Friday, August 26, 2011

Phew.. I made it- The Journey from home to the Delhi Airport!

I am en-route to Mumbai, as I write this blog post! *Yeah this is a draft, and will be published when I land in Mumbai!*
Normally it is the journey from one city to another that is eventful.. rather, I am one of those “Lucky Ones”, who have no excitement revolving around the travels that I undertake! Presumptions, I tell you make for really bad lessons!
So, I am going to Mumbai and that makes me VERY happy. There is NOTHING in this world that makes me happier than a trip to Mumbai.. even when the boyfriend is not there, I just LOVE that city. This time round, the major reason for travelling to Mumbai is my Sister- In-law’s Bridal Shower! J
And, I almost did not make it to the airport on time to catch my flight! And, had I missed my flight today, I would have totally cursed Anna Hazare and his entire campaign to go to hell.
Now, normally, the Airport is exactly 45 mins from my house, it maxes out to one hour, if there is traffic on the Ring Road, and trust me, *touchwood*, we have never had a problem with reaching the airport. As a matter of fact, we would normally reach a nice 1 to 1.5 hours before the flight departure, and lunge about in the airport!
But, today, thanks to Mr. Hazare and his instigation to attack the PM house, all roads leading to 7 Race Course were BLOCKED. Like there was the riot police deployed and barricaded! *I am telling you this Anna Hazare will make sure that, we have a civil war at our hands.. and that will be like a doomsday for all of us any which ways!*
So, since almost have of the Delhi was blocked, there was bound to be repercussions on the nodal roads of Delhi, and the traffic, which would usually be bearable, was tripled, and it refused to move.. We were on the Ring Road, got traffucked there, then, turned towards the back lane of Sarojani Market.. turned out that, it was barricaded, went to the Safdarjung Tomb, only to turn back, and head into the traffic leading towards AIIMS i.e. the Ring Road!
Instead of turning into the Ring Road, we went perpendicular to it, and headed into the Bottle Neck on the Green Park, Hauz Khas road.. thank Heavens, I knew that, the traffic there was only a bottle neck.. and that, even though it was tad bit slow, it will not take more than 10 mins to clear that stretch, and thank heavens we made to the outer ring road in the minimalist possible time.  And then, there was the usual jam on the outer ring road, close to the IIT.. I was of course, cursing everybody under my breath.. while my sister decided that instead of willing the traffic to move, she would rather take a nap! And, then, there is the greatest architectural structure in Delhi, near Munirika, a NODAL fly over, right before the Gurgaon Express way.. why is it so great, is because that the Public Works Department, instead of making a two way flyover decided to make a just a single lane flyover, and then divided the goddamn thing into two, using the plastic dividers!
That creates a bottle neck, worth all the curses in the world. By the time we reached that bottle neck, I was neck deep with panic.. and almost in tears.. I mean this is the first time that I had bought tickets out of my own salary.. and I really did not want to end up not going on these tickets.. it is special.
So, I am neck deep in panic, and then dad suggests calling the Go- Air people, and telling them our situation, so that, if nothing else, I am allowed to board the flight 30 mins before the take off instead of the usual, 40 mins window! So, I call up the Go- Air people on their Airport number, and voila, first miracle, that they actually pick up the phone. And, secondly, the poor chap, tries to calm me down, and tells me that he will give my name on the counter, and that I should like really try hard to reach ASAP. *As if I was deliberating delaying coming to the Airport*. So by the time I finish the call, we are at the thresh hold of getting on to the Fly over, and voila.. as soon as we get on to that “Flyover just in the name of it”, we sail through!
And reach the Airport on time. By time I mean, 10 mins before the 40 mins window closes…
And now, there is something more to it-
Dad stops the car bang in front of the entry gate.. and I jump off the car.. and say quick byes.. and rush to the entry gate.. and both the security guards, stad up and see my e ticket and my identification, and tell me to breathe, that there is still time. I rush in to the Go Air Counter, give my bag for check in, and plead the good looking guy at the counter with my sweetest smile, to give me a window seat/ aisle seat.. and very sweetly tell the guy who checks in the luggage that I have fragile stuff in it, so to be careful with it.
Both of em, seeing the poor harassed girl.. be super helpful! The guy who issues the boarding pass, tells me, that he will go and check if there are any window seats/aisle seats. While the luggage guy puts fragile stickers all over my bag. And the boarding pass guy gets me a window seat, and while printing my boarding pass, asks me if I work in Mumbai.. and I also smile back telling him, that I am a lawyer based outta Delhi :D *I am such a flirt!*
And, then, when I rush to the Security Check in, the security uncle asks me, what was the problem with my boarding pass.. so I tell him that, I was telling the boarding pass guy why I got late and thanking him etc. I got this super “OMG Girls” nod and smile from him! :D
And, then, me the wonderful, sees that my flight is boarding and rush to the boarding area, without looking at the Boarding Number gate.. but one round to and fro in the boarding area and I was in the right line, and guess what.. I am sitting totally alone! It is an awesome thing.. :D, coz I am able to write this post.
Mumbai.. here I come!
*PS: Did I mention that the usher in this flight was a super cut guy! ;)*

