Monday, January 29, 2007


Everybody falls in love... and well you ahve truely loved someone you would probably relate to the six couples that have portrayed the theme.."Love is a problem" all too well...!!!

The critics havent reviewed this movie well at all.. I din read the reviews at all.. because i wanted to see the movie. I saw is four days after it was released.. and of course there were who had seen it... and most of whom who had seen it.. said that it was foolish to watch the movie... it is 3 hour fourt minute movie.. but if you go on my words its never really streched. I believe that six love stories rolled into one... it deserves atleast this much of time...!!!

Out of the six couples in the movie, Ashu n Tehzeeb (John n Vidya) have the most rocking chemistry that sizzeles the screen. There is a lot of one liners that make you laugh at the emotional moments, otherwise adding alot to the element of humour are Phoolwati n Ramdayal (Isha Koppikar n Sohail Khan) and the mis communication between Raju taxiwala ( Govinda) and his madam Stephanie. Akshaye Khanna who has played the role of Shiven, does a la saucy guy with perfection.... and well Anil kapoor and Juhi Chawala, pulled off their parts really well as well. And then there are Salmaan n Priyanka, who constantly banter at each other... while chosing between dreams and love...!!!

Then there are few one liners.. (highly emotional) which would make for some perfect proposal lines.

And then there is the music of the movie.... which is mind blowing.... !!!

Over all I LOVED the movie.... and must see atleast once even if you are not the romantic movie type... alright.. you don wanna go.. make your gal/guy happy and take em with you....!!!

Here is one line.. which is pretty inspiring to make you fall in love...

"Pyaar waqt dekhkar nahin kiya jaata,usse kiya jaate hai jiske
saath aap waqt guzaartien hain"

Friday, January 26, 2007

Looking towards a New Horizon....

Hard work always pays in the form of success.. isnt this the very line that is often put towards us in the glare of all the lectures that one and all have given us??

And isnt this the same line that we would finally repeat when we advice it to somebody.. atleast I tell this about ten times a day to my students who come to me for their tution classes. But they think that didi is probably just giving them another lecture.

Ofcourse it really does not mean that I am not a rebel and do whatever my parents ask me to do. I have a life and I live it too...!!

If you look at my previous post on this page I think that I have mentioned abot having a past... if not then well... lemme mention it here... I have a dark past..(no nothing personal but on a professional basis...) meaning, I fell flat on my face more than once to reach this certain point in my life. And that fall made me stop hoping for ever getting the best. But slowly to my utmost surprsie I found myself working a lil.. and got encouragment after seeing that those lil efforts actaully yeilded results.

I study in a very obscure college with more than obscure university backing it up. That is what I am told everytime whenever I conjure up a good result in my exams(Topping in the college). But that has not stopped me from dreaming. I know that for me to have an edge over my collegues studying in top most institutes I need to do something extra. And that something extra is the nerdy image that I have formed of myself.... but it doesnt hurt.. coz... life is all about taking its reigns into your hands.

I have joined a course to put addition to my qualification. And ofcourse add more weight to my C.V.

Most of all... this success has paid me in more than one ways... it has made me look towards a new horizon .. where I can stand and finally smile in satisfaction of achievement....

Thursday, January 25, 2007

And Finally... its out....

I had no idea that my last post would make god listen so closely to me... My results got out and well... I'll put it as humbly as possible that well... I topped again.. and hence that makes me the annual topper of the college.

Its a very rosy picture... but trust me... for coming to this position I had to face lots of stuff.. somebody really put it right when he said.. that there is no shortcut to success except hardwork...!!!


And ofcourse special mention to my parents and the special someone in my life. Ofcourse teachers are to be thanked as well... but above all its God that I have to thank....!!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The blue and the pink of it....

I could not sleep last night.. I was having nighmares..... I was sweating... and my heart rate was more than the normal. One time I was feeling toooo cold the other tooo hot.... and well... as I write this... things are not so normal.

These symptoms are of neither an heart attack nor an love attack. But are of something more than that. They happen to be the symptoms of a poor lil girl who is awaiting her results for like sooo much of time that the breaks in the reality show results have started too seem reasonable.

Yes this is my condition.... and in short is known as Result Blues... but well... it sure is making me Pink.. white and yellow....

This whole drama started towards the last few months of 2006. I had given my 2nd sem law exams in the month of June and then like a usual bindaas entity started my 3rd sem in the month of August. Well... the results often come by the month of september at max October. But this time the media decided to do a nice sting operation on the University and found that lots of papers were missing and a many more being checked by 5th standard students. This whole bawaal.. bought the university to a standstill.. and now that it has finally started working the results are awaited. I know that I cant do any thing.. but anxiety happens to be a emotion embedded in the human sub concious.. or where ever.

Now, that the hope is filckering with two senior semesters getting their results the speculation is on an all time high.... tomorrow.. day after or when....??? A million dollar question that reamins unanswered and is evading my peaceful nights.. and days...!!!

Oh Please- Give us our result.. and break away the suspense....

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hey Everybody...!!!

Welcome to Timeless Imaginaion.. a blog page that is dedicated to dreams and ofcourse reality. Because what we dream of its with the intention of making it a Reality....!!!

I am Sakshi and well.... this is not my first blog page and not my first blog either. I started blogging on yahoo and consequently started blogging on Shayon's Labyrinth on blogger itself. Shayon is the contributor on my page as well... between us this going to be the second blogpage on blogger. Wondering why we wanted another blog page??? Well.. lets just say.. that we wanted to create a lil kingdom of our own in this big big world of the web... and this is just a way to exapnd it....!!! (LOL)... that was just well.. a bad cheesy joke...!!

To be really frank.. I just wanted a blog page of my own.. so created one. Lets say.. an Independant foray into the world of blogging.. am still a baby.... who is learning to walk... hmmm and who is holding my hands??

My dear guy, he is the one who actually introduced me to the world of blogging and to be equally frank... I initially started writing to impress him and that is a fact. Ofcourse people do a lot of crazy stuff in a relationship.. and this was probably one of those, but nevertheless it has done me good a great deal.

So finally steering this blogpage.. I hope that I am welcomed into this community with open hands.

One last answer to the curious onlookers.. why TIMELESS.. Imagination???

Ahem.... I have belief.. which has been derived by what Walt Dsney once said....

"Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age.. and Dreams are