Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dear 2011...

Dear 2011,

I remember penning down my hopes and my prayers in the little red diary that I took with me to Mumbai, last year. I also remembering crying myself to sleep on my much deserved vacation, because I did not want to come back. I just want to live like I am on a holiday and that there is nothing else in life, but that holiday.

But most of all, I remember, jotting down the hope that I had from you and here on this blog page, I wrote:
"Hoping and Praying that this year brings with itself, happiness, success, wealth & health to all of you!
And above all, I pray that this year bring with itself, Faith and belief in the ability of loving others and ourselves."
2010, turned out to be one 'hell' of a year and I really needed some semblance of my little heaven with me for a little while. And I must say that you have not been disappointing in that aspect.
Actually, I wanted to grade you through and through the year in loads of categories, I had as a matter of fact written the entire post down in my mind, but that never really translated into words.

So I finished a quarter of my life. A huge phase of my life got over, just to kick start another. And you know what, just like I started the teens, when I quit the whole big party scene, this time also, I decided, enough throwing parties.. spending time with the people who matter the most.

Yes, I know that I did not grow any wings on turning 25, but I think that I learnt some very important lessons which I would like to keep for life. I am recounting them here, so that I can back to this whenever I feel lost about life and hope:

- About office & colleagues: I remember how happy I was about the people I worked with. But after the merger of the law practice with the big law, firm and me going there and rest of them staying there, and later the cold shouldering leading to the revelation of their evil plans to get me out of the way taught me that, there are no friends and friendships in an office. Yes, you can be helpful. You can be nice to each other, but holding your heart out on your sleeves for the people who can take advantage of all of that is a bad idea. It is good to have a great rapport with your colleagues at work but being superficial is the best bargain.

- About expectations:  Of course, this being the whole wedding year, considering that I have just been attending weddings through and through, the deal breaker in the entire thing was, that my bua, while mentioned all her friends who had come from all over the world to attend her son's wedding forgot to mention the name of her nieces, who ran all over the city to help put the wedding together. I know, that we are family, but a word or two of appreciation in front of the entire crowd, would have made me really happy. There is nothing wrong to expect, but then, you should be prepared for the hurt that you may get!

- About Friends & Friendships: I think that the most beautiful relationship is that between the friends. I rediscovered a lot of my friendships whilst making new ones. Somehow, the virtual world gave me another great friend Sharmaji (of Whatthefuckisgoingon blog). About rediscovering friendships, I think, friendship is about knowing and understanding what the other person is trying to say, irrespective of the distance between them. Therefore, I would like to mention here;
Kashvi- I have not really spent time with her. I just forced her to have dinner with me on her birthday! :) But I have heard that she is planning on to make it a point to meet one friend a week. I think I will adopt that resolution too!
Su: The busy mommy! However, I know that I have whatsapped her like at real odd hours, and she has nothing but the best to tell me- Always!
Harshita: Now, she has the knack of disappearing, but of late she has been around more often, normally writing about the things that matter the most, and sometimes not that much!
TUIB's: Sadi, doctor sahiba! I think, I can read her, and see her smile and OMG- Her cultural upbringing is AWESOME!
Then there is my COW, who randomly pings me, when ever she has a minute! I think that I had the most fun when I met her in Moo-mbai :) She has been one hell of a support system back in Mumbai!
Of course, there is Chandni, meri Chandni! Who incidentelly turns out to be connected to me through my younger sister! Talk about the world being strong.
Then the two idiots chud buds Pjs and VY, who have the atrocity to call me at quarter of 10 in the night, when I am half sick and drag me out of my rajai in these cold winters to just have a random chat!

I have learnt that, you don't have to be present 24x7 in the lives of your friends! You just have to be there, because you are friends and that there is a life that they lead apart from you and you also have a life beyond them. And there is NOTHING to feel about that!
*Of course PJ calls me and offers to build me a sleeping place at work!!*

-About 'Downloading from Torrent': I have finally discovered the of downloading the episodes and seasons of my favorite series (english mind you) and then get stuck to the laptop to watch it all. The lesson I have learnt is, that, you have to always move forward with the times, and learn to take risks. I used to be super finicky about using a P2P software, lest it spoils the computer.
But you have to take risks in life. Like it or not!

