Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hey, I am to reply to the comments, and write a new post.
Just need some time.
Will be back, soon.

Love you all.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Dear 2009...

Dear 2009,
I have had the most tiring year ever. I was bound to, after all, the very first day of the year I was travelling all over mumbai, meeting up people and getting ready to start off the new year with a bang.
When the Santa clause came last year, it bought with itself one of the MOST wonderful gifts ever. Shayon was moving to Delhi... you were the year that I was looking forward to live the most.
To celebrate in 4 years our Love Anniversary together. To celebrate, our birthdays together, to talk on the local phone- to meet, without much planning.
I mean, I have had such a roller coaster- seeing my own city as a couple. To visit the lover spots, to cook, ohkay I have to admit in this case- it was Shayon cooking.To just spend the day together.
I have learnt, how to be proficient in making excuses when I have to go out on a date, or how to create such angels of friends who would get me lovely gifts when they go out of the city.
And, I have been able to fight a little more often too.

But, life they say comes in a full circle- and in a month , life will slip back to what it was a year back. The year that started in such a great note with a promise of forever and always, is ending, and that too a month early for me.
Being practical in love- It is a tough job. But like someone says it is very important to draw a line between your personal and professional life...
And as I am going to bid you Good bye this year, I will be making some very important decisions of my life. I will be applying for jobs. I will be looking hoping to make a future.
I hope that all that we had dreamed of this year becomes a reality.
Life is full of surprises.
All I can do is Thank You for all that you have given me this year...

Dear 2010,
You are yet to arrive. But, I have great expectations from you.
I am hoping to graduate in midst of the year.
But, I have no idea what else to ask from you, so I am just going to ask you to give me strength and endurance, because- I will need a lot of that.

For all of you, I know this sounds very cryptic. Re-reading it, it sounds like loops and loops of nonsense. But, since, I had written it, I did not want keep as a draft.
And, the reason behind the loops and my general sadness is that- Shayon has resigned from his present job in Delhi and moving to Banglore in a month's time.
I am very happy for him, its a great opportunity for him to get ahead in his career and to do what he really wants. It will be really wrong to say that I am not sad. I am as a matter of fact really sad, and unhappy. But, one has to do what has to be done.
Yeah, that is it- My life is going to be back to the square one in four weeks. And I wish I could stop time, but alas, that is also not a possibility.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happiness doubles when shared, sorrow is halved-
is life really as simple as this stupid quotation says?

In a bid to make sure that all are happy, I have lost my smile somewhere.
I know, I laugh, but- I just wonder why can't it reach my eyes- and gleam like it used to.

To make sure- everything in life of everyone runs smootly-
I have forgotten to oil my bearings- the creaks and the cracks have become a comforting noise now.

To make sure that I survive my ordeal- I have stopped venting out-
Numbness has become the order of the day and night.

Tears refuse to come.
Laughter refuses to become genuine.
Pain is a regular visitor.

All is dark, and God it seems has turned off the light at the end of the tunnel, owing to recession.

I have no idea- why am I blabbering.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Diwali

We mediate on the glory of the Creator;
Who has created the Universe;
Who is worthy of Worship;
Who is the embodiment of Knowledge and Light;
Who is remover of all Sin and Ignorance;
May he enlighten our Intellect.
-Gayatri Mantra

Dear All,

It has been a wonderful journey to write about all my feelings and to have readers like you, who have supported me, have helped me and above all have just been there for me.
So this festive season,
I wish you all-
Great health, Lots of Wealth- and tons and tons of Happiness... May the festival of lights bring you all that you desire.

Happy Deepawali to you..!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

For my Cow...

This is a little something that I wanted to write to Moo, my cow, and after a lot of debating and thinking whether I should e-mail it or put this up on the blog- I decided to put this up here.
My dear Cow,
HI..!!! How are you doing? I know that you have been shopping alot. I mean, your mom is right, when she says that you need a separate house just to accommodate your clothes. You are being a spendthrift.. ;P

You know, life is a bitch. I mean we all know it, c'mon, sometimes we curse our school, or we are cursing our luck, or you know just generally being vague about it.
But, the thing in life that really cheers us up, is our friends. Because, I heard it somewhere that, you can't choose your family, but you can surely choose your friends.
Off late, I have been doubting that...!! I mean, these sayings were true when there was no net, but today on an average thanks to our virtual lives we meet so many strangers, and some of them who seem nice become such stalkers... that you feel YUCK...
But, then there are times when you find really nice people also- I found so many of you.
Therefore- I feel, that destiny also has a role to play when we choose our friends.

