Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mumbai Salsa...!!!

One of the most important thing that happened to me in year that is running past me is the Visit to MUMBAI....!!!
Mumbai, for me is never new, I went to Mumbia when it was Bombay and I was three months old. Its a filthy city, has Asia largest slum.... but it lives up its name of being The City of Dreams. Initial years when I used to make the periodic Mumbai trips was because, my Dad's Masi used to stay there. But after 2004, there was no great reason to go to Mumbai. In 2004, I had gone for my admissions purposes.
But, 2006, summer bought me a week of holidays and a chance of spending that week with my boyfriend and cousins in Mumbai. Btw, Shayon, my boyfriend stays in Mumbai. But those were holidays... and this year, I saw the true flavour of Mumbai.... I travelled in buses.... and travelled mostly alone. Why? Well.... that is coz, I had gone to work with IOC's law deptt. in Mumbai for a month.
The experience, is worth the office hours that I put in. No it was not the partying... it was just a sense of feeling like grown up... a sense of being independent that really mattered to me.
Now I am looking forward to the next year... so that I can live my month...of being just me again...!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Wedding Vows..(woes)

One of the thing that really was highlighted this year was- Weddings...!!!

Three of my cousins got married in the span of 1 month... so much so.... me being next in line is very much anticipated...!!

Not only cousins, it seemed that a lot of people of my generation got married this year... and how many are gonna last...well... that is a question that nobody can answer.

One of my cousins got married in Feburary this year and well... she already gotten divorced and is pretty sad that things din work out. Not only her, all of us were shocked to the core that things dint work out for her. She is smart,witty...and extremely good looking...!!

But, whatever said and done, weddings in the family are just an awesome affair... I mean... its so cool dressing up and all. Apart from that you eat drink and dance... and everybody is so happy...!!!

I have such a huge family... that is to include my extended family loads of weddings that happened in front of me.. and each wedding has its own special memory.....!!

But this year, the most memorable wedding that I had was of my cousin Shubhra. She about three years older to me. Her wedding was out of station in Chandigarh...and my entire extended family(paternal) was there. My bua, who stays and works in Chennai, made an effort to come and attend the wedding there... it was a blast. Though, in the entire wedding, everybody kept on asking, since I am next, when am I getting married...!!!

The wedding season this time was truely all happiness....!!! Lets c whats in the next year...!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Year is at its Fag end... ALREADY...!!

Wow its almost mid December.

The last post that I wrote was feels like it was ages ago. But then a lot of things do keep you busy and then you really feel guilty about not updating your page at all.

Neways, Just like all good things to an end... (almost.. love I hope doesnt come to end ever), this year too is speeding away and soon, we would be seeing the new dawn in the 2nd leap year of the new century. Its just amazing that time runs away like spped of light or what... it just seems like yesterday that this year had started and I had made some resolutions... I don't think that I stuck to em at all... but then arent the new year resolutions meant to break. Its really commendable that you keep up to your new year resolutions.

Well... as the tradition goes that when December comes, I usually start the countdown to the new year and rewind the previous year. And I always ask my readers to please share their experiences of the previous year with me on my comments.

The year of Bond is almost at its end... this year was hailed as a super lucky year..and to certain extent that maybe so.

Keep coming back to catch the nostalgia of the year that has gone by... no its not gonna be statistical its just gonna be how I see it.. and ofcourse your input are welcome.....!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Triumph of Good...!!!

Today is Vijaydashmi. Also the Shubho Bijoya... and the 75 day festival that happens in Chandigarh culminates today. Apart from that the entire south India celebrates today's day as an auspicious occasion to start any sort of education.

This is India. Where all colours come together to bind us into the spirit of festivities. Whatever te theme or the festival maybe... its celebrated with so much of enthusiasm that I get goose pimples all over my body...its such an experience....!!!

Anyways, the whole lots of celebrations that mark today are embedded in the religious mytholigies and stories that have always taught us that bad may have the hay day but the good will always have the last laugh. I belong to the gen next... and though I have read Mahabharat and The Ramayana, sometimes when I actually ponder over em... it all seems fantasy stories from Alif Laila.

Whenever someone is to describe a good man you say, he should have the qualities of Lord Ram. And evil man is associated with Ravan.

But are these refrences of Good and Evil as relevant in today's times... or these festivals have just become a part of the boquets of celebrations and holidays that are given to us...??

Ram, I feel was GOD... too perfect to survive in the world that we live in. He was Mr Perfect... down to perfection. Where as Ravan, was human. And, to be really frank, all of us have bits and peices of him in us. He was materialistic... craved for power and he was better than us because, he worked really hard to get the kind of power that he possessed, where as we want everything served to us on the platter.

Btw, As depicted Ravan did not have 10 heads, he had just ONE head, but because he was so intelligent and he was a complete Shiv Bhakt and did Bhakti to get the powers, his One head was equivalent to 10 heads.

The thin line that differentiated Ram from Ravan was, the fact that Ravan misused the powers that he had acquired. And in that regard... dont we do the same...?? I mean that, the moment we are in the position of power... we misuse it...even if we do it... very lil....!!!

So, basically we are just Humans... not Ram... and definately not Ravan. So wats the good that needs to be truimphed.... wat are the evils that need to be burned away??

Basically.... I feel... that we'll start embibing good, when we kill, corruption, hatered, start loving the people around us. Stop nurturing fights that kill people who are like us. If we start nurturing ourselves as humans who have love.... we'll truimph... the Evil.

For all of us, who are Harry Potter fans, remember, what Dumbledore told Harry, when Harry realised that Voldemort and him share the same powers, Dumbledore told Harry, that Harry has something that Vodemort doesnt... and That is LOVE....!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Test of Love or What???????

If you thought that the reality shows on TV have all the drama and action, then think again....!!! Sometimes we overlook the twists and turns of fate and above all whenever we undergo the real life drama, some how those reality TV shows look much much better.

Its 11.40 in the night, tomorrow morning Shayon is supposed to land here in Delhi. This whole trip was developed within a week. And trust me, from the time, destiny chose this time to be our meeting time, the drama...the emotional highs...and what not started. And till Shayon does not reach Bombay, and in the safety of his house, I think that this real life drama is gonna make me dizzy.

My dears Exams got over today, and thanks to a few friends and our dear Dada, he is coming to meet me. The catch of the situation is that, he is supposed to catch a flight at 6.30 tomorrow morning and his train, that is supposed to take him to calcutta is more than god forsaken hours late. First, it was decided that he'll take a car to Kolkatta, but then that was turning out to be additional expense... and then we thought that the best way would be to cancel his ticket and get him on another flight. And just as I was on my endeavour to cancel his flight, while talking to him we heard the Magical Announcement that his train is finaaly ready to take him to Kolkotta. Even now as I write this post, in my heart I am not being overtly jubiliant...I am just praying that he is able to catch his flight on time. And that when I get up tomorrow morning, I know that I am gonna finally meet him.

Dear God,
Thanks for getting the train there. Now Please Please.... Please no more delays or Mishaps.... Just let us meet w/o anything catastrophic happening.... c'mon, You always listen to people who are in love... so please Dont make any exceptions now....!!!

Thank you,

Monday, September 24, 2007

Chak Diya....!!!

A final made in heaven or what....!!!

The world T20 final, couldn't have been bigger or better. A final that every Indian would remember. A final that has made history yet again after 24 years of long wait. Twenty four years earlier a young lad named Kapil Dev, led to the most amazing Indian win in the World Cup. He always said- "Play Cricket from yourt Heart".

And today, 24 years later another young aggressive captain MS Dhoni says the same thing to his boys, that just play dil se.

The celebrations after 3 hours continue to rock the city.... and as I write this post it feels that Id, Diwali, Holi and Christmas have come early and have come together here in India. We are a cricket crazy nation, a country United in the win against their arch rivals. The match was more important because it was against Pakistan. And the record holds it, that India has never lost to Pakistan in a World Cup Match. Even in 2003, ofcourse we were disappointed that we couldnt win the cup, but we were much happier because we had beaten the Pakistan team in the Semis to reach the final.

