Thursday, September 30, 2010

All that hype!

It seems that the saying, "Badnaam hi sahi, par naam toh hua!" Rings so true in the Indian context.
Negative publicity is one of the favourite national time pass here in India. I mean, why other wise would people make a hue and cry over things like, Richard Gere giving a kiss to Shilpa Shetty, or about the movies, or taking weird photographs (The clever photograph of Sania Mirza with the National Flag at her feet) and then filing PIL's for obscenity, and hurt to national pride.
And in turn getting their 15 minutes to fame.

Lately, it has been the Kalmadi bashing, and generally making sure that India/ CWG gets very nice negative publicity especially since the world was looking at us. And then there is the Aydhoya verdict, as if the whole hype around the real thing was not enough, there were certain nice people who wanted more attention to it, thus they file deferment pleas in the Supreme Court.
And guess what, it takes the Canadian Team to come all the way to India, and take a couple of pictures in the games venue, post it on FB to shout it loud to the world, that dudes, it is all nothing but media hype.

In a democracy, as large as ours, it has become a blessing that the media has been given full fledged freedom to express its views and to give us a much more advanced picture of what really is happening out there. But somewhere, you do end up feeling that this is slowly becoming like poison, you have no idea, what to really believe any more because-
Every news channel has started sensationalizing news for their TRP's. Which, makes the situations nothing more than a double edged sword, where there is a very thin line between what actually is the news and what is made up.

And more than once, media in it is bid to go that extra mile had to be reigned in by the government. I am sure every one remembers 26/11 and the media reports that had to be banned because the terrorists knew exactly what the the plan was and today again the Government had to plead with the media to stop portraying the negative picture of CWG, so that it is successful in all respects.

My question is very simple, that, even though media is considered to be the fourth pillar (After the Legislative, Executive & the Judiciary) of the Indian democracy, don't they understand the concept of responsible journalism? I am very happy with all the sting operations that they do, or all the debates that happen, and all the 'Khulasaas' that they do. But, when the entire pride of your Nation is at stake, do you really have to go all out and find the most absurd news to further the shame?

I am not saying that it is wrong to expose. But, I feel that at times, the media should- Stop. Think. And then, go all out bashing.
And, most of the times, it is the rumours that create more panic than the actual news it self.
Its time to low down the hype, and focus on good journalism.

In the other news, I am still looking for that break in a law firm, a break i.e holidays, (oh, did I tell you that best friend is off to Paris on a office tour.. and all I get to tour is the Supreme Court! Yes, I am a lil J!) and that conversation starter to break the news to my parents.
Loads of Breaks, I am looking for!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

3x7, not the tables, but the Tag!

Chanz and The Wicked witch of the West tagged me into doing this really nice Tag!
Simple ways of knowing the other person!

Just write three things about the seven headings and tag other people!
(For detailed rules, please see Chanz's Tag here! *Am too lazy!:)*)

So here goes:

3 places I would Pack my travel bag for..

1. Backpacking Europe: I am dying to go backpacking exploring this continent. I am fascinated by all those lovely green fields in the Yash Chopra/ Karan Johar movies!

2. Leh & Ladhak: I know after 3 Idiots this is becoming a hot tourist destination, but for me these are the only hill stations that I have not seen in the north. And I have been dying to do so.

3. US of A: Not for anything else but to meet my relatives and to go and spend a month in Disneyworld! :P

And I am going to cheat and write another place that I wanna go to-
Antarctica: What? I wanna see the penguins and the men in igloos!

3 On screen Characters I love to watch:

1. Shah Rukh Khan: For all the obvious reasons I am mad about him, and I LOVE his movies and the larger than life persona that he carries.

2. Neal Caffery (Matt Bomer): In White Collar, its a series on Star World. This guy is total total hot stuff, with his acting and great looks and those deep blue eyes, I think, I am gonna melt!

3. Richard Gere: You need me to spell out the reasons. From Pretty woman to Runnaway Bride, I think, I fall in love with his movies because of him!

3 Moods that describe me the best:

1. The Kid in me: Refuses to grow up, and I love being kiddish and naughty.

2. Cranky: Give me no food, and add to it sleep deprivation and you don't want to be within 200 miles of me. When I am cranky then, I am a bad bad bad person to be around.

3. General Happy Dappy Mood- When I laugh alot and make sure that I make it contagious. :D

3 Things that I think of Doing on a weekend but never did:

1. Clean up my wardrobe: My mom cribs. I tell her, on the weekend. The weekend comes and goes, and I forget. And then my mother cleans it. Changes the location of the clothes, and then, I never find my clothes. *Yeah in a CLEAN almirah*

2. Go out with the Family: I really would love to spend some time with all of em, go out and have some fun.. but unfortunately too many social engagements!

