Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Delhi High Court Blast : Just Another day in the life of a terror sick nation!

So the High Court of Delhi was attacked today.
As I write this post there are confirmed reports that 11 people have already died and there are 65 people who are injured and in the hospitals.

The government, is doing, all that it can- Basically meaning, they are nodding their heads, condemning the damn blast. And, I think, that is all that the government is ever going to do.
I am not going to go on the UPA blaming spree, because, I feel, more than the failure of the government, it is the failure on the part of the intelligence agencies.
Unfortunately, they do not have ACP Praduman of the CID fame to lead them. As a matter of fact, barring the CBI, which is mostly investigating, the charges framed for the tainted politicians, and high profile murders, and low profile murders that are inflated to becoming high profile murders by the media, I have not really seen an active intelligence thing happening!

The most of what I saw of them, was for a couple of months after the Mumbai attacks, when there was a back and forth and the buck passing about how despite the information, there was no action on the same.
Actually, I wonder, if the so called intelligence agencies work at all on any information that is given to them. How come, with an average of one blast/ terror strike EACH year, mind you, there is an absolute lack of any kind of security up-gradation at any place in India.

Delhi High Court, was and hopefully now shall be more, secure High Court in India. The other High Courts, I have heard, including the one in Mumbai, has no security measures. One reassurance vide this blast is, that the terrorists are breaching the outside perimeter of the High Court here in Delhi, because, every one OTHER than a Lawyer is frisked, and there are X Ray scanners to enter the court premises; whereas, there are none of these things in the other High Courts in our Country.
And there is a catch here too, no one absolutely NO ONE checks the identity card of the person entering in a black coat and lawyer's band.
And, I being a lawyer am agreeing to it, that- This has a lot to do with the 'Ego' of the Lawyer.

But, saying that, it does not mean that these intelligence agencies should take for granted the rest of the citizens of the country. When I am not in that black coat and the lawyer's robe, I am also just like another human being. Just another face in the crowd.
And today, it was the high court, yesterday it were the main markets of Delhi... from the Five Star hotels, to sadak chap markets.. the value of human life in our country is valued in terms of the so called 'Compensation' announced by either the state governments or the central government.
All the philosophers tell us, that the gift of Life is precious and priceless, but looking around, one feels, that both the preciousness and priceless-ness have gone down the drain.

I know, for all of us, in sometime or the other life will get back to normal. We will rant, curse, and for some time, even follow the security guidelines without fussing; but then what? By the time, life will come back to normal, we will start cursing the security measures and procedures, our standard line being.. "Do we look like terrorists to you?" and "Whats the bloody use of this... the blasts will happen any ways".

But I feel, that, just like for corruption, we all stood together, and pledged, and had debates, that how we should root out the corruption, the same should be done with terrorism. No, that does not in any ways mean, enacting another law. Because, there is no which ways that we can prevent a blast with a new law.
But, what we can do, is-
To demand for a VERY strong attitude from the government *I don't care, if its the UPA or the BJP or the Mayawati*, but the government has to put its foot down and say, enough.
Hang the idiots languishing in the jails.
And like seriously, make an exception to Article 21 of the Constitution in case of terrorists, wherein, no terrorist be represented by the lawyer. *Under the law, you can very well represent your own-self in the court of law, let the terrorist explain why he killed so many innocents and conspired against the state and the country in general*
And, also make an amendment to the Indian Penal Code, where, a terror attack and the terrorists involved in it, be hanged to death. Under this code, and as a general practice and as per the precedence taken by the Supreme Court in view of the Human Rights etc, a death sentence is ONLY awarded in the rarest of the rare case, where the crime is ghastly!
And, terrorism is an ghastly ghastly act, where one person and/or ideology of a group of people, when not acceded to, go on to kill innocent people. Of course, the terror act, is no more rare. It is becoming very common.

Here is the deal;
If these terrorists cry foul over the religion, then they should know that, bloody hell, right to choose the kind of religion that we want is our Fundamental and a Human Right. We shall follow, which ever God we want. And, you asshole fanatics have a problem with religious policies of the government (s); you are more than welcome to take it up with them directly. We are NOT scapegoats.

