Thursday, November 27, 2008

Disasters....dreams fall along the Taj...

I am a disaster waiting to happen.
I swear on God... If I had him in front of me... I would ask him, why does he always do the things that are wrong.
The past year was a very tough year, not only for me, but also for our Nation. If the forces were not fighting and solving the terrori attacks... they were fighting the internal security in the name of Raj Thakrey's Maharashtra Campaign.... the naxalites... and the Bajrang Dal.
How exciting na??

Someone once told me, that the once who indulge in voilence have a disorder...they are mentally sick... what can we do about the mentally sick people...!!!

Thanks to their sickness, one of the biggest oppurtunities that I have gotten for ma career... is gonna go down the drain.... I don't think I am going to go to mumbai after the attcaks... not that I don't want to go... but because my dad...
He is dad... and I can't say a thing to him... can...I. I am just hoping... That all the stuff of patience is virtue.... does pay off....!!! I can't let my dreams slipping away... again.... Oh God... PLease Help...!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The year that was...

When Shayon got the chance to come for the third time in a year, he told me, Now that I am getting a chance to meet you so often... I am sure, things are gonna get lot tougher....and he did not say truer words...!!!
This year started in the worst possible note... I had a fight at home, coz dad was not taking us out for a new year party.... especially coz there was a major maid problem that was happening at my place. Shayon went to calcutta in the mean time to be with his friends.... since he was on roaming, we were talking really less.
The major blow came, when he told me one night, that he needed a break... and that he did not want to talk to me unless it was very important.... I thought that we are gonna end up... but well, it was not the ending at all...
It was hard enough, that I had control every urge in my body to pick up my phone and call him and shout at him and to tell him that I don't care...But I did not do that... instead I remained calmed... I cried alot.... but tried my best not to bother him.
This continued, till, May, when his brother was getting married. (We did talk... but there were a lot of uncomforatble silences...!!!) 

I guess, alot changed after that marriage.... beacuse we started talking again, but somehow, we just couldn't manage a meeting....whenevr there was a trip that was gonna materialize... something or the other came up...
This has been the toughest year, that has gone by... because....we truely tested what we were made off... and I am proud to say that Love did preavail...!!!
Its been three years nine months and a few days that I have been in this relationship.... and every new twist and turn that was put forth us, we have been through that, together. I have learned not to jump to conslusions... and keep patience where his anger is concerned...moreover I have learned to have faith.... if not in God then on the relationship that I am nurtring.... there were many instances in our realtionship when patience ran really low.... but that is when faith prevailed....that is where love came....
It is a log journey.... and I am ready to embrace the challenges.... not beacuse I am brave, but beacuse I know that I have someone who loves me by my side to guide me through the challenges....of love and life....

Best Holi...Scary Navratras... and warming in the winter...!!

Best Friends are true to their name.... even when we were to go to mumbai, had it not been a little pushing here and there by her, I wouldn't have had that awesome week....!!!
Now, the most damage that your closeness and your openess with your boyfriend can do is, get your best friend really mad at you because, you spoil her surprise.
Holi in 2007 was a really special festival for Shayon and Me.
Not because we celebrated it together, but because, the pursuation came from Priyam.
She actually talked Shayon into coming here and celebrating holi with us. What went wrong was, that it was a surprise and Shayon told me about it.
Ofcourse Priyam was very angry... but we did manage to pacify her. A day before holi, Shayon came to my house for lunch. Unfortunately, my parents were not home. As a matter of fact, no one but my maid,sister and myself were at home. That was cool...!!!
Holi was also good fun. What with lots of friends and food....especially the most special guy of my life...

His next trip was in Navratras, that was in October. The reason was- An attempt to get our relationship back on track. (I dunno, whether I should be telling what had happened... all I can say is that it was related to Tania and this completely shook me... The only The only reason that I listened and did not break down was because this time Shayon told me himself... and he was no too happy about it either...!!!) That trip, was great in its own way. Beacuse he came and met my parents, no not as my guy but as my friend. They had lunch together. Dad seemed comfy with him, mom as always was aloof...!!! It was in this trip that I met one of Shayon's closest friend.... Abhishek Karmakar. 