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Silence of the Long Distance Relationship

After deliberating the whole day, whether I should be writing this post or not, I am finally writing it. And it is a rant. So read at your own risk. The risk of the boyfriend getting angry after reading this post is much higher though.

Six and a half years ago, boyfriend and I used to talk on the phone like crazy. Yes, we generated a bill of 30k, in a matter of 20 days, which did not include the amount that we spent on our mobile phones. Then there was this constant urge to talk, to tell each other about every little thing that was happening around us. You know, making each other familiar with our set of surroundings and people.

Cut to present, it has not been even 20 days that the boyfriend has moved to Mumbai, and already, I am feeling the pangs of being left out. From the decision to buy a new television, to his completing one whole year in the present company, to knowing, in general what his day has been like, all the information that I gather is through the social media. 
And, despite staying in the same country, with no time difference what so ever, we do not have a common time frame to talk. 
Of course, his contention, that I should not push him to call me up, and talk to me, especially because he doesn't feel like doing so, has a lot to contribute in the cause. And, the reason that I have been given is that he has become vary of the long phone calls. 
Barring the call last night, where we talked about our knowledge of the Indian Mythology, every time I call him, day or night, his first question is "Is there any thing to talk about?" and I have a usual answer.. that there is nothing ultra important, it is just a call! 
Samajhdar ki ishaara hi kaafi hai, and so, I keep down the phone, knowing very well, that he is super busy and that there is no chance that I am going to have a word with him.

And, if you feel that I should call him, only because I have work.. then duhu to you. I am his girlfriend, and sometimes, you just WANT to maybe hear a nice apni si awaaz, because you just happen to miss him. Or maybe, you just want to say I love you to him.. or tell him something totally random.
And, NO, I do not call him at work unless, I have e-mailed him a query and expect a reply ASAP. And, he hardly disturbs me at work, because there is not time.

But when there is time, then, he doesn't feel like talking.

Yes, I am feeling very neglected. I hate the fact that I get to know about your where-abouts from your status updates. Yes, I know that you can't tell me every little thing, we have grown out of it, but, how about telling me something?

How about not fighting with me about the time that you can't make out for me, especially when I coming over, and instead making some time out for me? And, all the time talking to me in that clipped tone won't help.
Your coldness scares me, yes, I shout a lot may be, but at least I am not cold to you! 

And, the worst part is, I have no idea what to do. It's like a catch-22 situation, forcing him to talk to me will just make matters worse, and not talking to him normally gets me in this irritable super rant mode!

I have NO idea  what to do! :(

Monday, August 22, 2011

Jai Shree Krishna!!!!

Today is Krishna Janamashtami, meaning birthday of Lord Krishna!
And, today, for some weird reason, I was remembering the times that this festival meant a lot of celeberations, practices and performances! *Its the same now, except, that I am a grown up, and there are other kids who do it.*
There was always a dance performance in our local temple, where, I used be Radha. A very dear aunty, God rest her soul in peace, used to tell our grandmothers in the temple, that she is going to start the practise for the Janamashtmi, so the grand kids should be at her house at the given day and time. Oh, it was so much of fun! Dressing up, to dance and sing.. *No, wonder, all the aunties in the temple still love me so much!!*

And there used to be a jhanki competition *not really a competition, but amongst us kids, it used to be, whose depiction of Shree Krishna's life looks the best in the colony* and trust me, we used to be at our worst enemy behavior then! But like my mom said today *especially, since she was sad that there were no jhankis in the colony this year [there was just one, in one remote corner, at my time, there used to be one at every 10 mtrs or so!]* "That, it was not just about you guys getting dirty in the mud, but it was also about how, you used get exhausted by being in the heat the whole day, with your face going all red"
But those, were some fun days. I am truly saddened, that the kids in my colony, do not do the effort any more. Talking about jhankis, the last one that I did, was with my best friend and we had used all of our barbie dolls, to depict the life of Krishna!

