Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday Morning...Blues...

Well... it was a wet Monday Morning.... the sky was overcast...and it was NOT blue...

Nothing as a matter of fact was blue, because you see in Mumbai, the buses are also red. Ok, enough jokes abot the blues and the reds. Work.... yeah I was at And I have to go tomorrow. In such a beautiful city, it takes an effort to get out of the bed and go to the office... I would rather go to the beach....

Well.. work was good. I was making my report on the files that I did on friday. It looked like that I was working... Finally. But the day was good. It was a very relaxed day, after the whole lot of parting on the weekend. Even Karan Bhaiya came home early.... So what did I do in the evening?? Mom, I excercised. I went for a walk.... and it was very beautiful. Trust me. I just hope unlike last time, I dont gain so much of weight when I go back.

That is it guys.... looking fwd to yet another day tomorrow....!!!!


Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Weekend begins.....

My weekend has begun.... well.... this weekend I have planned on doing the social calling that, I have to do... Like it or not. But then aren't these the people whom you fall back upon....

Anyways, the fun lets say is continuing.... I went to Shweta Di's house today. Met Mannat, di and Jiju... it always a pleasure meeting them... and then these guys took me to the Cadbury Day's Party in the Hotel, Taj Lands End. The Party was really nice, with Boman Irani and Aasma Band performing for us live. I danced with the Band guys n Gals.... unfortunately I have forgotten my camera at home... so no pics.... But yeah for Arushi's collection I have a few autographs.

Ok, here is a lil confession that I have to make, Arushi darling.... tonight I really missed you. You would have enjoyed the party to the hilt. It was fun. But like you commented on my last post, aapka bhi time aayega. I am sure that you are gonna have more fun.

Right now... I guess I should be changing my clothes...and turning in... have a pretty heavy Sunday tomorrow.


The First Day....

Its almost four in the morning... I just returned from a nice get together..... and wanted to recount my day...after all memories are what the prsent is for...right??

I started my day pretty early. I reached office at around the hang of the route that has to be taken and all. Office is pretty cool... a really cozy family like atmosphere prevails where ppl are always talking and the phones are never silent. In midst of it all.... I read thru almost 2 5 files... all in a days work huh.....

Hmmmm..... it was raining very heavily when I reached back home. I tried getting a new sim for my phone so that I can cut the roaming crap... but the Sim is not ready entertain me... as yet.

The Night... was great. Karan Bhiaya took me to his friend's place for dinner. Together we were like 10-12 of us...and all thrwn in randomly...all came thru knowing one or the other... and almost everybody was new to each other. There was the booze... loads of music... dim lights and awesome food.... and trust me.. I missed Shayon so much tonight.
And then to burn off the food...and shake a leg...we went to a club.... it was in Hayatt.... and I have not seen a friday night more hip and happening...the place was jam packed and Urmila Matondkar was freaking out with her friends. Came bak around 3 ish.... and now... I am packing off... coz... i am drop dead.... TIRED....!!!

Cheers....!! I am...

I was waiting to write this post. Well... I am sitting in a three bedroom appt.... in one of the rooms given to me. The appt belongs to my brother and he is really happy that I am here.

I am joining Indiann Oil Corpn's law dept tomorrow Morning.... and I am very nervous...and absolutely excited.

Pray that all goes well....!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Driving Sanity away....!!!

My exams finally got over on Sunday.

Nothing eventful... just looong wait for them to get over...which finally happened. And the much awaited holidays are on. But trust me.... I am having a hard time.... Coz I have nothing to do. On the very first day of my hols I got up at 7 in the morning..and did nothing....!!!
And today at the end of the second day.... I have done nothing significant either.... got up and then slept again...!!! How cool is that...!!!

I know many of you out there would love to do nothing... but then lemme warn you that.. doing nothing for one day, two days can be fun... but when the prospect is pretty bleak of oing nothing at all... then its a scary prospect....!!!

Lets c what happens next...!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix....

J.K Rowlings' hit series part V, was released in the form of Movie on the 13th of July 2007.

This whole week ending on the 21st July is gonna be the Harry Potter week....!!!!

The last book releases on 21st... and the much anticipated ending would be finally revealed.

Anyways coming back to the movie.... I am a fan of Harry Potter movies.... but after watching the order of the phoenix, I must say that my curiosity has been aroused to its fullest. Though... I havent read the book, I know that the movies has been well made. Those who have read the book might find that lot of things are amiss and the death of Sirius has been a bit underplayed. But the movie has some great effects and it is really good.

Harry and the gang have finally grown up and harry's first kiss is under a mistlestow and its a cool scene.

A great watch....!!!

and as Prof Dumbldore says.... " One thing that harry has and Voldemort doesn't- is a cause to fight for...."

Have fun....!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Header Mania....!!!

Well... I guess that this truely should have been the topic of tagging...!!!

Welll.... thanks to blogger's new feature... we can have pics customised to our own tastes and ofcourse to the taste of our beloved blogpage that we can put pics as blog header....!!! Well... as of now I know that Shayon has done the change... and Karma too has replaced his header...and since The Wall Mag is under em it was bound to change.

So here I follow the suit and change my header too...!!! I hope that it is representing the name of my blog well.... comments please??

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

100 Facts about me....!!!

It seems like that I am gonna write a script of "I, me, myself". Lets see how muych am I able to do so... I was tagged by Shayon. I am starting this post on 11th July 2007, Let us see how many facts am I able to come up with.... 100 is a HUGE target.