- About Jealousy: Look at the work Jealousy properly, and you will realise that it has the work 'lousy' in it. And I learnt, that you can either be happy about your life or miserable about your own life because of someone else's life. It took me constant conscious work and I am still working on it- But every time I get sad about someone else having more fun than me- I just remind my self about my own blessings and remind myself, that my happiness is about me and not someone else!

- About rediscovering love: Random conversations. Fights. Not talking to each other. Getting flustered. And, in coping up with our loss, bf and I somewhere, have discovered our comfort zone of being with each other and of loving each other. Not the intense, sexually charged love/lust, but just the fact that we are there with each other. You know, last year, when we were coping with relationship crisis, he had promised me that he will get my smile back- the original 'sakshi smile' and he did! That is the best gift that I got in 2011!

Life in general also, was mostly a roller coaster this year. It was about growing up, both professionally and personally. It was about coping with loss and rediscovering the love that I have for life in general. For some weird reason, FB was flooded with all the 'Happy Go lucky' sort of pictures and messages, that infused a very positive thought in you. And, I also decided to do it all. One way or the other. To live my life on my terms also, and not just on the terms of office alone. And, I have to tell you, 2011, that the whole idiom that keeps on propping up- 'Whatever happens, happens for good' really made it's presence felt!

In one wink, I can relive the entirety of what you were. And, yes, I am bidding bye bye to you, because, I want to open my eyes in the new year, with new hopes and a renewed sense of relief, that Belief and Faith are not just two words in the dictionary, that they do work wonders when you push yourself with their backing to make the wonders work for you!

Thank you for being the year that you were. You will be remembered, for all the reasons, bad and good, but trust me when I say that, you will always be etched in the hearts of the people as the year, wherein people and power became one, where India got the Cricket World Cup, where F1 came to India and where we lost and found treasures of the world!

Lots of love,

Monday, December 26, 2011

Dear Santa..

It is the last half an hour before the Christmas ends. The super lazy me, and the super busy weekend that it was * Considering that it was my mother's birthday today and I sorta asked her friend to organize a BBQ, while I spent time with my darling BF*, I could not write this post earlier.
But never late than never.

Here is wishing all of you A very Merry Christmas! May God bless you all with lots of love, peace and happiness :).

And since Christmas is incomplete without a Santa Claus, so here is a little letter to Santa. *You know, I am still the kid when it comes to writing to the santa*

Dear Santa,
Merry Christmas!! 
Now considering that lot of people call y bf 'Santa', after shortening his name, and that he has a nice paunch too, you are still the BEST Santa ever :) 
And, even though I am not a kid, and I did not write you a wish list, you still made this Christmas really special for me. 
I have always loved Christmas, and it is very special because it is my mum's birthday, but this year, playing Santa *The secret santa in office, where I played santa to one of my colleagues and made the whole lot of effort to make the card and pack the gifts*, I realised the joy of giving. Of making people go all, WOW! at the gifts, wishes and pleasant surprises that are given to them. 
I now, understand why you are such a jolly fellow. 
For so many years, there have been debates about whether you are real or you are not, but I have always believed in you, and have never been let down. 
Each Christmas, there is a present waiting for me, to make me smile. And the best part is, that, that present may not be a materialistic thing, but, it is there. Just for me.
So thank you. *I am hoping that you have become tech savvy and read blogs!*
Thank you for making this Christmas so merry for me! :)


Thursday, December 22, 2011

This year was..'about blogging..'

I did not blog that often, neither did I come close to the amount of posts that I had put up last year. But despite that, I think that I have shared the most important bits of my life with this darling page, and as I have often said that I have found the greatest friends here on the bloggerville!
Can't thank you all enough for being a part of my life in the most weirdly amazing way! *considering the unusual way that we have become friends!*

But this year, I think, that I have had the maximum number of new bloggers, who have been kind enough to drop on my page and leave their lovely comments and critique for me and this beloved page. Therefore, before the year closes- I just want to thank each one of you for being my readers and for being there to guide me, love me and scold me.

There are a lot of new followers, and it is amazing how many new blogs am I discovering. Yes, I am yet to update my blog rolls and feeds. But each one of you is wonderful!