Even in real life we come across people who make us friends and then just move on in their lives- and that really hurts. I know it does. But, you know these are lessons in life too, to tell you that you as a person are sweet heart, and that the other person was just taking advantage of your sweetness, so the next time, be very selective about being sweet to every one.
One thing that I have learned in all these years of having fake friends is- That it is never your won fault and that- In life- in your own life- you will definitely find such people who will live, respect and cherish you for what and who you are. Those are the people who will not mind if you don't talk to them for weeks and with whom you can just pick up where you had left off, anytime.
And, darling I know that you are blessed.

Just always be happy.. coz, there is no one in the world who can be you.
I love you-
Moo knows, why this has come.
I just hope she doesn't mind me.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

When is Sakshi getting married?

This seems to be one question that is in air now days.
From the comments on my previous post to the comments on my facebook status, everybody is really eagerly awaiting my marriage.

And now, as confirmed from my source- My mother has already put the news in the market that I want to get my daughter married, and start looking for a match for her.
This is a conversation that my source had with me-
if there is even 1 percent of truth in the following conversation, then...

Source- Your mom, was asking me to find a match for you..
Me- WHAT!!!! Stop pulling my leg...
Source-Yeah, that is what your mom was talking to me about.
Me- Ohkay, and??
Source- Well, I told her, ' Ki aap, Sakshi toh pooch lo, aajkal ke bachche toh bahut smart hote hain'
Me- Ohkay and??
Source- So your mom is like- ' Haan maine usse pooch liya hai, aisi koi baat nahin hai. Agar aisi koi baat hoti toh humein pata hota, aur waise bhi iss umar mein aakar woh thodi na koi dhoondhegi'

Ofcourse there was more to the conversation which is not relevant here. But, I have a few doubts and here they are-
a) My parents and I have never had a 'guy' conversation EVER in my life. The only conversation that remotely is a 'guy' conversation about my life was with Arushi. And, I am sorry I do not consider that conversation between me and my parents.

b) Even though I am in love, WHO the hell says that you have to fall in love at a particular age... Some one help my mom.

Its not that I don't want to get married. I do. But, now. No ways. Kashvi and Moo have both asked me to take a chill pill. Because, 'Ladka koi, aise toh nahin mil jaata' I agree.

AND yes, I am going to tell about Shayon to my parents. With the kind of super speeded developments around me, it may just be soon.

But- after this comes my real question-
Why the hell, don't people mind their own business? That goes for my parents too... I mean- It is a fashion sorts, the day a girl enrolls herself in college, the so called society starts sending in the 'suitable marriage proposals' and then, there are the friends and the relatives, who constantly at any given occasion would ask- 'Aur Ji aapki beti ki shaadi ka kya hai? Kab socha hai... ' etc etc.
What happens to the other plans?
This is generalizing it-
What happens to MY Plans... the plan that I have set out for my life...
they are my parents. But, now, I am an adult. I am 23 years old, and I have a plan set out for my life. And, I really wish that my parents support that instead of hampering that by doing a nation wide search for a suitable match for me, MINUS my permission do so.
I have a career to think about, before even thing about marriage... This is so irksome.. I hate this.
And Oh yeah- I am NOT getting married to anyone but Shayon. Everyone in my family got to choose their life partners and I am going to choose mine.
(Yeah this is a sort of retaliation... )

This is not fair. And, I know life is NOT fair. But this like taking me totally unawares.

God help me.
On the other hand- My sister's upcoming birthday is making me tear my hair out.
And thanks for reading the rant post...

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Festivity, the Book and a stupid College project...

The festival season is back...!!! YIPEEEE...!!!
Its that time of the year which makes me so proud that I stay in India and that we get so many holidays on the account of soo many festivals that come one after the other...!!!

The most recent of the festivals that has just gone by is Karwachauth.
For the uninitiated its a festival in which the wife fasts for her husband's long and healthy life. The fast is without any food and water. The fast is opened by seeing the moon through a sieve and having the first sip of water from your husband's hand.
The way I have described it, it sounds like really whatever, but well, it is actually a very romantic festival. From the time that I have memories stuck into my mind, I have not missed a single Karwachauth pooja in my life. I love the Katha i.e the story associated with it. Though the story is same every year, I love to hear it over an over again. I love to see the women sitting around in the circle and making the rounds of their pooja wares and singing along with it. It has a certain charm to it, and like I said an old world romanticism in the way the women pray for their husbands.
Ofcourse, there all that Jazz also associated with it; what with the henna clad hands and the new clothes and getting ready and looking like a bride on this day.
I swear people- even though my mother fasts for the whole day minus even a sip of water, there is a certain glow on her face.
And here is a confession- I am dying to keep my first fast as well... * blush *
Even though a lot of unmarried girls also fast but then in our house that has never been the norm, and I personally believe that the bestest way to enjoy a festival is, when it is celebrated in the right way.

