break the shackles and stereotypes,
to love blue and not the pinks,
and to go out in the world,
to make a difference.

But when I do step out,
there is resistence, from the same,
father, mother, and brother,
who pampered me with all the love.
Then I learn to fight,
the shackles which come with,
the sheltered life.

In the next step, there are the others,
men who leer and lech,
men whose egos fragile as glass, and
women who feel that they deserve more, 
and a world which is same no more. 

But, I fight. 
At each step, 
to carve an identity, 
to feel the breeze, even if, 
it is ridden with salt, it is my own. 

I fight, against the 
prejudices and judgments against,
my clothes, 
my hair, 
my choice of men, 
my choice of having sex, 
my choice of marraige and babies, 
me being strong, but not stubborn. 
me being me, and not the other!

I look at myself, 
each day in the mirror, 
take a deep breath and vow, 
to hold my head high, to walk, 
in my heels, 
to wear that red lipstic, if I please, 
to ace that meeting, 
to party without a care, 
to argue on a point to make a point, 
to hold myself high, 
in my own eyes. 

Because I am a woman, 
I fight to survive, 
to take each breath, 
to choose battles, to win a war, 
and to live each moment, 
with feirce determination and a tender glow!