Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Just observations..questions and randomness

I wanted to give a prologue to this post, but then I typed and deleted content.. wondering how to start a conversation.. so, there is no prologue.. just random observations, questions and randomness in general... (I have too many things to say, to talk about.. but well, just can't seem to turn them into full fledged posts, so, just posting a couple of things that I have been thinking about lately..)

  • So, I realised that, I am not too fond of change. (This realization should have dawned to me when I moved   to Mumbai, unfortunately, I am a slow kind of person). Or maybe, too many changes are happening, and I am unable grasp the situations and things that are changing. The change not only being tangible in nature, but also otherwise. I think, I look like a lost puppy even when there is a change in relationship dynamics caused by third party influences or sources or for that matter by a third party altogether. Like for example, I am sitting here in Mumbai, while BFF is getting prepped up for her upcoming wedding, and if at all I don't talk to her (either on FB, phone, or whatsapp..) I feel as if I am not being a good friend, and even worse are the times when I message her and there is no reply. If there is no reply, then I feel as I have done something stupid to offend her.. without realising that she may actually be busy. Busy with her Fiance, or her new family or just in office. I feel so much like an outsider in her life all of a sudden, just because I am in a different city, that I am left in anxiety. *Someone, something, put some sense back in me.. *

  • I met this head of HR a couple of weeks of back, and it was fun chatting with this guy. He told me that he belongs to a small town and moved to Mumbai about 40 years back and still doesn't considers Mumbai as his home. When I told him that I am from Delhi and I recently moved to Mumbai, he said, I can understand that being in Mumbai would give you a cultural shock (This, when Delhi doesn't come in the category of a "small town" [no offence to anyone]) and I gave a confused smile back.. to which he replied, that "Mumbai is very mechanical" and that somehow he just can't digest that fact, because in his hometown, everything was different. To which I had to agree, that Mumbai indeed is very mechanical and superficial (in a lot of ways). And then came the shocker, when he said "I hope that you don't become a Mumbaite".. to which I replied "I have 26 years of hard core Delhi in me, being a Mumbaite will take quite a while, if at all that would happen". (Why this HR person is important, you all shall know, in due course). Nevertheless, the conversation left me uneasy about being in a city where emotions are superficial, time is a quantity that is rare, and travelling is nothing but a monotonous routine. And every time I think of this conversation, that scene from Munnabhai MBBS, when Sunil Dutt comes to Mumbai and a thief picks his pocket and he catches him, and how he threatens the thief to hand him over to the "Frustrated Mumbai Public" flashes before my eyes. Somehow, howsoever hard I try, Mumbai can't be home. And, well, I found a sorta of an explanation of my thought process in a blog post , which you can check out here---> "What is home in a connected age? "

  • Did I tell you about my new friend? The one who I met while trying to tell help her find a train to her house, which is like 5 minutes from my house.. So, she has been my lifeline in a friendless Mumbai. She and I work also 5 mins away from each other and try to go back together. So, the other day we sat and had coffee.. and just chatted away to glory and then she showed me around the local market. The way she was talking to the shop keepers, reminded me of how I was when I was in Delhi. Well, she is like me in lot of ways. Actually, I see the carefree and the bubbly me in her :) .. gives me a feel good factor and at the same time a lump forms in my throat. 

  • We threw our first ever "House- Party" on the 4th Month Anniversary, it was a huge deal for both Hubby and me, and we succeeded. :D Now, I really hope that I can call the family over soon :) 

  • The Office both in Delhi & Mumbai has been in the buzz buzz mode, amongst my friends in Delhi, MAG has quit. So, that takes the count to 7 in the Delhi office. The promotions that were announced last Friday left a lot to be desired. And, that means, a lot more resignations are on their way. MDR was promoted again this year. SNM wasn't. And, that is really really a bad thing, because, a chappy, much junior to SNM, was promoted as a Senior Associate and he with 5+ years in experience has not been promoted. It is a huge hit to his self-esteem. Oh, and adding to the misery is the fact that the raises are not happening for the next 3 months. Also, the rumor has it that PC is looking out too, to move out. If that happens, then the Firm is gonna lose out on great talent. 

  • I am going to Delhi.. alas just for 3 days, with the Hubby this time. And, I can't wait to be home, and meet my friends. Especially, the BFF and the girls from office :). 

  • So, one day in the shower, this thought stuck me.. (the reason being the "Havell's" advertisement), that it is so difficult for the husband to understand that the wife wants to go as often as possible to her mum's house.Without offending anyone, I just want to say- That when it comes to the husband, it is very difficult for him make a decision to leave behind his parents and move to a different house (after shaadi, assuming that they stay in the same house after shaadi ), even more when it is the house where the husband has grown up.. similarly, when a a girl comes to the new house, one can't expect her to not be attached to her childhood memories and to the place where she has grown up, a place, which has made her what she is today. Even though, Husbands make fun of the wives running off to her own house often, and also enjoy the freedom, a lil understanding of this thought, will make em a lil more emphatic towards the wife and will also give a new dimension to the relationship.  

See, too many thoughts criss-crossing the mind.. some which have absolutely no sense at all.. the thing about life they say is, that it moves on :) 
So, lets hope that my mind clears and I have full fledged thoughts to put down in a post. 

Cheers till then :) 



Ankit Garg said...

Parts of India other than North seems to be a different country whenever I visit there. The saying "diversity in India" and "India is full of different culture" seems to be perfect fit at that time and I hope same is with the people who come to North from different part of India.So, it happens.

Btw, Have a nice trip to Delhi!

Anil Sawan said...

when you said "due course" i thought it wud be by the end of the post :) no mention about the HR again!

happy journey to the capital city lady. have loads of fun and steal your bff from her fiance for 3 days :P

God bless.

Jack said...


Caught up with all pending posts. Cheer up and face what life throws, including Mumbai. Your post on marriage is a good read for newly married couples. All I will say is RELAX and everything will be fine. Next time you visit Delhi, please do keep time to meet and I would love to meet you both.

Take care

Dhanya said...

Lots of criss-crossed thoughts but they were entertaining to read :D I could so relate to point 1. Haha. I would message someone and then expect them to reply, and if they don't I feel I must have offended them in some way. Glad to see someone feeling the same way that I do. Stumbled upon your blog and liking it!

RiĆ  said...

Have great time back home! I know its hard to like a city when u have been for so long in another city. For me home will always be Mumbai.

And the mechanical way of life is what makes Mumbai the commercial capital of the country. Everything comes down to time and money there. :)

Hope it didn't sound like i was advocating why u should like Mumbai. I just said so coz I have spend 11 yrs there and I know the city better than most.

Unknown said...

Who is chappy?

Rama Ananth said...

Hi, this is my first visit to your blog.
I too was in Mumbai for 5 long years and hated it from the very beginning. I had to move to Mumbai for my husband was placed there. I was very happy to leave that place, and move to Bangalore.
Mumbai is good only for a short visit, one cannot stay there and enjoy life.
I had written about my recent visit to Mumbai, read it if you have the time.
Good to know you. Oh God, you still have the word verification thing, please remove it.