Sunday, February 6, 2011

Love, love, and Love!

There is so much that I can write about being in love, experiencing this varied emotion, of having that someone to share your life with, in all the different ways.
Not just sharing the passionate kisses, but sharing the comfortable silence being with each other..
not just making out in each others arms, but also sleeping comfortably even if it means to have each other snoring into our ears..

It is not about, sharing the ups, but mostly the downs of life with each other. 

We have been difficult with each other, more than taking it easy. We hate each other's guts, but can't stand if either one of is upset because of a disagreement or an argument.. .. I do remember the very first clumsy attempt at the kiss that we made in the dark confines of the cinema hall.. but I don't remember the reason that we had our first argument about. The surprising thing I do remember is the very first make up e-card that you had sent me.. it said "The best part about a fight is, the Kiss and the Make up part".

There have been millions of occasions, I have disappointed you for so many reasons, and still you have held on to me. Through my bad decisions, my angry bouts of nonsensical things, bad grammar, useless banter, chatter.. gossips and crying sessions that go beyond God knows what.. but you have held your faith and above all loved me for the person that I was, and for the person that I am discovering in myself as I go through my journey of life. 

And, as we both come closer to celebrating  6 years of being together as lovers, partners in crime, and above all friends... I just want to tell you that, words cannot describe what I have for you in words.
You mean my world to me!

Here is to happiness, togetherness and Love!
I love you my Santa!


Arooj said...

there is something very fresh about the blog..nice changing...

Vagabond said...

SIX Years!?! Whoa.
Congratulations, girl!

Lovely photographs, and lovelier post!

Wicked Witch of the West said...

Lovely post and photos of one of my favourite couples ever. Made my old fossilised heart wobble a bit :)

Bikram said...

bless you both and WOWOWOWOW

what you say it true.. and lucky are those people who find people like that .. and beleive me you both are VERY LUCKY ... so look after each other and be good to each other nad have FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN


Banupriya said...

Six years --- wowwww.. super girl...My congrats for you both and my wishes to stay happy this way for years to come :) btw lovely pics..

Kali said...

I love this post. SO SO adorable! :) I hope the two of you stay THIS happy forever. much love.

Suruchi said...

beautiful pics and an absolutely delightful post..
touchwood to the most beautiful love story that i have known...
wish u many more years of togetherness and unfading love.

you look blissful together:-)

Sakshi said...

Yes, I think that love does change everything.. even the blogspace!

Sakshi said...

Thanks a ton! :)

Sakshi said...

Awww, I din know that you liked us so much!Thanks:)

Sakshi said...

Awww, I din know that you liked us so much!Thanks:)

Sakshi said...

Touchwood! I am keeping my fingers crossed :)

Sakshi said...

Thanks you so much :)

Sakshi said...

AWww, thank you so much! :)

Sakshi said...

Awwww! Thanks a ton darling :)

Rohit Dassani said...

Love u guyz!! I know what ur writing.... straight from the heart!! Stay together till time immemorial. :)

Unknown said...

And I am the last one to comment, as usual :-)

I love you! :-*

Sakshi said...

Thanks a ton dude :)

Sakshi said...

Yes you are- the last to comment!
But atleast you commented!