Just quick one line messages for the newbies who have been the most regular here:-

Ria: Thanks a ton girl, your blog makes me smile the most.

Izidher: You are the super sweet girl who loves the simple things in life, be like that.

Chintan: MY God, if I forget to visit blogger one day, I know I have missed out on a lot of stuff from your life! It is amazing the way you write. It is so profound and yet so simple.

Raampyaari: The most famous novelist amongst my followers, I'll die :) You give writing a new twist! :)

Rachit: Dude- Awesome. Keep up the great work!

Alka: Gosh, your satire on politics is amazing. BIG fan.

Ashutosh: Writing what the heart says! :)

Sulagna: Super mommy! :) Keep up the great work!

Rohit: Great writing with good clarity..

Megha Sarin: Fitness and fashin freak, maybe, looking at her, I will be able to push myself!

Alright, these are the few that I remembered, and in case I have forgotten any one, then bhool chook maaf karo ji!
You have all been awesome. And I hope that in the coming year, I will have as much love, if not more from all of you. The old ones and the new ones :)
Happy Blogging!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One liner update

Okay, I see that my fellow bloggers have been very active, and I have to catch up!
I am going to catch up, soon!
In between parties, weddings and hangovers, I am swamped with work! :(
I have the 'guys' meaning friends from all over here and I am here at work, which is no fun! :(

Will catch up on the blogs, and put up a proper post, soon!
Stay tuned!
Lots of love!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

This Year was about... "grief and loss"

There is a silly joke that is doing rounds of the internet now days is

"Dear God, 
Your love for Films (Shammi Kapoor & Dev Anand), Music (Jagjit Singh & Bhupen Hazarika) & Technology (Steve Jobs) is now beyond all doubts.
May we suggest that you take keen interest in Politics too"

And how true is it. It seems that this year the profoundness of death touched each one of us in many ways. The fact that no one is invincible was reminded to us over and over again this year.
We lost the best in every field, from the guy who added the 'i' to the technology, to  a path breaking painter, a rock star- a life cut short.
The Ghazal King, the one person who made the song on the holy Ganges like an anthem.
And if it was not the famous that were dying, it was mother nature making us all realise that there are so many things other than the petty things in life.

The nature stuck in all it's might. Shaking the every day lives of the every day people.

This year, I know that I have re learn't the lesson of live. All over again. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Love is!

Some sadist out there must be sitting happily in his heaven! Because, he created the concept of love, and decided that he is going to let the world work on the concepts that he has left behind. And somewhere out here the concepts remained and the practicality of the entire thing parted ways!
And trust me, coming from me, a person who firmly believes in the concept of love and a happily ever after, there must have been a hard hitting reality that must have struck Me!

You know the romance doesn't last forever, but the fact that he or she understands your full stops in the smses also, lives on for a long time!

But the long lasting live based relationship not only requires a lot of patience and compromises, but it requires a lot of self restraint, because there is always  better fish out there!  I am not going to preach as to how, one can imbibe these qualities or run a relationship because no one but the two people in the relationship know how to run their relationship, and what works the best for them!

But here is the thing: you will go through a heart break each time you have a fight with your other half! Each time, a dream shall be broken, but the good part is, that you will always have bandwidth to build a new dream! Just remember, that, the new dream may or may not be drastically different than your own dream, that you had woven before the relationship!
Because, the number of people in your dream increase!
To think about it, we always make that compromise in every relationship, to accommodate peace in it! We just hype it when it comes to the special some one relationship! If you want it, you will take that first step!
Gone are the days when the guy ran behind the girls, aaj kal toh ladkon ke zyaada nakhre hai!

Love hurts, accept it! 
It is it's own medicine, 
an unfortunate truth, a
misconceived lie, 
take your pick! 
Love, dream! But above all- 

PS: This is in continuation to, or a comment to Su's blog post! 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

This Year was about... "Inqlaaab"


And social media played the all important role in making sure that things and issue become viral even before the people who uttered a few words could close their mouths to take the next breath.
I can totally understand why Mr. Kapil Sibal is so worried about the content that goes online. *I do not support him in his cause, I believe in freedom of speech and expression*

The thing about social media is, that even though last when people were crying foul over the whole common wealth games and all, this year, thanks to social media concrete action has been taken by people, and not only that, 'Riyaasten bhi giri' from the 'Revolution' in Egypt to the killing of Gaddafi and Bin Laden, not only has social media highlighted the problems, but has also become a platform for solid and educated discussions.