India made 157/5 in their innigs, and batsmen like Yuvraj and Dhoni just couldnt fire like they did in the previous matches. But the sensible knock of Gautam Ghambir (75 of 54 balls) took India to the total that was competative enough. In their innings Pakistan gave a fair share of competation to us and evry ball wrongly place was put away for a boundary. But the early and regular fall of the wickets put the pressure on the Pakistan team. Though the most crucial wicket that turned the match was that of Imran Nazir. He was run out by Robin Utthappa, a direct hit mind you. Also the other crucial wickets were taken by both Rudra Pratap Singh and Irfan Pathan. They did awesome work with ball. Though Joginder Singh was hit when he balled, the last wicket and the match taking wicket was taken on his ball by Sreesanth.

This Cricket team lead on the front by their Capain, is a Young and Vibrant team, A dream team maybe, but what matters the most is that this is the team that has tapped the raw potential of the young blood and made us proud.

Here is wishing the Indian Team..... All the best... !!! And a Huge Congratulations.... You guys have made us proud.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cheers to the Half Century.....

Its a lil more over a week that I have been back from Mumbai, and since the last publication, I agree that its been a looong time.

It seems that the roles have been reversed and that my blogpage is getting lesser posts and Shayon's been blogging...and Blogging... at the rate of posts mushrooming every few hours.( This is exaggeration, he hs been posting atleast 2 posts a day).

Firstly, I wanna congratulate myself that I have managed to write up 50 posts.

This sure is an achievement for me. I hope that my readers continue to support me.

Hmmmm.... so how was homecoming.... ???

Well.... Till about recently I used to say that I am in transition phase and that I still havent gotten a feel about being home... but today, I guess I have finally reached home. Wondering ahy am I saying that?? Welll.... My experience certificate finally reached me today. Its my very first experience certificate from my very first job.

Finally- I am Home....!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Aamchi Mumbai....

Wondering what happened to me and my updates.... well... its just that I have been keeping a tad bit busy..and being loads lazy.

Well... the week that was... was great. I had gone to my Di's place for the weekend. I managed to meet three of Shayon's three freinds... actually two of his girl friends and his best friend Vijay. It were some cute hours. We had so much of fun... talking and getting to know each other. I just hope that I dint blabber tooooo much.

Theen office has been pretty usual.... work, an the usual bitching that goes between the my boss and the lady that sits in the next cubicle. Its kinda fun, sitting in a semi govt office trying to figure out what people actually are doing....!!!

Home is great.... the maid cooks really well... but she thinks that she is the malkin....!!!

The weather here is great. Never in the years that I have been to Mumbai, I have experienced such awesome weather. Its just too beautiful.

I too am great.
Rest later.... Cheers....!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wednesday Surprise...

It was pretty blue for me on tuesday.... I kinda came down with the cold. Neways feeling much better.

Though... Arushi had told me that Naveen Bhaiya is gonna come.... I never thought that it was gonna be today. So right in the morning, when I woke up, I found that Naveen Bhayia was right there.... and he gave me a ride to office. He is pretty excited and very nervous about the baby that is gonna came in a few months.

Rest all is great though.... just a twinge.... that is all. Wish I could expand on that. But I'll just let be.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday Morning...Blues...

Well... it was a wet Monday Morning.... the sky was overcast...and it was NOT blue...

Nothing as a matter of fact was blue, because you see in Mumbai, the buses are also red. Ok, enough jokes abot the blues and the reds. Work.... yeah I was at And I have to go tomorrow. In such a beautiful city, it takes an effort to get out of the bed and go to the office... I would rather go to the beach....

Well.. work was good. I was making my report on the files that I did on friday. It looked like that I was working... Finally. But the day was good. It was a very relaxed day, after the whole lot of parting on the weekend. Even Karan Bhaiya came home early.... So what did I do in the evening?? Mom, I excercised. I went for a walk.... and it was very beautiful. Trust me. I just hope unlike last time, I dont gain so much of weight when I go back.

That is it guys.... looking fwd to yet another day tomorrow....!!!!


Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Weekend begins.....

My weekend has begun.... well.... this weekend I have planned on doing the social calling that, I have to do... Like it or not. But then aren't these the people whom you fall back upon....

Anyways, the fun lets say is continuing.... I went to Shweta Di's house today. Met Mannat, di and Jiju... it always a pleasure meeting them... and then these guys took me to the Cadbury Day's Party in the Hotel, Taj Lands End. The Party was really nice, with Boman Irani and Aasma Band performing for us live. I danced with the Band guys n Gals.... unfortunately I have forgotten my camera at home... so no pics.... But yeah for Arushi's collection I have a few autographs.

Ok, here is a lil confession that I have to make, Arushi darling.... tonight I really missed you. You would have enjoyed the party to the hilt. It was fun. But like you commented on my last post, aapka bhi time aayega. I am sure that you are gonna have more fun.

Right now... I guess I should be changing my clothes...and turning in... have a pretty heavy Sunday tomorrow.


The First Day....

Its almost four in the morning... I just returned from a nice get together..... and wanted to recount my day...after all memories are what the prsent is for...right??

I started my day pretty early. I reached office at around the hang of the route that has to be taken and all. Office is pretty cool... a really cozy family like atmosphere prevails where ppl are always talking and the phones are never silent. In midst of it all.... I read thru almost 2 5 files... all in a days work huh.....

Hmmmm..... it was raining very heavily when I reached back home. I tried getting a new sim for my phone so that I can cut the roaming crap... but the Sim is not ready entertain me... as yet.

The Night... was great. Karan Bhiaya took me to his friend's place for dinner. Together we were like 10-12 of us...and all thrwn in randomly...all came thru knowing one or the other... and almost everybody was new to each other. There was the booze... loads of music... dim lights and awesome food.... and trust me.. I missed Shayon so much tonight.
And then to burn off the food...and shake a leg...we went to a club.... it was in Hayatt.... and I have not seen a friday night more hip and happening...the place was jam packed and Urmila Matondkar was freaking out with her friends. Came bak around 3 ish.... and now... I am packing off... coz... i am drop dead.... TIRED....!!!

Cheers....!! I am...

I was waiting to write this post. Well... I am sitting in a three bedroom appt.... in one of the rooms given to me. The appt belongs to my brother and he is really happy that I am here.

I am joining Indiann Oil Corpn's law dept tomorrow Morning.... and I am very nervous...and absolutely excited.

Pray that all goes well....!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Driving Sanity away....!!!

My exams finally got over on Sunday.

Nothing eventful... just looong wait for them to get over...which finally happened. And the much awaited holidays are on. But trust me.... I am having a hard time.... Coz I have nothing to do. On the very first day of my hols I got up at 7 in the morning..and did nothing....!!!
And today at the end of the second day.... I have done nothing significant either.... got up and then slept again...!!! How cool is that...!!!

I know many of you out there would love to do nothing... but then lemme warn you that.. doing nothing for one day, two days can be fun... but when the prospect is pretty bleak of oing nothing at all... then its a scary prospect....!!!

Lets c what happens next...!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix....

J.K Rowlings' hit series part V, was released in the form of Movie on the 13th of July 2007.

This whole week ending on the 21st July is gonna be the Harry Potter week....!!!!

The last book releases on 21st... and the much anticipated ending would be finally revealed.

Anyways coming back to the movie.... I am a fan of Harry Potter movies.... but after watching the order of the phoenix, I must say that my curiosity has been aroused to its fullest. Though... I havent read the book, I know that the movies has been well made. Those who have read the book might find that lot of things are amiss and the death of Sirius has been a bit underplayed. But the movie has some great effects and it is really good.

Harry and the gang have finally grown up and harry's first kiss is under a mistlestow and its a cool scene.

A great watch....!!!

and as Prof Dumbldore says.... " One thing that harry has and Voldemort doesn't- is a cause to fight for...."

Have fun....!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Header Mania....!!!

Well... I guess that this truely should have been the topic of tagging...!!!

Welll.... thanks to blogger's new feature... we can have pics customised to our own tastes and ofcourse to the taste of our beloved blogpage that we can put pics as blog header....!!! Well... as of now I know that Shayon has done the change... and Karma too has replaced his header...and since The Wall Mag is under em it was bound to change.

So here I follow the suit and change my header too...!!! I hope that it is representing the name of my blog well.... comments please??

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

100 Facts about me....!!!

It seems like that I am gonna write a script of "I, me, myself". Lets see how muych am I able to do so... I was tagged by Shayon. I am starting this post on 11th July 2007, Let us see how many facts am I able to come up with.... 100 is a HUGE target.

