Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vicky Donor

First, kudos to the film-makers for taking up such a sensitive topic and then setting the same in a conservative, Hippocratic Delhi ka Lajpat Nagar, where the people mind more of other's business than their own.
Second, kudos to the audiences who have accepted the movie. As it is. No big names, no big sets and no  item numbers, I think, I like this movie the most amongst the ones that have released this year.

The story is as simple as it can get, an infertility specialist *who runs his clinic out of the very shady Darya Ganj*, a south delhi da punjabi munda bought up by a widow mother and grandmother, who is 25 and doesn't give a care *Doesn't want to join his tayaji's business, but knows the ins and outs of how to do the beauty treatment at his mother's parlour* and the beautiful banker babe, who is an independent working bengali girl.

The doctor needs a donor to save his clinic and Vicky's *sadde dilli da punjabi munda* great grandfather bore 19 children, the last one at the age of 78.
And, wham, starts the journey of the doctor to convince Vicky, that sperm donation is completely legal, and pays really well, both in "cash and kind".
After days and days of stalking, pestering and convincing sadda Vicky agrees to become a sperm donor, and that is when his life changes. From cash to kind, Vicky is now an earning member of the family.

While Vicky is donating his sperms, he is also wooooing the Girl of his dreams, Ashima Roy, a bengali babe who is a divorcee and does finally gives way to the charms of sadda Vicky. And in the background there are the expert comments via the dialogues exchanged between the super modern Beeji and typical punjabi mother *A atypical saas bahu, who drink their whiskey at the end of a long day*

The story is about how, the wife who could not get pregnant copes with the fact that her husband has fathered so many children. The movie was about accepting that and forging new mentalities and stronger relationships.

The apprehension of the sperm donation being a 'ganda dhanda' and the non society looking down at it... has been dealt with so much maturity, that it is hard to believe that this movie has been conceived by an Indian, and most of all, has been made into a commercial movie.

Each character was portrayed with an amazing amazing maturity, that is hard to believe...
Annu Kapoor as Dr. Baldev Chaddha;
Ayushman Khurana as Vicky the donor;
Yaami Gupta as Ashima Roy, the bengali babe;
Dolly ji as Vicky's Mom and;
Vicky's Beeji...
Each one of them makes you a part of a movie experience that makes you smile, cry and bring back home great memories of a movie that is well made!

Vicky to his Beeji, "Poori Delhi mein sirf do hi toh cheezein modern hain, ek Delhi ki metro aur doosri meri beeji"

PS: The favorite moments for me and my mum in the entire movie were when the Panju-Bengali wedding was taking place :P We just LOVED it :)

And, btw, my Mom thinks that this movie is totally oscar material, therefore in case you were planning to give the movie a miss, think again, go see it :)



Jack said...


I will surely see this movie.

Take care

Bikram said...

Ok great will take Your mom's word and make sure I see it :)


Me said...

Thanks for the crisp review. Will surely watch :)

Tangled up in blue... said...

I saw it last night, and I must say, it is hands down one of the best and funniest Hindi films of the last decade! I don't remember laughing so much in any other movie in recent memory. Thank you Shoojit Sircar and Co. for making such an honestly observed, sharply comic film about a taboo subject and with such lovely characters! Man, I loved Dr. Chaddha and Vicky's Beeji! :) And Ayushman, he toh completely surprised me! I did not expect such a heartwarming performance from him man! :)

And the Bengali woman's family and her character were also such refreshing non-stereotypes! Really loved everything about this movie. Seriously, I'm totally for sending it to the Oscars. :)

Rià said...

U gave out the whole story! :( Anyways...I loved it too. Hope more and more ppl watch it.

Ankit Garg said...

Some how Ria's comment got my eye's first so I will first watch this movie before reading this post. Will come back later on.

@Ria: Thanks for making me not to read this post :)

Arooj said...

i cant believe it that third world is enlightened enough to make movie on such an issue that is not really easy to handle via any mode of entertainment.

Ankit Garg said...

Yes, it is a nice movie and Ayushman really did well in it.