Friday, March 16, 2012

I sorta hate March

No nothing personal.
See, now that Sachin has made his 100th 100 and all and I don't have any exams during this month, it doesn't seem that bad.. but NOW I have something worse that I have to agonize over the whole of March- 'Appraisals and Budgets'

The Cousin's wedding went well. I was a little detached, apart from the dancing bit, but somehow, I did not feel the need to be there. Obviously a million people asked about Sister and Me (We were dancing away to glory). The part about the wedding that I loved the most was- That mum actually pushed us to get our hair done, including hers for two occasions a thing that we normally don't indulge in.
And for both the occasions all three of us looked lovely :)

The thing that I abhorred about the wedding was the absolute vulgar display of lena-dena. My cousin's parents actually gave her the usual gamut of TV, Fridge..etc. My question here being, that she is marrying the only son of the house.. so wouldn't he already have a refrigerator, TV, Washing machine etc. Honestly, waste of money. And not only that, cousin's family gave almost everyone in the boys family clothes and cash.. and my chachi made sure that all of it is captured in camera. 
The bride was glowing and was super happy.. her outfits, unfortunately did not impress me much. Her taste is too much of blingy bling for me!

But like they say, a girl's wedding once over, over properly without a hitch is a blessing in itself. And that happened. My chacha chachi left no stone unturned for making this one big massive Indian wedding. There was the revolving stage and automatic flower showers and what not!
I wish my cousin a VERY HAPPY and a Blissful life ahead.


Last couple of days have been really disturbing. The world it seems is pushing itself to an end, that may or may not happen.
It has become a free for all.
The recent incidents of Rape in Gurgaon and subsequent reactions to the same by the Gurgaon administrations have left me, fuming.
The attitude seems to be, that instead of setting a precedent of punishing the rapists, and attacking the mentality itself, you are curbing the women and the rest of the people who enjoy the after hours.
If you know that there are vulnerable areas in your city that require more attention, then deploy more force, give more protection, increase the lighting and install CCTV cameras.
But the fact that the administration issued statements that include giving deadlines to Pubs etc, and especially the statement about women not working after 8pm. *Considering that there is no guarantee that there wont be any rapes between 8 am to 8pm*

The Governments and especially the administration should be extremely ashamed of themselves for brushing off the responsibility.

The first thing that needs to change is the attitude of 'Women invite rapes'  NO woman in her righ mind wants herself to be assaulted and insulted. So, if a woman wears low hanging tops and short skirts, is because she likes to dress up like that and not because she wants men to hit upon her. There has to be a way to give a smack to anyone who leches! The solution is NOT having the women wear burqua, but somehow educating the males that the women that they are lusting about has a family too.

The next thing that my boss suggested was about 'Female Bonding' that how we women are our biggest enemies. We gossip about other women, and never trust another female, thus making us vulnerable. Women, should stop being judgmental and help out if needed. Core support groups need to be formed!

But, most of all, we women need to get our heads right. Honestly, I am not pointing fingers, but mothers who are abused at home have to teach their children that what is being done to her is wrong, and that women are to be respected, and they HAVE to start standing up.
Educating your boys more than the girls will really help.
Another thing that I have noticed is, that most of the rapes, happen in the lower strata of the society, therefore, it is imperative that, that part of the society breaks free from their vicious circles!

The mood obviously became more somber, when I heard about Baby Falak's death. The poor baby, who tried surviving the world that was so cruel to her is finally resting in some peace. The thing that this little 2 year old did, could not have ever been done, thanks to her and the support that she commanded, that the police were put into action and they were able to unearth a dirty racket of human trafficking!

The budget further made sure that eating out becomes lesser of an option for us, thanks to the increase in the Service tax and excise, so now, we shall have to have more house parties!

The brightest of the day was Sachin's 100th Ton again the Bangladeshis and that sorta lifted the spirits!

The month is still half left, and then there is the salary that needs to be regulated.

Life is tough!
And I HATE March.


RiĆ  said...

Somethings never change, the Indian wedding is one such example. Thankfully I don't believe in these customs and I am happy that I didnt conform to any of them during my wedding. :)

The baby Falak case and the Gurgaon rape...only reinforced my reason to not wanting to have a daughter...its too painful and scary to raise a girl these days. May be its a knee jerk reaction to what's been happening around...but I seriously doubt if things will ever change, it just seems to be getting worse with passing time. :(

Tangled up in blue... said...

Best wishes to your cousin, Sakshi! :) And amidst all the bad news that's been circulating, I read this hilarious satirical piece in The Hindu.

Do read it. It'll make you feel tonnes better.

Almost as much as Sachin's ton of tons! :D

Jack said...


May God bless your cousin and her husband all the happy togetherness. I agree with you on shirking responsibility by the administration. Now they are trying to make amends by issuing clarifications. I pray that may Falak have eternal peace now. Finally Sachin did reach where he wanted to.

Take care