Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Instructions to the Husband!

So this is what I want you to do,
Today when you come home,
Look in my eyes,
Deeply, to see my soul, my heart,
That craves for you;

Lean in to me,
Taste my lips, savour them,
A taste that you love,
Igniting a thousand throes,
Of passion in you, and,
In me;

Push me back, away from,
Your face, look at me,
Tracing your fingers,
On my face, committing to memory,
The face that you loved,
Love still;

With your thumb,
Rub off the black kohl,
The red lipstick,
Colour my face with your,

Open my mane,
Freeing it from the bounds,
Of the hair tie, that holds them
Let them tumble down;

Now, peel off that dress,
Soaking in my skin, my limbs,
Not as beautiful as before,
But still yours,
Now and Forever;

And finally, love me,
Hold me, make us feel,
Like one,
Like the fire works,
In the night sky!

Oh baby,
Make me yours, own me,
All over again!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bombay 3.0

And it begins again!
The third year in the city of dreams was realised with some drama and a Party. We had just returned from a super awesome trip to Lakshadweep and Chirstmas and New Year were brought in with the retirement of the FIL. It was a chocobloc calendar of house guests and exhausting office politics. A deadly mix of in-laws from Calcutta, my dog and my parents! (One can only imagine the lengths that we had gone into to ensure that my baby doggie and my mom aren’t face to face! Dad met her and was pretty overwhelmed with her jumping capabilities!)
So in total Punjabi style, the Retirement Party preparations began. There was obviously a dance performance that was to happen, and with the Husband’s cousins and my own baby sister we prepared two songs in like less than 72 hours. There was a lot of food that was being cooked in the house, and I had no idea what was happening when and how! Eventually, on the day of Party after getting all the girls ready, I managed to get ready and be there on time (quite a feat for me!).
There were a lot of emotional speeches, and there was one “super drunk husband” speech, which I think is going to become a legendary running joke in the family. Oh, and in case you all were wondering, there was alcohol and a DJ at the party and you can conclude that the party was more Punjabi than Bengali!
Once the Party was over, all gifts opened and the guests seen off, the reality of what had happened came down to hit us hard. We had less than 2 months to hunt for a house, to move in and get settled. All the while struggling with the major set back on the career front.
The ex-I- Office had become a hell hole with the looming cloud of negativity. While, I had a set of my girls and some really great friends at office in general, the bosses were being bitches and honestly speaking all we could talk about the whole day was “how shitty was shetty today”. Of course, in all true honesty, Shetty did not like me, and that meant a fuck all appraisal with no real salary increment and the negative attitudes, it was but obvious that I shall be looking to change. And change I did, to a law firm called TLP.
All the law firms are in Nariman Point. And hence I am now in Nariman Point. We have moved houses towards the northern suburbs, and that means I am travelling three hours each day to and from work.
Really, what did I expect out of the third year in this city?
Considering that it is the city where dreams come true, I can with utmost confidence say that so far as the career related dreams go, I have been cheated. Thrice, now.
Okay, I am in the teetrhing period of the new job, but then, it seems that, instead opf growing, I am getting more confused with my career choices. My shrink had told me that there are no guarantees in this world, especially in the job world, and now with renewed hope that eventually dreams will be realised, I get up at 6 am and trudge to work!

So, the third year starts.