Saturday, July 14, 2007

Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix....

J.K Rowlings' hit series part V, was released in the form of Movie on the 13th of July 2007.

This whole week ending on the 21st July is gonna be the Harry Potter week....!!!!

The last book releases on 21st... and the much anticipated ending would be finally revealed.

Anyways coming back to the movie.... I am a fan of Harry Potter movies.... but after watching the order of the phoenix, I must say that my curiosity has been aroused to its fullest. Though... I havent read the book, I know that the movies has been well made. Those who have read the book might find that lot of things are amiss and the death of Sirius has been a bit underplayed. But the movie has some great effects and it is really good.

Harry and the gang have finally grown up and harry's first kiss is under a mistlestow and its a cool scene.

A great watch....!!!

and as Prof Dumbldore says.... " One thing that harry has and Voldemort doesn't- is a cause to fight for...."

Have fun....!!!


Shayon said... u finally go out n watch the order, eh? Well, as I've always maintained, I'd any day dig 4 a HP book dan a movie. I feel, d only series of movies dat'd eva done justice to d book, in dis genre, is LOTR! Well, talking about it, do make it a point to read it, some day. Trust me, you're missing something. And yeah, another fantasy series that I'd just loved is "The Belgariad". Do read that too! And yeah, just for the heck of the fact that I'd watched the previous 4 movies of the HP series, I'll be watching the 5th one too, soon! ;-)

Sakshi said...

Well.... I am gonna read the half blood prince soon. Have heard that almost everything is revealed in that book. Lets c.

Movies I feel hrdly do any justice to books. The best example the DVC. A book about which I have a spl place.

But somehow- Harry Potter movie have an element that just send a thrill through you....!!! It truelys is a great watch...!!!

Shayon said...

If you talk of thrills just by watching HP, wait till you watch the LOTR series! ;-)

Karma said...

Bingo Shayon!!!
Sakshi u have got to c LOTR it will bowl u over!clean bowled.
If u think that books cannot be recreated as movies do watch this.In fact u don't have to read the book!!LOTR just rocks!
U still haven't read Half Blood Prince??? In my opinion amost all the Harry Potter franchise relesed till date it is certainly the best!A great read.

Sakshi said...

Hmmmm.... I guess I should be taking that suggestion seriously, now that I am totally vella....!!! LOTR would be watched soon. Half Blood prince is good... I am reading it.Its fun, though, I guess I can visualise it much better after watching the HP movies....!!!

Shayon said...

@ Sakshi, now that u've finally read the 6th part, y doncha try reading the previous 5? I betcha u'll know then y i hate HP movies!! :-P

Sakshi said...

Welll... the 6th part was really an awesome book... but the other five.... well...wouldnt it be a lil weird that I go backwards...and neways it made it easy for me to visualise hogwards and others after the movie.... n I felt so sad wen dumbledore died....!!! But I am looking fwd to the last part to knw wat the other horcruxes are and how harry is gonna do everything w/o dumbledore and the reason why dumbledore trusted Snape so much...!!!

Shayon said...

I doubt. I mean, even if you go back after reading the seventh part, you'll enjoy them. There are so many intricate details in the books that are missing in the movies!

Shayon said...

By the way, since when have you set the comment moderation on?