And Finally, the last time that we met, I tried having an official date with Shayon.... ofcourse my mom all, oh my God no... but I did get permission finally , we had dinner.... and he dropped me home only with a promise that the next morning he would cook breakfast for me. ( He was at a friend's place, a bachelor's pad...!!) It was the most most wonderful breakfast that I had, had. And that was the last time that I had met him.... its been a year....
The year that was- Coming up next...!!!

An awesome week...!!!

Why did I give a second chance to Shayon, after that episode with Tanima... I dunno...!!! Love makes you do mad things, but even the maddest can't stand lies and cheating.... But I did.... for...
I trusted him...!!!
6th June 2006 to 14th June 2006, was a week that is always going to be special to both Shayon and me. Because I was in Mumbai for that period. Even though I had Arushi and a My two cousins and Priyam along, it was great fun to just be with him minus the thought of my parents catching us.
I am going to let Shayon tell you about this trip, because, after all he is the hero.
The next post will talk about the next three trips of Shayon....!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Major blow that was....

Thanks to my tutions and to TRAI who finally decided that the cell phone companies were being too harsh, that the rates on STD came down, and Shayon and I were able to talk on phone more often.
The first year of being in the relationship was coming to an end... the all so important first anniversary was coming up. The tution money made sure that the funds were just adequate so that we could talk at a strech. And I sent him some small tids and bits for our anniversary, a card, a letter and a small lil show peice in crystal.

As a chance would have it, I was short of money on just that day...and thus we really din get to talk. To top that I had my exams during that time and Shayon was kind of busy getting ready for his college fests... so basically it din seem like an anniversary to me. And I was pissed more so coz, My best friend Priyam had recieved an amazing promise ring from her boyfriend, and I din even get a chance to talk to him.
But that was just another passing phase. We normally had our fights related to his time being only for his 'friends' and not for me. The funny thing though is, that since it was really hard to track him coz of is careless ways, I used call up his friends in college (who now happen to be my great friends as well) and ask them to tell Shayon that he should call me up. 

About a week after the 14th feb 2006, I was in the middle of my tution class. I had given them a test and they were working on it, when one our friend called me up. It wasn't unusual coz his friends often called me up to track him through me or to generally say hi or you know to discuss girls....!!! After talking to him for a few minutes he said he wanted to talk to me about Shayon. I was like yeah sure...!! (I thought he had gotten into trouble again with the faculty)
That is when he asked me, if I knew what Shayon had done on the 14th.... 
"Arre, he said he had gone out with a few friends, to a temple and all... kyun kya hua?"
The Friend- "Tujhe pata hai, Tania kaun hai??"
Me- "Nahin... hogi koi dost... par hua kya??"
Friend- "Do you know he had gone out on a date with her...?"
I was not really unnerved by this, because I knew that he was women's man... and he had many girl friends like we referred to it. And I was also not less... coz mostly I was out with guys. 
Me- "Haan toh?"
Friend- "Not only that, I have seen his sms, and there is a personal exchange of them too... what is happening with you guys?? "
 I mumbled a good bye to him feeling rather lost... and used. I promised our friend that I will not tell on him, and I will not call up Shayon then and there. I was so devasted that I broke the very first rule that I myself had made, that in doubt I'll talk to him first rather than taking out conclusions.
I went in my lost state to Priyam, who inturn made me call up Karma (another great friend) with whom I was definately at my rudest best and asked him whether Shayon had gone for that date or not. He said he had no idea about that. Though he definately knows that Shayon had gone out. The next person we called was Dipayan... another of Shayons' close friend and this time Priyam talked to him coz I just din have the heart to talk. (Dipayan, has not been talking to me since then...!!!) He confirmed, that yes there was a Tania and that they had gone out.

