Friday, December 24, 2010


Dear lovely readers of the blog, I have seen a lot of blogs, read a lot of blogs, and have been appreciated and loved by my fellow blog friends and blogrolled friends. I have also been awarded a couple of blogs (please see side bar of the page) and this year particularly, I have had the MOST support, love and above all friendship of all the people who have shared their blog world with mine. Therefore, I want to pass on some awards to the people who make sure that I continue to love this page and love them!!

PS: I dunno, how to do those fancy badges. So I am just going to try really hard and put the pictures of the awards that I am giving away! (The Name of the awards I gave and the pictures are a little different, but get the drift!!)
So let us start the Award function!!

1. "Wise CRACKED"- This award goes to 'Sorcy'!! I have never read the kind of wisecracks that he writes... then there is gyaan in his own unique style of writing- The teachings and the lesson if you ever follow- The result well maybe more hilarious than what is talked about there. I have always laughed my head off reading his blogs! So to sorcy and his sense of humour! It kept me going!

2. "Soul Sisters"- Have you ever felt comforted even by the silence of the person sitting next to you? Especially if that person is a friend and has come all the way to meet you and catch up! But just having her around makes me feel like I know that she knows and doesn't bother with too many questions. Of course, she also my drama queen, and life would have been a mess had she not been around. Thanks, Kashvi!

3. "Sense & Simplicity"- Writing is all about being able to express yourself the way you want- And that is exactly what Banupriya does. She writes exactly what she feels. In her way. I rediscovered the philosphy of being the simpleton thanks to you!

4. "Guest Appearance"-  And this award goes to the crazy cow- Yeah you guessed it right Ms. Moo herself. The super busy gal, writes out of the moon- literally!
The third person sharing this award is Ms. Shalini. She has just taken off and has not written in like a million years!
Girls- I like to read you- Please WRITE!

5. "Word Weaver"- She mostly does not write fiction, but when she does it is OMG! Chanz is probably the only blogger who is of my age here and she is so awesome at creating the plot and then creating that unexpected ending!! Love it!
This award also goes to Aniruddha, he has a knack of writing 55 words or less, I am a HUGE fan. And of late he has been giving us the glimpse of the budding poet in him! :)

6. "Find of the Year"- This award goes to Suruchi! She writes like she owns the world, I have never ever read or heard (yeah, I know her off-line too, get J now!) anyone who is as outrageous and as outspoken as  her with her head firmly on her shoulders. She is a magical woman to be around.... !!

7. "I love this Blog"- Uncle J's- Because sometimes the perspectives have to change! You need to see and realise the other side of the story as well!
Bikramjit- I love the rawness that his blog has. Plus, he often writes about issues that I love having heated discussion about. I have often been the Devil's advocate there! ;P

8 "Musical Paradise"- I have not yet figured how to do the badges and her blog has the best English music recommendations as blog posts. Ms. BloodyMary- The music fanatic! :)

9. "Anti- Thesis"- See, I am going to be a little bias on this one- because well, this goes to Shayon! (now you know why I said about the bias!) I learnt (and not in the nicest of the ways) about the darkest form of writing from this guy. He hits you with his sarcasm where it hurts the most. Moulds your own words and thoughts against you, and does exactly opposite of what 'norms' are! His writings are/ were the chaat masala in my daily dull life, now I have to satisfy myself with the 'Tweets'. But that does not mean that he is not nice, when he is in the nice mood, he writes in a way more tender than the flower!

I really hope that you all enjoy your awards and continue to be the wonderful people that you are! Thank you!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I am so angry!

For the last couple of days, I have been nothing but angry. I have been snapping like there is no tomorrow, and I have been extremely mad at everything.
From the daily mundane activities to the plans that go haywire any which ways, I have been plain angry. I have been trying to figure out what is it that is making me so snappy... and even though I tried so hard, there is no explanation as to what is making me so so angry.

The worst thing being- that there is hardly a week for this dumb year to end, and I really want that the next year is a better, much much better beginning and continuation of the things that have gone surprisingly wrong this year. I don't want to enter the New Year, the new decade with no peace within myself at all. I don't want to be angry, sad, despising myself or hating the world around me.

I think, I am looking for that one little thread, of hope and faith that all is not lost and that there is some sanity left in me. That there is more to life than the worst things that I have been thru this year.
I am restless and cranky.
And I am tired of being that.
I know that there is so much more to life than being angry about the things that don't matter, but, there is something in me that is ready to explode.. it is choking me.. and has become that nagging feeling which refuses to leave me.. and is no even letting me go!!!!!

*Breathing* *Deep Breathing* and hoping to calm myself down!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Miss you Moments of 2010!!!!!

