Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Aamchi Mumbai....

Wondering what happened to me and my updates.... well... its just that I have been keeping a tad bit busy..and being loads lazy.

Well... the week that was... was great. I had gone to my Di's place for the weekend. I managed to meet three of Shayon's three freinds... actually two of his girl friends and his best friend Vijay. It were some cute hours. We had so much of fun... talking and getting to know each other. I just hope that I dint blabber tooooo much.

Theen office has been pretty usual.... work, an the usual bitching that goes between the my boss and the lady that sits in the next cubicle. Its kinda fun, sitting in a semi govt office trying to figure out what people actually are doing....!!!

Home is great.... the maid cooks really well... but she thinks that she is the malkin....!!!

The weather here is great. Never in the years that I have been to Mumbai, I have experienced such awesome weather. Its just too beautiful.

I too am great.
Rest later.... Cheers....!!!


Shayon said... met three of my three friends? That means, you met all of my friends...and that too, in just one day? Wow...commendable! Anyways, glad to know that you're finally liking the city. ;-)

Sakshi said...

Well... I guess it is a bit commendable... but trust was really cool....!!!

zEaLoUsMe™ said...

awesome, missin u loads, cum bac home, !!!!!:(