Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dear Juliet...

Today, by sheer coincidence, I watched a movie called 'Letters to Juliet', and after researching on the net for a while, I realised that there actually is a huge club, that answers letters which are addressed, to THE epitome of love, Juliet.

Just imagine, to read about what real love means to people, all over the world, and to know about love, in real.. a love that involves real people and real stories.
Stories that have courage, stories that have happiness of meeting and the pain of parting. Love that is slowly fading, and love that is lost forever.. love that binds through generations and through miles of separation!

Love that is just that- Four letters worth of pain, joy, helplessness, madness, insanity and all that jazz!
And I am going to talk about my love, talk to Juliet about, all that I have gone through and all that I intend to go through.. let us see, if I get a reply back.

And, now amongst the places that I have to HAVE to see, is a tiny lil place in Europe called Verona, the very place where Juliet lived! 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Note to self..

I really have to lose weight.

How in the world will I ever do that?

I can't wake up in the morning, because, I am mostly up late nights.

I come home by 9ish on most of the days...

How in the WORLD, am I going to fit in my pants, again?

Thanks to the material called lycra, it atleast helps me wear my kurta's with churidars.. but I am running out of clothes to wear to office..

Can't cut down on food..

Bloody, hell, I am becoming a gol gappa.. shucks... I have to start losing weight! ASAP

Just the usual conversation that I have with myself, a million times daily, without any result! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Here is a song for you...

There is different world, when you are wrapped in the arms of the one you love! The time stops, or so I wish that it would, when I am in his arms.
The distance, well there seems to be none, and the things that matter *read: practical realities of life*, they seem to vanish without a trace.

Today, out of the blue, I told two totally random people about the boyfriend, and how I would just want to get married and settle down. One out of the two is my client.
Call me weird, or call me absolutely stupid, but the it just came out!

I have been missing him way too much..
Since I always believe that songs say much more than what words can, here is THE song that we really connect to.. at a very different level of course!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Their families were friends and by that virtue they had to become friends. Tolerate each other may be for some time, only later did they realize that there is more to it than mere tolerance.
He did his law, and started practicing here in Delhi. His office colleagues never questioned his not having a girlfriend, or for the fact that he was not in a hurry to get married. Bane or boon, early marriages of lawyers is less heard of! She made her career there and started working as a T.V. anchor in a local bengali channel.

He turned 30, and went back to Calcutta for some work, some urgent work is what he quoted in his leave application, all his colleagues wondered and hoped that now he might come back with the good news of his wedding being fixed. On his return, of his colleagues, from his team, started coaxing him, asking him if there was wedding on the cards, that is when he told her that, 'I belong to a very conservative bengali family. When I was leaving for college, my mother told me that, look son, you have some weird doshas in your horoscope, so be careful and don't get yourself in trouble'; that is one major reason why he had to wait to be older than 28, apparently the doshas reduce their effects after that age. He was always the simple, shy and totally a mothers darling boy...

The night of the world cup final, at the annual office retreat, he along with couple of others were not watching the match *they were asked to sit out because they were jinxing the match* and sitting near the bon fire, over a couple of drinks, he and his colleagues talked about love, and matching horoscopes, swapped stories about the resilient parents and how love has to, has to win at the end. It is after all the happiness of the couple that get married!

Another week later, the hard working, always on his seat and never distracted guy, is pacing all over the office constantly on the phone. He sits down and gets up, and takes another walk with the phone glued to his ear. Two days later he doesn't turn up in office. Every one thinks that he is in court. That is nothing new for him. More than half a day is gone, clients are eating the head of his other team mate colleague. Finally, she calls him up, only to find out that he has flown to Calcutta!

After the weekend he comes back, he is blushing all over. They had a strong liking for each other for the past three years. He was super scared of facing the consequences of both the families. It was her, who told him, that 'I know, who makes me happy and I know that I want to get married to you. Period'. That is when he took the decision, and took her to a mall bought a ring and put it on her finger, to make it official. Did not care about what the parents have to say. She too gave him a ring. And they made it 'official' for themselves.

The parents are of course horrified, and are meeting up in the coming few days in order to ascertain the viability of this match. He is super jittery, but has his mind fixed, on the girl he wants to spend rest of his life with, so in case the parents agree to not to get them married, the entire office is ready to throw them a huge party and get them married!
And yes, they are ready to Elope!
This is a real story of my colleague in office! Yes there may be slight variations depending upon certain presumptions that I have made. But, to be honest, when he told us his story today, I was scandalized, because, maximum number of lectures about love, marriage et all have come from me. I was also very happy for him, because, he finally took a step and stood firm on it. She I think is landing in Delhi tomorrow, and he was super flustered the entire day, and our boss was sweet enough to over look all his absent mindism and supported him full on!
I wish that his struggle bears the fruit! 