3. Go Party: The concept of a Saturday night is normally lost to the parents here in India. More so, if you are a girl I would love to party once or twice every month.. get ready and hit the floor. But alas, I know that is not happening any time soon.

3 Things from my Childhood I can't Forget:

1. Getting Ready for School: In winters I used to refuse to wake up in the morning, always telling my parents that it is still night at 6.30 am because the sky was dark and there is no sun. It used be a riot to get me ready, my mother would be doing my hair *I had really long hair, and my mum tied it in two pig tails with a ribbon*, while my maid would be doing up my uniform and dad tying my shoes and me being urged by the grandparents to quickly finish my milk. And, then I used to have my chawanprash on the Bike that my dad had that time otherwise I refused to touch it.

2. My grandfather was a member of India International Center, and there, kids under the age of 7 are not allowed inside the dining room *You are seated in the balcony  if you are with the kids*, so my grandfather used to always tell me to lie about my age and behave like a lady inside the dining room *Which I always did*. On of such occasions, I had gone there for lunch with my grandparents and I saw one old uncle eating alone, and I whispered to my grandfather that, I don't like that he is eating alone, and I took my soup to his table and told him that I am having lunch with him coz, I don't like that he is eating alone. *Another thing that my maid used to always crib about was that whenever she took me to the park, I used to sit with all the older uncle and aunties*

3. I travelled by air for the first time at the age of 4. I went with my father to Mumbai. And learned to be independent there. For the entire time that I was there, I used to choose the clothes on my own and keep my hair open as much as I wanted *I was not allowed that at home* and the best part was that I travelled back from Mumbai to Delhi all on my own, trying to converse with the Air hostess in broken 4 year old english.

3 Things I would never say no to:

1. Good Food: I am a foodie! Good food and good company are always welcome.

2. New Clients: I am an Advocate! I will never say no to a client.

3. Gifts: Anything, even as lil as a note written by someone special is a gift that I love to receive. If it is a surprise, sone pe suhaga!

3 Things I cant live without:

1. My Phone: For all the obvious reasons but it should have balance and internet connection.

2. Dancing: Dance is life. It just fills me up with the feel good things and does wonders to my moods and to my life.

3. My Blabbering: I love to talk. I think, I'll be lost if I don't talk as much as I would like to!

And I tag:
Since Su has been tagged...

Shalu, Uncle J, Bloody Mary, Bikramjit, Banupriya, Harshita, Moo & Aniruddha!

Go tag!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One of the most "Worthwhile" Day!

I think, today I compensated for the weekend that was spent in office! *Yeah, I was in office on Sunday too!*

So the day began with me going to the court as usual but today, I was alone in the court, I had the matter and the seniors were in office.. *it was a small little matter*, and therefore I knew that I was going to get free on time from the court.
I called up Shayon and asked him if we could meet for lunch, and voila, he said that he would love to! And we met and had a great lunch at a Restaurant called The Chinese! The best part of the whole experience apart from the fact that we both were the only patrons and were sitting in one cosy corner of the restaurant was that the Desert was on the house *Mango Ice Cream!!*...
And when it was time to pay, we realised that we were short on cash and their card machine was not working *actually they had already told us that the card machine was not working when we had entered the restaurant* but never the less they were kind to us and did not make us wash the dishes, and let us go to the ATM and withdraw cash and pay em off!

I reached office at around 2.15 ish, and started reading a new matter, the big boss was supposed to an Arbitration and I practically had no work in the office. I was whiling away my time with tit bits of research and lot of chatting online, and making coffee for the office when my immediate senior Ms. PK suggested that we go to this store in the local market behind the office.. and I gladly accompanied her.. we shopped *She was meeting her friend and she wanted to dress up, and I also made a plan to meet Shayon :P* and then went to the parlour.. *YEAH parlour* because she wanted to look human when she went to meet her friend.. and then, we rushed off to office picked up our stuff and I drove *her car* to Khan Market.

And her friend and Shayon were waiting at the same place, and she met Shayon.. and then went a floor above us, so that its not embarrassing for us *Totally SWEET*!

Then of course it was a nice romantic evening coffee that Shayon and I shared... and came back home...
but the cherry on the top was when I asked the auto waala to take a longer route to my house *Shayon was with me*, and he said "Madam, ghar jaana bhi hai, ki Delhi darshan kar rahe hain!" !!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Breaking the ice!

It so hard to be perfect, to go back to being what you were from present to a point back in time. But, it is never really difficult to be a newer or a better person. And if it is both, then nothing like it.

We all the know the most obvious thing which is that Change is inevitable. And if there is no change, then life becomes stagnant, and what becomes stagnant smells of rotten things. But then, it is so hard to accept the change that has come over you, over the other people involved in the equation.. but after the teething, we all need to, have accept those changes.
And, I am glad, that slowly... both Shayon and and I are ironing out the wrinkles that had developed in our relationship.
Today in the afternoon we had so much of fun. We were together for lunch, both had come from their respective offices.. and apart from the lunch that was by the way awesome *Nirula's Pot-pourri *, it was the easy talking that somehow was amiss in the conversations that we were having of late.
The awkward moments seemed to be dissolved in the afternoon sun, and both of us enjoyed the togetherness of being together after ages. The sun, that came out in Delhi after ages, actually broke the ice that the icky never ending rains were just hardening.

