Monday, January 31, 2011

For my Darling Doll!

Dear Kashvi,

You are turning 21!!!! I know I am not supposed to tell your age but then, I am a pseudo feminist and blah- who cares- It is YOUR HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And, I am super excited! I wish you all the best for whatever that you decide to do in your life.

Our friendship that started as a matter of chance through this world of blogosphere- for me has gone to a completely different level. I have never in my life met a girl, who is like you. You are just YOU- a different person altogether. Beautiful from within, the radiance of which reflects on your lovely face.
I am supposed to be elder to you, but even for the tiniest bit of my problems, I rush to you for a solution!

In you I have found a friend, who I can bully and talk to about any thing and every thing that comes to my mind. Without the fear that I am being judged or that I am going to be loved less!

There is so much of warmth and love in you, and I am so glad that I get to share a part of it, being your friend!

On your Birthday today,
I wish you great health, loads of wealth,
fame beyond the boundaries of world, and love that will keep you safe!

I love you! And Happy Birthday :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Misfits

Opposites attract... 

A theory that has been proved by science. And often dramatized by the films and novels that we read. Doesn't  it feel wonderful and unreal, that the protagonists of these beautiful love stories are complete strangers, belonging to backgrounds that are world apart, brought up by parents that have nothing in common. Even then, after fighting, arguing and never seeing eye to eye over anything, eventually they end up falling in love.In the moment that they realise that, they love each other because they love each other's eccentricities and habits and what nots.

In real life, can the two lovers survive the challenge of being totally opposite? To fall in love and then to realise that the love is there and so is the passion, but also realizing that if you stay together you will end up biting each others head off. In that case-  How long can you keep on fighting, crying and hating each other and in the next moment, loving and making it up all over again.
Unfortunately, I don't know.

But I do know that, the harsh reality of life, as it stands is- that in today's world, the ego rules the roost. None of the partners will ever compromise, or maybe they  do- but just to an extent. The flexibility of adjusting to each other has reduced with the increase in the working hours and the cut- throat competition in our little world. And, instead of working upon the relationship and giving each other a chance, suddenly the same guy/ gal who was the love of your life becomes the enemy.  And the time you were to spend with each other you spend in the court levelling allegations and getting a divorce.
Even the ones who were perfect- Become the "Misfits"!
Ironical isn't it?

~Instead of finding some one perfect, just find someone perfect for yourself~

And I know I have found that "Perfect Someone" for me!


I love Love
I love being in love
I don't care what it does to me

Take these tattered boxes

that used to hold your clothes
Break them down
Build them back up with your bones
All you did was construct a mess
You're good to me when only flesh
You're a memory with nothing to show

When we would take trips
We swore we'd never take pictures
Pictures only prove you can't convince
Now I wish those photographs
could convince you that what we had

would only turn out a negative


If fingertips are relationships

then I could barely carry your weight
If fingers are mistakes
Don't use this one to point the blame
Just sing

I love love

I love being in love
I don't care what it does to me
These pills are fine to pass the time
'til I find my new drug
We'll take our chances
we'll last a month
we'll never speak again

How I love being in love

And don't pick up the line

You're dressed to have a good time
you don't need him, you need to be seen
so someone else can treat you wrong
so you my love can sing this song

I love love

I love being in love
I don't care what it does to me
These pills are fine to pass the time
'til I find my new drug
They'll take advantage
I'll claim that's what I want

To be the new statistic

How I love

How I love
How I love being in love

Take these tattered boxes

That used to hold your clothes
Break them down
Build them back up with your bones
All you did was construct a mess
you're dead to me if love is death
You're a memory with nothing to show



If fingertips are relationships

Then maybe I could use a break
She smiles
She points at me
she says:
Baby I love how you sing
so just

I love love

I love being in love
I don't care what it does to me
These pills are fine to pass the time
'til I find my new drug
We'll take our chances
we'll rise above
we'll last until the end

How I love

How I love
How I love being in love 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

When the time is 'Right'

This post is coming from my seniors' laptop in office, wherein in exchange for me using the laptop for work, I have given him the possession of my Tata Photon Plus, and since I use the net during the day and he after the office hours, we share the bill too.
Though  have absolutely no idea, why did I tell you about this!

I have always been afraid of change. Even though, in the 'Thought of Day' section of the assembly in school, the thought "Change is the only Constant" was repeated over a million times, but I still refused to accept it. The only reason why every year I was happy in getting promoted from one class to the other was maybe- Maybe- because my parents used be relieved and of course, my friends and classmates used to be there too! So basically the change used to be in the Classroom, seniority and books (which used to get harder by the passage of each year).
And in Class 9th, when the classes were reshuffled I had teething troubles adjusting with my own batch mates and in 11th, when the disastrous decision of changing the school happened, well, I sort of became a disaster myself!

