Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lost without a Phone..

Shayon's phone was not working almost the entire weekend. And trust me, it is not a great idea to be around him when his favourite thing is not working.
It is almost like- an addict being denied his drug.
(Ofcourse that means, I was also in minimal touch with him.)

Just like withdrawal symptoms for a drug addict, Shayon was also behaving in a grumpy and in an extremely agitated manner.
So, it was obvious that I was going to be at the receiving end of his anger, (I am also hell bent most of the time making his life hell..)
On Sunday evening, I pinged and pinged him so that we could chat and I could tell him about my program the next day... but an angry tiger is an angry tiger-
The conversation that followed was-
Me- ... after pinginging... sooo many times- 'Ok, last time, I am going..!!!'
Him- 'Good Night' (The abruptness was soo much that it felt more like good riddance)
Me- 'Can we please talk for 5 min'
Him- ' You wanted to know if I am alive or not, here I am alive and fine. Will you quit stalking me now'
Me- * Hurt* * taken aback* ' Ohkay- Good night'
I was hurt that day.
And really angry.
But then, the loss was his.
Sister had a three hour dance class the next day, and all I wanted to tell him was that if he wants to meet me, we can meet for a nice long time. But, because of his anger and his irritation, he did not even listen to me.
Though we did get to meet, it was for like hardly an hour when I went to pick up sister from her dance class. And that, too we made a program online. I e-mailed him when I left my house and thank God for the sense of timing I was able to pick him up minus any confusion.
And Shayon's first dialog when he sat in the car was 'How the hell did people manage to meet and not miss each other when there was no phone or internet?'

Funny, how life is. We are such slaves to technology.
Oh,btw- I was caught with my lappy in the loo at 2 am. Thus I am on curfew. No computer after 10.30pm.
yeah, laugh at me all you can...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am humbled...

One of Shayon's school friend's marriage got fixed.
And, I got to talk to her today. Online.
While I was generally pulling her leg and asking about her beau the conversation steered towards Shayon and how he freaked at the news. Amongst all this she asked me where he was at that moment and I told her that he was making aaloo chat for me.
This, took her by surprise and she said- 'I always told Shayon that he is a great friend and that he would make a wonderful husband'
Not expecting this response- I simple said 'I think, I got really lucky to have got him'

And trust me, I cannot thank God enough for beautiful coincidences that change peoples' lives- That is the reason they are called beautiful.
Today of all the days, I say so, because-
I have not slept in days now. Yeah a few hours here and there, but proper sleep has eluded me. (I don't know why... maybe its a lot of unwarranted stress or maybe its the fasts... but no I don't know.)
I was planning to and eventually did bunk office today, when I asked him if we could meet, he said no and that he had already left home for office and that he has already taken the requisite leaves this month. I told him to carry on and decided to go for work.
In the continuous exchange of messages, I told him that I had not slept the previous night- and that I have no idea, why sleep is not coming.
The sweetheart that he is- He immediately asked me to come to his place.
And, when, I did go to his place and asked him why this sudden change of plans-he said-
'Sweetie, I have called you here, so that you can catch up on your sleep'
Yes, he actually put me to sleep, singing lullabies and slowly sehraaoing my hair and my head. I did manage to sleep for 15 mins.

But, its not how much did I manage to sleep, it was the whole exercise, I was actually behaving like a 2 year old, telling him that sleep is NOT coming. But, his patience amazed me. And his love never fails to make sure that I thank God at the end of every day for giving me someone who loves me so much.
I truly am humbled.

Thank you, God. And thank you my dear Devil.
On the other side of the day, I finally met Ki. OMG- she is such an amazing person. It felt like we were two friends meeting after a long time and not like blogfriends meeting for the first time.
It was just so easy... can't thank enough...
The best feature about her was her eyes. So pretty and beautiful.
Love you girl...

Monday, September 21, 2009


I don't even know whether the title is a word or not.. its a derivative from the the word BINGE, and what I really wanted to write was- Craving.
YES, I am craving for stuff, and NO I am not pregnant.

