Thursday, April 26, 2012


It is a very normal practice in various MNC's, where the forms are given out and self as well as senior appraisals and team appraisals and what not happens.
31st March, is THE deadly day.

I remember in school, it was THE day, when the final report card use to come and we used to hope that, we wouldn't be butchered alive by the time we reach home after the Parent Teacher Meets.

The fact of life is, that, 31st March still remains THE day in the life of all of us professionals, who work in a 'naukrai', that too private for a living. Unfortunately, life butchers you every year on this day and parents, spouses *girlfriends*, wherever applicable, just support you and encourage you to "Perform Better" *If I may use this term*

In a law practice, increment is heard of, but appraisals, well, you really don't have that sort of a thing here, not in litigation offices where there is no thikaana of the fees that will come.
How in the world can a lawyer then appraise, increase the salary- of his court clerk and his junior *if he has one*.

But thanks to the advent of the era of Law Firms, where there is no deen duniya imaan of the already not so likable profession of lawyers- Now the lawyers also have appraisals.
*Of course, considering, the new found breed of "Corporate Lawyers", actually work like they would work in a corporate- you know sending out updates, making presentations, putting the papers in order etc*, it has become highly commercial.
Hell, we have proper 'HR Firms', who deal with the Law Firms and putting their system together, but mind you, we ares till not 'Employees' but just "retainers".

So, I had my first EVER appraisal.
To be honest, I was more confused than ever, because in terms of everything, I am better than my contemporaries, but because, I came to the firm 8 months later than them, I am suffering a huge loss as far as the salary bit is concerned.
Rest, my partner in-charge is VERY happy with me *touch all the wood around me*  and that for me is a huge incentive over the other contemporaries that I have in the firm.
Our team follows the motto of 'Chota parivar, sukhi parivar' and trust me, we are happier like that. We are just 3, 4 if we include our secy, but we are politics free, and that is the way boss likes it.

I feel bad about being paid less than the rest, but the Bf and the dear Daddy and my Mommy are VERY happy about it, so I am burying the hatched right there.

Of course there are the unhappy around me, but then, I going to be absolute Zen about it, and not bother.

And, it seems that every in office is getting married, Ms. PK's was the biggest shocker, especially since the news/invite came right after we were given the much awaited envelopes! *Talk about timing, I tell you!*

So I have been appraised, the gossips have happened- and now its back to the 'gadhagiri' of being a lawyer!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vicky Donor

First, kudos to the film-makers for taking up such a sensitive topic and then setting the same in a conservative, Hippocratic Delhi ka Lajpat Nagar, where the people mind more of other's business than their own.
Second, kudos to the audiences who have accepted the movie. As it is. No big names, no big sets and no  item numbers, I think, I like this movie the most amongst the ones that have released this year.

The story is as simple as it can get, an infertility specialist *who runs his clinic out of the very shady Darya Ganj*, a south delhi da punjabi munda bought up by a widow mother and grandmother, who is 25 and doesn't give a care *Doesn't want to join his tayaji's business, but knows the ins and outs of how to do the beauty treatment at his mother's parlour* and the beautiful banker babe, who is an independent working bengali girl.

The doctor needs a donor to save his clinic and Vicky's *sadde dilli da punjabi munda* great grandfather bore 19 children, the last one at the age of 78.
And, wham, starts the journey of the doctor to convince Vicky, that sperm donation is completely legal, and pays really well, both in "cash and kind".
After days and days of stalking, pestering and convincing sadda Vicky agrees to become a sperm donor, and that is when his life changes. From cash to kind, Vicky is now an earning member of the family.

While Vicky is donating his sperms, he is also wooooing the Girl of his dreams, Ashima Roy, a bengali babe who is a divorcee and does finally gives way to the charms of sadda Vicky. And in the background there are the expert comments via the dialogues exchanged between the super modern Beeji and typical punjabi mother *A atypical saas bahu, who drink their whiskey at the end of a long day*

The story is about how, the wife who could not get pregnant copes with the fact that her husband has fathered so many children. The movie was about accepting that and forging new mentalities and stronger relationships.

The apprehension of the sperm donation being a 'ganda dhanda' and the non society looking down at it... has been dealt with so much maturity, that it is hard to believe that this movie has been conceived by an Indian, and most of all, has been made into a commercial movie.

Each character was portrayed with an amazing amazing maturity, that is hard to believe...
Annu Kapoor as Dr. Baldev Chaddha;
Ayushman Khurana as Vicky the donor;
Yaami Gupta as Ashima Roy, the bengali babe;
Dolly ji as Vicky's Mom and;
Vicky's Beeji...
Each one of them makes you a part of a movie experience that makes you smile, cry and bring back home great memories of a movie that is well made!

Vicky to his Beeji, "Poori Delhi mein sirf do hi toh cheezein modern hain, ek Delhi ki metro aur doosri meri beeji"

PS: The favorite moments for me and my mum in the entire movie were when the Panju-Bengali wedding was taking place :P We just LOVED it :)

And, btw, my Mom thinks that this movie is totally oscar material, therefore in case you were planning to give the movie a miss, think again, go see it :)


Monday, April 16, 2012


I have not logged in to blogger for like a whole week, which is not a nice thing!
All okay here, except that the work pressure is mounting and I have several deadlines to meet.

I promise to be back ASAP.
Till then- Miss ME! 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Blackberry babe..

And Bf surprised me!
Honestly, now I feel, that I would rather not pester him about giving me gifts, considering, that when he decides to gifts me, he makes it large.
Remember the 'Unofficial' engagement ring? And the proposal?

This time he decided that it is high time that I change my phone.
That I needed an upgrade, and thus, he gifted me the new blackberry curve, nd not only that, he managed to keep it a surprise.
And, what more, he got a proxy gift also, you know to build the excitement.. it was all so cute :)

So, now, I have upgraded to a BB and a BB messenger, which basically means, that I am connected 24x7 to the world and the world is connected to me 24x7.
I am yet to get the office mail configured in the phone.. the day that happens, which will be day after, it will be a nightmare!
Just imagine having the office stalk me all the time :P

But never the less, I am just excited and more importantly, I am super touched by his gesture.. so just wanna say that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!