1. Name: Sakshi Chopra
2. Sex: Female
3. Birthday: 5th September, 1986
4. Nationality: Indian
5. Languages I can Speak: English, Hindi, and tiny winy Bengali
6. Sexual Orientation: Straight
7. Relationship Status: Committed
8. Children: No
9. Smoking: Strict NO
10.Drinking: Socially
11. Email ID:
12. Mobile No: Dont give out publicaly
13. Currently Doing: Bachelor in Law
14. Institute: Mewar Law Insitute, Ghaziabad
Now comes the difficult part, its the toughets job in the world... writing facts bout ur own self...!!!
15. I am a third generation lawyer.
16. I love what I am doing.
17. I have two friends who are just like everything that I have.
18. I hate the politics that happen in college, that is why I'm not fond of hanging around my college ppl that much.
19. I am teachers pet in college.
20. I have written three research papers till date.
21. One of them on politics got published.
22. One got me a merit certificate amongst the top 100 papers.
23. The topic for the paper in no 22 was " I'm Immortal"
24. I passed my12th Std from Modern School, Barakhamba Road.
25. I was in modern only in 11th n 12th.
26. I was in Air Force Bal Bharati, Lodi Road, till 10th standard.
27. I loved my life in Afbbs.
28. I am still a Virgin.
29. I have a boyfriend for the last two n half years.
30. He tagged me into doing this.
31. I love listening to music.
32. I love being a delhite.
33. I have slowly realised that, I want adventure in my life, so I wanna go n stay all by myself.
34. I have had horrendus accidents.
35. In one, I banged my head on the gate, hence got stiches, on my forehead. Was just 4 at that time. The other one happened when I burnt my wrists on the hot iron and the last accident that I had was last year when I was hit by a motorbike, got muscle ruptre on my right leg.
36. My best friend says that I should hang a board stating that I am accident Prone around my neck.
37. I have a younger sister.
38. She is 7 years younger to me.
39. She has just about crossed my height.
40. I lost eight kgs in last one month.
41. I am to loose another 5 kgs.
42. I love to read.
43. I have read everything. But Love stories capture my heart the most.
44. I am a huge fan of Erich Segal.
45. My name means "Witness".
46. I know its the most appropriate name for me.
47. I have seen most of the north indian hill stations.
48. I would love to explore East India.
49. I have always believed in love.
50. Love for me is like a box of surprise.... it can make u smile n the same time.
51. I think that the best movie till date on love is "DDLJ"
52. My all time favourite song is the title track of DDLJ...
53. I Love my boyfriend... alot and I made him read Love Story.
54. He really liked the book, hated the end.
55. I dint say that I am a Virgo, by my sunsign.
56. I tick off people alot, that is y they get tired of me.
57. wow... finished so much in so lil time.
59. I love to talk.
60. My dad hates the mounting phone bills.
61. My dadi ma stays with me.
62. My mom is a teacher in a Govt School.
63. My dadi took care of me wen mom used to go for work.
64. I know how to drive.
65. I would love to drive on a beautiful road.(The Road is- The one behind Aksa Beach in Mumbai)
66. My best date was last yr on Juhu Beach, when I walked in the moolight with my dear boyfriend.
67. I love to dream big.
68. I wish to have powerful presence in the society.
69. I want to do good by the power presence that I want.
70. Money matters.
71. I hate cringing for money.
72. My first job was teaching kids in a tution.
73. I blew the money from my first salary on my very first date.
74. I love my boyfriend's phone.
75. My ultimate indulgence in food is chocolate.
76. I appriciate good food.
77. I dig for Nirula's Hot Chocolate Fudge.
78. I wanted to marry SRK... till I learned that he was married.
79. I used to call Amitabh Bachchan as Kitab Bachchan wen I ws younger.
80. I have never written so much about me.
81. I have butt long hair.
82. I have peirced ears.
83. I have three pericings on my right ear and two on my left ear.
84. My boyfriend loves my ear peircings.
85. I wanna get my nose peirced, but It will not look nice on me.
86. I started blogging two years back on Yahoo.
87. Shifted to blogger about... I don remember when.....!!!
88. My all time favourite book is "The Alchemist" by Paulo Cohelo.
89. Its getting tougher to write about myself...its after all hard to assess about ones self...!!!
90. I have lived the hostel life, hearing the stories of the same from my boyfriend.
91. I hope that by now you have figured out who my boyfriend is.
92. I cant wait to read other 100 facts by the people who are gonna get tagged.
93. I love to sit home in my shorts and a comfy t shirt.
94. Saree is my favourite Indian Dress.
95. My best friends are in top institutes of the respective feilds.
96. I have been probing my dad to by me a new cell phone.
97. I love my phone though.
98. I am dying to watch Harry Potter and the order of the Pheonix.
99. I have never read a harry potter book.
100. Thank God the list is over. This means that I am a Theist....!!!

Wow..... I feel like a self obssessed bitch right now. I wonder If you guys reached till the end... If you did...then wow... you know alot about me. and if you din... I have had a borrrrrrrring life....!!!
Well, I'd like to tag Arushi, Karma, Rathz, Mann, Dion,Aniket, Freddie and all those who write on The Wall Mag .
PS: I finished this on the same day I started. ( so vella)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Taj has made it to the final... and has been crowned as one of the Seven Wonders of the world.

Thank You India.... you made Taj proud...!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Finally- A post from my co contributor....

The previous post has been written by my co contributor of the page... Shayon. Darling- Thank you so much for the post. And my dear dear readers.... his writings are a pleasure to the eyes and to the brains. He has inspired one and many into the sphere of blogging, me included in that. And as a self confession- I used to write only for him intially, but thank the devil that my imagination is seeing the horizon...and that I am writing from my heart for the world.

Thank you Santa...!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

It’s just been a few days that I got a new mobile phone that’s got a FM radio as well. Since then, I guess apart from the 6 hours that I sleep, my poor companion has been over-worked for the rest 18 hours, every damned day :-P. Well, yesterday, just while I was leaving office, the RJ on Big FM (92.3MHz) was discussing the various pet names couples use to call each other in private (Ahem!). There were Tullus, Taklus, Dholus and numerous Jaans. People were just asked to call up the radio station and come out with all the “love names” and if they think urs is mushy enuff, u get to win Bingo! supply for one whole year. Trust me, it wasn’t Bingo that caught my fancy. Suddenly, I just turned all romantic and full of love for my gf. I felt I too should participate and tell them something that we (me n my gf, u idiot!) too use to call each other, weneva we r in da best of moods (I ain’t talking of the condom brand, matey).

Well, just as life has it, after trying for almost 45 minutes, I just happened to get thru the line. Yet, there were huge disturbances on the other side and despite trying furiously for whole 50 seconds, to hear the other party, all went in vain and it got disconnected! I was frustrated but not yet down. Within 15 minutes, I got thru again, but to my amazement and furore, at the same time, my phone said the call lasted for 5 seconds and I cudn’t hear a single word! Now, if u think I kept trying on again, u r grossly mistaken, friend! That was the height of my patience and just flicked the station *LoLz*.

Now that I look back to it, what all people do for the sake of, what they call, Love!

P.S. – Just thought of posting this ‘coz of Sakshi and her younger sis’s relentless campaigning for The TajMahal, which is considered to be the epitome of love!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom.....

A movie which has Amitabh Bachchan singing a song and not having a dialogue in the entire length of the movie....???

Interesting huh... I just came back after watching JBJ... and trsut me if you are planning to just freak out and are not interested in serious movies..its a must watch. The story begins when two strangers i.e- Ricky(AB's Baby) and Al(Priety) are forced to wait for 2 hours on the station waiting for a train to arrive. And guess what- Both are waiting for their Fiances... and that is where the twists and turn begin. A light hearted movie inter woven with loads of song and dance sequences. The title number is the most amazing and rocking of em all. Be it the Amitabh version or the Disco version. There is also an amazing romantic number...

The coustumes...or rather the clothes- were amazing. The scene creation was also very good. Though not Shaad Ali's best, but movie has great one liners, and lots of old songs in the background to create effect.

Now as for acting- All the characters- Ricky, Al , Aniada(Lara Dutta) and Steve(Bobby Deol) have done a great job. Special mention here about Bobby... he has done amazing bit of acting for his small role..and the same goes for Lara...she is very convincing in her character.