And now that it is over, its time to look forward to Diwali and the various weddings that are happening. I think by now you all must have guessed that I am a wedding freak... actually my entire family is. And we feel really bad if we have no wedding to attend in the wedding season.

I have finally managed to lay my hands on The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. HARD COPY.
And, for all those who were not really happy with the book, I am just wondering why? I think it is a very well written book. And, unlike any of his previous books, this one has a really strong message. And that is what stuck to me.
Not the conspiracy theories, not anything but that one message about The Apocalypse which is going to happen in the near future and how it is time to really look back to all the ancient writings and scriptures that have lost their true meaning to mankind in his quest to finding and proving whose God is greater.
Even though, it is a bad rule to suggest books- I am suggest you all to read it.

There is a college Moot Court happening in the coming week, and I have not started working on it AT all. It is just a mere formality, and that is why no one is really interested. But, then, being me, I have no choice but to do it. So, am doing it.

I'll leave you with a few pictures-
Here are pictures of Shayon and me at Qutab Minar, where on Moo's request we posed for her dear camera in a total filmy way. (PDA taken to a new level... )

Below is the Qutab Minar standing tall....

And then here is the 'Real Delhi' for you- Delhi-6, Chandni Chowk...and its sheer Madness...

The Shish Ganj Gurdwara at Chandni Chowk.

And finally- the Bangla Sahib Gurdwara in its peace and tranquility...

Hey, Delhi has been named amongst the top 50 cities for a 'Must Visit', I am sure Moo is glad that she has covered it...!!:)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


After a hiatus of a little over two days I am back.
And I really hope that I was missed terribly, because if I was not, then, well, I will be sad...

Ohkay, that was really cheesy.

The weekend that I had been waiting came and went. And, I have a HUGE complaint- Time flies way toooo fast when you are having fun. This is unfair.
Moo is like THE perfect guest... it was so much of fun having her around. Especially because I was showing off my city. Delhi- Meri Jaan.

The holiday started on friday when she landed at the Delhi Airport. I had gone to pick her up and boy, it felt like I am meeting my lost friend after ages. There was absolutely no awkwardness and absolutely no formalities. My parents took a liking to her. (Thank God for that)
We saw the malls, the roads (which were a surprise to her), we saw a few historical sights... and lots and lots of maddening crowds.
The metro ride and Qutab minar were the main highlights of the trip. But most of all, it was the weather that made the entire weekend so worthwhile.
Oh- and it was like totally girly talking till wee hours of the night...!!! :)

We were out most of the day. Starting at 9 am in the morning till 7 pm. Almost all the day.
I drove around the city like never before.
It was just a crazy time that we had.
It culminated at my father's birthday yesterday.

I wish to write more. There were so many things that were awesome, actually the whole weekend was such an awesomeness that words can't seem to describe it.
So, I will leave that for Moo to do.
Describe her experiences to you, and also hopefully show you a few picture...!!! If you all be really nice and request it, she might just publish a few pictures. :P

Thank you Moo for making this weekend so special.
The only thing that really spoiled my mood was the dance class. I officially hate Rajiv. And, I do not care if he reads this or my FB status.

And, last but not the least- Happy Birthday to my dear Gaurav. Here is wishing you a great day and a great year ahead. Love you...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The weekend...

Another long weekend kick starts tomorrow. And this festive season has the maximum long weekends to offer.
Offs on Fridays and Mondays. It totally feels like Holiday Season.
I am always a holiday lover, given a chance, and unlimited money, I would love to holiday. But, like they say, most good things in life go wasted if we do not if we do not appreciate them, And appreciation for the finer things in life comes only when you have had an experience with the non-finer things in life.

Anyways- My dear Moo is coming over tomorrow. (Yeah I know that I have already announced it.. and so has she, but what the hell...). I am so looking forward to meet her and spend time with her. The time I had met Ki, I had told her, that the reason I think that I never really had girlfriends was because maybe, God wanted me to have the bestest girlfriends ever. Love you girls.
So, my long weekend is pretty planned up and yeah, I am going to goof around.
Ofcourse- There is already a spoiler- Shayon is not going to be here.. :( well, he planned out a weekend with his friends. And, I really don't know if I should be calling it a spoiler or what. But, yeah, I will definitely miss him.

Ok, this is become a rambler.
I think I should blog more often. But, I should not really be thinking that hard. Hurt me in my knees... :P