Wednesday, May 30, 2007

People- Its time to do our bit.....

The count down has begun and before we realise it... It might just be too late.

This post is inspired by many articles that are coming in every newspaper. I am talking about the global problem of Global warming. I know that I am no saint and that to give up AC's and technology in favour of nature... It will pose a huge problem. But I guess that we can always try. Try to cut down on the enery that we consume and get a little more closer to nature. Even if its potting a small little plant in your veranda.

Think about it- Earth has been given a time of 8 years...and after eight years earth will be at the point of no return. Lets just say that another chance has been given to us, so that we dont end being perished like the Dinos...and the earth colapses under the weight of the discovery and inventions that the humans have made.

Though- I must say that earth itself is taking its revenge.... none of us like "The Acts of God" which include the droughts, the famines, earthquakes and tsunamis.... to name a few. Its the natures' way to take revenge for all the possible unjust use of the resources that it has provided.

So...before we perish thanks to our Frankenstiens.... lets start ammending our ways. I am sure that my readers are very learned people and that they do understand the importance of conserving and holding on to whatever that has been left.

And I am also sure that they do not want their future progeny to suffer the crisis that we ghave developed.

The ammendments-

Lets start recycling.... I know that we follow it regularly...but lets just double the pace. The Muncipal Corporation is doing its bit..( It very lil) but atleast lets follow the dustbin colour codes.

Plastics.... of the greatest invention in the modern day world apart from choking poor stray animals is also choking the drains and is sapping alot from the fertile soil. Switch to paper or Jute. Avoid far as possible.

Water Water every where not a drop to drink- Soon this line out of Samuel Colridge Poem is gonna become a reality.... Thanks to the concrete that had to be used to create the pucca roads, the ground water that has to get replinished does not get replinished, and no amout of borring will get you the ground water to raise in level. The best way to avoid the parched situation is to do rain water harvesting. This way- we get to use the water that is the purest...and borring will finally yeild some rsult...or the best we may not require it at all....also...please dont waste water...varna jitna ghar par aata hai woh bhi nahin aayega....close the tap properly after using it.

Boond Boond se Saagar banta hai....

Plant a tree- Like I said, we just cant shut down just wouldnt be practical, but what we can do is, plant more sapling and that the main culprit of Global Warming.. Carbon Dioxide can be absorbed by the trees. And I am sure an increased tree cover would mean, more rain...and less tempratures.

Save Energy- Switch off the lights and fans in the rooms you are not sitting in. This is basic courtesy too.... (that means we are brushing up on our manners as well).

Hmmmm I wrote about what all I could think off.... I am sure you guys have your own suggestions to make...and I am all eyes n ears for those.

Eight years..... The clock is Ticking.....!!!

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