I really liked it... I hope that you too..have fun.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Touch your elder's feet when you meet em....!!!

My examination start in less than a week.

Today I had to collect my roll number from college. Yesterday, I had gone to college for the same purpose, but I could only get the clearance and had to go again today. It so happened that Delhi woke up to a lovely Saturday morning which had oads of rain and amazing weather in store. Thanks to the down pour mom, dad, Arushi n I went to collect my roll number. Towards my college there are numerous malls and ma n pa were wanting to see those. So after giving them the tour of the mall and having lunch in the food court, as we were leaving... I bumped into a very good friend of mine from college. He too was just coming from college after collecting his roll number. He saw me with my parents- and right in the middle of the mall when I was introducing them... he bent down and touched their feet...saying namaste to them. Though the incident was a lil embarrassing at that time.... but now that I think about it... it was rather cute. He btw is a junior in college and absolutely an adoirable person.... and that action of his made me remember incidents that changed my life almost three years back... weird na... how lil things provoke memories of the past....???

Sunday, June 3, 2007

VOTE FOR TAJ.....!!!

This year is highly significant...and on the 7th of July 2007 , The NEW Seven Wonders of the world are going to be announced.

And since Democracy and voting are the order of the day, Apart from the panel of specialist that have shortlisted the candidates, the final decision has been put in our hands. The common people decide the elite Seven Wonders.

Unfortunately- The biggest democracy in the world is not realising this. We are voting for all the candidates in all the talent hunts that are happening, but then we are not voting for what actually requires voting.

Taj Mahal- The eternal monument of Love, is India's entry to the race of being one of the seven wonders. And it needs the support of the people who swear by the love of Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan.

You can follow this link- Vote for Taj or use that phone of yours- type TAJ and send the sms to 4567.

Hurry- Lets get our Taj its place back.....!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

People- Its time to do our bit.....

The count down has begun and before we realise it... It might just be too late.

This post is inspired by many articles that are coming in every newspaper. I am talking about the global problem of Global warming. I know that I am no saint and that to give up AC's and technology in favour of nature... It will pose a huge problem. But I guess that we can always try. Try to cut down on the enery that we consume and get a little more closer to nature. Even if its potting a small little plant in your veranda.

Think about it- Earth has been given a time of 8 years...and after eight years earth will be at the point of no return. Lets just say that another chance has been given to us, so that we dont end being perished like the Dinos...and the earth colapses under the weight of the discovery and inventions that the humans have made.

Though- I must say that earth itself is taking its revenge.... none of us like "The Acts of God" which include the droughts, the famines, earthquakes and tsunamis.... to name a few. Its the natures' way to take revenge for all the possible unjust use of the resources that it has provided.

So...before we perish thanks to our Frankenstiens.... lets start ammending our ways. I am sure that my readers are very learned people and that they do understand the importance of conserving and holding on to whatever that has been left.

And I am also sure that they do not want their future progeny to suffer the crisis that we ghave developed.

The ammendments-

Lets start recycling.... I know that we follow it regularly...but lets just double the pace. The Muncipal Corporation is doing its bit..( It very lil) but atleast lets follow the dustbin colour codes.

Plastics.... of the greatest invention in the modern day world apart from choking poor stray animals is also choking the drains and is sapping alot from the fertile soil. Switch to paper or Jute. Avoid far as possible.

Water Water every where not a drop to drink- Soon this line out of Samuel Colridge Poem is gonna become a reality.... Thanks to the concrete that had to be used to create the pucca roads, the ground water that has to get replinished does not get replinished, and no amout of borring will get you the ground water to raise in level. The best way to avoid the parched situation is to do rain water harvesting. This way- we get to use the water that is the purest...and borring will finally yeild some rsult...or the best we may not require it at all....also...please dont waste water...varna jitna ghar par aata hai woh bhi nahin aayega....close the tap properly after using it.

Boond Boond se Saagar banta hai....

Plant a tree- Like I said, we just cant shut down just wouldnt be practical, but what we can do is, plant more sapling and that the main culprit of Global Warming.. Carbon Dioxide can be absorbed by the trees. And I am sure an increased tree cover would mean, more rain...and less tempratures.

Save Energy- Switch off the lights and fans in the rooms you are not sitting in. This is basic courtesy too.... (that means we are brushing up on our manners as well).

Hmmmm I wrote about what all I could think off.... I am sure you guys have your own suggestions to make...and I am all eyes n ears for those.

Eight years..... The clock is Ticking.....!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Boulevard of Broken Dreams.....

This post was titled as "Power of patience " initially but as soon as I started this post things came up and then I just couldnt go beyond the title of the post.

The Irony of the situation is that this blog is completely opposite to that of the earlier post which I was supposed to write.

At the starting of this week, I finally recieved the news that my efforts of the two years are paying off. My internship in an amzing place got approved. Also the place's out of Delhi, and those who have actually known me they know that how much am I craving for a chance to assert myself in this independant world and have a chance to prove to my parents that I am actually good... and not as my mom says..."Andhe mein kana raja"; I finally got my chance. But as they say- That not all good things last for this wish and dear dream was also short lived.

The place where I was to go for my Internship happens to be in Cochin, Kerela and unfortunately for me I have no relatives staying over there and no friends either. ( Only my parents' friends qualify for this....) and the cherry on the cake is that my father says that since you are a girl; I am sorry I cant send you there...because there is no one there and we have no idea about the place.

So, all my hard work and everything that I have ever dreamnt off goes down the drain beacuse I am girl.... wow... being a to be lawyer I cant justify this....that its my fault...that I am a girl....

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sum of my thoughts.....

Its actually been a really long time that I sat down and thought about whta's been going in my life and blogged it out here.

No, even before writing this blog I did not make my mind do a racing of thoughts that have be put down on my blog. This blog is an impromptu blog...and I have no clue as to what I should be writing so that this blog becomes readable.....

Let me try and sum up my thoughts after one week of getting my third semester results. Yup, last week my results got declared. Though my marks remained pretty static..... my positin in class came down as the highest total was like lots of marks ahead of me. But I still remain amongst the top few in my class. This result, upset me alot, becaus I realised that I got caught in the web of over confidance and therefore.... I have been trying to do some sort of introspection.... but unfortunately I am pretty bad at realising my true innerself, and subjecting my weakness to the introspection mode. A senior in college, who is my sole notes provider, and someone who gives me SOLID advice told me.... that I should be happy because I am maintaing a pretty good average which is hardly possible in this college. This lifted my spirit up a lil...but I have put myself in the top gear as far as the coming exams are concerned.

On the personal front, I can see stormy waters ahead. Maybe its because I am acting like an immature idiot or maybe the waters are really troubled and we aren't able to figure what exactly is wrong. Talking about relationships.... I kind of have noticed a pattern around me, that when things are going wrong in one relationship... thanks to induction or whatever...I see most of the relationships in troubled waters. But then as they say End defines the means.... it normally gets over in a day or two, and love is in the air again.

Rest all is pretty usual. I am just hoping that this semester goes off fine. It was after a short and sweet sem....wish me luck.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Hey..... hmmmm I have been tagged by Shayon.... and these are a few questions that I picked up from his page.... carry on the tagging thingy.

1. Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it: I have a scar on the left hand corner of my forehead. Got that scar when I was 4 years old, smashed my head on a iron gate while playing.

2. What is on the walls in your room? I just got the walls of my room re painted, they are in sky blue and sea green. There is a collage of my photographs on one of the walls and a clock on the other. There are other things that are yet to b put up.

3. What does your phone look like? Its a Nokia 2300, blue purple and pink...pretty colourful and easy to use.

4. What music do you listen to?Nuthin specific, depends on my mood. I love ol Asha and R.D. Burman songs, good slow and sweet english songs. Hate Rock and metal barring- Bryan Adams and Savage Garden

5. What is your current desktop picture? This Lappy is partly owned by my younger sis and only Olsen Twins, rule the background here.

6. What do you want more than anything right now?A Job Offer....actually am waiting for a certain reply from a Law firm... I hope that I get a reply Very soon...

7. Do you believe in gay marriage?As long as the two ppl getting married are happy..its ok...coz in this era.... normal weddings hardly survive.

8. What time were you born?7.58 am.

9. Are your parents still together?Absolutely, they are also very much in love with each other...

10. What are you listening to?Fever 104...a radio station that I love and they are playing my current fav song as of now...Laari chuti from Ek chaalis ki Akhari local.

