Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On the 99th Day

I want to thank all of you for the wishes.. this day bought with it the experience of being away from the current family.
There was a "Family Kitty", which randomly resumed after 5 odd years.. just like that. So, since in the last 5 years there have additions to the "khandaan", that was- This was supposed to be a huge kitty.. we had the newly wed couple, and the little 6 month old niece of my cousin... and I decided to stay back.

To see, the pangs that I would eventually get, because I know I wont be a part of "All" family events that will happen. Surprisingly, I just had pizza for comforting myself, and kept my thoughts positive. I got to know that the newly weds were there and so was the 6 month old niece.. and normally my parents would.. but no one told me.. that the family was asking about me ... sort of disheartening.. made me wonder, if they did not ask about me, or my parents forgot to mention that it to me.

It is such a confusing time for a girl, to feel excited about the new life, and at the same time, realizing each day that her time with her family and parents is shortened.
Taking each day as it comes.. deciphering the feelings.. that pull me apart.. questions my sanity.. but also teaches me perseverance.. each day. 

As we go from 100 to 99...

Have you ever count down to something that you have been looking forward to?
Have you EVER anticipated the time that elapses.. about how much of that thing.. that day will change your life? And, how!

I wanted to write a long elaborate post... but really, all I have to say is that...
Shayon & I are getting married.
In November. This year.

And, life has been enough of a roller coaster, and in 100 more days, my entire entity of my being will change, and while I look forward to the marriage in the wedding... I am also trying to hold on to each moment with my parents... my family...

Shayon and I need all the blessings that we can to start the newest phase of our lives..

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy Friendship's Day!

I think this describes the bond between the "Blog Friends" most appropriately!
We just write, without thinking twice about what the world to say, for some strangers to read, who sometimes sympathize, at times empathize, and sometimes, just read and say a prayer for you. And from those strangers, they become friends!

To all my friends, wishing you all a VERY HAPPY FRIENDSHIP'S DAY!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

More apologies

Office has been a mad mad mad house. Not a single minute to myself! :(
This week, I will catch up! Pucca!

Pardon me! Please!