Friday, March 23, 2012

The Telly story..

I have never really written about television and the little that I have written is about how much I hate the Hindi serials, which if nothing else have become bloody serial killers with over dramatic mother in laws and scheming sisters, sister in laws and in general the hate quotient.
Of course, then there is a stereotype that has been cast. There is absolutely no gray areas at all. The protagonist is the miss goody two shoes.. always and the rest can be evil and good at their own convenience.
Absolute nonsense they have made of the conscience that most of their moral lectures state!

So, the reasons that I do not watch watch the hindi serials, but yeah, I do follow them, I still don't own a television and parents and grandmother have the televisions at their disposal, so the most that I get is to watch a movie or two in ENGLISH once in a blue moon. * Do you have any idea, the faces that my mom makes at the kissing scenes.. I mean I was asked  ordered to not to go and watch the Dirty Picture because it has explicit content*  And I thought that I was 25. *Somehow this argument ALWAYS fails*

I mean everything is not that bad. As a matter of fact, by some stroke of luck, about two odd years back, 'Castle' was launched, and boom, I was thrown into the world of the English series that had sizzling chemistries and awesome mysteries!
That is where I learned the concept of 'Seasons', that meant that they give you a break from the series, after couple of weeks instead of making them jump 20 years hence. And mind you, they leave you with more questions than answers!
Since I have been hooked, I have been following a lot more than 'Castle'.. there is 'White Collar' and 'Warehouse 13' and 'Las Vegas' and 'How I met your Mother', amongst a few..
But the one that I have been lately following was 'Pretty Little Liars' and Kashvi will agree, they have actually closed season 2 with a disappointing end.
And, now that, Pretty Little Liars is over and so is White Collar and Castle will come to a close soon, I am feeling sorta depressed, you know, considering that I just love these three series and they were something that I looked forward to.. every week!
Now, I cant wait for Season 3 to start, which will be in June.
So till then, barring catching up with 7 seasons of 'Sex in the City', which I find is soft porn, there is nothing that I can watch.. so does anyone here have any suggestions as to what series should I start following??

PS: This song from Lady Antebellum was playing in the background in one of the scenes in the Season finale of Pretty Little Liars, fell in love with it totally :)

PPS: Will catch up on all the blogs through this weekend! 


Ankit Garg said...

You can follow Lost and Big Bang theory.

Prison break is an finished series with four season which will make you glued to it. You can watch it online.

Bikram said...

There is a new 13 part seriies that has jsut started ALCATRAZ it seems to be goood :)

and you can see 24 , that is good too i liked it, and a serial called LOST ..

Jack said...


Hope you do find something of interest soon to keep your mind off Hindi serials. Also most of the parents will always treat children as children no matter even if they themselves are parents.

Take care