Sunday, January 17, 2010

Next step is?

My practical exam got over today and I practically got strangled by the external examiner. When I came out of the room, my face was all drawn, and till I got my diet coke and some french fries, I was at my lowest best.

We were all to wear our uniforms- i.e Black pants & white shirt. Being winters, a court was preferred over sweater. I gave an extra touch and added a neck tie. And I was looking really nice... or so I thought)

Next- Sakshi Chopra
Me :Good morning sir.
Buddha Ass (BA) : (looks at my admit, and then looks at me, does that twice.. or maybe more)
Me: (with a small smile) Sir, its me only.
BA: Aapko pata nahin hai ki kis tarah ki photo khichwaate hain(referring it to my perfectly normal passport size photograph- it just had a lil smile and lil lip gloss- and I was totally not looking constipated) you are a professional and not a fashion model.
Me: (totally flabbergasted by now- just nodded)
BA: So what is this? (Picking up my file)
Me: Sir, its my moot court file.
BA: How many cases ?
Me: 3
BA: Did you do less cases then what you were told?
Me: (totally appalled, I am the GOOD student) No sir, I have done all my the cases that were given to me by our HOD.
BA: Did you read your syllabus?
Me: (Thinking- He has totally lost it) Y..yes Sir.
BA: then how many cases are prescribed in it?
Me: (trying to act intelligent) If I am not mistaken 3 only.
BA: Are you sure?
Me: (looking at my palms, thinking hard, and blinking my eyes hard)
BA: What is this drama, you are not allowed to give any expressions. No blinking of eyes or taking out of your tongue.
Me: (by now I am totally sweating in such harsh winters) Yes, sir.
BA: Ok, what do these cases deal with?
Me: Sir, with constitution, Murder i.e criminal and Divorce matter.
BA: What constitution?
Me: sir basically....
BA: Under what article?
Me: (fumbling like a crazy MAD woman) section... oh no Article 29.
BA: really?what have you filed.. a writ?
Me: Yes, sir its a writ petition.
BA: What then?
Me: Under article 32.
BA: acha- article 32 is writs for public interest filed in the supreme court.
Me: yes sir this case is filed in the supreme court.
BA: Have you ever heard of a PIL?
Me: yes sir....
BA: Gupta ji (our HOD, sitting on the table alongside...)inhone PIL kar liya hai...
Me: sir its in the 10th semester
BA: Oh 10th semester....
BA: ohkay tell me the fect of the case.
Me: Sir EFFECT? (yeah that is what I heard)
BA: (Now opening his mouth) FACT of the case..
Me: Sir, society of charwaks...
BA: (again cutting me off) what society, is it a registered society.. a legal society what
Me: Yes, society of charwaks was a registered society.
BA: WAS? A society once registered is always registered, what was.
Me: HUH?
BA: Okay go.

And he threw the file. The ass, did not even open the files that I had made with so much of love care and affection. And when I came out- The other faculty assured me that I will get good marks. But, that feel good factor was not there at all. I felt totally low. He broke me up really nice.
This semester was not particularly all gung ho, though I gave whatever I had. And, I really hope that my percentage doesn't fall off like a broken apple. God, please- Min marks- have to be 300. Second last semester, just let me through minus hiccups. Please.

And now, officially starts the last sem of college. Last few months of college life and then some big decisions have to be made. Some life altering things that are gonna happen.
I am not dreading them, the inevitable was bound to happen. Just mentally preparing myself for it.
The very first thing that is coming up is- My college fest. Its a TOTAL drama, with high emotions and huge ego clashes. A classmate of mine and I, had one on last years' fest and have not spoken to each other since then.
I have to choreograph-
A group dance, a fashion show and my solo performance. Add to that the intellectual stuff of presentations, debate etc, and I am a mad house. I am perfectly sane all around the year and then two weeks before the fest and 5 days of THE fest, and I am insanity personified outside the asylum.
BTW- Suggestions for concept of the Fashion Show and songs for my solo dance performance (Bollywood number with classical beats... the mere dholna types) are MORE than welcome.