I have this urge and craving of updating my tweets all the time, and blogging about all the little things in life. But that goes off as soon as I turn to my computer. But- I am totally in love the tweetdeck
I am fasting for the Navratris- and I am not craving the food that the family is having. I am feeling nice about the fasts.
The most I crave is cheese... and milk- That is my weakness.

I have been dying to go out and have some girl fun. Now, that is going to be satiated because my dear MOO is coming to Delhi and guess what? She is staying with ME, at my house... I am jumping with joy.
More because- this is the first time that my parents are going to meet a real friend of mine, apart from Priyam. And, I feel that it is a start- for my parents and me to start crossing the bridge one step at a time.

And- finally I am craving to read Mr. Shayon Pal. I mean, it was after all his sarcasm, and his sheer magic with words (apart from his weird name) that made me completely loose my heart to him. I am waiting for him to write... not techie stuff, but more of personal stuff.

I have no idea what and why am I blabbering this- God help me.
What do you think that the parents feel, when someone tells them- 'That, you have lovely children, bought up so well'! Do you think that they feel proud of their children....??

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Hello my lovely readers...
Me is in a very happy mood.
No, well, I had a shouting match in the morning with Mom.
I have not slept in the last two days... (Don't ask me why) because- I have been tossing and turning all round the bed and no sleep comes.
And, the exhaution levels are not yet up. I am hoping to catch up on the sleep tonight.

About moi list,
Well- I have stared with the regular walks and regular reading. I have become less of a net junkie I guess.
And guess what- Shayon's started this new routine of early to be early to rise. Isn't it awesome, now only if I get the sleep back.

Oh- Mr. N.K. finally confessed his feeling for me. And, I also told him about Shayon. So its back to being friends. Thank God for that.
And- Well, Mr. R, my dance instructor, told me that I have made a real good progress and that I might just get a promotion. Please pray..!!!
Ok, now I gtg. This is a dumb post- but so what- I am just a human...!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Shubh Swagatam...

I love this time of the year.
There is something in the air. Something that makes me happy and sad at the same time, and makes me wish that this should just stay.

The festive season is here!!! YIPEEEE!!!
The Navratras that start tomorrow. The Festivities of the Durga Puja have already started with the 'Handicrafts Mela' and the Puja started today. Ramzaan was already on, and Id is on Monday!!!
The moment these festivals start, whole of Delhi changes. In midst of the traffic jams that have become the trend of the season; you see people all happy and joyous, ready to welcome the New Year in style.
I am going to be a little prejudiced to Delhi, because, I have just seen this city in this season.
Delhi- has all the three festivals being celebrated in style. The hub being Puraani Delhi, where Ram Lila commences tomorrow, along side the celebrations of Ramzaan which are already on. And come towards Kali Baari, and you have the Pujo pandal all for the devotees.
The entire city is lighted and looks like a bride, all the way till New Year.
Oh My GOd-
I am geeting goosebumps as I am typing this.
And to top it all- There is the wedding season...
How can one expect to loose weight with so much of food and such awesome goodies around.
Please- I know I can very well become all choosy etc, but, Thanks no Thanks- I love this season. I love the weather- I just love the weddings in this BEAUtiful season... and above all I love visiting soooo many friends and relatives.

Its the general reason and season of being Happy..!!! And whenever, there are terrorists strike or natural disasters- I know, how it feels for the families who have lost their near dear ones.
There was a time, that for 5 years in a row, we did not celebrate the festivals coz of deaths in my family.
Therefore- every year we get to celebrate the festivals- come what may- we are very happy..!!!
So here is Welcoming the festivals with all the vigour and valour.. may it bring lots of Joy and Happiness... to all!!!
Whats up with the stupid show ' Perfect Bride'!! As if the girls don't have to go through enough when getting married, that now, they have a show that is setting standards for who and what a perfect bride should be like??
This is RIDICULOUS!! And, surprisingly none of the women organizations have taken offence to it...!!! What do you guys have to say to it??

Monday, September 14, 2009

Tangled in a BIG mess...

