Saturday, April 4, 2009


at thei blank screen for quite some time. Need some sort of an inspiration to write a post...but its not coming...
This is going to be a freaking random post... 
Somethings leave you numb. Sometimes, it may be a song, it maybe a dance...and sometimes its a comment made by someone who matters. 
There are other things that make you smile. You know, I recently dicovered I love it when Shayon runs his fingers through my hair... he did that alot, the last date we had... and I loved it.
I think, that, me is a awful girl... went house shopping with Shayon... Got bored in 15 mins flat... and whenever I am out grocery shopping with parents, all I am day dreaming off is, Oh, someday, Shayon n I would be doing just that... 
Shayon's Mom is Coming next week... I am FREAKED OUT... any suggestion to give the Right first impressions.... 
Its a bad idea to talk to your Ex-Crush/Bf, and flirting with him...


niceguy251 said...


You are right, at times small things leave you numb.

Just be normal yourself when his Mom comes. Let her appreciate you as you are and not some put on way. Wish you all the best and hope you and Shayon have a long long happy life with all that you both want.

It is not advisible to flirt with ex as it gives out wrong signals to him and he may feel you want him back. Even talking etc should be formal and as far as possible meeting should be in group irrespective of how close you two have been.

Take care

Sakshi said...

Thank you...Thank you...!!
About, the ex, Kashvi, told me I am digging my grave... I think I should be listening to the wise people...!!!
Advise Taken.

Dreamcatcher said...

Good Luck :)

Ashish Surana said...

All The Best for the meeting :D

P.S : Just be yourself, no extra sweetness :P

Sakshi said...

All of You all just please pray...!!!