11. The last person to make you cry?Don really remember...prolly my dad when he had the fainting spell...

12. What is your favourite perfume/cologne? Escada... My Bua gifted me when I topped in the last sem.

13. What kind of hair/eye colour do you like on the opposite sex?Anything but electric greens and blues...

14. Do you like pain killers?NO

15. Are you too shy to ask someone out?Hmmmm..... I dunno...maybe not too shy

16. Fave pizza topping?Anything, but pepperronni...hate that.

17. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?Maybe a few chocolates...

18. Who was the last person you made mad?Shayon, coz I was just not understanhding wat he was trying to explain to me...

19. Is anyone in love with you? Yeah.....

Ok, I hope now that I have done this...its right..... So my dear fellow bloggers....Karma, Manvendar, Rathz, Freddie, Aniket and dear Roosh...please continue the Tagging tradition.....and increasing the chain.....

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Getting the pace back....

Its been a week that dad had his Angioplasty done. Thank God that he is recovering. One thing that surely is putting my life back into the pace of things.

My house that is still having rennovations going also on the final stages. That's the reason the comp and the net connection are back into action. Once things get settled here....its gonna be a hectic life...once more.

Almost a month off from college has been attributed to me. Though out of that month long off about a week off was given by the college authorities themselves. I need to go back to work. My boss is wanting me back, so Monday onwards its gonna be office again.

Finally it seems that life is getting back onto track....the only thing that is amiss amongst that I am broke and I hardly get to talk to Shayon. That is pretty frustrating, but isnt that all about life and times???

Sunday, April 29, 2007

This one's for you DAD....

My father has always been...what you call as model father...recently I discovered that though he is a dad... he has qualms at times...but he is ready to accept that he has daughter who is big enough to take responsibilities. And also big enough to enjoy and share a few adult jokes with him.

Dad's my patience...and together with him...we know that we are safe...and matter what.

Dad... all I want to say to you is- I Love You......hurry up and get well soon.....

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Success makes you sweat- Literally....

Its a bad idea to have college fests in the month of april. A law should be passed so that all the fests should get over before holi...and start after diwali. This ways the sweat thingy would be very less.

Abivyakti'07 has finally ended. This week long extravanganza had a HUGE and a looooooooong closing ceremony and that trust me was really tiring. Else this would have come last night itself. Hmmmm, since the fest is over...the results of the various events are also out..and that means that there is lots n lots of good news.

But firstly- My usual thank you speech.... basically thanks to the traffic last night that I reached back without getting stuck in a jam after a loooong loong day. Thanks to the Auto wala who actually had to face my shouting...coz I was so irritated....(I apologised ofcourse....) and my dear dad...who like a sweet heart had ordered the part of the treat....

The treat was for the fact that... I won the first prize in the Solo dance, another prize in the prsentation and another one in couple dancing. Of course I was awarded for topping in my class. But the best the best thing that happened was- The Chairman's special award for the Student of the Year amongst all the students of all the departments came to me. I inaugarated the award when I was given this award. I was ofcourse surprised because- This is really prestigeous.

What do they say about- All's well that End's well....

PS: Due to the increase in the incidents of morphed phographs n all personal photography is banned in my college. So, no pics.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Abhivyakati '07

The Fest fever is ON... and in the whole year this is probably the only time that we can actually hear music blasting from almost all the rooms that are in college.

This 5 day event is celebrated more like the annual week of college and since it so happens that our college has Law and Management departments its a competation amongst our departments. This it seems that charges up everybody from our HODs to the entire faculty. They dance on our heads so that we can prepare a dance that can win our department a prize. Tomorrow the madnesss..... begins and it seems that already people are charged up...what with they deciding how to cheer for their departments and what not......

Anyways- I know that this time... I am gonna have fun... and make sure that I win all the competations that I go into....!!!!!!


Tuesday, April 10, 2007


In my few posts I was complaining about the monotonous tone that Life had taked... right... and also I had hoped that nothing negative happens.... but it seems that when people often mention that You should never open your mouth without thinking twice are quite right.....actually very right....

Last week was as a matter of fact vert eventful.... and the coming few weeks are gonna be a flurry of activities. Last week - I started with the Internship thing that I had been looking forward to... nice place... great boss and absolutely flexi timing and happy happy things.... ahem the wrong that happened- Over stressed out me.... and weak eye muscles and head aches. A temporary pair of specs.

That was me..... but worse was when dad was admitted in the hospital and he is to undergo surgery... in a few days..(it was supposed to happen today....but got postponed). So lots of calls... and lots of people the same story being repeated to everybody... uff...!!! But then one thing that I realised and am thankful for is that we have some really great relatives who are just so willing to help with anything and go out of the way for the same... and well... dad's friends... hats off to the GEMS that they have been....!!!!

Trust me... this was a very hard time for all of us.... but then this thing also made me realise that I am a grown up... and that responsibilities are increasing. But well.... I think I complained about that too.... too much.

Next few weeks- I have Abhivyakti'07 coming up.... and trust me that is not one of the best times to talk to me..because I am so stuck up in prcatices and all....!!! ufff again....

Chalo... abhi I have lots of work in hand. have like so many things in hand.... life is ok.... too much at one tgime.. I hope I dont get constipation....

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Stay Order....Finally light...

The Supreme court the other day passed a stay order on the increase in quota that was being implemented by the Government and the credit of which goes to The Mandal Commission. HRD Minister Arjun Singh is confident that the apex court would come around and accept the said proposal.
But surprisingly, he is not ready to give what the Supreme court is asking for....that is correct stats. Believe it or not- The OBC quota increase that had been proposed was based on stats that were extremely obscure. In a country where the population increases at such a whooping rate.... how can such a thing be implemented with old stats?? Especially when there was so much of bawall over the issue??

It was Diwali and holi for the Youth for Equality... finally as they say- Justice might just be done...

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Ok.. I am wary... and trust me even more clueless than the female who was shown on the T.V... I mean... teenagers are bound to be that... but I am almost two years up my teenage and am still as clueless as to what exactly am I supposed to do at this age... this trsut me is a million dollar question.. and trust me..its not easy answering a million dollar question....

I cant throw in a tantrum because I am supposed to b this big girl.. and when I do things that are meant to be done by big girls I am sushed down because I have not yet reached that stage.... Oh lord... someone help me.... Its just so so not done.... and trust me... its really hard being a teenager....ooopsss even when you are big its really hard... cmon....I am sure more than half of the people out there agree....!!! Whatever.....

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Five teenagers and Me....!!!!

I am sitting in the remotest corner of my room.. because my entire house is experiencing earthquakes... beacuse it so happens that my sister has finally gotten over with her exams... and she along with four of her friends is having a blast in my house... and everybody in my house is remembering the last time they all were here..... and oh my gosh... its a catastrophe happening here.

They are thirteen year olds and have just discovered the joys of being a teenager... finding crushes losing them... and well.. making me relive my teenage.. and all that I have missed in my teenage years.... Hmmm ofcourse I am the obstruction to their secret talks... but I dunno for some reason I am more adored than other siblings of the friends... prolly because I am being more of a friend to my sis....

Last time they were here..... my parents couldnt sleep that night... I was at my friends place and Shayon was due next day in the morning... and Oh my gosh.... I have no clue what is store for me tonight...

I living in a haze as of now.....

Friday, March 16, 2007


Ok now this is exciting news.. it seems that writing articles for newspaper happens to be something that has been happening with me... from calcutta to delhi... wow...its fun... ok ok...before I really make all of you confused lemme just spill the beans... I wrote this article titled Plitical Survival... and well... I sent to a new new paper called Metro Now. It was purely outta fun.. or rather the fact that hey had printed four e mail addresses where we could write in to... so I thought why not give it a shot.. and guess what... it actually got published... n nobody saw it.. though I think that I have advertised alot...atleast I am very happy about it.. and I am cherishing this moment... this lil moment when I finally get my due and a chance at fame... ahem.. now dont you think that I deserved this.....YIPEEEEEEEE......

Mera number kab aayega???

Hmmmm.... ok the ;ast two weeks have been lows of a lifetime for me... hmmm nothing new just that today in the morning I got to know that two people I know happen to have bagged positions in the top 100 of the country in the GATE exam. And a few days back I got to know that one of my friend finally got through MIT, USA.