Both of us had had the 'talks', about what the whole mess had done to us and that how much each of us has changed, but then, in the last couple of days, both of us have been smiling a lot.. he has been in good mood.. and most of all, he is having fun at work too.
We talk about the most mundane things in life.. and the comfort of knowing that the cause of 'US' is not a lost one is always a pleasurable feeling!
The impromptu plans... the phone calls, the smses... they all do everything to make me smile and blush. And, I know for sure- Tomorrow is a better day.. and love is just going to increase!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Present: Right Here!

Hello my Lovelies! I am right here, I have not abandoned this blog.. and you are not so lucky that my inspiration for ranting out loud will just go away in a jiffy!

I have been unwell lately. Was down with fever and thus was not able to update the site. I mean, I was really in no mood to talk about body aches, and head aches and eye aches...
Not heart ache either. *I do not complain of acidity!*

So for the last six days, I have been resting, and doing nothing. And, I swear doing nothing is the hardest thing in this world to do. And the most that I would wish to trouble was my dear sweetheart at work.. which I had to control with all that I had within me. And therefore to pass time, I watched TV, yeah television.. and I watched all the daily soaps... loads of em!
And, I can't believe myself!

In other news, my cousin who is two years younger to me announced her wedding. And that brings me back to the topic of the Gift that Shayon had given me on my Birthday.
*I have not yet come around to uploading pictures*
Yeah.. so, Ahem.. I .. Shayon..
Well, Shayon proposed me on my Birthday, with a ring and the down on the knee thing. And, I was holding my cake in one hand *which was yummy* and it was the parking lot.. and my Birthday, and I was totally crazy Happy!
And, now, I have to go and talk to my parents. ASAP.
No more taking advise on how to do it, because.. they are my parents.. and they have to know it. And they would- Really soon.
The action that follows, may or may not be recordable here, but from you all, I need prayers, that things fall into place for both of us. Because, it is not that so much time has gone by, or that both of us have gone through a Bad phase and that this is required...
Because, this is what we Both want. To be together, and be together. Both of us want to start a new journey, and since every relationship needs to grow from one phase to the other.. it is time to GROW! 

Both of us need your blessings and your wishes, Especially me! 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pure Seduction

This is the name of a fragrance that I got on my Birthday, but really wanted to share the following lyrics with you and as soon as this song came into my mind, this title struck me.

"Kya Gazab karte ho ji.
Pyar se darte ho ji..
Darke tum aur haseen lagte ho ji!

Kadmon mein sar rakh ke,
hum yahin so jaayenge
Haske tum dekho hum khush ho jaayenge...
Jhooth hi kehdo ki tum bhi humpe marte ho ji

Koi nahin hum dono hai,
main hoon meri angaadai hai..
chale aao meri baahon mein,
badi pyaari tanhaai hai...
Raat milan ki tum kyun .
aahen bharte ho ji..

Kya gazab karter ho ji
pyaar se darte ho ji...
darr ke tum aur haseen lagte ho ji"

This is for someone special :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Birthday- To me!

Turning 24 is not an easy job. Its like with each passing year, you have to grow in responsibility! Or so it is said. I look in the mirror, and I really don't see myself ageing *Thank God for that*.. but on the inside you feel, the OMG of becoming another year older!

This birthday by far was the most special by all means. Apart from the fact that I threw a party and surprisingly it was successful... and that I cut four cakes.. and all of em were chocolate truffle flavour! And it was for the first time in years, Shayon and I were together for the 12 o' clock cake cutting, and he gave me THE best gift ever! To know what that is... well you all have to wait till I upload the pictures.

The day otherwise, was wonderful... I started my Birthday with Shayon and I ended it with him...
Its just very weird to feel 24.

I had Ms. Kashvi with me for a night stay, and Ms. D.O. was one of the first call me! It was so so awesome! :)
Uncle J's card was also really nice!
Another cute cute thing that happened was the Ms. Wicked Witch of West-  called to wish me from down under and it was so silly coz, I could hardly understand her... thanks to the noise around and her accent! Oh, and Shalini from Das Laben also e-mailed me her wishes! It was such a delight to open the mailbox and see her mail!
I can't thank enough to all the people who made my birthday so so special!
Thank you all for the lovely day that I had!
This was probably the best thing that has happened to me thus far in the whole year!
Thank you all!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

WHY do I even Bother?

I mean.. This is the second year in row and I totally know that this time also the so called Birthday Party is gonna flop.