Wednesday, July 22, 2015


This was supposed to be a detailed whiny post about how my life has just reached the pinnacle of disorder, but then I have myself not been able to come to terms with it, so there is a constant churning in my head. About a lot of thoughts and things and what nots.
So instead of writing a long subjective post on "WHY ME".. I am putting a set of bullet points. And in an honest to God statement, I really hope that when a couple of years down the line when I look back at this particular post then I am able to reflect and say.. "Really, was it this bad or was I just imagining it.. to be this bad". So here goes nothing:

  • The JOB Scene: I am slowly losing my mind. I am lawyer. I have become a "glorified secretary" to the boss. I was supposed to replace her vis a vis the micromanagement of the firm along with doing legal work. The fact of the matter is that there is NO legal work for me to do. I am rotting away writing BD letters to some random people. Money is not much and being "old", the mindset of control doesn't go away. The ONLY good thing is that, the other lawyers are good and decent people. But- NO. This is not what I was expecting. I am cringing and hoping to land a proper legal job somewhere.. IT JUST AINT HAPPENING. 

  • Personal Scene: Husband and I fight. Like all couples do. But our conversations and fights are becoming the same ol stuff that we fight about. It is all about the money, honey. We both are slightly flustered about not being able to travel as much as we would like to.. but mostly, I miss him. I feel that since we have moved into the new place, we really haven't talked. Haven't spent as much time as I would like. No silent walks, or just being in each other's arms .. it has just been hardly seeing and being with each other. 

  • Weight Issues: So, I have never really had any issues vis a vis my image and the weight. I mean I do look at my school pictures and realise that I was plump. But things have gotten out of hand of late. I can hardly fit into any clothes. ANY. I am left with a limited set of clothes and a big fat tummy. I am PERPETUALLY tired and upset and that doesnt help either my immune system or my mental balance. 
It seems that I slowly and steadily on a decline. I am having a lot of issues. They all stem from a massive dissatisfaction at my Job and the ability to make immense amounts of wrong decisions that I have taken because of that. I am an absolute mess and it is taking a huge toll on me. I need my mojo back and I really have no clue how to get that back. It is a difficult task. To keep thy mojo intact. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

To the Moon and Back!!

No, I am not going for a trip to the Moon.
I am of course tripping today.. Because it is the Husband's Birthday!

And not just any Birthday.. has officially entered the big 30 club. (Though I have no idea, why the hell is it called a club in the first place!)

So, yeah, since my man has turned thirty, and since, I believe in a lot of DIY (from god knows when!), I actually did a lot of projects!
From a video movie (Husband called me the "I Movie Ninja") which was messages from a lot of people (the family and friends) and a clock that I customised (by painting it and putting graphics on it) and I also customised a coin box for him!
There is a string of photographs lining the wall of my room, showing the moments of his life and people who have been a part of his life.

And, the thing that he loved the best was the "Jar of Memories", which was basically a mason jar containing messages from some people and loads of memories from his past. Trigger words, that would cause him to smile and think back to the good old times.

I have never been more satisfied with the gifts that I have done for the Husband.

So, my dear dear husband, here is to,  a new decade, to a new milestone, to success, happiness, love, laughter, wanderlust and US!!
Happy Birthday!!!