Monday, October 31, 2011

Quick note from Goa!!

The connectivity here sucks BIG time. I have been dying to write really nice long posts.. but alas, my Reliance Net Connect, just doesn't work here!! *The phones too conk off*

Any ways- The most awaited wedding in the family, finally happened, and I am happy to report that all went well.. now, we are all relaxing, and trying rest up the tired bodies and rejuvenating the souls!!

Hope you all are doing well!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wedding Report: Live Coverage: Pre-Wedding-I

Finally, the bags are packed! :D
Well, at least, sister put her foot down and closed all hers and mine. Mom is still going on checking off her mental checklist. And, I am also ticking things off in my mind. This wedding is becoming a very stressful affair.
We leave home inc around 8 odd hours, and I am super jittery, about- What if we forget something.. though we have been very careful about everything.. but one can only be so careful.

It was sister's birthday today. And it being on Diwali did not flatter her that much. She was very pissed that her bf was having trouble coming to meet her.. but in the end he did manage to come.. so she has been the least cranky amongst all the women.

I well, am in a different universe altogether.
I will write more detailed post when I am flying tomorrow! I mean, this is the maddest trip that is gonna be.. and I am already tired.
I hope my polar bear mode kicks in and all the reserve energy kicks in.
We ll have worked very hard for this, and I pray that everything falls in place!
God Bless :)

Happy Diwali :)

Monday, October 24, 2011


It is a bad idea to get all emotional high when you are drunk.. especially if it is a week- night.. because you end up having a huge head ache, thanks to not only the alcohol, but also to all the crying and anger bouts!!
Just a tip!

The good things about my rants though is, that, I fight it out with the bf. And, he knows, how to handle me in such situations. So after, like 30 odd minutes of hearing me go all 'Blah Blah.. I am so mad at the world' he manages to steer the topic to movies and SRK.. and that is the end of the angry bird.
Well, the only thing that is nagging me about that night is the best friend's diamond ring.. some people are born lucky, I guess. I mean, she has the looks, and she is talented, has a brain of her own, and has a super rich boyfriend. Yes, I do get J.
But, then, I know, I have something special too. I may get really mad at people and their materialistic gains, but, I know how to find my happiness in the smaller things of life. *Best friend did not get the down on the knees proposal.. that I got.. even though the ring did not have the diamond.. it did have the intentions and the love behind it, that is WAY much more than what a diamond can be priced at!! :D*

It is the festive and the wedding season.. and after all the hoo hoopla.. my bua and her husband leave tomorrow for Goa. And, we have a wedding guest at our house too. And, it is the happy jolly mood, with a lot of women throwing a lot of tantrums around. My poor father can only take so much.
At one point today in my house, I had SO many people, that, it sounded like a fish market.. EVERYONE talking all at once! :P
The family that had come to our place, was my grandfather's best friend and his family. They are one big family *touch-wood*, who always come together to us on Diwali, or even on other occasions! This uncle, he and his entire family is that of lawyers. And, trust me, he was the happiest person, when he saw me in my robes in the Supreme Court. He strictly told my father.. that this girl is not going in corporate. Let her join the profession as is!

Any which ways, the wedding is almost on our head. I have all the jitters possible in my stomach. No, I know, that the wedding will be fine.. but then the newest song will start playing in the loop of the relatives.. 'Sakshi ki shaadi kab hai'  I have been cornered like so many times in the last two days.. actually in the last 10 odd days, all I have been hearing is, that NOW the time is right.. plan your marriage and get married. My sister is feeding fire to the flames.. and leaving no stone upturned lest, something comes up.
I have to like a diplomatic person, go around the question of 'So, have you found the guy or you want us to find you one??' Since, my parents have not yet made any commitments on my relationship and my marriage. My mother of course is on a completely path/page/universe.. I foresee a major collusion.. God help me here. It is going to be bad couple of days as far as my marriage goes. Brother's wedding, will of course be, one the most remembered.. and I really hope for all the right reasons!

I hope you all are having fun, preparing for Diwali.. and the festivities!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Rant- a Thon!

I am 3 drinks down,. It is my best friend's birthday.. actually it was her party that I got drunk in.. Thank heaven's that I had another of my buddies to drive me back.

I am very upset.
I generally, cry over these things, but then, I did not feel like crying. Instead felt like channeling my anger here. In this post.

My best friend got a diamond ring from her bf, for her birthday. And, you know what, I have not even gotten proper time from my bf. Yes, I love gifts. But, then I also love my gifts to be thoughtful... but you know, right now, at this instant, I am not craving a materialistic gift. I am craving my time. I know, bf will say that I give you all the time that you want.. it is just that I can't ALWAYS give you the time that you want. But, I feel that there has to be something wrong somewhere then.. because, I am always craving for more as far as time is concerned.
Just can't have enough of him can I.

