Sunday, June 16, 2013

On Father's Day..

I think for a girl, there is no better prince charming than her Father. 

And, for me, I had the chance to be around four such amazing fathers. 
One was my grandfather. 
The one person, who was the epitome humility, love and kindness. THE one person in my life, who I really would fight to keep all to me. I miss him. 
And on days when I am in dilemma, and need guidance, I try really hard to think as to what wisdom would he have imparted me. 

Second was my tayaji, my father's elder brother, who taught us how to live life king size. To love with everything that you have. To celebrate life. come what may. 
I spent first 15 years of my life more with him than with my own father. He left us too young. But left us with memories that shall live in me for the entirety of my life. 

Third is my Uncle D, my fufa ji, we were and still are a little intimidated by him, and when he was in the US of A, we hardly saw him for more than a couple of days at a stretch in maybe once in two odd years, and then too, we were mostly interested in playing with our cousins than spend time with him. But, from the time that he has moved to India, and from the time, I finally started talking to him, I am in awe of that man. He is fun. He is serious. He loves to travel, and loves to take us out for coffees. I have not seen a man, who retired at a young age, so that he can help my Bua pursue her career. He takes care of the house. He flirts with my mom, and he hosted my mehndi ceremony, and has pampered me to bits. We don't have much in common to talk about, but, never have I seen him shying away from trying something new, from adapting to the world around him, and lighting up the room with his amazing cooking and personality. 

And, lastly, there is my Dad. 
More than anything else, leaving him behind to start anew, pains me to bits. Like I used to feel the pain when I wanted to with the hubby, I feel that same physical pain and pinning for him. Everyday. There is just so much love that he has, that, with open arms he has embraced me being in a different city. Even though, he jests about it. I know, had it been how he would have wanted, I would have been within 100 yards of him every day of his life. 
Even though, it is said that, the Kanyadaan means that there is the hand of your husband to hold on for the rest of your life, for me, my Father will always , always be that guiding light. My hero. I have not really rebelled him or his rules. I never could. Somehow, everytime I hurt his feelings by any action direct or ancillary.. it hurt me from within. I am strong, for him and because of him. And whatever little sensibility that I have, it is because of his genes. 
If there is any man who is perfect.. as a Son, as a Husband and as a Father, then that is him. I don't know from where does he get his strength to be the person who he is, but if I can be 1% of that person, then, I know that I have achieved something more than the materialistic aspirations of my life. 
And, if at all, I can hope for something is, that whenever we have kids, my husband becomes a father, like how mine is. 
Oh Gosh, sitting in a different city and continent (my parents are travelling), I would just give anything to go and hug him now. Love you, Papa. You truly are THE BESTEST.   

And to all the wonderful Dads around the world.. I am sure you are as wonderful and amazing to your kids... :) Happy Father's Day..


Unknown said...

They are our real life Heros.

Me said...

:) Dad is our ultimate hero..

Jack said...


Written from heart. May you both have love for each other for long long time to come.

Take care