Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Weekend begins.....

My weekend has begun.... well.... this weekend I have planned on doing the social calling that, I have to do... Like it or not. But then aren't these the people whom you fall back upon....

Anyways, the fun lets say is continuing.... I went to Shweta Di's house today. Met Mannat, di and Jiju... it always a pleasure meeting them... and then these guys took me to the Cadbury Day's Party in the Hotel, Taj Lands End. The Party was really nice, with Boman Irani and Aasma Band performing for us live. I danced with the Band guys n Gals.... unfortunately I have forgotten my camera at home... so no pics.... But yeah for Arushi's collection I have a few autographs.

Ok, here is a lil confession that I have to make, Arushi darling.... tonight I really missed you. You would have enjoyed the party to the hilt. It was fun. But like you commented on my last post, aapka bhi time aayega. I am sure that you are gonna have more fun.

Right now... I guess I should be changing my clothes...and turning in... have a pretty heavy Sunday tomorrow.



Shayon said...

Oh boy...aren't you having a gala time! you are starting to realise the magic of Mumbai! ;-) As they say, work harder!!

zEaLoUsMe™ said...

thank god... am real glad u missed me!!! *hehe*. anyways, shukriya ji, autographs lene keliye, i'll b excited to have em!!!
yipeeeee yip!!! :D

Keep Partying!