In the mean time, I asked Priyam to let me be. I came back home, and Karma called to pacify me. Though he din know the details he knew Shayon was in trouble and he had called to make me think rationally. In another 5-7 minutes.... Shayon got to know that I had been inquiring. He called me up.

I was cranky, irrational and absolutely disgusted. I told him that I din mind anything but the lies. And the fact that a third person is coming up to me and telling me about his 'date'. I wanted an explanation. This was the first major fight that we had had. It lasted one whole night. 
I dunno, what other boys would have done, I know that Shayon accepted his mistake and apologised. 
Despite his telling me not to, I called up Tanima and shouted at her.
I know he was not cheating me. I was pissed at the fact that he din tell me. It was our anniversary you see and he had no right to make it special for someone else other than me. But he made it up to me when we met for the second time- In Mumbai, we were together for a week....Details coming up next....!!!

First Date... and the first Job..!!!

For Shayon's birthday that we celebrated as a couple, I had sent him "Love Story" by Eric Segal. In his own words he never thought that he would ever read it, but he read it twice, the second time only till the couple is happy...even though there were lowdowns in his real life...!!!
The lack of money that was not affecting till my parents were out hit us really bad when my parents came back because,
1) I was not allowed to stay up all night, even on the pretext of studying... forget the internet.
2) I devasted my parents' hopes by deciding to quit engineering and do anything else. Since, it was like really late into the year and no admissions were happening.... my father got me admitted in a B-grade college. (Ofcourse, my mom doesn't like it, but since am happy and doing pretty well, all of us are not regretting the decision)

Being in a different college, I used to be back maximum by 3 pm. That gave me ample time to do anything and everything. It was then that my mother got me an offer to teach kids in the very same tution center where Arushi used to go. I jumped at the oppurtunity, not because I like doing charity, but beacuse that would give me a great way to pass time, and I would be earning atleast something. So, I became the tution teacher to 9th standard students, teaching them basically Science, Social Studies and once a week - English.
I used to help out with the younger kids also. 

Trust me, had that job not been in my kitty, I would have had a terrible first meeting with my boyfriend.
Three days before I was to meet Shayon for the first time, they gave me my first salary which was a meagre 1500 rupees. But at that time more than enough. 
Shayon came to Delhi from Jamshedpur (he had gone back to college) on 29th October, 2005, eight months after we had become boyfriend girlfriend. A night before that, Arushi's friends' had come over to celebrate her birthday. And coz I was suoer excited about Shayon coming, Priyam took me to her place for the night. After we had slept, that is she had slept and I was tossing and turning, I realised that I had no idea where to take Shayon for our date... coz I had never had one and that too at 8 in the morning...!!! (Shayon's train came at 6 am) So I woke up Priyam and she inturn woke up her boyfriend who told us that I can take him to Barista (THAT WAS THE ONLY PLACE OPEN).
So, next morning, I get ready to go meet my boyfriend. (I wore a salwar-kameez for my date...!!!) Since he had no idea about delhi, I asked him to meet me at that station.... I reached there and saw him.... (He had managed to get himself a room in paharganj for the night and therefore he had taken care to bathe himself and shave too...!!!)
Our fist real conversation was:
 " Hi! I am Sakshi" 
That too extending my hand... as if am meeting a client and not my boyfriend...!!! Yup, I was awkward. So from there we walked all the way to barista in C.P. and there was no holding hands... we were walking like two casual friends... and trust me he made no first moves what so ever...!!! In barista after we sat down and he went to order (we had ordered, a lemon ice tea for me and cafe latte for him) I saw that there were all couples around me and then when he came back to sit with me I very casually put my hand on top of his... phew... and the ice was finally broken.
I calmed down and blabbering became a lil less and I started making a lil more sense. For a talkative person Shayon was mostly smiling and not really talking much. It was at the movie that the first kiss happened... and I made the first move... (He was a  complete gentleman).
He was gonna leave the next day... and we had to meet ppl also... Yup, we met Priyam, one of my teacher's from my school and Arushi.
Those two days were really great.... that was the best weekend.... ofcourse the first time is really special. Fortunately, the chemistry that we shared through the net, phone and the snail mails was also present when we met.
How do you cope with infidelity.... and how do you really define it? I faced that on my first anniversary....!!! Coming up... next...!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The first lowdown and the snailmails.....