And the next thing, maybe the MOST important thing is The Cover Letter. The one that is sitting in my documents is a disaster. I know it. And,I can't seem to come with a bright bulb on my head about how to improve it. :(

I am already getting a feeling about this...not the Black eyed peas one.
On the very personal front- Thanks to google chrome, my dad came across Shayon's Blog and the post on it. I saw it just in time to close that tab for him telling him not read our blogs. (Not a great move) But today doesn't seem to be my day at all.


Quirky said...

Frankly, off all the things mentioned the one that got me really going - Ohhhhh nooooo was when I read about your Dad seeing the blog!! Phew!
And yes, VIVA/ practicals can be real shit holes :(


Ramit Grover said...

Awww your poor dear.

Examiners always cross question you and try their best to make you lose confidence.

More than that grey matter they look for confidence.

Keep that in mind.

Whenever I finish up with Chrome, I always hit on SHIFT CTRL DEL. Totally erases all browsed history in under two seconds.

Keep that in mind too.

And you need to think of what to tell your parents sometime soon, before the cat gets out of the bag. And hurry up and blurt it out, before he finds out from someone else.

That, would not be a good court case, my Lord.

Good luck!

Ramit Grover said...

You and I need to talk about this matter sometime.

санжог said...

Oh my, where did all the confidence go! it was there in one of your previous post! about you being at peace with yourself.

This just means that you have doubts.

I can see what that BA guy is doing. He wanted to see what do you do when under pressure.

Questions are never wrong, no matter how stupid they are.

And you are preparing to be a lawyer, my guess is that BA was trying to show you how cruel it is out there!!

But you will get there, just dont become one of those people!

You got brains you just need experience.

I read it somewhere " A perfect man is not the one who always takes the right decisions, but absorbs the brunt of consequences of his actions, and that is the only way to be perfect, after all steel is only forged in fire."

Sakshi said...

@ Quirky
It was a close call. But I guess, well, I dunno. But thanks.
I remember you telling me to give the link of my blog to dad. It is an explosive thing.

@ BM
Well, I am in the 'confused' state of life.

The best way to break a girl is to tell her something queer about the photograph on which she has worked so hard.
Well, I am trying my best to get that confidence back, trust me. :)

Rohit Dassani said...

Aree yaar tu tension maat le...u will get good marks for sure.... :)

Yeh BA kuch jyada husyaar laag raha hai....Iska kya kiya jaye BE LORD?

Sorcerer said...

I think the BA guy was just trying to put you under pressure and how you react..
Don't you appreciate that sarcasm thingy!

I told you Google has all the answers..Dont worry! gonna be a smooth sail!

NesQuarX said...

Well, at least be happy that he didn't try to crack horrible jokes...

Shalini said...

Oww man...VIVA is always like that. Chill...focus on the fest...its a headache but loads of fun too!
And in the settings button on top right and start the "new incognito window" whenever you browse through personal record will ever be made in that window.

Sakshi said...

@ Rohit
Thanks, I really need the blessings.

Yes, google has all the answers. No wonder it became the word of the decade.

That would have been truly a night mare. Trying to understand his jokes and trying not strangle him to death.

@ Shalini
Yeah, I am trying focus. But running outta ideas.
I know about the incognito window. Just din know that my dad would snoop.

Jack said...


Read all pending posts as well as what Shayon wrote. You made my mouth water with that list of sweets. I hope I can taste some of those at your wedding. Now to serious matter, I think it is about time that you shared about him with your parents. If I am not mistaken almost all parents have sixth sense to know what the youngsters are upto but keep it to themselves unless intervention is a must. Speak to them together with as much diplomacy as you can muster. No threats, no tantrums or tears. I am sure they will support you. All the best. What was the result of your practical examination?

Take care

PS : If you wish you may contact me.

Quirky said...

Whoaaaaaaa! I was kidding about that give link to dad!!