Which I have created myself.
And thus take the full responsibility of it.

Today, Shayon and I almost got caught in my bhanaas, that I give at home when I am out with him.
It so happened that that I had to go to college today, last date for filling the examination forms etc. And, well, Shayon got stuck in traffic, got late for work, thus, chucked office for the day.
Yeah, that meant we could meet. So, I made the usual excuse back at home, that I am going to office from college (I have used this excuse before as well, and it works just fine); but I had forgotten a HUGE thing, that today my sister had her dance practise and her dance class is like 5 minutes from my office, so it was decided, that I would go pick her up from her class and come back home. (Simple straight plan, Shayon and I had decided, that we would go and pick her up)
Both Sis and Me forgot, that the timings of her class 7-8pm, will not be comfortable with my dad. And this is exactly what happened... Shayon and I are lounging around, not bothered about anything, when, my sis messages me- Dad is dropping me to class and coming to pick you up from office- RUSH.
And, after that- Shayon and I, actually mostly me freaked out.
We ran to catch an auto (bless the auto stand near his house) and just hoped and prayed that we don't get caught in the bluff. All the while I was urging under my breath that the auto go a little more faster, we were hitting traffic... and on top of that sis decided to message every two minutes giving moi a panic attack, Shayon was the calm one, trying to find humour in my face expression (which was very stricken, my face) Oh, and did I tell you, that he hardly freaks? I just adore his calm when I am freaked.
And, we made it in the nick of the time, thanks to the Delhi Traffic.
Dad got caught in traffic while coming towards my office...
Phew- It was close.
In retrospect, it seems like a scene from a movie- but, Thank you God, for saving my ass. It would have been a very difficult to make Dad understand, in this situation.

Oh, and in the other situation- one Mr. N.K. an associate at FML, is just getting on my nerves. He has asked me to meet him four times, I have turned him down on all the counts. I have no idea what to do with him??
Oh, I know, I can tell him about Shayon, but the conversation never goes in that direction. I can't mess this up, because he and I are in the same profession, any wrong move- I'll be ruined(big words... ), before even enrolling in the Bar.
Uffo- Yeh kya ho raha hai??
Tripping on the mess that you created? Serves you right- Mom always says- clean up the mess after playing.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Time to put my life in order...!!!

*Questioning to myself*-Is too late in the year to make new year resolutions...?
*Answering back to myself*- Sakshi, I guess, its tooo early to make new year resolutions for next year...
*Rethinking... and contemplating *... what the heck, which rule book says that I can't put my life in order whenever I want.

Yeah, so, I want to make sure that I put my life back in order.
Not that it is not in order.
But, for some reason, this year, there has been a whirlwind around me, and no concrete decisions have been taken at all.
I need to make certain decisions.
I can't think straight about these things. How can I make a decision on them?
So Iam bulleting the confusions and resolutions of my life right here so that I can hopefully think straight and make up my mind...

  • There is a family vacation that is coming up in December, and I have to loose weight come what may. The vacation is in Goa, and that is killing me even more- I have to have to look good and not like a fat ass.
  • I have decided to run in the 'Great Delhi Run' as a part of the Delhi Half Marathon, so, I have to, no, I need to start training for it.
  • I need to start waking up early in the morning.
  • I need to need to start studying. I know for sure that, it is the only thing that can keep me sane.
  • I have like 5-7 books that I need to read. No, not because its a compulsion but because, I love to read, its something that can keep me away from the distractions that I want to be kept away from.
  • I need to stop watching T.V., especially the stupid daily soaps, that irritate the hell out of me, but I still watch them.
  • I need to start sleeping on time. I mean i love the late nights, and especially those coy calls and whispered chats with Shayon, but, that just leaves me so much more cranky and lazy and sleepy the next day.
  • I need to have more productive days. Even, if they mean just reading. It is much more better than lounging around and doing nothing. I have been lazing around way too much for my own good.
  • I need to figure out, what and where I want to be next year at this time. Where, is like decided- I know I want to be in Mumbai next year, after my grads... but then, how am I going to land up there? Where should I apply for a job, so that I can actually get it...
  • I need to be more brave about talking about myself, and about my dreams to my parents. They may be the only people in the world who can be the most judgemental towards me, and still have no choice but to accept me. So, might as well start working on the equation..
I still have dreams, which I have to fulfill... I want to go backpacking to Europe, fuck Europe, I know, I have not really seen my own city, I need to get out, and start exploring the city on my own. But I have no idea, if at all it will happen.
But- I do know, that I have backup dreams. Yeah back up dreams... have you ever felt in your life that- 'This is what I want, and if I get just this thing, my life is set' and when you do get that thing, you feel that you are not meant for that thing.. and you see your dreams falling apart? You feel all that you have worked for all your life- the goal that you had set out was not a goal meant for you at all... then what?
I know, then what- Then you have to simply treat that goal as a milestone in the long road ahead, to truly find your goal.
I know this, because- I have been through this. And, its always good to move on.
I just hope that- I am able to follow what I have written.