So God, it seems has been keeping busy answering to the dream calls... n well... I guess that is why I am in line for my chance to come.... so that my dream call can be answered... spring is in the aur.. and time for the dreams to turn into reality... I hope mera number jaldi aaye....

OOPS..... Congrats to the guys I have mentioned above....!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I am Broke.....

Finally the doomsday has arrived... I am broke..left with just about 50 rupees from the salary that i got at the starting of this month... I am pretty worried.. My lifestyle is gonna change all of a sudden and that means being broke all the time, because I have never got any pocket money... I was sustaining on the salary I recieved from my tutions... I am jobless- Though I am yet to recieve about 2000 rupees from my centre as I have not been given my salary for the month of Feburary from my centre.... (I just hope that they dont pinch off that money coz I took a few classes at home...!!!)

Here is hope against all hopen....

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

IVth Sem- Expectations and Reality....

Wow...finally the much awaited fourth semester is on.My history class is going on and sir happens to be talking about the entrance exams that lots of people in my class are gonna take at the end of the Law studies.I am sitting on the front desk and am one of the best student in the class and I have just finished writing these lines.

So what are my expecttaions-Absolutely nothing.... its a 2.5 month long semester thanks to all the postponing that happened with the odd sem exams. The only law subeject that I have this sem is Human Rights. And rest all is the usual art crap. But then this is the last semester that I'll be dealing with this art subjects.

And the reality- Stark and blinding. Its not easy paying back for the wrong decisions that you make in life. And therefore its even harder studying in an obscure college that is backed by one of the very unwanted university.

I just hope that my stark reality does not blind me so much that I cant see where this future is leading me. I have made a decision- That I have to manauver my life to get the best out of it... its not the easiest thing that can one do but then- No gains without any pains.

High time....

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

World wowen with words.....

Man's best friend is a book.... yes after the Dog... or before the Dog that is upto you... since am more fond of book I'll say that my best friend are the books.

The books that show me the world that I have not visited.. and I know that I am not gonna visit... In those books I have romanced the worlds best looking heroes,faught with the villains, killed and gotten scott free.... but above all in those books I have lived the life...that can only be in a book. From the coincidences that are set up by the authors to the fast and furious timings that lead to the most thrilling and amazing dramas.... this is a world which has delicately been wowen by the authors.... its a world where the boundries are different than the stark realities that we stay in.

I know that most of the people who just adore non fiction would scoff at me.. saying that fiction is nothing but runned up imagination put on paper... but I will just say that its only in this fiction that I can live the life of unpredictability. I am no Bill Gates, Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton... who have had lives that can be put down in a book.

Unfortunately for me, I am just another girl, who keeps on cribbing that life is not fair... ofcourse I do have my highs and lows, but then nothing so drastic that a book can be written about it. My blogs are boring enough....

I shut the doors of reality when I into a book... I become the person.... and so much so that the unfortunate endings are often tasted in my mouth in the form of tears that run down my cheeks. And where the endings are astounding enough.. I keep on thinking... how was that twist added....

In the world wowen with words.... I live... I dream... and its from there that I have learnt that dreams and imagination.... can turn into a reality....

Monday, March 12, 2007

Cramped Spaces...

My dear neck has got a nice cramp and that trust me is not a great experience... after all.. its cramping all my thoughts and also cramping my line of my sight... I cant seem to turn my head around.. even a lil...

BTW, my Sunday gave me this cramp... thanks to the relaxing reading that I was doing... I managed to finish 3/4th of the book.. but now I am dreading the very thought of worsening this cramp of mine... ahem.. enough of my cramped neck I guess... lets get down to that thought provinking thing about cramped spaces...

This phrase is often used in relationships.. u knw the gal n guy telling each other that they are cramping on their space and hence the split.. ok this is where its used the max... and its in this kind of relationship that you can choose to split because the breathing space that you require is been robbed off you.

But what happens when this happens in the relationships that you know you cant walk out of?? I am btw, out of my PMS phase but then really.. .. I just cant get over the fact that my parents can actually rob me off that breathing space... OHKAY... dont freak out... I know this is the third post in a row that I am actually sounding like a depressed maniac.. but if I dont went it out here then where??

I can talk to my boyfriend.. but then I cant get thru him most of the time and then there is always the financial thingy that cramps the talking time..... so about my parents robbing my breathing space.. as per most of the researches.. this is a phase that is inevitable in all the teenagers life because there is a tendency that they want to rebel and that too becuase that irks their parents- Ok.. . I have never been a rebel of sorts... my parents know that I drink..occasionally that too in their presence most of time.. and that too wine(Red) and at max... breezer or Vodka... I have never been too demading- I know when I'll get no as an answer so I dont ask only... and then... hmmm I just dont listen to my mom when she gets on nerves about going cycling.... now that is no hardcore rebellion... and I am no more a teenager. I am 20 years old.. and I hate being so Big.. .. because of the dear Indian cramped mentality... I have no breathing spave beacuse of my parents... Imagine- I am aquantainces with such girls who go out every night partying WITH their parents permission... and then there is me who just waits for cousins..i.e older brothers to come so that they can take me out...clubbing...

So what exactly is wrong with partying...?? Or what is wrong with just freaking out with friends?? man... I just can't get over with the fact that my parents raising an eyebrow over my conduct.. when I have never drunk so much or spend so much that they can question me...

Why cant they just let me...BE... instead of worsening my cramp??

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Free.. at last

You know my dear sister a few days back wrote a post on the dreaded exams... and trust me the poor girl is gonna have worst nighmares in the next class where she is gonna get promoted. I am sure that she knows what I am talking about.... and for rest of you- remember the exams you gave in your school days... and trust me you guys would regret schooling at your time....

Anyways My exams got over finally. I mean normally they are supposed to finish off in like 10 days flat.. but this time they were streched off like a rubberband. I am satisfied with what I did... I hope the dear examiner too is happy with my answers.

And what exactly have I been doing to celebrate my much awaited freedom?? Ahem.... nothing... if grocery shopping is included in doing "Something" then I sure accomplished alot. Actually, the hitch being in college is that at times you sit down and realise that you are so free- NOT THE PARTY FREEDOM... as in there is no inveriable pressure on you to study... unconciously you realise that your parents hard earned money has gone into the devils trampig grounds.. that is the college courtyard... and that if you dont become cacpable of returning that money to your parents- man you'll be feeling so guilty all your life.... so exams or no exams.. you study and dont study at your own risk....

So this is not exactly the taste of freedom that I am or you are lookink for...

By the way... if anybody is interested.. I happen to finish a 150 page book in like two hours.. so that is the feat that I have achieved as of today... and not to forget the grocers shop....hey shayon its the same place where we picked up the juices...

No I am not out of the "Life of my Pie" phase either.. and my parents have started dreading that I am going crazy coz.. all I keep on doing is telling em that I am bored... my dad's suggestion is horse riding.. my still the same... go work out.... why dont they tell me to go and party??
(DUMB QUESTION: You need to have company to party...look around there is no one...)

Alright- Day two of freedom cliche is a sunday... and lets see... what happens.. keep tuned in to "Pie of my BORING life..."

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Pie of my Life....

Its almost the end of the "International Women's Day" and I have had a miserable day. Trust me- PMS is the worst phase that a woman can go thru....

Anyways... I am jobless, my exams get over on the 10th and my so called classes start three days later. But then what?? The same ol life- I get up at 7.30 in the morning leave home at 8 and reach college by 9.30, attend classes till 12.30 and then head back home. And if that is not enough I'll come back home to a sister who's exams are on. My best friends exams are on... and there is nothing for me to do. Ofcourse I have an assignment to finish, with 7th April being the deadline. I'll prolly have a college fest too in the same phase... but trust me I am tired of being the one man army... I am nerdy... and they want me to dance in the fest and win the gold medal there too. All of a sudden, I feel that I am leading too normal a life.... till a few months back I was over satisfied with my life... and today that satisfaction has vanished into thin air.. I want to do something different... I want to run away from my house and without carrying any guilt... go on a road trip, a car trip.... any trip.... but the hitch is that I DONT want my Parents haggeling along... I dont want that factore of predictibility anymore..... I know that I say... that if say it too loud then life would do something really exciting... but somehow all those binges of excitement that dear life has thrwon on me happen to have a negative energy oozing out from der... I want some positive adventure...

