Thursday, June 9, 2011

There is a sense of helplessness in me right now.
Yes, I took down the last post too, because every time a comment came, or every time I logged in blogger, it was a stark reminder of the way life has turned upside down.

I was happy. More than that, I was content, that life finally was settling down. There were the occasional arguments. The confusions, the decisions.
But for the last couple of weeks.. things were as they should have been. Good.

But, no, some one up there, He doesn't like to see me or my boyfriend happy and content.
And, yes, call it cliched, call it very filmy or call it what ever you would want to.. but I am really sick of this nonsense.. sick of knowing the fact that every time there is something that would make us happy, there will be something else, waiting for us, round the corner to create a storm and break all hell loose over us.

Why us?

I really want us to be happy together.



Jack said...


Relax. True love will win. God is making you both understand need for each other by giving such tests. This it the time you have to stand by him solidily. Loss can not be undone but we can try to be strong to bear it.

Take care

Bikram said...

Everything has a meaning, we dont see it right then but once all this is bahind you will know ...

Just take care and take care of your BF too ... all will be fine ..

stay strong...


Suruchi said...

Keep strong for a little while more...each one of us has a quota of things we must bear...I guess your quota has just about exhausted!

Life happens when you are busy making other plans...and this would pass.

Take care of Shayon and yourself and I am just a phone call away!

Rahul Bhatnagar said...

Umm, I don't know how much in love you are, or how long you've been together, or even how traumatic the past has been, but what I do know is that, bad times never go away permanently if you simply look at them as some divine test by god and wait for them to pass, they need action. Best of luck.

Sakshi said...

@Uncle J
Yes, true love will wind, and God is giving us, all kinds of tests.
But, you know what, I am very sick of it!

Sakshi said...


I am trying.
Trust me, I am.

Sakshi said...


i hope you are right about the quota, thing..!
I really hope that we find happiness and peace, which lasts long!

Sakshi said...

I believe that time changes constantly. More importantly, good or bad, we have to live on our lives. But, you know, when you are constantly being pushed to a corner... over and over again.. life becomes a hell hole!

We have been dating for the last 6 years.. and we are very much in love!

Thanks for dropping in!

RiĆ  said...

I totally agree with Jack...hope things work out for u dear.

Rohit Dassani said...

U willl.... once you settle down.... just let things go at there own pace.... dont push.... anyways how ru now??