Whereas the world saw the entire middle eastern and the muslim states undergo a huge radical change, because of people, back at home also, the power of the people is at it's full force.

From Mr. Hazare, who ignited a small little 'chingari' against corruption, caught fire like a dry piece of wood on a really hot day would. And, again there were discussions all over the world both the real and virtual,about who what and why of Mr. Anna Hazare. And, like it happens in India, the cause got diluted over the egos of the politicians, it eventually did fizzle out!
But, the message of power of the people, went loud and clear to all the politicians. And trust me, I just wish that 'We the People of India' move beyond the pettiness that we keep fighting over,and actually stand together for a real cause.

The year gone by, has shook the people in power, because they are a minority, and has made them realise that, the world order is slowly changing. And change, it shall.
Because, like they say, 'Waqt acha ho ya bura, badalta zaroor hai!!'
PS: The last post with the of them is the bf and one of them is me. *I am going to still keep you guessing who is who* But the babies in both the pictures have such an uncanny resemblance that when I first saw the pictures together, I was like- 'OMFG', how can that be! 

UPDATED TO ADD: I have to read all the pending posts of ze fellow bloggers, but my computer has gone kaput again, and my sister is not kind enough to share hers. So pardon the delay!
*Sis in the bathroom when I am writing this*

Monday, December 5, 2011

It is good to be different!

There may be basic differences between the two of us.I really won't dwell upon those, but, yes, we agree that we are different people. Saying this, I also know that we both really want to be with each other, and that is more than enough of a resolve for both of us! :)

Saying this, I am gonna leave you all with two pictures and you have to in your comments write the first reaction that comes to you, after seeing those two pictures. *basically you have to tell me if the two people in the picture same or different!!*


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Re: Solution

This post is a reply to a post titled 'Solution' and its concluding part, written by Uncle Jack. *I suggest that you read the posts in order to understand, why I decided to educate you all on 'Sexual Harassment'*

This is one of the many posts where Uncle Jack has described an illicit relationship outside marriage. Here, the poor girl, because of the circumstances at home was molded in such a way that she became an easy target for any one who wanted play around with her feelings.
Yes, I agree, that the parents- be it of a girl or that of a boy, need not be their best buddies, but should not become control freaks. Times have changed, and bad childhood often leads to disasters later in life. But, that does not give any leeway to the victim here.
Whenever in life there comes a point, where one has to make a decision, remember- YOU have the choice to make or to not to make this decision.
Coming back to the post- We see that, the girl was able to move on with her life after her bf from college breaks up with her, but then, gets caught in the cobweb of deceit and blackmail thanks to her own boss.

Now, this is a lesson that I have learnt through college and at work- There is ALWAYS a line as far as office is concerned. And, as a rule I personally feel that you should never EVER get involved with people from your workplace. Not only does it get messy for your personally, but professionally also, there is a good chance that you are signing your divorce papers with your success!

Now, girls, this one is for you-
If EVER a colleague and even your boss for that matter, does ANYTHING remotely sexual around you, including sharing a double meaning joke- It constitutes sexual harassment. And under the orders of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, EVERY office, has to have a sexual harassment committee and a complaint box, where the victim can go and complain of the sexual harassment. [Read the details here]
My reason for talking about this is, that often girls for the fear of reprimand and the societal pressures do not really do anything about the male colleagues crossing the line in your weak moment and then using that to leverage favors out of you.
THIS IS WRONG! And, the more we as women play this thing down, the more we shall be subject to this nonsense at work.
First and foremost- Avoid any sort of a meaningful relationship with a colleague. Yes you can be friends, but the moment you feel that, the friendship is becoming the one with fringe benefits, stop it right there. Please.
And if at all you feel, that you are being appreciated for all the wrong reasons, PLEASE put your foot down. Right there and then.
There is nothing wrong in looking pretty. But being taken for a ride because of being pretty is wrong.
Say it.  *And please, use the laws for your benefit and not as revenge tools!!*

