Sunday, December 4, 2011

Re: Solution

This post is a reply to a post titled 'Solution' and its concluding part, written by Uncle Jack. *I suggest that you read the posts in order to understand, why I decided to educate you all on 'Sexual Harassment'*

This is one of the many posts where Uncle Jack has described an illicit relationship outside marriage. Here, the poor girl, because of the circumstances at home was molded in such a way that she became an easy target for any one who wanted play around with her feelings.
Yes, I agree, that the parents- be it of a girl or that of a boy, need not be their best buddies, but should not become control freaks. Times have changed, and bad childhood often leads to disasters later in life. But, that does not give any leeway to the victim here.
Whenever in life there comes a point, where one has to make a decision, remember- YOU have the choice to make or to not to make this decision.
Coming back to the post- We see that, the girl was able to move on with her life after her bf from college breaks up with her, but then, gets caught in the cobweb of deceit and blackmail thanks to her own boss.

Now, this is a lesson that I have learnt through college and at work- There is ALWAYS a line as far as office is concerned. And, as a rule I personally feel that you should never EVER get involved with people from your workplace. Not only does it get messy for your personally, but professionally also, there is a good chance that you are signing your divorce papers with your success!

Now, girls, this one is for you-
If EVER a colleague and even your boss for that matter, does ANYTHING remotely sexual around you, including sharing a double meaning joke- It constitutes sexual harassment. And under the orders of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, EVERY office, has to have a sexual harassment committee and a complaint box, where the victim can go and complain of the sexual harassment. [Read the details here]
My reason for talking about this is, that often girls for the fear of reprimand and the societal pressures do not really do anything about the male colleagues crossing the line in your weak moment and then using that to leverage favors out of you.
THIS IS WRONG! And, the more we as women play this thing down, the more we shall be subject to this nonsense at work.
First and foremost- Avoid any sort of a meaningful relationship with a colleague. Yes you can be friends, but the moment you feel that, the friendship is becoming the one with fringe benefits, stop it right there. Please.
And if at all you feel, that you are being appreciated for all the wrong reasons, PLEASE put your foot down. Right there and then.
There is nothing wrong in looking pretty. But being taken for a ride because of being pretty is wrong.
Say it.  *And please, use the laws for your benefit and not as revenge tools!!*

See, we women are seen as mere tools for men. The reason being that most women are taught just that. The situation becomes worse when even the educated women also behave in the same way as the uninitiated in our country. Men need to change their mind set. But, they will only do that when they are forced to look at women with respect and as human beings with their own dreams, needs and desire!
And, I really want to add here, that all these bloody beauty creams, which advertise that a woman has to be beautiful in order to succeed and be confident makes a mess for all the people advocating feminism.
And to add fuel to fire, even though the entire nation knows from their history that earlier Indira and Sonia Gandhi have been the two of the MOST powerful women of our country, they are still unable to look at women like intelligent beings!
Respect comes, when we ask for it. Put our foot down at the wrong that is happening to us and the women around us. The moment we put our foot down, nothing and no one who we don't want can touch us.
And always remember just because you wear western outfits, does not mean that you are available!


KittySigurdardottir. said...

Exactly,and that goes for USA workplaces too,Sexual Harassment should nor be tolerated.

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

This is so true!
You got an award.

Jack said...


Thanks a lot for taking it further. Hope some more bloggers add to what I tried to bring out. We surely need to raise awareness level. Please do visit

to read something on the same issue.

Bikram said...

I liked the line use law for benefit not for revenge .. which is also happening often ..

Good one


♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

I loved this post!!
Wearing western outfits does not make us available! So true.

It was really nice to read your take on it. :)