The year was not that bad either! I know it was horrible for all the things that could have and that have gone wrong, but then, I guess- there are some reasons, GOOD reasons which will always make me look back to this year and make me smile and blush!

So here are my top most beautiful reasons of this being THE year *all in random order, even though am trying to make em chronological!*

1. The 1st day- Who in the world keeps an exam on the 1st of January- It was so hilarious for all of us, that we could hardly study for the paper! And all of us were exhausted and mad at our university for spoiling the New Year's Eve for us! This was also the day that I had like the longest chat in the world with Shayon's mom.. and she was super convinced that this year I would spill the beans!

2. Shayon's first trip to Delhi- Shayon's first trip to Delhi happened on the republic day and I drove all the way to Airport, his flight was super late and I got super frustrated waiting for the damn flight to land.. I carried flowers for him and well, I think I was so excited that I just kept on blabbering and also managed to get lost driving back from the airport!

3. Make UP!!! - Yes there was the tough period that our relationship saw, but then there was the 'Make up' that also happened *and thank GOD, it happened*, I had not even realised that I was miserable most of the time when that miserable period was going on. It re introduced me to my own self once again, and also showed the total 'Romeo' side of my darling! It was THE most enlightening moment of my life- To know how much I mean to Shayon and the fact, that how important he is to me in my life. And right now I have tears in my eyes after reading this Make up post that he had written for us on this blog!

4. I Graduated- WITH Hons!- Yeah, I graduated. And in first Division! And was also crowned as Ms. LL.B at the farewell. I think I was THE most emotional at the farewell, but by far it was the best party that our college and juniors had thrown... in all respects. Everything was just as it should have been- Intimate- Close and heart-warming!

5. My parents 25th Wedding Anniversary- Which ofcourse was like the bestest thing that I did. I think the fact I had put everything that I had into this event, has made it one the most memorable one in my memory *I think I will start pestering my kids with 'How I celebrated your grandparents Anniversary' story very often.. you know just to get the message across to them* And just in case you had missed the details *CLICK HERE*

6. The First Job & Cheque- I think I might as well accept it that my father got me my first job, and now six months later I must admit that it is a fun place to work and I just love the people that I work with. And trust me, I Do not get treated as a special child because of my father.
And yes, there is THE incentive of the cheque at the end of the month- after all 'baap bada na bhaiya, the whole thing is that- ki sabse bada rupaiyaa'! But it is a satisfaction to not to ask for money from my dad every morning!

7. Shayon is Back to Delhi!!!!- This was LIKE the, the life changing event of the year. With him moving back! *I just dunno what more to write in here!* *rest is highly classified information ;)*

8. Kashvi moving to Delhi!- I know she is having a really bad time being away from home, but somehow her presence in the city makes me feel so much more comfortable!

9. The Birthday- It was special because- of this! (And I had this party and had Kashvi with on my birthday :)))

10. Breaking the NEWS!- The last time I decided something and broke that news to my parents, I was still a teenager. This year when I went up to my parents, to tell them about Shayon and me, I had become a career woman, even if I was just maybe 3 months old in the profession. But never the less- I told them about Shayon, about our intention to get married.. but the anti- climax is- that things are sorta stalled at just this. There is nothing more really happening on that front! More than the news, I think it was the whole journey to go upto them and to talk to them, the distance was more tedious than the destination itself. All the credit for firing me up goes to Shayon and the Best friend, who coaxed me, threatened me and scolded me into doing this. And, I am glad that it has finally happened.
Because, I think, it has changed me. I am still scared of hurting them, and still a little baby- But I have become protective about my relationship and courageous to hopefully steer it in the right direction!!!

And, I think that, this about it- of course, I discovered that I could rhyme a few words here and there and write some poems, but then.. that is not really in the league up there.. but the poems do make me smile!

Special Mention:  Of Suruchi, the tumbler of thoughts- Who came into my life out of nowhere and am super glad that she did! She is one of the finds of this year! And a super special mention of Seeya- The girl who added more dimension to this superwoman! Kisses and love!

So like I said, the year had its high points too, even if they are just 10.. but they have still made a difference in the person that I am. So CHEERS!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

2010: Good Riddance- Part III

I don't remember the last true weekend that I had!
Oh, Wait, I did have a concept of a weekend in the first half of the year. In the last half of the year, the only thing that I know of is the couple of hours on a Sunday where also, I have my dance classes!

So from being a college student I have become a professional now. An Advocate, and there are days when I get up in the morning and think, Oh my GOD! Why can't I bunk? And just stay at home. And do nothing. But, alas, there is no concept of a holiday when you become a professional.

And this year, after 24 years of being a student, from the nights when I was not allowed to stay up beyond 9 pm, the days which were planned according to tuition timings and the exams.. the out station trips that were not taken because of the college exam.. today I have become a professional who has to be in the courts at 10 in the morning, and even on a saturday work. The socializing has strictly become a after 7pm affair..
And even though, I always wanted to grow up, I sincerely don't think that I have mentally accepted the "growing- up" bit!