As, I was reminiscing all of this, I cam across a lovely article on the relationship between Radha & Krishna, about their eternal undying love for each other... the article is titled as "Atma Tu Radhika Tasya- Radha, You are His Soul"  , I highly recommend that you read this. Here is a sneak peak:

"Life always gives you moments when you have to choose between two options. Always take side of truth and love and you will gain wisdom. Each decision will bring you closer to your true self.
How can you love Krishna so intensely even when you are not with him and even then remain free from everything?”, Uddhava asked.
Radha replied, “Faith and insecurity. There is a difference when you love a person and feel insecure about him and there is a difference when you have faith in him. Fear results in shackles and faith results in freedom. Fear gets lost in some time but faith grows with every passing day. The love because of insecurity leads to fear and the latter leads to the enlightenment. And that change is the only constant thing in world. Even Radha and Krishna are just ripples in the water but their love will remain forever.” 

I fell in love with these lines. I do not do favoritism towards the God (s) almighty, especially because, each one of them is so special in their own way! And, I have grown up watching all the mythologies possible.. from Ramayana, to Mahabharata, to Shree Krishna! And each of the story is tuck to me, like a beautiful fairy tale.

The thing about Lord Krishna, always has been about his mystery. There is a charm, a twinkle in his eyes, an eternal naughtiness, that you just can't let go of! At all! Though, I do blame him for polygamy, and get really angry, at the fact that he broke a lot of hearts because of the number of women that loved him! But, I do follow the path that he showed Arjuna, in Kurukshetra during the battle in Mahabharata.. probably the only sermon that makes sense in the present day world!
So, on lord Krishna's Birthday, I leave you with his most famous lines from the Bhagwad Geeta

"Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma phaleshou kada chana,
 Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani"

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

RE: Don't Spread Rumors, they cause- Fire! And Panic!

In response to my previous post *Which I shared on Google + also*, a dear friend of mine Souvik, who was kind enough to take time to write his views on my post! :) 
PS: I have posted the whole comment, as is, verbatim! :) Thanks, Souvik, for the food for the brain! :)

Hey.....nice post. But I beg to agree AND differ simultaneously. I agree what we are seeing on the streets now is, to put it harshly, mob culture. This CANNOT be the way laws are formulated in a country;least of all, our country.
But, having said that, does the government really want me to believe that every political/apolitical agitation that is normally held in this country, is bound by the conditions of 3 days and 5000 people? I hope the government will be able to stand by its claim through proper documented proofs. The issue, right now, is not whether the bill proposed by Hazare is good or bad. The issue is...are people in this country allowed to protest peacefully? The government, including the PM, seems to be bypassing this very question.
I have read the article that you linked, that states why the Jan Lokpal Bill is unconstitutional and unnecessary. I'd request you to also read through the analysis of that bill that they have put up on their site.
(download the detailed analysis given here).

Finally, it may be true that today, we, the people of this country, are a major reason why corruption refuses to go. I am willing to pay my fine when I'm stopped by the traffic police next time, but can you, or ANYONE, please guarantee to me that I'll get my driving license done in a time bound manner following all rules and regulations, without having to go through a tout? Can anyone guarantee me that if I complain against a government official to the CBI, the agency will indeed investigate my case with all earnest and sincerity that it deserves, and the guilty will be brought to justice WITHIN A DECENT TIME FRAME? Can anyone guarantee me that if I complain, I'll not be subjected to backlashes from the government? Can you guarantee me that when a police officer from the local PS comes to my place for Police Verification before issuing me a passport, he'll do his work without me paying him a bribe? (When you answer this question,kindly consider the situation that I may need a passport with some urgency, and that the police may decide to neither pass my case nor fail it).

The problem, as I see it, is this. The existing system HAS NOT dealt with corruption in any effective way for so many years. Why do I believe that now, with the same set of people at the helm, something effective will be done? Yes I'm sceptical, I'm being pessimistic,, but this system hasn't given me much to be optimistic about either.
Give me an effective bill to deal with this. What this government is doing, is simple time-wastage. That will not do. Tell me a practical way to force this government (not idealistic ones...please) to bring an effective anti-corruption law, and I'll stand with you and....if the need be...against Mr. Hazare.