I remember that after Shayon and I got together, the circumstances were such that I just couldn't meet and tell Priyam about it. Three days later, when I told her over the phone about us, she jus said one line- 'Sakshi, I Love you'.....
It was during this time, that private FM stations were sprouting up, and there were numerous love guru's on at the night solving the crisis for one and all. In one of those programs, I had heard that the Honeymoon period of any relationship is one to two years and then its time to face the reality. This happened to us well, very quickly. One evening, Shayon and I were talking on the phone when a second call came. He asked me hold while he took that call. It happened to be from Shayon's Dad's office, who had just recieved the phone bill for a whooping 30k and they refused to pay that. In the next few days we talked lesser on the landline, for a simple reason that the STD was locked. As soon as we realised that we were in trouble, the first person that Shayon confided in was, his mom. I had sent him a lovey-dovey card and his first love letter ever (it was the first letter that I too had written) and well, a pair of my earings. (Yup, he wanted them, dunno why...). So he simply showed her the card and told her about me. She was pretty cool with it... 
But when it came to explaining the phone bill... it was a tough job. Lot of shit and nonsense stories were told but finally the truth came out. (Just imagine what kind of  first impression I made... I get my boyfriend's dad to shell 30k from his pocket...!!!) Though there was no open disapproval but it was pretty apparent that he was not happy about me. Three and a half years back, STD even from cell phones was very expensive. Then the only mode of communication was the internet... it was back to chatting and e-mailing..... but then came another blow, the internet connection was taken off from Shayon's house.... 
Then the only mails that were done back and forth were when he went for his classes to NIIT, and I used to scrounge up 20 rupees a day and go to an STD booth and talk to him for 5 mins... or max 10 mins the day I had a lil more money.

It was then that we reverted to the olden and golden method of communication. The Snail mail. The very first letter that I recieved from him, was very special, he sent me three pictures of his.And it was something that he had writtenin that letter that really put foundation to the strong between us, he had written "Sweetheart lets make our relationship so comfortable that you never hesitate to say what you have to..."   But that was before the phone calls became very limited. 
The letters made the whole experience of being in love even more special.... (I had seen a bunch of letters that my parents had exchanged when they were dating...) these letters became an habit of sorts... they are more intimate...

In the month of May, my parents and younger sister went for my brother's wedding in USA. The trip was for two and a half months... and by Shayon's dad's grace he got net at home and those were the days when we used chat the whole night. (It was during one of these long session that we came up with our special game....wherein we were allowed to ask each other whatever question we wanted and we were not to be judgemental about the answers)

Though the days were always incomplete without hearing his voice... but the long hours of talking to him gave shape to our relationship. 

It was also during this time that I joined an NGO for the drug addict women and homeless women and children. It was a depressing job. As if this was not enough.... things weren't really rosy at Shayon's place....his parents were giving him a lecture on a daily basis which was not really encouraging for our relationship.... 
One purticular night, two three days after my parents had returned, Shayon had this huge fight with his parents, and that night he wrote me, what we today refer to as the break up mail. 
After starting the daily sessions of chatting and emailing in one of the mails I had remarked "that means I can never claim to know you fully??" 
To that Shayon had replied "when I have no qualms about shedding my clothes and exposing my body to you....why should I not share my enotions with you" after that both of us had made an effort to talk without judging.... and therefore that break up mail full of regret and anger had come.... As soon as I read that mail, instead of crying and giving up, I just called him (from my dad's phone my own phone had no balance) and told him that since he is not the only one involved in the relationship he just cant decide break it off, its my decicision too.... and therefore I decided to stay on... and asked him to show the e-mail to his mother. 

