Sunday, June 3, 2007

VOTE FOR TAJ.....!!!

This year is highly significant...and on the 7th of July 2007 , The NEW Seven Wonders of the world are going to be announced.

And since Democracy and voting are the order of the day, Apart from the panel of specialist that have shortlisted the candidates, the final decision has been put in our hands. The common people decide the elite Seven Wonders.

Unfortunately- The biggest democracy in the world is not realising this. We are voting for all the candidates in all the talent hunts that are happening, but then we are not voting for what actually requires voting.

Taj Mahal- The eternal monument of Love, is India's entry to the race of being one of the seven wonders. And it needs the support of the people who swear by the love of Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan.

You can follow this link- Vote for Taj or use that phone of yours- type TAJ and send the sms to 4567.

Hurry- Lets get our Taj its place back.....!!!

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