I agree, that most of what I may have said sounds impractical. But there are checks and balances that have been provided in our Constitution. And, honestly speaking, when we talk about Democracy, it is the power of the people. And, because, there would be chaos and anarchy in the country, if every one speaks together, there is the thing about sending your "representatives", to the assembly to speak on your behalf. The day that we start treating them, like they are on our mercy and not vise-versa, all shall be solved.

Look at the where the politicians hit you the most, at the places, where it hurts the most. The educated middle class, who refuses to vote or comment on anything, needs to shed it's "Who cares, they are politicians... blah" attitude and start giving their opinions. Mobilize. Your Thoughts! And the politicos have understood that the middle class uses the power of the internet. The moment, you highlight the cause, and move forward, saala koi mai ka baap, aakar apni akar nahin jhaad payega! 

Don't Spread Rumors, they cause- Fire! And Panic!

The views expressed in this Post are purely of the Author. And since, this post is all about politics and,democracy and raising hell, I \ have the constitutional freedom to raise hell in my own way, a.k.a. express my views. That is exactly what I am doing. This is not a personal attack on any one, or their idealism. 


I have tried to keep myself away. I have been commenting on lots of statuses on FB and sharing my views on twitter. But, then, I just can't answer everyone! It's too many against a handful of us *Or so I am assuming*
who do not support Anna!

Now, before, you get ready to spit fire on me, and before you shut down my blog page in disgust, you may want to hear me out. And in case you don't want to, then, well, the country is any which ways going to the dogs, you are just going to be another breed that is gonna rip it apart *Its a pun, please do not take it personally*.

So, as I write this, Mr. Hazare, has refused to get out of the jail. There are people at Chattrasal Stadium who refuse to leave. And then there is the mayhem outside the Tihar Jail that refuses to subside, earlier because Anna was arrested. Now, because, he refuses to come out!

Does that mean, that I am supporting corruption? Or that, I am a secret spy from the government side, who is trying to influence her mere 50 *now again 49* followers?
No. Neither of it is true. And, I do not want it to be true.

Who doesn't want a corruption free nation, where your work is done by the virtue of the fact that, it is the duty of that official to do your work because that is what he is employed to do. I mean, I would love it, if for once, I do not have wait like a five million years to get my phone line back in order.

But, in this case, where Anna is spreading the fire of the cause of rising against the plague of corruption, does the end truly define the means? Today, he is holding the entire government, all the political parties at their tether ends, by what? By the power of sheer black mail. I am going to go to the extent of calling it pure extortion.
Tell me, who starts this vicious circle of corruption? Who.. the babus, who take the money, or we, the people of India, who will pay some hari patti, for the short cut! The day, we put our foot down, and tell the babus, Dude, nothing doing, this is a part of your duty, your KRA, and in case you do not do this, because you want money *Bribe* from me, then I think that I will see you in Court.
Oh, you all do know that there is a Prevention of Corruption Act (PoCA) in our country, that lets you complain to the CBI for any act of Corruption that is done by any government official? And do you also know that if a departmental inquiry is started against an employee, his career is as good as finished.
But, tell me, would you rather go to the authorities with a complaint against a babu for bribery or pay him some money and get your work done?
My guess, is that you won't.

*And if you do, and need a lawyer, you know where to contact.. right?*

Extorting the government, to bend to your demands is not a way to protest. This makes you no less than a terrorist, who would want it his way or boom. Isn't that the basis of the terror attacks, that the government does not listen to them , therefore the innocents get killed!?
Anna is doing exactly the same thing. Of Course, thank God, there has been no super violence, else innocents would have lost their lives here too.
Supporting a cause is not wrong. But, when the focus shifts from the Cause, and moves into the territory of an ego battle, that is the time, we should be thinking, what to support!

Most of the people who are out there right now, have no idea, what the Jan Lok Pal Bill is all about! They just know one thing, that this legislation will fight corruption. Half Knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge at all! And that is what is happening on the streets out there.

*You remember how in Rang De Basanti, that staunch party worker, finally realised that the cause has been lost in midst of the power game? I fear, that is exactly what is happening!*

The Jan LokPal Bill that team Anna is so keen to get implicated, says that all the power will be vested in one body, that will look after the corruption cases. In short, there is no provision for an appeal against for whatever Team Anna says. They thus, are putting themselves, even above the Supreme Court, the Guardians of our Constitution. And, the Constitution itself was drafted in a way, so that one does not become all too powerful. *There is a reason, why the Supreme Court, can rattle the government * And because, the team sitting in the LokPal panel, would any ways be of the pre conceived notion that all those in the government or in government jobs are corrupt, *that is what they are claiming right?* how would one expect a fair trial?
Now isn't that killing the democracy? 
If you are here, and reading this blog post I request you to please read this article, and analyse the legislation yourself!