That was a bad bad decision... no not because we din break up, coz it was under these circumstances that I first talked to Shayon's mom...!!! That conversation was totally one sided with Shayon's mom trying to tell me that she din really want us to part ways and I going, Hanji aunty... ok aunty, I understand Aunty....As Shayon had mentioned in the email he wrote later- That "he was pacing outside the room, like a to be father with the wife in labour pain" he had also written something about, why I wanted him to show the e-mail to his mom... "You knew right from start how ma was gonna react, na? That's why you had asked me to show the mail to her. While I was censoring the mail, I realised nothing can ever stop me loving you. We might not be able to talk, we might not be able to keep in touch, but we shall always remain in each other's hearts. we shall never stop loving each other."
Lack of phone calls, no support from anywhere, we were almost doomed... but well, where there is a will there is a way.... My first job and change of stream, coming up next...!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Proposal and the Phone Bill

The trip to Banglore was an eye-opener, since I was alone... and the only person my age whom I talked to was Shayon.... while trying to contemplate my feelings for Ani and Shayon... I landed in Delhi on 11th feb 2005....
I was in a dilema of sorts... here I was feeling guilty about being so emotionally depended on Shayon and Ani was not ready to acknowledge 'us'. (So much so from the day Ani confessed and all we hadn't been on a date, talked on phone...or whatever that too... when he is like 10 mins walking from my place...!!!, after talking to my cousin bro about Ani and the cyber stalker... I was told that I am being foolish to be in 'love' and that I should get a grip) 

Anyways- On the 14th, that is the Valentine's day, I had a my friends who were a gf-bf over at my place. (I was major kabab mein haddi) Shayon being at his flirty best, msgd me right in the morning.... Happy Valentines Day, and me always a sucker for finer things msg him back - You cant even call me on the V-day... how rude...!!!
And he actually called me back... wished me... and also bought three roses... for me... but since he was in Mumbai, I was happy knowing that he had bought the roses...!!!
So, Shayon calls me, helps me select my clothes for the day... and we go on our day... I with my friends who for what god forsaken reason wanted to see the movie Shabd. In the hall, I was trying to concentrate on the movie and not on all the couples sat around me. The movie was bad... and guess who was I messaging? Shayon...!!!
In the course of the smses that were sent back and forth during the movie- He sent me a forward, which was- "God was great when he created women,then he messed it all up by making them wifes. Promise me that u'll never graduate from being the woman of my life" since most of the forwards that he had sent me in the past were plain simple flirtings and in good humour... I too in that same spirit of flirting replied- I Promise...
It was later that Shayon told me that, this simple yes had gotten him restless... coz he was also in a dilema about his feelings for me and the bond that was forming.

The day gave way to the evening, when I met my Best friend Priyam and half jokingly told her that I have half the mind of proposing Shayon... and instead of being her usual apprehensive self... like she always is about the guys I crush on, she tells me-
"Sakshi, that would the most sensible thing that you would do in like years..."
Ofcourse,I was already confused... and instead of helping me, she made matters worse for me. I din know what to do..... coz all of a sudden, the whole bunch of feelings in me were overwhelming...and threatening to ruin my nice lil friendship with Shayon.
That night, when I sat down to study (which ofcourse was the last thing in my mind) I was miserable trying to dissect my feelings when I got an sms...