PS: Oh, yeah- I am a total Dan Brown fan. And his new book- The Lost Symbol is getting released on 15th September. Please- all those who wished that that they wanted to give me a birthday gift and couldn't do so, should try and find me a soft copy of the book. (I could have asked for the hard copy also, but its way to expensive... if anyone is buying it for themselves and then let me borrow that to read- You are more than welcome to that)
Perfection is never the goal of life, and no, I do not want a perfect life. Perfect life is BORING. No, I do not aim for perfection either, I am just aiming for a life that- I can call mine, and when I look back to it, I can smile and sigh in satisfaction....

Monday, September 7, 2009

I am officially 23...!!! OMG!!!

I know this post has become long overdue, but well, I was sort of having an extended birthday..!!

23 years is a long time to me. Well, but I do know that there is lots more to life that is yet to come. But reminiscing the the 23rd birthday, all I can say is that- Life is a mixed bag full of chocolates- which one you get is on your own luck- and if its bitter- The sweet will be sweeter.

My birthday started with a bang- Not literally- but yeah- the very person who called me was Kashvi, and boy wasn't she pleasantly surprised that I received her call... and hers was the first gift that I opened, while talking to her on the phone. It is a pretty scarf, a BEAUTIFUL card and a lovely letter (I am a sucker for letters). As if that was not enough- The girl she is, she also dedicated an entire post to me... Thank you darling- You are one of the most wonderful friend that I have found ever and I intend to keep you with me.

The Veil that Kashvi gifted

Then there were my parents- who in anticipation of god knows what got me a tiara..!!! Yeah, you can see the picture and very well make out that my parents really think that I am not the kinds to grow up.

look at the Tiara...
The best surprise though was by Shayon. Yeah, by now you all must know him. No, not because I talk about him, but because of the post that he dedicated to me. It was awesome to see the post and to get my gift. (The reader comment say it all :))

The lovely couple...
But then the fun did not stop there- The birthday had just begun.
The calls were never ending. It was great to receive soooo many phone calls and so many messages from all the loved ones. Shayon's ex-boss and now a friend Rajiv Dhingra also called me to wish me. Now that was a shocker, but a pleasant one.
I somehow managed to get ready and found an auto that would take me to Shayon's place. (Now what was I expecting??? knowing him- nothing really... especially after the blog surprise)
(Oh- and Shayon's mum & cousins also called me to wish me... I know- it was hear warming) So, this dear boy opens the door for me- with a Bouquet of roses- and he is clean shave... (His shaving routine- I don't like it much...) and then there more phone calls, and while I was attending those, Shayon was making his own arrangements-
In the big plan- was a Cake, my favourite flavour... and something that I can still not really believe (No, not a ring)
The Cake

Me, cutting the cake.