I said hello to 2010 as an Undergrad, and I am going to say hi to 2011 as a Lawyer. Life has certainly changed and lesson to be kept from 2010- To accept change- Not only in the world, but also in you!

Friday, December 3, 2010

2010: Good Riddance- Part II

So, now that we are concluding the first week of December, I am excited about the last couple of days.*so that this GOD damn year ends ASAP*
You know, there are atleast two friends of mine, that are getting married in the coming two weeks!

*Yeah you guessed it right, the theme of this post is Relationships*

So how do I deal with that. Especially when the opening line of my post was talking about the holy union of two of my real good friends, I just dunno how to put it--- The fact that this year was a BAD BAD year for relationships. *The male- female, love relationship*.
*Otherwise, my darling Suruchi found a whole new meaning to the word Mother- Seeya!, So therefore not talking about the whole gammot of relationships here*

The first and foremost, is the my own relationship, that I had given up on. The thing that I cherished for the longest time with all the sanity that I had- I just .. well.
And it is not only me. I know that a lot of people, really close to me, who thought that things will eventually work out for them, had to settle for- the non working out of the things that you would really want.

I am an optimist, and I never for once doubted all those relationships and their future, hell- I did not doubt on mine till it was too late and I had inflicted enough damage!
And with each heart break that I heard about, my own nightmares returned to me. To revisit the pain of heart breaks is a tough tough job.
As a matter of fact, the whole optimism was shaken to the root, and things that were thought which mattered, actually turned out to be farce. Trusts were broken along with the hearts.
Going by the law of averages- The worst ought to be over, and things should start looking brighter in the newest year *and if cynics are to be believed, then the last two years before the doomsday *.

Lessons Learnt analysing the relationships, heart breaks , heartaches, and marriages this year are the simplest things..
Never ever take for granted- The trust and the love that you have. It is a rare thing to have an a gift to keep.
It always lovely to increase your circle of friends, but NEVER underestimate the love and the understanding of the person who has been your friend for life.
Lastly- To believe and to stand up for the person you love, in front of the society.. No one but only YOU can do that! The strength of a relationship as good as the Confidence that you have in the one you love!

To 2011- Let there be love!
PS: Since I talked about the weddings- One of the weddings is of our dear fellow blogger and my lovely friend Ki! So here is to a new beginning to her! Love you Girl! 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You know why they are called as Horrorscopes?

The name reveals it all- That is because they are nothing but a horror story, that makes ones life miserable. And above all, it leaves you with a sense of unease, because, you end up wondering if your actions are governing the life that you are leading or the stars are steering your life?

No, offence to people who believe in horror scopes, as a matter of fact there was a time that I too believed in looking through that crystal ball, and reading the tarot cards, and wondering if it is going to be a good day. As a matter of fact, I remember, when I was going to talk about something really important to my parents, and I saw my horror scope of that day, and according to that; it was a bad time. And then someone told me (I think that was Priyam) that when ever you have to talk about something super scary with your parents, the time is never right!

Can I not owe up to my own actions, and be brave enough to face them rather than waiting for the correct alignment of the stars?
It is sort of a fuck all situation with me.

And, I am facing the "horror" of the horror scope!

2010: Good Riddance- Part I

So, we are finally entering the last phase of the year 2010. The year that was the most awaited by me for many reasons. Well, maybe I should have guessed that this year is going to suck real bad... after all I had an exam on the very first day of the year.

*It is often said that, whatever you do on the first day of the year sets the trend for the rest of the year* So, I was wondering,, as to after my set of last semester exams, how is it that I would be giving an exam the whole year? Even if I count the Entrances (for the Masters), how in the world will I end up giving exams till the last of the year. *I almost did, actually- There was this All India Bar Examination which was Scheduled for 5th of December, which got postponed, thanks to a lot of 'if' and 'buts' and buttheads.*

One of the major lesson that I learned this year was- That we give an exam, each moment of our lives. There is never a moment that goes by when we are not doing something, to set something right. That something maybe a thing that you did in the past, or a thing that you would want to happen in the future, or even making a decision in the present.
Each moment defines who we really are. And, even though the smaller and the insignificant decisions like, to eat or skip a meal or what to wear, may not be really life changing, but then there are decisions, that are life changing, which we take all the time.
About the people who we love, about the things that matter to us and how they affect the people around us.

Even though, age is nothing but a number, this year, I learnt, to grow up, and to own up- Not only to the things that I am proud of accomplishing, but also owning up to my mistakes.

And I throw this year out because : It robbed me of my innocence and my smile!