Monday, September 17, 2012

Anxiety Struck

Here is a tip (which I have repeated often) and I am repeating again... 
It is mostly fun to plan other people's wedding and when it is time for your own, be smart, take the easy route. Court Marriage. 

Every morning I get up with a confident smile, and repeat the fact, that everything will take shape in due course of time. 
BUT- Every little thing, unnerves me. A phone call about the cards going awry.. or that there are still things that need to be worked out, and are not being worked out.. for any or every reason whatsoever, and wham- I am unnerved. I am anxiety struck. 

It is just amazing. How every little thing- magnifies, because it is related to the wedding. 
Poor Fiance , he is at the receiving end of all my rants and in the end, we have a fight over something stupid. 

The not getting adequate sleep obviously adds fuel to fire. 

Basically- I have no idea why this post is up.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Somewhere in the 60's

Whilst the 90's were carefree, 80's bought in the panic that I really did not realise would come, considering we had (or so we thought) ample amount of time to get things organized.

And during the 70's, or some part of those days, bf .. oops fiance was here in Delhi. So we had a week full of dinners, and lunches, and loads loads and loads of shopping! In the last so many years, he and I have never shopped in the quantum that we shopped for during the week that he was here.

The clothes seem to be a never ending process. The moment you think that you have things under control, something new manages to pop up. I am still amazed at the fact that I am going to pack up my entire life or the 26 years of it in three bags (large, medium and small) and start a new.

And now that we are in the 60's , I am anxiety ridden. All of a sudden, I feel that we have wasted so much time in making the lists and nothing really has been done.  Obviously, the world, including the Fiance thinks otherwise.
To add to my panic, I have one of the other best friend getting married, and his engagement is happening like in 10 days and I am getting his dance performances prepared, so in between trying to organizing everything for my wedding to helping him out, I think that I have the right to be super stressed.

The office has become an escape. Especially on days when I have no time to breathe at all. There are new girls in office, similar age as mine, and who are amongst other things not fake and are genuine warm souls. One of them is still in her first year of marriage, and trust her to give me all the tips. About everything that matters. From what to talk, to how to behave.. it is very interesting to know about how you change after marriage. Oh, I need to name her.. "MAG". So MAG one day told me, that do whatever, when you come back home the next morning for the "Pag Feras", you will be a grown up. Just like that.
That obviously scares the shit out of me. But, then, eventually, that was to happen.
Any ways, with the amount of "Tips & Tricks" that I have been getting for the wedding and the life thereafter, I can write a book about it. I will definitely blog about it, when I get the time to!

I have to apologise for my intermittent presence on the blogosphere. I really am lacking time. The mandatory birthday post also couldn't be put up.
So I'll just put it here.. Fiance was here for the Birthday. Fiance, BFF, the other Best Friend, Cousins and sister gave me a midnight surprise.. followed by breakfast with the best friend and the cousin; lunch was with the Fiance and dinner with the family. The most memorable part of the birthday was Fiance being around me "officially" :)

So here I am. 26 years. Getting married in 2 months and absolutely lost about the ways of the world.

PS: A 12 year old poet is on blogospehere.. his blog is called SirRhymesAlot. Go have a dekko and leave the budding poet a word or two of encouragement :)

Miss me.. till I post next :D