You know the wedding that I talked about in my previous post.. well, sister and I had a whole 25 minute piece ready for the sangeet, but apparently my other brother and sister in law feel that it will be too long. Yeah, now, we have to ration out, how much do we perform.. for a wedding that we have been preparing for so long. Of course, it is their wedding.. we are just guests after all.
I am a very family person. Maybe too much of family person.
But for my dear darling brothers, who are like really nice and very generous otherwise.. when it comes to the most important things in life, it is their friends that take precedence over family.
And I hate that.
Don't misunderstand me, I still love them. A LOT!

It is just that expectations kills everything. Be it love, family, friendships!
All, I can do is feel about things. And vent the ire here.

Yes, maybe this is the alcohol speaking.. but, you puke your troubles out, when alcohol comes in!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Wedding Expert!

It has been more than 10 days since I have posted last! And, first apologies shall be in order!

To my Dear Blog, I love you. You have kept me sane. you have given friends and have shown me a world of genuine people.. I have not forgotten you. I just have been a little lazy. *Which has become the excuse of the year!!!*

Dear Readers,
You have been absolutely amazing! I am right here, I have been commenting of and on, on the posts, nothing, just keeping busy!

And here is why-

I had been shouting myself hoarse from January, that, we should get our clothes, and our gifts and everything else in order. Today, we are less than 10 days away from my brother ki shaadi, and I have yet to see, ONE single piece of ANY of the outfits that I intend to wear for wedding.
And now, thanks to the festive season, the market has become, nothing but super crowded.. you can't move
an inch without stepping on to another's feet!

Since, the most exciting thing that is happening in my life is mere brother ki shaadi, the updates are ONLY about the mishaps to the wedding.. my dear male readers, do bear with me..
So, the dancing sessions are ON!
From choreographing dances for my Bua & Uncle, to making their friends and my mom dance, sister and I are just going crazy! I got the songs edited by a professional studio! Yeah, that is the level of commitment that we have for this wedding!
Talking about choreographing, sister and I are working SUPER hard for our dances as well. The only disappointment that I have is, that, it is again just the me and her hogging the stage, none of my cousins are ready to make any time what so ever! But since we are talking about dancing, I think, I can be a lil greedy and hog all the limelight that I want! :P

Add to the dancing the travelling all over Delhi bit, trying to shop, trying to close stuff, help my Bua pack the stuff, and making sure that we don't end up leaving behind anything that is required.

There are lists that are made EVERYDAY! I have NEVER in my life for ANY family wedding been so 'list' oriented!

Had I made so many lists otherwise in my life, I would have been one sorted person!

So, now, I know, how to even to a big budget out station wedding.. seems like, I can start my own wedding planning business- from taking people shopping, to choreographing the dances and entertainment, to finalizing the menus of the food.. I am pretty experienced.. and then there are the after marriage services, like getting the wedding registered.. and God forbid if things don't work out, I'll even offer mediation services along with divorces in worst case scenarios!

Quite a package I tell you! :)

I hope you all are having fun.. in the festivities!
Love you and cheers!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reservation starts right on the Top!

A very insightful and an extremely educative discussion with a colleague in the office triggered this blog post. Honestly speaking, the, conclusion about the fact, that the reservation starts at the top hit me like a bolt of lightening and yes, it truly was a revelation.

We were not really talking about the reservation in the job sector , education sector etc done by the government. As a matter of fact, we were talking about the 'Vaman' avatar of Lord Shri Krishna, wherein the God had come earth to save the earth from a demon king.
You don't have to hear this entire story to actually know the moral of the story, that being, that Good always prevails over the bad!

Now, the thing about reservation here was, that, have you ever wondered that, all the demons and the atyachaari kings that the Gods have come to earth to kill, happen to reach Heaven? And that they become the lucky ones to be killed by God, and attain the highest order of after death ranking i.e 'Mukti'.
Now, the other cadre of people who attain this Mukti are the Saints, the people who have left their 'Moh' and 'Maya' behind, and have embraced the way of God.
But what happens to us?
The 'General' class, who are neither the Demon kings nor the Saints, who leave behind everything to embrace God.. why are we instilled  with the fear of God, and who are also told that in case we do not live in the fear of the Almighty we for sure will be in the cycle of million births and may also be born as low life's!

And, what exactly are we the cadre of General Class doing? Living our lives. On the norms that have been set by a society. In case, those norms are broken, there have been instances that have been publicized of those of honor killing!

Isn't it ridiculous, that the general people, the mango people, as we are commonly known, do only what is expected out of us to do- We are born. We study. We get married. Take  care of our responsibilities while struggling with the daily grind of life. And then we die. And in between all of this, we are not even guaranteed 'Mukti', because we do not fall in the category of either being a saint or being a sinner.

It is like sitting for your Board Exams and wondering that even if I score a 95%, there will be someone from the 'Reserved' category with lower marks who will get in the college, and then there will be no seat. And then there will be the super rich who will send their children abroad.. and then you wish that you were not the mango person that you are! Unsure about your future, because, you are what you are and not the 'Reserved' one!

But, then Reservation has been done by Almighty himself, when the Almighty can't guarantee you a decent life after Death, especially since you have done nothing extraordinary.. this is just your Life. Governed if not by the norms of the society then by the norms of the Government.. who squeezes everything out of you.. after all.. you and I, we are just Mangoes!