1. Name: Sakshi Chopra
2. Sex: Female
3. Birthday: 5th September, 1986
4. Nationality: Indian
5. Languages I can Speak: English, Hindi, and tiny winy Bengali
6. Sexual Orientation: Straight
7. Relationship Status: Committed
8. Children: No
9. Smoking: Strict NO
10.Drinking: Socially
11. Email ID:
12. Mobile No: Dont give out publicaly
13. Currently Doing: Bachelor in Law
14. Institute: Mewar Law Insitute, Ghaziabad
Now comes the difficult part, its the toughets job in the world... writing facts bout ur own self...!!!
15. I am a third generation lawyer.
16. I love what I am doing.
17. I have two friends who are just like everything that I have.
18. I hate the politics that happen in college, that is why I'm not fond of hanging around my college ppl that much.
19. I am teachers pet in college.
20. I have written three research papers till date.
21. One of them on politics got published.
22. One got me a merit certificate amongst the top 100 papers.
23. The topic for the paper in no 22 was " I'm Immortal"
24. I passed my12th Std from Modern School, Barakhamba Road.
25. I was in modern only in 11th n 12th.
26. I was in Air Force Bal Bharati, Lodi Road, till 10th standard.
27. I loved my life in Afbbs.
28. I am still a Virgin.
29. I have a boyfriend for the last two n half years.
30. He tagged me into doing this.
31. I love listening to music.
32. I love being a delhite.
33. I have slowly realised that, I want adventure in my life, so I wanna go n stay all by myself.
34. I have had horrendus accidents.
35. In one, I banged my head on the gate, hence got stiches, on my forehead. Was just 4 at that time. The other one happened when I burnt my wrists on the hot iron and the last accident that I had was last year when I was hit by a motorbike, got muscle ruptre on my right leg.
36. My best friend says that I should hang a board stating that I am accident Prone around my neck.
37. I have a younger sister.
38. She is 7 years younger to me.
39. She has just about crossed my height.
40. I lost eight kgs in last one month.
41. I am to loose another 5 kgs.
42. I love to read.
43. I have read everything. But Love stories capture my heart the most.
44. I am a huge fan of Erich Segal.
45. My name means "Witness".
46. I know its the most appropriate name for me.
47. I have seen most of the north indian hill stations.
48. I would love to explore East India.
49. I have always believed in love.
50. Love for me is like a box of surprise.... it can make u smile n the same time.
51. I think that the best movie till date on love is "DDLJ"
52. My all time favourite song is the title track of DDLJ...
53. I Love my boyfriend... alot and I made him read Love Story.
54. He really liked the book, hated the end.
55. I dint say that I am a Virgo, by my sunsign.
56. I tick off people alot, that is y they get tired of me.
57. wow... finished so much in so lil time.
59. I love to talk.
60. My dad hates the mounting phone bills.
61. My dadi ma stays with me.
62. My mom is a teacher in a Govt School.
63. My dadi took care of me wen mom used to go for work.
64. I know how to drive.
65. I would love to drive on a beautiful road.(The Road is- The one behind Aksa Beach in Mumbai)
66. My best date was last yr on Juhu Beach, when I walked in the moolight with my dear boyfriend.
67. I love to dream big.
68. I wish to have powerful presence in the society.
69. I want to do good by the power presence that I want.
70. Money matters.
71. I hate cringing for money.
72. My first job was teaching kids in a tution.
73. I blew the money from my first salary on my very first date.
74. I love my boyfriend's phone.
75. My ultimate indulgence in food is chocolate.
76. I appriciate good food.
77. I dig for Nirula's Hot Chocolate Fudge.
78. I wanted to marry SRK... till I learned that he was married.
79. I used to call Amitabh Bachchan as Kitab Bachchan wen I ws younger.
80. I have never written so much about me.
81. I have butt long hair.
82. I have peirced ears.
83. I have three pericings on my right ear and two on my left ear.
84. My boyfriend loves my ear peircings.
85. I wanna get my nose peirced, but It will not look nice on me.
86. I started blogging two years back on Yahoo.
87. Shifted to blogger about... I don remember when.....!!!
88. My all time favourite book is "The Alchemist" by Paulo Cohelo.
89. Its getting tougher to write about myself...its after all hard to assess about ones self...!!!
90. I have lived the hostel life, hearing the stories of the same from my boyfriend.
91. I hope that by now you have figured out who my boyfriend is.
92. I cant wait to read other 100 facts by the people who are gonna get tagged.
93. I love to sit home in my shorts and a comfy t shirt.
94. Saree is my favourite Indian Dress.
95. My best friends are in top institutes of the respective feilds.
96. I have been probing my dad to by me a new cell phone.
97. I love my phone though.
98. I am dying to watch Harry Potter and the order of the Pheonix.
99. I have never read a harry potter book.
100. Thank God the list is over. This means that I am a Theist....!!!

Wow..... I feel like a self obssessed bitch right now. I wonder If you guys reached till the end... If you did...then wow... you know alot about me. and if you din... I have had a borrrrrrrring life....!!!
Well, I'd like to tag Arushi, Karma, Rathz, Mann, Dion,Aniket, Freddie and all those who write on The Wall Mag .
PS: I finished this on the same day I started. ( so vella)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Taj has made it to the final... and has been crowned as one of the Seven Wonders of the world.

Thank You India.... you made Taj proud...!!!