Wednesday, May 30, 2007

People- Its time to do our bit.....

The count down has begun and before we realise it... It might just be too late.

This post is inspired by many articles that are coming in every newspaper. I am talking about the global problem of Global warming. I know that I am no saint and that to give up AC's and technology in favour of nature... It will pose a huge problem. But I guess that we can always try. Try to cut down on the enery that we consume and get a little more closer to nature. Even if its potting a small little plant in your veranda.

Think about it- Earth has been given a time of 8 years...and after eight years earth will be at the point of no return. Lets just say that another chance has been given to us, so that we dont end being perished like the Dinos...and the earth colapses under the weight of the discovery and inventions that the humans have made.

Though- I must say that earth itself is taking its revenge.... none of us like "The Acts of God" which include the droughts, the famines, earthquakes and tsunamis.... to name a few. Its the natures' way to take revenge for all the possible unjust use of the resources that it has provided.

So...before we perish thanks to our Frankenstiens.... lets start ammending our ways. I am sure that my readers are very learned people and that they do understand the importance of conserving and holding on to whatever that has been left.

And I am also sure that they do not want their future progeny to suffer the crisis that we ghave developed.

The ammendments-

Lets start recycling.... I know that we follow it regularly...but lets just double the pace. The Muncipal Corporation is doing its bit..( It very lil) but atleast lets follow the dustbin colour codes.

Plastics.... of the greatest invention in the modern day world apart from choking poor stray animals is also choking the drains and is sapping alot from the fertile soil. Switch to paper or Jute. Avoid far as possible.

Water Water every where not a drop to drink- Soon this line out of Samuel Colridge Poem is gonna become a reality.... Thanks to the concrete that had to be used to create the pucca roads, the ground water that has to get replinished does not get replinished, and no amout of borring will get you the ground water to raise in level. The best way to avoid the parched situation is to do rain water harvesting. This way- we get to use the water that is the purest...and borring will finally yeild some rsult...or the best we may not require it at all....also...please dont waste water...varna jitna ghar par aata hai woh bhi nahin aayega....close the tap properly after using it.

Boond Boond se Saagar banta hai....

Plant a tree- Like I said, we just cant shut down just wouldnt be practical, but what we can do is, plant more sapling and that the main culprit of Global Warming.. Carbon Dioxide can be absorbed by the trees. And I am sure an increased tree cover would mean, more rain...and less tempratures.

Save Energy- Switch off the lights and fans in the rooms you are not sitting in. This is basic courtesy too.... (that means we are brushing up on our manners as well).

Hmmmm I wrote about what all I could think off.... I am sure you guys have your own suggestions to make...and I am all eyes n ears for those.

Eight years..... The clock is Ticking.....!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Boulevard of Broken Dreams.....

This post was titled as "Power of patience " initially but as soon as I started this post things came up and then I just couldnt go beyond the title of the post.

The Irony of the situation is that this blog is completely opposite to that of the earlier post which I was supposed to write.

At the starting of this week, I finally recieved the news that my efforts of the two years are paying off. My internship in an amzing place got approved. Also the place's out of Delhi, and those who have actually known me they know that how much am I craving for a chance to assert myself in this independant world and have a chance to prove to my parents that I am actually good... and not as my mom says..."Andhe mein kana raja"; I finally got my chance. But as they say- That not all good things last for this wish and dear dream was also short lived.

The place where I was to go for my Internship happens to be in Cochin, Kerela and unfortunately for me I have no relatives staying over there and no friends either. ( Only my parents' friends qualify for this....) and the cherry on the cake is that my father says that since you are a girl; I am sorry I cant send you there...because there is no one there and we have no idea about the place.

So, all my hard work and everything that I have ever dreamnt off goes down the drain beacuse I am girl.... wow... being a to be lawyer I cant justify this....that its my fault...that I am a girl....

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sum of my thoughts.....

Its actually been a really long time that I sat down and thought about whta's been going in my life and blogged it out here.

No, even before writing this blog I did not make my mind do a racing of thoughts that have be put down on my blog. This blog is an impromptu blog...and I have no clue as to what I should be writing so that this blog becomes readable.....