See, we women are seen as mere tools for men. The reason being that most women are taught just that. The situation becomes worse when even the educated women also behave in the same way as the uninitiated in our country. Men need to change their mind set. But, they will only do that when they are forced to look at women with respect and as human beings with their own dreams, needs and desire!
And, I really want to add here, that all these bloody beauty creams, which advertise that a woman has to be beautiful in order to succeed and be confident makes a mess for all the people advocating feminism.
And to add fuel to fire, even though the entire nation knows from their history that earlier Indira and Sonia Gandhi have been the two of the MOST powerful women of our country, they are still unable to look at women like intelligent beings!
Respect comes, when we ask for it. Put our foot down at the wrong that is happening to us and the women around us. The moment we put our foot down, nothing and no one who we don't want can touch us.
And always remember just because you wear western outfits, does not mean that you are available!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

This Year was about... "Weddings"

Another wedding post.
But this one takes us back into the past.
Since we are reminiscing the year gone by, it cannot be complete without talking about weddings!!!

I mean that was the FIRST big news of the year, on the very first day of the year. Rewinding a little bit more, I remember going to a New Year Party, where I was flirting with some random guy, whose name I do not remember. But I do remember that, it was a big group of gujju couples, and trust me- Gujju women, well, they drink and their men they flirt. Even in front of their wives!
Any ways, so after dancing the whole night and hitting the bed only at 6 am, I managed to miss the big wedding announcement that my brother made.. about getting married to his long time gf!
And, wham, the trend of the year was set.
The entire year, all I did was to hear about a dozen or so people getting married, with a realization, that time has just flown away. That, there was a time, when I was actually looking forward to, and thinking ahead of being a grown up,attending a friend's wedding,my brother's wedding.. all of it was a just a future that was yet to happen.
And when it did, it was weird at first. Then it became the hectic pace, the sole reason for all of planning for the entire year. And the trend continues. In the coming year or two, there would be 'couples'. In a breath, life has taken a leap.
I know, that I am entering the New Year, with loads more cousins getting married. HECK, my cousin is getting married in the first week of January!
So, now you know that there are gonna be loads of posts about weddings and marriages.. as I look forward to the year ahead! :D

What a Party!!!

This has to be recorded NOW!! Am just back from a office party which was held at Taj!

Basically a Client Event, where we let ourselves lose and get drunk!! And trust me, I have no idea about the amount of alcohol that I have drunk!
So, I get to know that this hot client of mine is my batch mate from school!! And another contact that my boss made in one of her networking trips is my classmate!
The world surely is a small place!!

So from getting drunk, to flirting incessantly with clients, dancing away in glory and being dropped by a colleague, who is like the sweetest person on the entire office- this has been one great night!
Oh, one couple from my social dancing class are big boss's friends! And they told him and his wife that! :)
And the other office, Ms. M, Ms. P,Ms. V and Mr. MDR were also there, and the best part is, that even though they did not give me a cold shoulder I was simply nice to them, like I am to anybody I know superficially! And no I did not feel guilty or bad about it! And I am happy to move forward!!

So one heck of a night!! :) I am very happy! :) and yes, I looked very pretty, in my black dress!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It is the 'Year END'..

And now that we have established that I can have an alternative career as a 'Wedding Planner', I can breathe a sigh of relief!
Someday,may be, some where I will realise this dream too! :)
I can't thank you all enough for the encouragement that you all have given me in my previous post!

So, it is December already.
Time flies.
And this year, from day one has been, a journey of self discovery, of lovely surprises, and losses which were beyond our own hands. This year shall be remembered on one hand for the fond memories and the exhaustion that it caused me, and on the other hand, it will be remembered for the sorrows.. but most of all it shall be remembered for lessons in life that are learn't through experiences.

And, of course, the world also underwent a huge change.
And all shall be discussed in the 'Year end saga', where I shall try and bid good bye to this year, with as much gutso, as I welcomed it. And embrace the New Year, with as much hope as I can muster.

Happy End to a Happy-Sad- Overwhelming Year!