Wednesday, February 22, 2012


How do you define a favour?
Like really?
What is it?
Going out of your way to do something for some one? right?

But, who would you do that favour to?
To any random person on the road?

To the person who you know will only come to you, when he or she is in a genuine need! Right?

My father has never turned down a person who comes to him for free advice, and neither have I turned down any one who comes to me for help themselves, or ask us to do a 'favour' mind you, to give advice to their next of kin.. or next of next of kin.
That is really a problem you see, being a lawyer or a doctor (I am sure TUIB's will agree with me on this one) is that, when they get to know who you are, they start discussing their problems, be it legal or be it medical.
If I start generating bills for this, I would have been a crorepati by now.
And, when you approach them, for something, you know, something as meagre as getting bookings done at a certain place, because, only the officials in that particular organization can get the bookings done in that complex, it becomes a professional favour that they would have to seek.. from whom, their parents.

Unfortunately, sarkari afsar to hain nahin.. aur na hi crorepati hain.. and where I thought a so called friend would be helpful, it became a professional favour too hard to ask.

I know, Shayon disagrees to every word that I have written here.. but sometimes, one has to go out of the way, to save precious money, to save up for something bigger.

Unfortunately for me, this is one area, where, I know, most of you disagree, but then so be it.
Just don't expect any more free advice anymore!


Bikram said...

Well it is profession, if you wont charge then how will you survive, I have no qualms in not giving free advice.

You are right ..


Ankit Garg said...

Well, there are two things:-

1. We all are social animals and we need each other in some way at some time.

2. If one started doing socialism all the time then how he/she will survive being in a profession like this.

I feel it depends on you whether you want to charge or not for your advice being in a profession where people ask for it.But some how we all are like that where we start asking for free advice.

I saw that many doctors are very professional, they even generate bill to discuss your test report while if you have a doctor in your family or friend then they are unable to ask for their fees.

I believe it is always hard to take fees from a known person.

PS: Came back to your blog after 2 months and realized I have a big backlog of your posts.Hope to finish them soon.

Jack said...


Read 3 posts now. I have not seen the movie, so no comment. Such truthful verse by Rumi. These are professional hazards. People do ask for favours when they need but refuse to recognize you when you ask for one. However one should not hesitate for helping a genuine person. Once a lawyer shared such asking of professional advice by persons in parties and asked him as to what does he do to avoid this. Doctor told him that he had no problem as he asks such persons to undress for examination.

Take care

sumukh bansal said...

well i agree.
but i have a different case..
i wrote about it.. ...