Shayon- Hey wassup... so how was your day?
Sakshi- Usual, Ani as usual broke his promise... din even call me... the movie was borrrring...thanks for keeping company.How was your day?
The coversion went on for the next few hours... when all of a sudden, I sms him,
Sakshi- hmmm enough yaar... ok lets talk about us...!!!
Shayon- Wtf do you want to talk about us...!!! 
I was taken aback by this response.... and the conversion slowly turned to us, to the night in banglore which bought us so close...
Shayon- I think I have fallen for you...
Sakshi- You wont believe this but I have also been thinking about this. I have a msg written about it in my outbox for a week, but din send you coz I was not sure about your response...
Shayon- Well, I dunno what to say, coz I have seen my fair share of relationships breaking up coz of the distance... Are you sure about this...
Sakshi-  yes.
Shayon- I need some time to think about this...
He msgd in affirmative 5 mins later....
And then I slept... Shayon tried to call me but I din know how to talk in whispers... so I just asked him to keep the ph down and let me sleep. Shayon was jumping up and down when I finally said yes.
He called me at 5 am next morning, wanting a reassurance that it was 14th that we got officially got together.

From that day on, we talked for 5 hours a day on the phone.... on an average . And as soon as we got off the phone we were chatting... if not chatting then e-mailing.... I lost about 2 kgs coz I used talk to him while cycling... that ways there was no suspicious glances thrown at me.
Till about the end of march we talked freely on the phone, his landline had STD.... therefore no problem of no money in the cell phone.

And then came the first blow of our relationship, 25 days into it. The phone bill. It was for 30k. His parents freaked out.
That is how, his household got to know about me. That comes up in the next post....!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Old Flame, New Friend... and a Cyber Stalker

Destiny loves to play games... and like I often say its best game is life...while giving an introduction to Shayon and myself in the last two posts, I gave you all a background on what was happening in our lives when we met on Hi5... and here it is-
Ani had gone off to London and that meant that the extra time that I used to spend on the basket ball courts was almost equal to none. (Here I must mention- That Ani was not liked by either my best friend or my younger sister.) That is when I got an invite from Hi5... and not averse to trying something new and since I had to be online to chat with my dear Ani... I thought this would make for a good timepass. It was December 2004 then.
I started joining groups in hope of bumping into a few friends from my school and all. Then I joined a book discussion group for the 'Da Vinci Code', and I made a few friends out there....accepting their friend requests and chatting up with a few of em. Then one fine day, I saw a guy with a weird name (He was on hi5 with his full name- Sayantan) who had commented on a topic of discussion and that too completely contradictory to what I had said. From that day on, we were continously trying to prove our point through heated discussions.
Then one fine day he sends me a friend request and we are chatting away all the time. I got my first testimonial from this friend of mine... which said...

"Shayon says:
26-Jan-2005 23:20
Hey Saxi, how you been doing, gurl? You surprised with this testi? Well...I was just browsing my friends' list when I suddenly thought of penning down something about you!

Well...this gurl stays in Delhi, quite far away from my place. First time I got in touch with her is through the Da Vinci group in Hi5. There had been quite many occasions us fighting over some issue or the other. That's how I gradually grew fond of her. I always liked her ideas and loved to fight them back :-p. Then one day, we added each other and voila! We kept in touch almost everyday since then.

I don't really know what to say about this gal. She has been amazing me each and every time I spoke to her. She's a very happy-go-lucky kinda gurl...with no qualms about swearing, Ahem! Although some times she does tend to be very concerned and tensed, but most of the times she's pretty chilled out and laid back. She has a very firm belief in the word LOVE. I don't know whether it's really as powerful as she makes me feel...but then again, it's all about personal choices, I guess.

Oh, yes! Did I mention about her fascination for Horoscopes? Apparently she checks out her as well as of almost all she knows, EVERYDAY! Dunno what pleasure she gets off it. Maybe they do turn out to be true for her. As of my opinion, I feel they are so articulately and diplomatically phrased that each and every prediction can turn out to be 'almost' true for each and every being in this cosmos, provided you are not tsunami struck, that is :-p.

Well...that's all about her, I guess. Hey saxi (Love calling her that, it's great to watch out for her reaction :-D), were I wrong in any line in this testi of yours? If I am, doncha forget to correct me out, huh?"