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Office Laptop!

There are very few things that make my mother proud of me. The last time she was supremely proud of me and bragged about my achievements was when I got my class X results! Yeah, that long time back.
After that, I only never gave her a chance to really tell me that, I have achieved something in my life.

No amount of college prizes, or the recognition in college  helped. [for some weird reason, it so important to top when you are in school, and no one bothers when you are in college!]
And the later when I started working, it did not help that a cousin of mine, from the same batch but from a 'national' law school, got a job in a top notch firm, and well, is earning way beyond what I am! On the other hand, there is me, who started working in Litigation. With a Lawyer in the Supreme Court and considering what I heard about my boss from the fraternity, it was AN awesome opportunity for a young lawyer to work under such an awesome boss.
The turn of events happened this year, mid- january when the boss announced that our little practice is getting merged with a law firm! 
It became official just about 22 days back on the 1st of April, 2011, and I got my very own visiting cards, a desk, and big office in general. The big thing tough was getting the office laptop, which even though is a hand - me- down, is in a superb working condition and is super solid. 
The day I gave her my visiting card that I got from office, my mom super happy, and  yesterday when I got the system home, and show the 'official e-mail id' etc.. she was relieved that, now I am actually settled! 

The most that I have to thank for this stability are my two seniors P and M! They had faith in me, and when my boss was ready to throw me out told me and more importantly molded me into being a person who not only works hard but also appreciates good work and hard work, they have taught me how to stay away from office politics, and because I am the only one who sits in the new office and they all are yet to shift, for every little thing, I call em up, actually mostly M, because he is the less scandalous of the two! But will always give sane advise. I am glad that I am building the foundations of my career with people who appreciate not only your work but also the person that you are. Give an opportunity to find your own 'foothold' and become a respectable name in the fraternity!
I love them to the core, and trust me, working in the new office is like working in the foreign lad, at the end of each day that goes by, I call em up and give them the report of what all has happened, and one day we don't get to talk, its like we are missing out on some thing! 
Such is the bond that has become between us.
I pray that we love each other like the way we do- Always!

Dear God,
You are being kind, please keep on showering your kindness at me!
Thank you,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Have you ever..

hated yourself, for becoming the reason for the misery in someone else's life?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hold me Baby!

On a starry night,
When the moon shines through,
making me look back,
in to the past that was-
wonderful, a future, that was,
always ever so bright...
and a Present always so pleasant...

Dark storms plundered us apart,
our love still rode through...
Another dark night has approached,
another storm has just broke...

Hold me tight, to make 
me feel alright, tell me
our love shall ride through,
tell me this is just another phase,
just another test to make,
our love stronger than before...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Road ahead..

I am supposed to be working right now. I am swamped in work and on most of the days, like today, I bring work back home. Because I am swamped with work.

Things have changed. Finally they have.
The merger with the Law firm is official and I am a part of a law firm now. I have my own business cards, my own official e-mail id, and lots of work. The merger became official on 1st of April, and on 2nd I went for an official 'Retreat' to Shivpuri. Three days of camping with the office mates. That too new ones, considering that no one else apart from V came with me for the trip. I was apprehensive at first. Even scared being the new kid in groups that were already formed and chemistries that were already going on. But, that did not stop me from making new friends. The crowd from the Mumbai office was also there, and they were fun to hang around with. I also discovered that many of my office colleagues are into photography in a BIG way, so, there are loads of pictures of the birds and the bees from the pros, and all the people photos have been taken by the layman photographers.

Now, the logistics after merging of two offices is sort of difficult. There are files that need to be moved, there are files that have to be numbered and re numbered and matters that have to be sorted according to number of people that have increased and decreased in your team!! I being the junior most, was sent to the new office *which btw is super awesome* on the first day after we came back from the retreat and from that day till today, I have been having the hardest time hanging in between the offices. I have become a part of the new office, settled in, and enjoying the big office experience whereas, the seniors are yet to move in, thanks to the logistics, I was asked to move in start working ASAP because, I was needed there. The dilemma here is, that, I loved the atmosphere when it was just us, you know the four of us P,M,V, me and ma'am, I was the baby. Here there are atleast 4 others who are my contemporaries,  who make me feel like a grown up. A little more confident about myself and generally it is always nicer to have people your age around you. And because I have been spending a lot of time in the new office as opposed to the rest of the team, they have started teasing me, telling ,me that, 'I have changed' or that 'Mujhe wahan ke logon ki hawa lag gayi hai'.. I know that they are teasing me, but somehow, I don't like it. The rest of em, have not really been too enthu about the whole merging thing. And, I am stuck in between two offices. Swamped in work!

The people and the politics will come soon enough. I am just playing along.

I have no idea what the road ahead has to offer me.. taking one day at a time! :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Band Baaja Baraat!!!

