Sunday, April 26, 2009

Exams... TV, Dance Classes....bad weather and health...

I know, I know, I am supposed to be studying... I am going to do just that, in about 10 more minutes. I have been aching to put an update on the blog. And this is nothing but just that.

The news that sucks is- That even though one paper that is clashing with the elections got postponed- There is no change in my exam schedule, its just that instead of finishing on the 21st, they are gonna strech on till 27th. 

Dance classes are so much of fun. (Obsession alert...) I just can't hvae enough of em and just can't stop gushing about them. The dance classes make me feel so so human... and so energetic that I have decided to workout everyday with the dance routine workouts. (Roop better be proud of me) 

Television of late has started getting on my nerves. I just can't seem to tolerate the stupid election campaign jingles... and the soaps, that are based in the villages of India... wherein, 21st century will reach god knows when... can't these be banned ?? almost all the decent english ones are banned coz of their content... and instead of having soaps, that talk about forward moving sciety and how the society is supposed to be dynamic and not static... they show absurdities that make me wanna go kill em. (Touchy subject- will expand on this after exams..)

Btw- I too was unwell for almost a week... therefore even though I was reading blogs constantly.. the comment processing was not happening... so guys- I am alive...!!! 
The weather here sucks... and I wish to just keep on drinking cool drinks and not eat anything... (BAD idea- you all will fall ill like this... I already did)

And before I sign off- I am very soon going to have maid crisis. That means... my 24x7 maid is going back to her gaon... and I am absolutely not in a mood to spend my month of june getting up early to serve tea... and to do the bartans. So if any of you have any maid reccos... you are most welcome. (My mom is already going hyper... )
No we are not bad ppl, just pampered... !!! 


Jack said...


Best of luck for your examinations. I know it has become very warm for April but we have to put up with this. Have you tried agencies who provide maids? Take care of your health.

Take care

Sakshi said...

I need all the luck... thanks...!!!

roop said...

lol saksh!!! i am like the blogworld workout-nazi eh? hehe

of course, im proud of u any which way. you are a smart girl who strives for only the best ... and i love that about u. :) keep that spirit up! exams over now?

and i do hope that you're feeling better now!! :)

Sakshi said...

Roopsie- That is an AWESOME nick for yourself- BLOGWORLD WORKOUT NAZI...!!!
Exams are starting this sunday... yup SUNDAY....!!! So pray...!!!

Jack said...


I have done your Tag. Looking forward to your views on that and previous post too.

Take care Niceguy251

PS : This is my link here.