I want to run away from a life that has become a fight between sleeping the whole day and checking out mails in the hope of getting that one reply from the damned companies that I have applied to... and then there is my dear mother who is so worked up on making me work out.... I know that this is gonna just help me.. look good.. n et all.. but temme whats good, when you do it either alone or with your mom.. who happens to be a master in Yoga and can actually taunt you to death if you cant do it right...!!!

Not only that I am tired of my stupid attitude... I mean.. I making myself believe that everything is just so fine.. and that there are people who lead much more deary lives... and that there are people who are worse than me... that is who lead much more visibly miserable lives.... I have to start believing that I want to change... change the way I lead such monotonous life... and change the way people look at me.... (ook... I dunno about this).

Atleast- Life looks better....if its a lil unpredictible... or is it... damn this is so so.. stupid.....

Celebrating Womanhood....

She is a Daughter, a sister, a wife and finally a mother. These are the roles that she plays in her personal life with a panache.

Outside the house she a career woman who takes decisions with the same confidance that she has when she is cooking food for her family. Pardon for the comparison that I am making.. because even today a woman is often compared with her home bound skills rather than the skills that she exuberates outsides the bounds of her house.She is no more a scared creature stepping out of the house, she is the confidant woman who knows no bounds and for her sky is the limit,even if she is in a sari.

In the 21st century, its the woman who has the capacity to be the best mother and the best business person together. She has the inspiration that comes from within her, she doesnt need idols, she idolises herself in her everyday roles.... making sure that niche of perfection that she is used to, she gets that.

Even if in a minority, India is finally recogonising that women are no objects to be kept inside the kitchen for cooking and in the bedrooms for making babies. She has come of age, and she deserves her due. She is unstoppable.... but then there are egos and then there is a rural India that ceases to recogonise that a girl child is no curse...there is an India, where Sushmita Sen movies are watched with drooling expressions but that would not send their girl to a school.

Its time that- that India too changes. Its time that together we stand to celebrate the Woman, the one who has given you birth, the one who loves you unconditionally..(this could be your girlfriend or wife..).. the only person who can think from the heart and make the right decisions...!!!

Here's saluting to the woman of 21st century......who has finally tasted success and is now the unstoppable....!!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2007


It seems that my luck is turning its back towards me... or not.. well... its not for me to decide... but just wait for the results... right??

But c'mon yaar... I have been mailing so much for the interns and all I get is a reply from one lil place that says that they are not taking interns now.... So what do I do now??? Wait for the others to respond.. who dont even have the courtesy to say that they dont want to me... I mean... atleast that pain of anticipation should not be there.

As if that was not enough... my mom is in her bad moods and I have my guy coming to delhi.. and He is coming to my place for the first time and my dear mom is not exactly extactic about... ofcourse she is apprehensive about it.... I mean.. cmon.. she has not exactly met him so much.. and I am a BIG girl and this is a big bad world out der.... only if she knew how much it means to me if she is nice to him and likes him...its gonna help in future you see...!!!

Ok... the only good thing that is happening is that its festive season with holi round the corner and that someone special is gonna be with me this holi... the very first festival that we'll celebrate together... being in each others physical proximity....!!!

I sure hope that things go fine, and that we have amazing memories of this trip....!!!

Someone was so right when he said that in the gravest of the situations... there is always something to smile about...!!!


Saturday, February 24, 2007

What am I gonna Do??

My class is going on.. behind me. The tution that I take. I have my Hindi end sem on Monday, and I have hardly studied for it... beat it.. and I still manage to come online and do a post.. how utterly irresponsible of me.

But who cares... or I care...its just that Hindi is not getting into my head and I cant seem to accept the fact that its been over a week and I havent gotten any reply from the places that I had applied in for my intern. Worst still, after 28th of feburary. I have no absolutely no source of income whatsoever and I have no clue how the hell am I gonna mange to shift to a lifestyle of a penniless person person from that of a 3000 rupees a month pocket money lifestyle. Do not gimme that expression... I have never in my life gotten pocket money. This money well.. as it happens was the nominal amount I used to get for teaching the kids in the centre. As per my last post things have soured out and apart from that I have to do an intern..(this does not pay).

Wondering what lifstyle am I talking about- one and a half years I have almost got a top up in my phone daily because I have to talk to my boyfriend. I talk to him everyday.. for almost a hour. But it seems that now that would have to go down ALOT.. and its a scary prospect. Because in his college lights are off most of the time, and he has to do lots of stuff and cant come online as per my time table and neither can I meet him online as per his timetable... or probbaly we can work out something.. its damn scary.. and I just cant figure out a thing...!!!!

ANY suggestions??

What am I gonna DO???

Saturday, February 17, 2007

End defines the means....

This was once a very great topic of debate... I am sure that it is still a big topic cfor debating.. but the first time I encountered this topic, I was in 8th class and english was my FAV subject. Anyways that time I tried to understand this this topic, and All I got was that this topic is something that would require lots of thinking.. and I dont have that kind of time, so I'll opt for the other topic.

This one liner today means a lot to me and I understand the value of this line and hence realise that this often puts us in a situation where we are facing conflicts between the motive that has a good outcome and the principles that we have been bought up with. Today I am facing this conflict. Though... this is a temporary situation but well... I have to talk to somebody... and that happens to be the www.

The tution centre where I teach the 10th class students, happen to be unappy with the Maths teacher, who is the co-owner of the centre. Now, coz of distractions they have been coming to me for the tests in science. This has come into the knowledge of that co-owner and I happen to get into trbl... because I knew that there they were going at a loss... and my motive is not wrong... and its a matter of a month.. n then I am outta the tution job.. for good.. well was it wrong on my part to entertain their problems outside the tution centre?? After all... all I want is that they should get good marks.... and that happens to be a prioirity for them as well as me...

In this case- End does define the means??

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I am....!!!

What am I?? Who am I??

Well... these are those spiritual questions for which the yogis do sanyas for years.... for finding the reasons for the existence of their bodies on this mighty earth...!!!

Well... for me.. I have made life simpler, I am the very first "Sakshi"/witness of the love that my parents have for each other. I came in their lives to give them joy... to make em realise that their love has finally culminated. And tomorrow that is in future... looong time from now, when I'll have kids.. then.. I'll know that life is beautiful even with diapers and tantrums.

And well.. my reason for being here on earth... hello?? I just happen to be an amzing person.. and that is good enough reason for being what I am...

Isnt this much simpler than freezing on the Himalayas...;)

Monday, February 5, 2007

Are You ready to change?

How would you rate the word change??? Good , bad, average or maybe you have your own opinion which defines change for you…!!!

The hardest part about Change is the change itself…. When you are so used to doing something and that change, it alters everything…..from the way you see things to how you perceive things to how it ultimately makes you adapt to things that are new to you…!!!

To be very frank it was very hard for me to change my way of looking at things… or rather my way of doing things. But one thing led to another and I finally managed to change and that change mind you bought with itself lot of hope and good luck. I have a knack of keeping things from the past… something that might be responsible for making me a clingy person. I had almost all my books and notes from like 5th standard till 12th standard stored up for reference… u know, “The what if I need them sometime in the Future….” syndrome.
But finally I let go of it all… because I finally put a fact in my head that The so called reference that might be in the future has no time efficiency and it may be today or it maybe never.

These little things that changed me, also made me throw away my past that always made me realise that I have been a loser… and that losers do not dream. So much so, this little exercise that I did to clear away the mess in my study table cupboard cleared my head to an extent that I finally made myself a promise that whatever happens I will not ruin my present or my future with my attitude of clinging to things that cant be changed and thinking about those I’ll ruin my chances of having a good time now and tomorrow.

It was very hard.. and there were no visible results for almost two years, but today as I am sitting in my veranda, soaking the sun, I look back to the two years that have gone by, I realise that the whole thing started by me pulling away all my guards and sharing a part of the pie of my life to my present boyfriend, an acquaintance then. For all the moments that we spent together just talking about our pasts, and how to improve our present, we fell in love, and I who was just so not in to long distance thingy, fell in a LDR.. and that trust me changed everything for me….!!!
And I am very happy.

Like somebody famously said;

“The only thing that is constant is change”

Are you ready to change… ??

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Manual for Love.....

