Saturday, January 2, 2016

Why, Hello 2016!

As the Clock struck 12, we all went Happy New Year! like we do it for every New Year. Every Year. So many of us join in the revelry to celebrate the end of the year, and to welcome another year with the new hopes of achieving something great.

A new year is like a coveted start. An avenue given to each one of us to leave the old and behold the new.

While, I am still startled by the surreal events of end of 2015, the truth and practicality of 2016 shall soon strike.
There are things that I have been wanting to change, in my self, and around myself. There are things that are still unclear, there seems no path ahead. It is like the Delhi roads on winter nights, where despite the knowledge of the road, you are unsure of when to go ahead and how to go ahead.

It is with this unsteadiness that I welcome the New Year and only hope for the best, for all of you. 

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