Yes I know, I am sorta late in watching this movie, but never the less I achieved this great thing tonight and watched the movie in original print! *yes, please applaud for me!*

I can't write a review on this movie. I think that this is one of the most deserving movie of last year. And to be honest, this movie, touches a chord somewhere. Shruti Kakkar is so much like Sakshi Chopra, ki haaye mera dil aa gaya!
And Bittoo Sharma- I am totally fida over him! I can't imagine any one else portraying these two characters on screen.. trust me, Anushka surpassed the chichrapanti of Kajol in K3G! So that is a HUGE compliment.

So if you all have seen Baan Baaja Baraat, and see the joy on their faces when they make the wedding such a special day for the couple, that is exactly what I feel about weddings.. the atmosphere, the family, every thing!

Yup, I have lost it! :P
But I just ADORED the movie!
Here is my totally fav song from the movie that did great biness!! ;)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Song in my Head!

On the first page of our story
The future seemed so bright
Then this thing turned out so evil
I don't know why I'm still surprised
Even angels have their wicked schemes
And you take that to new extremes
But you'll always be my hero
Even though you've lost your mind

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn
But that's all right because I like the way it hurts
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry
But that's all right because I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie
Ohhh, I love the way you lie

Now there's gravel in our voices
Glass is shattered from the fight
In this tug of war, you'll always win
Even when I'm right
'Cause you feed me fables from your hand
With violent words and empty threats
And it's sick that all these battles
Are what keeps me satisfied

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn
But that's all right because I like the way it hurts
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry
But that's all right because I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie
Ohhh, I love the way you lie..

So maybe I'm a masochist
I try to run but I don't wanna ever leave
Til the walls are goin' up
In smoke with all our memories

It's morning, you wake, a sunray hits your face
Smeared makeup as we lay in the wake of destruction
Hush baby, speak softly, tell me you're awfully sorry
That you pushed me into the coffee table last night
So I can push you off me
Try and touch me so I can scream at you not to touch me
Run out the room and I'll follow you like a lost puppy
Baby, without you, I'm nothing, I'm so lost, hug me
Then tell me how ugly I am, but that you'll always love me
Then after that, shove me, in the aftermath of the
Destructive path that we're on, two psychopaths but we
Know that no matter how many knives we put in each other's backs
That we'll have each other's backs, 'cause we're that lucky
Together, we move mountains, let's not make mountains out of molehills,
You hit me twice, yeah, but who's countin'?
I may have hit you three times, I'm startin' to lose count
But together, we'll live forever, we found the youth fountain
Our love is crazy, we're nuts, but I refused counsellin'
This house is too huge, if you move out I'll burn all two thousand
Square feet of it to the ground, ain't shit you can do about it
With you I'm in my f-ckin' mind, without you, I'm out it

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn
But that's all right because I like the way it hurts
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry
But that's all right because I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie
Ohhh, I love the way you lie

Love the way you lie
                               - 'Love the way you lie' (Part 2) Rihana Ft Eminem

Friday, April 8, 2011

Madness of the world,
a tiny part of insanity,
you me and our love...

There is always a 'only if',
and there is also an 'when and if',
down and out, over and over..
lost in all the muddle..

Fighting within,
fighting with the world,
fighting for your right,
and fighting for what is wrong..

Material gain versus the,
person within you,
sanity versus the insanity in you,
love versus the society,
war versus the peace..
It is all about the fight,
all about the choices,
that we make in our lives..

A path less taken,
or the one oft treaded on,
our destinies are writ,
whether we like it or not..

Defying the fate,
holding on to what is ours,
just love, of you me, and ours!

One more Update!

There is so much that has been happening around me. I have been dying to write. Dying to update you all into the little little things that are changing me, each moment. Forcing me to move ahead and to move on in life, towards a new beginning. A new me, in the making.

But there is still a long way to go!

A detailed post with all the mirch masala is coming soon.

PS: I am reading all the blogs, just being super lazy about commenting! Will get active in commenting soon! :)

PPS: Thank you all for all your prayers. Shayon's mom is doing much better! 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lil Update

Hi All!
I have load of blogs to catch up too! Just saw so many new blog posts up!
But, I have been finishing up a lot this week, especially, with the half day on Wednesday... and now the office trip in couple of hours. I am really nervous. It is like going for a school thing when you know no one else at school! Its scary!
But hope fully will make through the weekend, and will be back happy. Two nights with loads of strange people in the wilderness and no phones! That is a tough one!
Wish me luck!

And all the best to team India! This one we have to win for own little Master Blaster!
Have a great weekend, I promise to catch up on all the pending posts when I am back! :)

PS: Please also take a minute out and send a little prayer and best wishes to Shayon's mom, she has taken ill!

Thank you!