Tuesday, October 9, 2012

For the Fiance

I love this song.. the lyrics are beautiful. Essentially, this song elaborates on the theory of "Love is always Enough".

There is this line in the song that says..
"Pyaar ke sikkon se..mahine kharcha chale..."

You know, I loved this movie too. It was a love story. I had to love it. But, more so, I connected with it. I too yearn us to be one of those couples who die in each other's arms. I think, that would be a life well lived. One with no regrets.
I am not shy of saying, that even though we have been dating well over 7 years, I have just grown to love you more. Never less. Somehow it is hard to imagine the last so many years without you being a part of it. I wonder where I would have been. But then, I stop, because, that is worthless exercise. Life without you is nothing short of incomplete.

So, as we move into the last phase before the biggest day of our lives, I want to dedicate this song to you.. hoping that within the realms of reality of running a married life, we don't forget the innocence of the True Love that we carried within us this far...

I love you!


Jack said...


May your love remain evergreen.

Take care

RiĆ  said...

This is so so romantic...god bless u both! And I love both the song and the movie.