In the meanwhile there was trouble in the Ani land. He was in london. I was here and he was not making an effort to make time for me. So, for all my frustrations and what not- I turned to Shayon...making him give me Love advice.... one of the email he actually explained to me that I need to give him space and time ....
Then came the twist that shocked me out of my wits.... Ani actually gave his msn password to one of his 'room-mate' and that room-mate fell in 'love' with me while chatting with me as Ani. (I was too naive in the relationship and Ani n I din really call ourselves in a official realtionship). My cybe stalker made sure that he makes my lief hell by e-mailing me all the time professing his love .... Shayon actually asked me to tell Mr. Stalker to stop pestering me coz I had a bf and since I din want to reveal his (my bf) name I should say that its Shayon.

I was feeling like a damsel in distress and Shayon was a true gentleman... My end-sems were gonna start soon... and Shayon drops another bombshell at me asking me for my phone number... and despite the stalker experience... I don't know why I gave him my number... adding to it- 'If you trouble me by missed calls or bad smses...then you have had it'.
In return, I get a call from him right before a very tough paper telling me to calm down and relax. We talked on, for over an hour STD. That was the sweetest thing that anyone had done for me in such a long time... and Shayon became a topic of discussion between me and my best friend.
(All through my exams, since I was burning the mid-night oil, I was ordered to sms Shayon at time I slept... and everynight- He used to reply telling me that I should sleep early).
Shayon was becoming more of an addiction day by day... and Ani was distancing himself from me on God knows what.... The main reason was that stalker... I guess...

The Banglore trip in Feb 2005, brought me and Shayon closer than ever. It was on the 7th feb eve that we talked all night through smses... it was the best night that I had had in a long time... (We flirted like anything from day one we had started chatting.... I asked him to buy me roses on the rose day...and he actually bought them...!!!).
I missed talking to him... and despite all the guilt of maybe two timing Ani, I just couldn't help but miss Shayon everyday of my trip, even more..... and kehte hain na- 'aag dono jagah barabar lagi hai' Shayon was also missing me.... it was very clear in this mail of his....

"Hi, how you been doing? Silly question, I guessryt? Of course, you are on a much deserved holiday now. You are supposed to be enjoying!

So...what all places have ya been? Or have you been too lazy to even get out of your bed
? Have you been to Mysore till now? If you haven't, don't forget to get sandalwood stuffs next time you get there. I've been there just once. Liked the place. Although I've been in Bangalore for just 3 days . I'd been there to take my CET exams. My cousin sis stays there. Don't remember the street n all, though...

...Hey gurl...really missing you, yaar? When are you coming back? I know it's sounding a li'l selfish...but then...I'm missing you really bad. Hope to catch up with you online some time soon. Chow then, ciao for now...
Ohkay...ciao for now. Take Care." (5th Feb, 2005)
The Proposal and the Phone bill are up tomorrow...!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Cast: The Heroine, Me

Sorry... since there was something wrong in the net connection... therefore there is a days delay in this post....!!!
Sakshi, that is me. Hmmmm....I was called a lot of nicknames... few of the favourite that are still stuck are, moti (fatso) and hitler (apparently... I used to hit alot... I still do...) and at home I was always 'tini' (my first cousin had a doll that looked like a new born baby and a few days before I was born, he broke it... and he thought I was his doll- so I was named after the doll...tini). I was a complete extrovert, owing to the fact that my mother liked me playing outside the house and most of my friends were boys... the girls liked playing house... I used to play that too... but with one of my close boy- friend.... and he used to make me play wwf cards with him... this is the reason that I was tomboyish... and really din care. In school I couldn't find the right kind of 'group' to fit in... so I was everybody's friend...and I had my cousin Mansi in the same batch she was my soulmate... (we were often called twins.... both had long really long hair and wore similar clothes... and she was an introvert unlike me). I was one hell of a happy child, scared from my mum... (everyone is scared of her) spending holidays at my cousin Mansi's place- Her parents, my father's older bro n his wife never thought that I was not their own...
Then, after 10th standard everything changed.... I changed my school and the usual happy me became an introvert I din like anything around me... that was the same year I lost my dadaji and that was like a big blow to me. My only outlet was basket ball that I played in the evening...wherein there were mostly usual. I developed a crush on a guy called Ankush... and till the end of 12th std, he was the perfect guy I wanted. But, in those two years I lost on Tauji and finally Mansi(It took me more than a year to accept that she has finally gone never to come back again...and somewhere in my heart I believed that I too was responsible for to commit suicide coz I had changed my school). Death is inevitable... but this inevitable truth took away my soul my life and my zeal to live it... till...
After 12th and losing Mansi two days before our board result, I met a guy who I will refer to as 'Ani'. He was cute, funny and absolute Greek God for me. We hit off pretty well. And in the coming 8 months I actually got him to tell me that 'he thinks that he loves me'.
I had joined engineering and after the gruelling day at college there was nothing better than relaxing at the 'court'.
Then came the fiasco- Ani went to London for some college thingy... and to pass my time I joined hi5 and finally the book discussion group and that is where I met my Hero...