And people advocating Human rights, for the terrorist, get your stupid fundamentals right. Right to LIVE, is the first and foremost right enumerated in every GODDAMN human right charter and/or law all over the world. When that is flouted by these dimwits for the people, who have absolutely nothing to do with their fight and/or jihad.. they waive all rights of living there and then.

And you know, what is the saddest part, in this whole cycle of terror attacks?
That there will be no one, absolutely no one, who would fight the government, push the authorities and the so called intelligence agencies to go no holds barred on these terror outfits, and send a very strong message to our darling neighbours, that Enough is ENOUGH!
But, you see, we are a Gandhian nation, maybe, we should send, someone to do an anshan in front of the Pakistani Parliament, till they give in to the demand of banning the terror outfits or better still, why not open the borders, and welcome them with open arms, and more innocent people as sacrifice?


Rià said...

The last para says it all....shows the disgust and hopelessness of all the Indian citizens!! I really dunno what more to say.

Bikram said...

Latton ke Bhoot BATON se nahin maante ..

Moreover When our own Govt is so corrupt what can we expect .. our own people are doing worse then what a terrorist is doing ..

Sad in all this chaos innocent die and two days down the line its all forgotten ..

USA attacked Iraq-Afghanistan what are we waiting for a few more deaths maybe .. Or as i put in my post Only when the Terrorists kill the LEADERS ..


Jack said...


Very spirited post. Unfortunately nothing will or can be done till our respected POLITICIANS get off their selfish motives which mostly is lining up their pockets and ensuring their retaining position by any means as well as passing it on to their own kith & kin. I am absolutely sure that Intelligence Agencies, Investigating Agencies as well as Police can deliver if there is no political interference at all and there is strict code for accountability. Why should a SHO be moved out if he arrests close henchmen of local political person? Why can we not set time limit for trial including all appeals for cases of terrorism or even RAPE to say 30 days? And punishment carried out withing 7 days of being awarded? Is there any legal hitch in that? As far as the punishment is concerned, hanging by death will make that INHUMAN being a martyr. So it should be to maim him or her by removing legs, arms and tongue and place that person caged at the same spot where his or her attack was carried out. Let it be an eye for eye rule. Force feed like it is being done for those who protest against some of government policies and let him or her die death everyday in the eyes of all. As far as our GOOD neighbour is concerned there should be no tolerance of political interference or corruption while guarding our borders.

Take care

Jack said...


I forgot to say, NO religions preaches violence against unarmed or old or women or children. It is only those with vested interested who misguide their followers. We should fight against this henious acts without any consideration of religion of the culprit.

Take care

Saurabh's World said...

What's really stupid - is even after 25th may, no CCTV, no extra security.
Government feels terror strikes are like lighting !!!

Alka Gurha said...


How many times will we have to say ...Enough is enough.
I can feel ur outrage.

Sakshi said...


I am still under haze of what happened yesterday! For a simple reason, coz, My father's chamber was 200 mtrs away from the site of the blast. And, thank heavens that there were less causalities.
High Court is literally like home. I am there every other day, and it is just plain scary.

Sakshi said...


Corruption has nothing to do with terrorism. Money as a matter of fact is last concern for terrorists. It is mostly about asserting their will on the people. And blackmailing the government to give in to their demands!
But I agree, laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahin manate hain.. the government should take a clue. Forget the hangman, put all the terrorists languishing in jails in one cell, and blast that thing off. They should die feeling the pain, of the bomb blasts that rip apart not only the limbs, but also families!

Sakshi said...

@Uncle J

There will always be some or the other political interference! What needs to be inculcated in these people is, an art of diplomacy, so that they do their work despite the political pressures!

About what religion preaches, is just in those religious books only! The meaning has been lost in translation...and that is just not the case with any one religion.. all of them, are like that!

Sakshi said...


I am not going to comment on the added/subtracted security. I am really angry at the way things are being handled with respect to terror strikes!

Stricter Action. Strong Message, not just nodding of heads, will NOT DO!

Sakshi said...

How many times?
I have stopped counting. This time, even though the spirit is there, it is the anger and now it should be well directed so that, once and for all- the message of ENOUGH is inscribed into everyone!

SM said...

we need hard action
lack of political will is the main reason.

Sakshi said...

Thanks for dropping by :)
And I agree to what you say!

Rià said...

Omg! It must hav been so scary for u...i can realise that now.