He, booked a cab... and then took me to ITC MAURYA SHERATON for Lunch at BUKHARA. (Yeah- read that- again- and again... ) I was shaking when I got know where we were going.
And, the lunch was not just lunch it was with My favourite red wine.
To sit in between the elite- a restaurant- I know, not ANYONE in my family or relatives has ever gone to, it felt wonderful.
I was very very uptight till the first few sips of wine... but then finally loosened up a little. It was the best meal that I have ever had with him. (And, he is very picky and finicky when it comes to his food, can you believe, he even found a tiny little flaw in the roomali roti that we were having...!! and then the waiter, actually served us tandoori roti which was yum, and when we told him so, he packed the leftover of the rest of the food with another complimentary tandoori roti... wow..!! )
And ofcourse, there was romance. Lots of it.
Oh here is another really embarrassing thing that happened with me- Shayon doesn't have a fridge, so ofcourse, the cake had to be kept at the neighbours fridge. So, Shayon cut a piece of cake for them, gave them that to eat while asking them to put the rest of it for later. Now, those neighbours but ofcourse wanted to know, whose birthday it was... and thus me the great got a gift from his neighbours also...!!!

And this is where the good part of my birthday ended. Thus, began a series of disaster, that made me cry myself to sleep, and trust me- on your birthday- you don't want this to happen.
I came home by 5. And then started to make a few phone calls so that all the arrangements to the so called house party could be taken care off.
(I was even after a lot of Negatives- was expecting a few of my friends making the count to 15 including me)
We went to pick up the food that I had ordered, and also the cake that my Mum had ordered.
As soon as mom got into the car after picking up the cake, she started ranting, that they had changed the colour of the icing. But, then she showed me the cake, and it was beautiful. I just glanced at it thinking that, I would want to see it in its full glory on the table while I'll cut it.
But as soon as we got back home- in all the confusion of getting inside, Mom ke haathon se cake dabba gir gaya. Yeah- it is a pity that no one got to see what the cake really looked like. And then, all the things just fell apart.
None of my friends showed up for my party. Yeah, on a Saturday night... not one, but all of my friends got stuck at work... (Yeah you can make that sound of pitying me) the only ones who showed up was Shayon, Priyam, Aman, Anku, Kriti, Arushi, Priyam's Brother... and me. Not that I don't enjoy them, it is the best group to be with( they all tried really hard to keep me in my birthday spirits)- But my parents- I know were feeling sorry and angry at me at the same time. Not only them- I am sure my cousins were also feeling what a loser friend I am... and above all- I felt like a total loser. And its not a good feeling, trust me.
And, my mother is not very kind to me, when I have just had a total disaster of a party. I got scolded like I am a 10 year old... and, now, she is completely sure that I have weird friends...
Whats done and gone is gone.
But- if I remember this birthday for all the great reasons that Shayon gave me, I am also going to remember it for the fact that I cried myself to sleep that night.

Happy Birthday to me..!!!
oh and Jaanu- Thank you so much- I really love you... You made my day special..
And- D.O and Uncle J- Lovely e-cards- Thank you sooo very much.
Also special thanks to Gaurav- who called me all the way from Australia. Love you dude. I was smiling and jumping after your call in Bukhara.
And My MOO called up- and like a sweeheart calls me her baby girl...!! And I love it. Love you girl..
Happiness like the sand on the beach is made up of all tiny things... and if held too tightly in your palms- it slips out...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Very Happy Birthday, Jaan!

I know, you must be wondering who this weird guy might be, writing on Saxi's (that's how I spell her name) blog. Well, I guess Saxi has gotten you a bit acquainted with Shayon, and yes, that's moi.

It's been long long ago that I had been given the privilege of writing on this blog. However, thanks to my uber "busy" schedules, I could never manage to.

Anyway, I have no clue what should I write about, kinda feeling a bit out of place. Just wanted to announce that your beloved Sakshi's blog, Timeless Imagination, has now moved to And I'd request you all to kindly update your bookmarks.

Yes Jaan, this is my birthday present for you. I know you had been wanting a domain name of your own, for some time, and now this one is yours to keep, for ever and ever. It might not be much...but then, I am hoping I shall be a part of your life long enough to make a difference.

Wish you a very happy birthday! Love you loads, baby!! Muah!!!