Its already 3rd of Feburary and love is in the air....the month of feburary brings with itself lots of pinks and reds.. and ofcourse in the season when the flowers boom and spring is round the corner.. the Cupid looks for all the possible targets that can be hit by the arrow of love....!!!

Next week, on the 7th of Feb, International Flirting week commences with the rose day seeking to increase the rate of roses from a mere five rupees and ten rupees to a whooping 50 rupees a rose....!!! And this week encompases The Hug Day, The kiss day.... chocolate day... ofcourse there is a slap day.. and sorry day.. and finally the festival of love The Valentine's Day...!!!

Keeping up with the trend of the growing popularity of the Valentine's Day... all the news papers and the magazines start up their 101 tips on how to maintain relationships, on how to flourish romance in the ongoing relationships.. and much more.... The advice coloumns see a marked up increase in the number of problems coming on their way.... The best books that can be bought during this season are probably.. Why are men from Mars and Women from Venus.. or Why do women cry and men cant read maps...

An insight into the relationship of two people who are in love with each other. But how are these rules prescribed by the experts good or bad for you?? Trust me, I am in a relationship and well.. I have taken every quiz that has come in the News paper... but the results do they really matter??

The fun of having a relationship wherein you are the boyfriend and the girlfriend, is to sort out your problems within yourself, to understand the relationship yourself... between the two of you... what would be the difference between this relationship and the others, when you want the perspective of a third party where the two of you are involved....

Of course nothing wrong with taking a second or a third opinion. But when these advices go overboard, and start weighing more than what you think about each other... and about the whole situation.. its time to take control... This is what my opinion is.. and trust me I do that. I have had a very bitter experience when a third party was involved in a problem between me and Him. This might and might not be true for you....!!!

Is there a formula you can follow so that you have a perfect love story.... ahem... A perfect Love story never exists... if its perfect then its not love.. because love is the bonding of two imperfect souls to make a chaos of the lil dream world that they seek.. satisfaction, happiness and above all.. the feeling of togetherness and yeah.. love....!!!

Happy Loving...!!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Behind the Scenes....

If everybody will become an actor then how will one produce a movie?? Who would direct it.. and finally who would come and watch it... you yourself.. the producer, the director, actor and finally the audience too.. isnt that too many a roles that you are playing??

Ofcourse there is nothing wrong in being the jack of all trades... but then there are masters too right...!!! Since we started with the movies.... the making of a movie... well.. its not a job that is easy and the results that we see on screen is the effort of lots of people who have worked behind the screen to give a hit that you would carry from the cinema hall back home in your hearts. These people sell you dreams... and there is a whole lot of people who work in the factory where dreams are produced.

And in life too often when we dream they are shown to us by lots of people who come along our way, who in a way work behind the curtains contributing towards the movie of life to make it a sensational hit. These are the people who define the winning moments of life.. and these are the people whom we forget to thank... not you.. even me... I am no super human.. and ofcourse there are so many people that you bump into during the 24 hours that go by in a day that its hard to stop and say thank you to everybody.. especially when the results of the eveident encounter come years and years later.. but then.. dont we thank God.. and that is probably the easiest way to thank all those who you bump into....

Isnt this kinda becoming too spiritual a lecture...?? Ill leave this reight here with these famous lines from a Shakespear poem The seven ages...

All the world's a stage,And all the men and women merely players,They
have their exits and entrances,And one man in his time plays many parts,His acts
being seven ages.

Monday, January 29, 2007


Everybody falls in love... and well you ahve truely loved someone you would probably relate to the six couples that have portrayed the theme.."Love is a problem" all too well...!!!

The critics havent reviewed this movie well at all.. I din read the reviews at all.. because i wanted to see the movie. I saw is four days after it was released.. and of course there were who had seen it... and most of whom who had seen it.. said that it was foolish to watch the movie... it is 3 hour fourt minute movie.. but if you go on my words its never really streched. I believe that six love stories rolled into one... it deserves atleast this much of time...!!!

Out of the six couples in the movie, Ashu n Tehzeeb (John n Vidya) have the most rocking chemistry that sizzeles the screen. There is a lot of one liners that make you laugh at the emotional moments, otherwise adding alot to the element of humour are Phoolwati n Ramdayal (Isha Koppikar n Sohail Khan) and the mis communication between Raju taxiwala ( Govinda) and his madam Stephanie. Akshaye Khanna who has played the role of Shiven, does a la saucy guy with perfection.... and well Anil kapoor and Juhi Chawala, pulled off their parts really well as well. And then there are Salmaan n Priyanka, who constantly banter at each other... while chosing between dreams and love...!!!

Then there are few one liners.. (highly emotional) which would make for some perfect proposal lines.

And then there is the music of the movie.... which is mind blowing.... !!!

Over all I LOVED the movie.... and must see atleast once even if you are not the romantic movie type... alright.. you don wanna go.. make your gal/guy happy and take em with you....!!!

Here is one line.. which is pretty inspiring to make you fall in love...

"Pyaar waqt dekhkar nahin kiya jaata,usse kiya jaate hai jiske
saath aap waqt guzaartien hain"

Friday, January 26, 2007

Looking towards a New Horizon....

Hard work always pays in the form of success.. isnt this the very line that is often put towards us in the glare of all the lectures that one and all have given us??

And isnt this the same line that we would finally repeat when we advice it to somebody.. atleast I tell this about ten times a day to my students who come to me for their tution classes. But they think that didi is probably just giving them another lecture.

Ofcourse it really does not mean that I am not a rebel and do whatever my parents ask me to do. I have a life and I live it too...!!

If you look at my previous post on this page I think that I have mentioned abot having a past... if not then well... lemme mention it here... I have a dark past..(no nothing personal but on a professional basis...) meaning, I fell flat on my face more than once to reach this certain point in my life. And that fall made me stop hoping for ever getting the best. But slowly to my utmost surprsie I found myself working a lil.. and got encouragment after seeing that those lil efforts actaully yeilded results.

I study in a very obscure college with more than obscure university backing it up. That is what I am told everytime whenever I conjure up a good result in my exams(Topping in the college). But that has not stopped me from dreaming. I know that for me to have an edge over my collegues studying in top most institutes I need to do something extra. And that something extra is the nerdy image that I have formed of myself.... but it doesnt hurt.. coz... life is all about taking its reigns into your hands.

I have joined a course to put addition to my qualification. And ofcourse add more weight to my C.V.

Most of all... this success has paid me in more than one ways... it has made me look towards a new horizon .. where I can stand and finally smile in satisfaction of achievement....

Thursday, January 25, 2007

And Finally... its out....

I had no idea that my last post would make god listen so closely to me... My results got out and well... I'll put it as humbly as possible that well... I topped again.. and hence that makes me the annual topper of the college.

Its a very rosy picture... but trust me... for coming to this position I had to face lots of stuff.. somebody really put it right when he said.. that there is no shortcut to success except hardwork...!!!


And ofcourse special mention to my parents and the special someone in my life. Ofcourse teachers are to be thanked as well... but above all its God that I have to thank....!!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The blue and the pink of it....

I could not sleep last night.. I was having nighmares..... I was sweating... and my heart rate was more than the normal. One time I was feeling toooo cold the other tooo hot.... and well... as I write this... things are not so normal.

These symptoms are of neither an heart attack nor an love attack. But are of something more than that. They happen to be the symptoms of a poor lil girl who is awaiting her results for like sooo much of time that the breaks in the reality show results have started too seem reasonable.

Yes this is my condition.... and in short is known as Result Blues... but well... it sure is making me Pink.. white and yellow....

This whole drama started towards the last few months of 2006. I had given my 2nd sem law exams in the month of June and then like a usual bindaas entity started my 3rd sem in the month of August. Well... the results often come by the month of september at max October. But this time the media decided to do a nice sting operation on the University and found that lots of papers were missing and a many more being checked by 5th standard students. This whole bawaal.. bought the university to a standstill.. and now that it has finally started working the results are awaited. I know that I cant do any thing.. but anxiety happens to be a emotion embedded in the human sub concious.. or where ever.

Now, that the hope is filckering with two senior semesters getting their results the speculation is on an all time high.... tomorrow.. day after or when....??? A million dollar question that reamins unanswered and is evading my peaceful nights.. and days...!!!

Oh Please- Give us our result.. and break away the suspense....