In one Line- I was smiling but I was not happy... I had a best friend...but not a group of friends coz unlike Shayon... I made friends but din really know how to keep em...!!!
How our friendship developed... is coming up in the next post.....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Cast: My Hero....

In the series of posts that are gonna come now, I am going to introduce to the world the cast that comprises the love story that is gonna follow.
I know, I know- You did read my love story in the post that I had posted earlier... but am sure that after reading my previous post you know that I am going pen down the story thus far- 3 years, 9 months and two days of my relationship chronicled. I don't know if you want to read it... I just know that I want to write it.

First up- The hero of my story- Shayon.....

Sayantan, known by a lesser complicated name Shayon to all is a year older to me. The first thing that you notice about him, is that he is not the best looking guy in the world. He even carries a ponch which he doesn't even attempt to lose out.
The next thing that you notice about him, is that his magnetism is not because of his looks its because of that killer smile that forms a dimple on his cheek and the way his eyes twinkle when he smiles. Sit and talk to him for five minutes and you are baffled by his worldly knowledge and his clever talks... and the best part is- He is not a all... despite his specs....

Unlike the misconception that guys can be lame when it comes to talking anything but sports or finance, this guy has a lot of sarcasm to offer and opinions on everything. It was due to this that we first clashed on Hi5 in a book discussion group.

Shayon, took admission in NIT Jamshedpur in the year 2003. But an unfortunate incidence (read as- being at the wrong place at the wrong time.... he has a knack of doing that) got him suspended from college...
That meant at the time we met, he was pursuing a diploma course in NIIT and ofcourse doing what he loves the best, surfing the net and making new friends.
He had just gotten off from a six year relationship with Aishwarya (they are still friends) and was trying to pataofy a female in his class at NIIT, Vasudha.
In one line - He is a complete charmer, loves to make new friends...and makes sure that old ones remember him....always....
It was under these circumstances that we met.
The Heroine: Me, will get introduced in the next post....!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Challenge or What...!!!

Shayon has been extremely impressed with the style of writing and the approach of my dear friend Ms. Footloose. She calls herself a terrible girlfriend coz, in one of her posts has said that she constantly has the urge of knowing and talking to her boyfriend. So many of her posts have my advice on them.
And today when I saw that huge comment on her post, especially her love story, I cant even tell you the jealousy that is gnawing at me especially since I still havent been able to get a comment on our love story that I had written, verbal or written. ( Ofcourse I was told that since there was emotional ovewhelmness that took over no reactions came...!!!) 

This along with the fact, that, I give a lot of advice, even when unwarranted for. I am going to attempt to write about my experiences in this relationship. Well maybe because, Shayon asked me if I can actually do this.... or Maybe because later in life- I can co-author a love story with my 'marriage phobic' boyfriend or Maybe- I can read these again and again to remind myself why I love Shayon so much and why sometimes- Love is Enough....!!!

Aditya Chopra has given me the tag line that I need - 
There is an extraordinary love story in every ordinary jodi