I don't when did it really happen, but all of a sudden, wanting a change in my life to live it on my own terms has become the order of the day. Like right now, today,  would love to change a zillion things about me, these changes I would love to incorporate and grow as a person.
The first thing that I want to change is my job and my city. As cliched as it may sound, but, I feel despite me trying to push things at home and trying to tell them that I am a big girl, there is only as much as I can push. After that- it just comes down to my grandmother and my parents getting super furious at me!
And in a bid to do just that- I have exhausted all my options. I have been begging people to source out a job for me.
The best part being- That all those people have been sweet enough to do just that. They have pushed as much as they could and now there is nothing more that can be done. When they call me up to tell me that they have tried and forwarded the mail etc, all I tell em is that, now we all have done our bits, tried so hard and now when the time is 'Right', things will automatically fall into place for me.

This sounds so romantic, so practical and positive and pragmatic, that when the time is right, things will fall into place. And my only question to myself over and over again is- When will my right time come? When will things start falling into place.
I am thinking positive, I am trying to be happy about my life.. but that does not seem to help me evade the doubts about where my life is heading. About how am I ever going to incorporate all of my dreams and weave them into reality.
I also know, that so many of you will say, that there is never a right time, you have to make things happen, shake the tree if you want the apple. But, when the five years worth of hard work of being a excellent student in academics and co-curricular did not and me in the kind of life that I wanted, I have become scared of even wondering about the dreams that lie within.

Hard work pays, and  I am just waiting for my payment to come. Irony is, that unlike the payment recovery of the phone and the net bills, there are no calls that I can make to recover my payment.
So here I am, trying my best to make the time 'Right' for me!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

All the Growing up!

On the beach I run,
like some one crazed,
to catch the sun..and the rain.
I splash in the water,
jump into the waves,
like hugging a dear friend.

From the sandcastles on the beach,
to owning a villa with a private reach,
from lugging that school bag,
and fighting over a tiffin,
To growing up and taking your friends,
for five star stint.

It was your favourite flavour of Ice- cream,
that mattered,
to day its the car that you drive,
takes the precedence.

Matching a pair of correct socks,
was maybe the most difficult puzzle,
today, the right tie for every occasion,
a must for your living.

A kid in me still leaps out,
but is the drowned,
often by my own shouts.
I don't remember when I laughed
so hard that I cried,
I don't remember when was the last I just slept,
and did not cry.

This growing up has ripped,
the spirit inside me to love,
the very life that I had hoped to live!

Friday, January 14, 2011

A fortnight..

Already gone!
And we are still wishing each other Happy New Year.

Two weeks back I was in Mumbai (Yeah, I did manage to finally go for my much needed vacation). And Shayon and I actually met there more than what we manage to meet here. As a matter of fact, Shayon and I have not met from the day he landed here in Delhi. I know it is totally weird!

Anyway, the new year has been decent till now. I got promoted in my dance class and the first matter that I drafted independently came up for hearing for the first time and we got a favourable order!!! So its been a pretty interesting start to the year.
Is this trend going to continue?

I don't know!
To be really honest, I had planned way tooo much last year. I categorically knew what I hoped out of the year.. but nothing happened the way I wanted, so this year I am taking one day at a time. No plans. Not even the lunches and dinners.

I am playing a blind this time. Stakes, accordingly are just going to get higher!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

One step up!

I know that I owe a big post, and I am going to write on really soon.

Right now just wanted to share the first Good News of the New Year- I got promoted to level two of Social Dancing, i.e in the Elementary level from Beginners.. 

Here is hoping that there is more good awaiting this year!


Saturday, January 1, 2011


This is THE very first post of the year, and I am hoping that it gets published while the date is still 1.1.11!

Without any further ado- Firstly- Here is wishing everyone a SUPER 2011!

Hoping and Praying that this year brings with itself, happiness, success, wealth & health to all of you!
And above all, I pray that this year bring with itself, Faith and belief in the ability of loving others and ourselves.

My year started with a BANG!
My brother proposed his 4 year long girlfriend, and therefore, I have a wedding in the house! The one wedding in my house that is going to happen before mine.. yes, I am next in line now!

And I was able to manage the year end holiday in Mumbai!

The details will come ASAP!

Today- Just Wishes for you all from me- for the newest year!