Support the Cause. We are a Democratic Nation! We have been given a choice to select the people we want up there in the Parliament! Why is it that, when ever we are asked to exercise, this one right, we make the most DUMB decisions? Either we don't vote, or we don't know who to vote for and end up voting for some random guy! Read the manifestos that are given to you. Question the candidates when they come to ask for your votes! Almost all the Candidates, come in their constituencies for election campaigns! And they organize interaction sessions, use it. Vote. Encourage people to vote.

And whenever, you are supporting a cause, don't support it or follow it blindly. Make a decision, through information. Especially because you are a literate *I am assuming that you are* because you are reading this. You have the right to make informed, and educated decision. Use this right well.

And, if you are supporting the cause of India, free of corruption, then start doing your bit. Accept your mistakes, and next time a traffic cop stops for a fine, don't bribe him to get out of it. If you are wrong, pay the fine. Bear the punishment.
Get your passports and Driving licenses, done through your own efforts and not through touts!
To clean the system, We have start by cleaning our own-selves first. Support the cause, not the ego battle that this is turning out to be.
Be wise!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Quick Update!

Even though I have nothing to do right now, no, actually, I have to study, I have dances to choreograph, and I have all the time in the world to do it. I will not.
Why, please don't ask.

I will write a nice detailed post soon! And, since I am going through the 'I am super lazy' streak, I am reading the posts, but just not commenting!

See you soon!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why do I Love You?

There are a lot of reasons that I know, I love the boyfriend.

But here is a little passage out of a post titled "Reasons Why I cannot Love You" from Thought Catalog, and it says so much about why I would never be able to love someone other than him!

"You’re wonderful for thinking I’m wonderful, but I can’t love you because you don’t love me for my flaws—you love me in spite of them. You don’t see me, you don’t even want to see me, for what I am—the ugly, pungent parts of my guts. You can’t and don’t want to tear these parts out of me while I scream. I can’t love you because you won’t defy me, because you won’t fight me when I’m wrong. I can’t love you because you don’t stand eye to eye with me and challenge me, demand of me, to be a better person."

Also, my blog now has 50 followers! 
The 50th Follower being- Ms. Raam Pyaari.. who happens to be a novelist, too! *I have some super famous people following my blog it seems*- So please help me welcoming this young lady and making her feel at home, here on Timeless!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Friendship's Day!

This is for all of you, my dear readers, who have become a part of my life, beyond this blog, and have not just read my rants, but have also given me solutions, support and above all unconditional love by just being there to let me feel the warm relationship of Friendship! 

Thank YOU, ALL! 

Happy Friendship's Day! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Goodbye my Lover!

This has been impending on me for a month, actually more than a month. I knew, that it has to happen. But, somehow, how so ever hard I try, it just doesn't sink in. Maybe, my power of letting go. The confidence that, I am harboring, about making through the next couple of months has a hollow foundation.

Yesterday, in his arms, all enveloped in his and engulfed in his kisses, talking about the future, I could hardly believe that the little world of ours was crumbling, and that in less than a week, we will again be a world apart. All his re assurances that, he will take care and that, we both will not make the same mistakes again... are a Deja Vu!
I don't think that I am ready for this forced separation. A cruel joke in every way possible played by our destiny. The last separation. I don't think that, I can survive another of these debacles. And I sincerely pray and hope that, this is the last of our so called 'Test of love', because one more and I'll probably throw myself out of a window.

I don't know if any of you have ever felt it. After the whole living in the same city thing, the separation and the going away pains my heart and I mean, not a literal pain, but it physically hurts, an emptiness shrouds me making me feel alone even in the midst of the most crowded room.

But I have to be strong. I have to focus. Hopefully I will manage!

And I leave you all with a couple of lines from  a song by James Blunt (Good Bye My Lover)  :

You touched my heart you touched my soul.
You changed my life and all my goals.
And love is blind and that I knew when,
My heart was blinded by you.
I've kissed your lips and held your hand.
Shared your dreams and shared your bed.
I know you well, I know your smell.
I've been addicted to you.


And as you move on, remember me,
Remember us and all we used to be
I've seen you cry, I've seen you smile.
I've watched you sleeping for a while.


I'd spend a lifetime with you.
I know your fears and you know mine.
We've had our doubts but now we're fine,
And I love you, I swear that's true.
I cannot live without you.