Tuesday, April 29, 2008

When Life feels like- Quicksand....

One of the inherent quality of quciksand is that the more you struggle the more you sink in...the beauty of it all being that its so well camouflaged that you cant even make out that you are in a fix..till most of the harm is done... just like life... bitter pill wrapped in the golden package...

Seems that my life is being sucked away by an unnamed source that is acting like quick sand... all I can feel as of now is that- I am struggling too hard and that instead of any good coming out of that struggle... I am getting pulled into somthing that is like a void... deep shit is more the word... that is to be used.

I am trying for an Internship...and this time, anywhere... But nahi ji... majaal hai..ki mereko mil jaaye internship... instead I am getting rejection letters... ok...rejection is a part of the game... but then its not the easiest thing to digest is it? I think now I can emphatise with Shayon better... He went thru a rough patch himself...but kudos to that guy.... he really has come out with flying colours. I for one am very proud to be associated with him. He ofcourse is always by my side..encouraging me and making sure that like I had completely sunk 3 years back...I don't ruin it this time too.
No, I don't intend to ruin what all I have built... at this stage...a lot more is at stake... much more than the first step in the career move.

Personal life is unusually turbulent... there is a certain veil of depression and sadness...I mean it seems that Lord Voldemort has unleashed his demntors in full force... someone go tell him that I am not related to Harry Potter... ok, these dementors would go away..if I think about something happy...but then there are very few reasons to be happy now days....!!!

But, doncha worry...I have been through worse...that too all alone...this time I do have some support and hopefully help will come soon...before I drown trying to struggle out of the quicksand that I have landed myself into...!!!

PS: That Sinking feeling...is not going away...any suggestions....

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