Let me try and sum up my thoughts after one week of getting my third semester results. Yup, last week my results got declared. Though my marks remained pretty static..... my positin in class came down as the highest total was like lots of marks ahead of me. But I still remain amongst the top few in my class. This result, upset me alot, becaus I realised that I got caught in the web of over confidance and therefore.... I have been trying to do some sort of introspection.... but unfortunately I am pretty bad at realising my true innerself, and subjecting my weakness to the introspection mode. A senior in college, who is my sole notes provider, and someone who gives me SOLID advice told me.... that I should be happy because I am maintaing a pretty good average which is hardly possible in this college. This lifted my spirit up a lil...but I have put myself in the top gear as far as the coming exams are concerned.

On the personal front, I can see stormy waters ahead. Maybe its because I am acting like an immature idiot or maybe the waters are really troubled and we aren't able to figure what exactly is wrong. Talking about relationships.... I kind of have noticed a pattern around me, that when things are going wrong in one relationship... thanks to induction or whatever...I see most of the relationships in troubled waters. But then as they say End defines the means.... it normally gets over in a day or two, and love is in the air again.

Rest all is pretty usual. I am just hoping that this semester goes off fine. It was after a short and sweet sem....wish me luck.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Hey..... hmmmm I have been tagged by Shayon.... and these are a few questions that I picked up from his page.... carry on the tagging thingy.

1. Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it: I have a scar on the left hand corner of my forehead. Got that scar when I was 4 years old, smashed my head on a iron gate while playing.

2. What is on the walls in your room? I just got the walls of my room re painted, they are in sky blue and sea green. There is a collage of my photographs on one of the walls and a clock on the other. There are other things that are yet to b put up.

3. What does your phone look like? Its a Nokia 2300, blue purple and pink...pretty colourful and easy to use.

4. What music do you listen to?Nuthin specific, depends on my mood. I love ol Asha and R.D. Burman songs, good slow and sweet english songs. Hate Rock and metal barring- Bryan Adams and Savage Garden

5. What is your current desktop picture? This Lappy is partly owned by my younger sis and only Olsen Twins, rule the background here.

6. What do you want more than anything right now?A Job Offer....actually am waiting for a certain reply from a Law firm... I hope that I get a reply Very soon...

7. Do you believe in gay marriage?As long as the two ppl getting married are happy..its ok...coz in this era.... normal weddings hardly survive.

8. What time were you born?7.58 am.

9. Are your parents still together?Absolutely, they are also very much in love with each other...

10. What are you listening to?Fever 104...a radio station that I love and they are playing my current fav song as of now...Laari chuti from Ek chaalis ki Akhari local.

11. The last person to make you cry?Don really remember...prolly my dad when he had the fainting spell...

12. What is your favourite perfume/cologne? Escada... My Bua gifted me when I topped in the last sem.

13. What kind of hair/eye colour do you like on the opposite sex?Anything but electric greens and blues...

14. Do you like pain killers?NO

15. Are you too shy to ask someone out?Hmmmm..... I dunno...maybe not too shy

16. Fave pizza topping?Anything, but pepperronni...hate that.

17. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?Maybe a few chocolates...

18. Who was the last person you made mad?Shayon, coz I was just not understanhding wat he was trying to explain to me...

19. Is anyone in love with you? Yeah.....

Ok, I hope now that I have done this...its right..... So my dear fellow bloggers....Karma, Manvendar, Rathz, Freddie, Aniket and dear Roosh...please continue the Tagging tradition.....and increasing the chain.....

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Getting the pace back....

Its been a week that dad had his Angioplasty done. Thank God that he is recovering. One thing that surely is putting my life back into the pace of things.

My house that is still having rennovations going also on the final stages. That's the reason the comp and the net connection are back into action. Once things get settled here....its gonna be a hectic life...once more.

Almost a month off from college has been attributed to me. Though out of that month long off about a week off was given by the college authorities themselves. I need to go back to work. My boss is wanting me back, so Monday onwards its gonna be office again.

Finally it seems that life is getting back onto track....the only thing that is amiss amongst that I am broke and I hardly get to talk to Shayon. That is pretty frustrating, but isnt that all about life and times???